How to start a typography from scratch

And every year it grows more and more. And if large enterprises cooperate quite comfortably with no less large printing houses, then small firms have a hard time.

In most Russian cities, not including Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are not so many companies that offer high-quality printing services on a tight schedule. And to get to the giants of the market, you have to stand in line, because they are always provided with orders with interest.

This is a niche for business - there is enough room for a beginner entrepreneur in the small and even medium segment. And there will still be.

The market for this kind of services is growing every year, the demand is increasing, so why not make another offer? In this article, we'll look at questions to help you develop a mini-format printing business plan. And by starting small, you can always grow into something big and successful.

We are planning questions to be reflected in the business plan for creating a printing house

Starting a small company offering printing services is nowhere near as difficult as many imagine. Moreover, depending on the equipment that is planned to be purchased, the costs may be quite adequate. Of course, this business, like any other, has its own nuances. You need to know about them and take them into account. We will help you with this, sorting through the shelves everything you need to open a printing house. The following points must be considered and included in your business plan:

  • choice of location and search for premises;
  • range of services offered;
  • implementation of services and pricing policy;
  • purchase of printing and other equipment;
  • recruiting printing house personnel;
  • advertising your company;
  • financial plan - costs, profitability, profitability.

As you can see, you will have to think through a lot of details before starting any specific actions. But by including all these issues in the business plan of the printing house and analyzing them, you can start your business more confidently, knowing well what you are offering and to whom, how much you invest, what return you expect to receive. Let's start with the simplest questions - the place of future action.

Place to open your own printing house

Naturally, the proposal should be created where there is demand. And the highest it is in the business center of the city - where a large number of companies are concentrated. Large and small, engaged in various activities, existing long ago or just opened. They all need to type something. For someone, these are advertising brochures and business cards, for someone forms of business documentation, for someone booklets, manuals, magazines and the like.

As a rule, in such busy places in terms of business, there are already small printers or departments that provide various kinds of printing services. But believe me, there is enough demand for everyone. After all, your potential clients are not only those companies that are located in the nearest area, but also partners / clients of these companies who have come on business and, possibly, need your work as well.

As for the premises, a lot of space is not required to work in mini-format. You can sit on forty squares, and on eighty. It all depends on what kind of equipment and in what quantity you plan to purchase, as well as on the budget available for this purpose. In the end, you can always expand the available space by moving to a more spacious room or "pushing" neighbors, occupying additional territory.

Mini-printing services: creating an offer

Printing services are quite common and there is always a demand for them. And most importantly, you can always scale from a small copy center to a full-fledged printing industry. The list of services that you can provide is huge, from printing business cards to printing books and magazines. Let's consider how to open a printing house, we have prepared a detailed business plan.

Main activity

Printing house - the business plan of which we will consider today, the main goal is to provide a full range of services in the field of printing and replication. Despite the fact that there are quite a few players in this area on the market, it is still relevant.

What services can be provided:

  • offset printing;
  • digital printing;
  • large format printing;
  • development of design layouts.

  • business cards;
  • flyers;
  • prosures;
  • booklets;
  • catalogs ;
  • envelopes;
  • posters;
  • posters;
  • labels;
  • cubes;
  • postcards ;
  • leaflets ;
  • invitations ;
  • stickers;
  • packages ;
  • flyers.

Printing logos on such products:

  • pens ;
  • circles ;
  • balloons;
  • calendars;
  • folders;
  • letterhead.

As you can see, the list of services that can be provided is huge. In this case, it all depends on the equipment that you have in stock.

Instructions on how to open and what you need

First, you need to decide on the target audience. If you want to provide services to individuals, you need to provide retail prices and a corresponding commercial offer. And also, it is advisable to choose a passable place for an office.


Even a small printing house can generate a substantial income for the owner. Professional employees, quality equipment and active marketing are essential for success.

Before we start

Study the demand for printed materials in your region, you should definitely not be limited to activities within the city. Decide on the direction. In the printing house there is a division: the execution of small volumes with high quality and large volumes with a small range of services. If you can ensure the execution of orders in large quantities, offering a high level of quality and providing a wide range of services, success is guaranteed.

Find an experienced printer, by any means get his consent to work in your company. The specialist will help you choose high-quality equipment and create a real business plan, organize the productive work of the printing house.

Main risks

Most often, beginners make mistakes in the process of purchasing equipment, incorrectly calculating its capacity. This manifests itself in the process of fulfilling a large order. As a result, the deadlines for delivery are disrupted, you have to pay a penalty and restore your reputation for a long time. You cannot save on equipment. High quality, high-volume printing capabilities and a wide range of modern services significantly increase the chances of gaining solid customers and shorten the payback period for large orders.


