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Your first investment in a business plan!

The idea of ​​doing business originated in early childhood, when I helped parents who are involved in trade. I've tried a lot. There were ups and downs. But this is all the most important experience.

In 2021, the idea of ​​creating the BiPlan portal matured and came true, which helped not only me to realize myself as an entrepreneur, but also to become useful to other people who want to do business.

Every entrepreneur has his own goal in developing business plans. Some need to get a loan, or subsidies for business development. Others need to get acquainted with a new direction, conduct market analysis and understand whether it is worth doing this business. A business plan can suggest a new idea, a new direction in an already established business, but stopped in development.

A business plan allows you to analyze the market, evaluate fresh trends that will help you look differently at an established business and understand whether it is worth developing it further, or creating a parallel branch with a new concept based on it.

A business plan is a clear digital model. There are no emotions, no impressions. The document is a calculated model of the future business, which is its foundation, its foundation. When working with a business project, each next step becomes clear and what to expect in the future.

Sad statistics show that 97 out of 100 implemented business projects disappear within three years. And only 3 are successfully developing. The secret is that those 3 lucky ones rely not only on their intuition, which, in principle, is also important, but also have a clear digital model before their eyes. They can react in time to deviations and correct the situation, and do not hope that the problem will fix itself.

In the eyes of a common man in the street, a businessman is a free person who does not depend on circumstances. He is always with the money, he can travel at any time of the year. In reality, everything is much more prosaic. The world of business is very cruel, and only the strongest survive in it. And this is the person who always keeps the situation under control.

Business plan concept

In the most general case, a business plan can be described as a detailed and most transparent guide for the creator and potential investors, describing the implementation of a certain idea for a business in a real economic environment.

  • Honest awareness of your place and skill level. A complete analysis of your own knowledge, skills and abilities, financial capabilities (prospects for attracting additional funds, if necessary), the need for premises, equipment, business relations, etc.
  • Predicting the final result. There should be no abstract concepts like “I want to make a lot of money”. Only clear planning of future business turnover, profits, market place, etc.
  • A detailed description of the steps that can make the transition from the first step to the second in a predetermined time frame.
  • Business plan for yourself and for the investor - what's the difference

  • Business plan for potential investors. In this case, the main purpose of the document is to convince the investor that the project is capable of making a profit and money can be allocated for it. The idea should be presented as efficiently and beautifully as possible. Possible risks can be slightly underestimated (at least not to focus on them), but it is also not worth promising mountains of gold - this will cause fair doubts.
  • A business plan for yourself. Should be as close to reality as possible. It is a kind of guide to action. The document should contain everything necessary for the opening and further development of the business.
  • It often happens that an entrepreneur mixes these two documents that are identical in name, but somewhat different in essence. As a result, instead of clearly and concisely explaining to the investor what his money will be spent on, the novice businessman tells how they can be saved.

    Business plan structure

    Before presenting a specific sample for drawing up a business plan on your own, you should carefully study the step-by-step instructions, which will detail how to draw up a business plan and what to look for first.

    Any business plan should start with a cover page. It will not be superfluous to put here information about the name of the project, the legal and actual address of the organization, comprehensive contact information and the date of the document's development.

    To interest the investor, some people prefer to show the basic financial data already on the title page - the payback period of the project, the estimated profitability and the required amount of borrowed funds.

    Next is the main informative part of the document (many investors draw conclusions about the advisability of investing exclusively in this part of the business plan), which is a concise information about all sections and the main conclusions.

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    How to draw up a sample business plan for a small business

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    I have written detailed instructions on how to start my own business more than once. Since many go into business, not wanting to work hard for a penny. You can read these articles and maybe you will find business ideas for yourself in them:

    Before starting your own business, first of all, you need to clearly think over an action plan to achieve the desired result. It should be understood that a competently drawn up business plan, if necessary to attract investments, can significantly help in this. After all, even the best idea for a business without it can go bust.

