How to start a small gym from scratch

Dear visitors, below is an example of a business plan for a gym with economic calculations. Calculations are made by specialists with extensive experience in Excel file, so the calculations can be adapted to any business plan of another gym or fitness club. After reviewing the document, you can download the file with the calculations below. If you have any questions, ask them directly in the comments, in the VKontakte group, or by writing to us by mail.


Purpose: "Opening a gym in a residential area of ​​the city of Perm"

Tasks: "Providing the newly built area of ​​the city with high-quality fitness services."

Project initiator

The initiator of the project is a former trainer of one of the largest fitness clubs in the city, who has both extensive experience in this business and experience in participating in bodybuilding competitions, including successful ones (with winning prizes).

Investment costs

To reduce opening costs, the premises for the gym are rented with the conclusion of a long-term lease agreement. All other expenses amount to 4 500 thousand rubles, we will conditionally divide them into 3 parts:

  • Registration of a legal entity - 10 thousand rubles;
  • Renovation of the premises - 2,000 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of simulators - 2 000 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of other equipment and furniture - 500 thousand rubles.

Project funding

After the collapse of the USSR, gyms were privatized. In the "dashing" 90s, the cult of power was in vogue, and young people wanted to be like the Hollywood "stalwart". Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs did not get it right.

In recent years, the sports business has been experiencing a "renaissance" as unhealthy diets have created too many “weighted people” who need a gym to lose weight. Moreover, if the money allows. You can capitalize on this aspiration, but to successfully bring the idea to life, you need a competent gym business plan.

Market analysis and target audience

Now is the time to open the gym for athletes. For the benefit of this entrepreneurship, there are numerous publications about the need for regular sports. Obesity affects about a quarter of the population. According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, only 5% of obese people are overweight caused by a malfunction in the endocrine system. For the rest, overeating and lack of exercise.

If a middle-aged man has a waist circumference of more than 102 cm, he needs to visit the gym 3 times a week. This advice also applies to women with a waist of more than 88 cm. In addition, a third of children and adolescents are overweight. According to the most conservative estimates, about 33 million people in Russia need regular sports training. Meanwhile, the current halls have a "capacity" of 12 million people.

Sports hall services

The main motivation for people visiting the gym is the fight against excess weight, and with gentle stress on the heart. They need competent instructors who are able to provide first aid. The task of the trainers is to draw up balanced individual programs.

The second category of visitors to the hall are fans of sports games. It is for them that the halls offer the following services:

  • walking or running on a treadmill;
  • "riding" on a stationary bike;
  • "rowing" in place;
  • abdominal exercises;
  • strength training exercises;
  • punching the punching bag;
  • pull-ups and other exercises on the wall bars; <
  • playing mini football, volleyball and badminton.

How much does it cost to open a gym

To understand how to open your own gym, you need to plan and solve a number of problems, the most difficult of which is the selection of the premises.

Room for the hall

Where to start

First of all, you need to decide on the level of clientele that will visit your gym. There are 3 options: the high-income elite, the middle class, and the budget option. To do this, you should objectively weigh your strength and financial capabilities, since a budget gym can be opened in a basement or a large garage, but for elite clients you will need a spacious room "with all amenities", including a sauna, a swimming pool and free parking. Depending on this, you will need to decide what kind of room, decoration and equipment will be required. It is better to register your business after finding a place and studying the market.

When it becomes clear what kind of visitor the gym is designed for, you need to choose a place and calculate the local market. You need to choose an area based on population density, average age and income. If this is a residential area with stalinkas and Khrushchevs, in which pensioners mainly live, or the territory of warehouses and outbuildings, your business is doomed. Those who decide to open a gym should not expect to get super profit, even with active traffic. This is a mid-cost and mid-income business, which is completely dependent on the availability of visitors and has a seasonality. For example, there is a drop in visits during the summer months.

