How to write a business plan competently: an example and a sample with calculations

To develop a successful business plan, you will need to take into account many factors - from fundamental things, such as the average cost of renting premises for a future firm, to each item that may suddenly require additional expenses. If you do not understand how it works and what to look for when making calculations, we suggest that you read why you need to draw up a business plan for the company.

How to write a business plan

It is quite difficult at first to understand how to draw up a business plan and not to miss important points. To help you succeed in your new business, we have compiled a selection of the best ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs and calculated the main expenses and incomes, not forgetting a single detail.

The more detailed the document you develop, the easier it will be for you to navigate the market and attract investors to the project. Also, the success of your fight against competitors and the performance of staff depend on the correct plan.

When opening a new company, you can use ready-made calculations or try to compose them yourself. On our site you will find a variety of training materials. To begin with, we recommend that you ask what are the stages of developing a business plan, and then start sketching. You can automate the process: today there are at least six high-quality programs for effective business plan writing.


When studying examples of ready-made business plans, do not forget: an entrepreneur should not thoughtlessly follow the projects presented in this category - in each city the prices for rent and raw materials differ. Also, business in small towns does not imply large spending on staff salaries. On the other hand, you will not get profit, like entrepreneurs in megalopolises, due to the lower purchasing power of the population and a limited number of customers.

So, adjusting the plans of ready-made business ideas is required minimally: the ratio between income and expense items does not change too much. However, the implementation of any business plan should be approached wisely: do not save on equipment and staff salaries, embody new and interesting ideas, even if they are not spelled out in the project.

Expense calculations

In many cases, a ready-made business plan with calculations contains the costs of renting or building premises, however, even here everything depends on the specifics. For example, after reading our recommendations for drawing up a sewing production plan, you will see that in such a business it is possible to give work to employees at home.

And you can also pay attention to vending, that is, to sell finished products through vending machines: this is a relatively new direction that does not require serious investments and can bring a considerable income to a businessman. Vending business plan recommendations may inspire you to start your own business right now.

If you can save money on renting, repairing premises and purchasing equipment, then at least one expense item will have to be dealt with inside and out. This article will include moments related to the registration of an enterprise - from obtaining the status of an individual entrepreneur or LLC to passing the necessary checks. A beginner entrepreneur usually has two ways: to start collecting documents on their own or to use the services of firms specializing in helping businessmen. In the latter case, you will spend more money, but you will get better results.

Having decided to organize his own business, every entrepreneur, regardless of the scale of the planned business, is faced with a number of tasks and questions. One of the first is how to draw up a business plan, what to take into account, and how to "hook" potential investors?

What is a business plan and what is it for

A business plan is a fundamental, basic document of any undertaking. It contains a future entrepreneur:

  • reflects the characteristics of the enterprise being created;
  • describes in detail the process and mechanism for achieving the final goal in the form of profit;
  • analyzes possible risks and problems ;
  • predicts methods to avoid risky situations.

In essence, a business plan is an algorithm of actions for a beginner entrepreneur, designed for at least 2-3 years. In addition, a well-written document is a guarantee of attracting investors or obtaining a loan from a bank.

General rules for drafting

Each business plan is individual. But, regardless of the scope of entrepreneurship and the scale of the future business, when planning, you must adhere to several general rules:

  • Preliminary study of the market situation. You will need to collect as much information as possible about the segment in which you plan to develop the business, take a closer look at your competitors, and determine their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a clear strategy, specifically prescribe all the necessary actions for a certain period of time (1 and 3 months, six months, 1 and 3 years). Subsequently, it will be necessary to strictly follow the developed plan until, under the influence of external factors, it will not be necessary to make an adjustment to it.
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the planned business. Among the first, for example, you can indicate highly qualified specialists, a bright brand and others. The second can be attributed to competition in the selected segment, high prices for goods / services.

It is possible to draw up and present a business plan to potential investors on paper or electronically. At the same time, the first option is considered by many to be the most preferable, since it materializes to some extent the author's idea, demonstrates his willingness to work.

Business plan structure

There is no generally accepted and obligatory structure of the document, each entrepreneur independently determines the number of points and the procedure for their inclusion in the business plan.

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