    In general, this document is required in order to analyze the market for the presence of competition and possible risks, as well as think over options to minimize them.

    In addition, with its help, you can understand how much money you need to use as start-up capital, and also calculate the approximate possible profit. That is, in general, analyze your idea in order to understand whether it is worth investing in your idea or not.

    Thus, a very natural question arises of how to draw up a business plan for a small business correctly, a sample of drawing up a document that can help in solving a problem, you can see in this article below, or find ready-made business projects for other Internet resources.

    How to write a business plan for small businesses

    Ways to write a business plan

    Dear visitors of the site, below is an example of a business plan for a grocery store with economic calculations. This document was compiled by professionals in the field of business planning, calculations were prepared using the Excel software product, so that the business plan itself and calculations can be used to adapt to your project, wherever it is prepared - to a bank, for a private investor or for an internal use in the company.

    If you have any questions or you don’t find the section you need, or you have questions about its preparation or the formation of calculations, you can always contact us via mail, VKontakte group or leaving a comment on the business -plan.


    Purpose: opening of a food store of "Near the House" format in Krasnoyarsk.

    Tasks: supplying residents of the nearby area with food, opening a profitable grocery store in a large city - the center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

    Project initiator

    The initiator of the project is a private person who already has at his disposal 3 grocery stores of the same type. The entrepreneur has more than 5 years of experience in this business, and the points of sale at his disposal have a profit during the entire period of work.

    Investment costs

    To open a retail outlet, an investment in the amount of 1,400 thousand rubles will be required, which will be spent on renovating the premises and purchasing equipment. Due to the existing established relations with suppliers, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to receive products with a delay, which on average for all product groups is 15 days. This will allow not investing money in working capital.

    The distribution of investments by areas is presented in the following table:

    Direction of expenses AmountRepairing of premises 900,000.00 Purchase of equipment 500,000.00 Investments in working capital0.00 TOTAL1 400,000.00

    Project funding

    The store opening will be funded from two sources:

    It would be superfluous to say that the owners of mini-hotels in Russia have a profitable business on this. Especially when it comes to resort regions and large metropolitan areas. However, in order to develop a hotel business plan, it is important to form the main idea and business plan of the mini hotel.

    First of all, the decision here will be made taking into account the available budget. So, you can start the construction of a huge hotel complex, the construction of which will begin from the stage of laying the foundation, or you can stay at a small hotel with a couple of dozen rooms. Along with financial assets, here you should also focus on the consumer audience - how popular will a large hotel be?

    From the last question, you just need to start developing your hotel business plan.

    Prospective visitors should be classified into several conditional groups - by age, occupation, interests, financial condition. The resulting picture will characterize the target audience of the future hotel. It will be possible to effectively start from this when defining a marketing strategy, giving a name to your business and promoting it.

    Project sketch

    Here we will consider an example of opening a mini-hotel on the territory of St. Petersburg, which will accommodate 12 rooms. The main reference point is guests with an average income level, and the main focus will be on providing quality services, including a flexible marketing policy and comfortable conditions of stay. The approximate payback period for this project is about three years, after which an increase in the number of hotel rooms is possible.

    Example of project marketing policy

    At this time, about three dozen high and medium-level hotels are represented on the territory of the cultural capital of Russia. Along with them, there are about fifty hotel-salons.

    The plan of a mini-hotel should take into account the fact that the main competitors in the segment under consideration will not be large hotels, but apartments for daily rent. It is possible to compete with them only by providing guests with a high level of conditions and actively promoting their business through a well-built advertising campaign.

    Experts issue the following layout for various hotel categories and their share in this market:

    • large hotels - 63%;
    • medium and mini hotels - 27%;
    • apartments for daily rent - 10%.

    Main idea

    A mini-hotel plan at the time of its development should take into account the main idea. It should be formed with the definition of the target audience. Within the framework of this project, clients with an average income and above who have come to the city to relax, or on work issues will be considered.

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