The most important point in choosing a location for a printing house is that there are no competing firms nearby. In a small town, you can rent a room in the center or at some distance from it. In the metropolis, the cost of rent in the central regions will absorb the lion's share of the profits of the young company.

Schools, universities, notary offices and advertising agencies will be excellent neighbors for the printing house. The location on busy streets, in areas with high traffic of people always increases the chances of success for companies operating in the service sector. Experts do not recommend renting premises in residential buildings - even with perfect soundproofing and compliance with all sanitary standards, there will certainly be residents who are dissatisfied with such a neighborhood.

The room itself can have an area of ​​30-40 m². The press room with equipment should be separate from the office and the designer's office. Also, you should provide a place for the warehouse of raw materials and finished printed products. The presence of a bathroom and premises for staff are prerequisites for obtaining permits from the sanitary services.

The building must have a powerful ventilation system, sewerage system and the ability to supply electricity necessary for the smooth operation of the equipment.

In this article, we will consider the features of the printing business using the example of a printing business plan. Printing includes all types of products printed on special equipment, be it small flyers or advertising banners. The main consumers of such services are legal entities that order various types of POS materials and information products. But individuals also often use printing services, for example, when printing postcards, greeting posters, etc.

The industry is not very seasonally affected, except perhaps in the summer months. Competition is fierce, but there are not so many full-cycle printing companies, including stitching, newspaper and magazine printing. Therefore, a novice entrepreneur should definitely take a closer look at this field of activity.

Business plan assignment

The main essence of commercial projects is the production of goods or services for the purpose of making a profit. The launch of a new enterprise is always associated with the need to draw up the most complete and objective plan for its opening and development, which also provides a justification for its effectiveness and calculations of economic and financial parameters. Using a business plan for printing will speed up and optimize these processes and get a structured and functional document that is a practical guide to action.

In addition to the above advantages, the method has one more key property of utility - it is it that potential investors study when deciding whether to invest their capital in new projects.

Sample Printing Business Plan


Table of Contents


Features and stages of activity in the printing business plan

So, we are planning to create an enterprise for printing a wide range of printing products. The main target segment is organizations and enterprises, but there will also be a direction for working with individuals. This business is most influenced by the cost of consumables and printing materials, electricity consumption and the magnitude of demand.

Main stages of activity:

  • installation of equipment and purchase of materials;
  • marketing, promotion and customer acquisition;
  • fulfilling orders and receiving remuneration.

Printing is an industry where, thanks to technical means, multiple versions of text and graphic material are created. Printing is an industrial branch that combines types of printed products, made on technical means.

The development and advancement of printing began even before the revolution, but the printing business in Russia intensified during the period of political restructuring in 1991-1993. From this period, the printing industry began to represent a business with competition for the services offered. The role of fulfilling the order on time at an agreed price, the quality of work, a whole list of additional services that ensure the achievement of the goal with the use of modern methods and methods of advertising promotion has increased.

Select the type of printing

Polygraphy today solves a wide range of problems in a complex. Since the competition is considered to be high, therefore, the customer needs "everything at once". Only in joining efforts in solving the task and in promoting the image can victory be achieved.

The following are considered useful functions that define a set of basic tasks.

  • Advertising actions to strengthen the direction of promotion in the company.
  • Presentation of the organization in the form of catalogs, calendars, booklets and other trending products that advertise the activities and opportunities of the organization to the customer.
  • Direct contact with the customer through the presented brochures, leaflets, stories about the activities, services, achievements of the company in printed forms and illustrations.
  • Informing about ongoing promotions, about profitable offers.
  • Raising attention to the client, creating the company's image.
  • The introduction of modern advertising methods is the way to increase the client base and to increase sales.

You should keep in touch with the customer, offering souvenirs, calendars, pens, bookmarks, diaries. Client's trust and respect are the key to successful own business and cooperation.

Opening a printing business, an entrepreneur finds himself in the world of printed materials made by digital devices on paper materials of various formats, advertising design. The main thing is to take into account the needs of the conjuncture market, choose the right direction, calculate the costs of launching the project and organize the activity correctly. In a competitive environment, you should think about what the printing house should be and what should be produced. A large printing shop can easily carry out any large order from the release of books, newspaper materials, magazines in large volumes, with POS materials, lamination and glossy covers.

For mini-printers, it is advisable to service small orders:

  • issue of leaflets;
  • photos;
  • design of business cards;
  • banners;
  • advertising stands.

To open a mini printing house, you will need a starting amount of up to half a million rubles.

Such a printing house as a business will be able to fulfill one-time customer orders and regular small orders. There is always a need for people to receive photographs, business cards, gift and other services. The decision is made according to the amount of costs for work and materials. Let's look at how to open a typography from scratch.


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