Investment volume

Halls and their visitors vary. Let's consider the middle option with the prospect of the subsequent addition of various services. Initially, the cost of it can be minimized. Renting a room depends on the region, the liveliness of the place, the location in the building and other nuances. Let's calculate the amount of investments to open a gym for 15 seats, 100 sq. meters of area, excluding showers and changing rooms, located on the ground floor or in the basement:

Rent of premises - 40,000 rubles.

Repair and communications - 200,000 rubles.

Business registration - 10,000 rubles.

Equipment - 300,000 rubles.

Total: 600,000 rubles.

Some are trying to save money on advertising by posting a few ads on neighboring houses and hoping for word of mouth. This is mistake. Without sufficient notification of the consumer even before the opening of the gym, you can miss a lot of visitors and wait for them for months later. Someone will think that you simply do not have the money for this and that your establishment is not of his level. Do not spoil your image. First of all, you need to order a bright, noticeable sign. Also, order leaflets and deliver them to the mailboxes of houses within a radius of at least 1 km from the hall. Make yourself known online on classifieds sites in the "services" category, on social media, and in local media.

Step-by-step instructions

Having decided which gym you want to open and choosing the appropriate place, you must register with the tax office. You will also need permission from the fire department and SES. During his activities in this field, he will have to keep journals and send reports to the labor protection, fire safety, sanitary service. It is also necessary to provide for the presence of a book of complaints and suggestions and regulate the possibility of opening a gym from the BTI of the selected building. After solving these formalities, you can proceed to the arrangement of the premises.

Financial model of the sports hall

Brief Investment Memorandum

The tendency to keep fit is doing its job: yoga centers, dance studios and gyms are very popular. This is facilitated by the holding of the Olympics in Sochi, a ban on the sale of alcohol after 22:00, a ban on smoking tobacco products in public places. The idea of ​​creating a sports hall is no longer new, but the demand for conditions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is now extremely high, which means that now it will not be difficult to attract visitors.

The gym is a room with exercise equipment and equipment, in which everyone can work out for a fee. In cities with a population of up to 4 million people, up to 170 such establishments are open. Gyms are common in both large and small towns.

This business is attractive, first of all, because it does not require impressive amounts of investment to open it, while thanks to the growing trend towards a healthy lifestyle, you can achieve a constant flow of clients who want to get in shape.

The initial investment is RUB 1,562,000.

The break-even point is reached in the fourth month of operation.

Payback period: 11 months.

Average net profit: 177,003 rubles.

Description of business, product or service

It should be understood that gyms are divided into several types:

  • Stand-alone fitness centers offering visitors a wide range of services: spa, fitness equipment, group and individual classes, swimming pool. Such centers are aimed at the widest possible range of consumers who want to receive several service options at once.
  • Gyms in existing dance studios, fitness clubs, shopping malls. This type is attractive because your business will already have a certain stream of warm customers who may be interested in your services. In this case, you are renting a place in an operating studio where you place your equipment.
  • Gyms in office centers or detached buildings. This is the most budgetary option, as it does not require high rent and is quite located in a small area.

In this business plan, we will consider the third option for organizing a business, in which we will rent a room with an area of ​​230 sq. m for organizing a fitness space, the hall will be designed for the simultaneous presence of no more than 35 people. What services will the gym provide?

Sports every year takes a more significant role in the life of any successful person, and therefore recently a whole trend of a healthy lifestyle has emerged, which is supported by sports loads. Against this background, a huge number of both large and small gyms began to appear in large cities, which are guided by different physical activities and each has a clearly defined target audience.

What makes people go to the gym? Many young people have recently devoted more and more time to sports and improving their own body. And if in the summer you can safely work out at the stadium, then at other times of the year a visit to the gym will be an excellent solution to keep fit.

In this article I would like to talk about how to open a small gym, to which almost every beginning entrepreneur could attract start-up capital. Why did we choose the cheapest segment of the market? It's simple, there is a huge amount of information on the Internet dedicated to the opening of expensive gyms ("rocking chairs") or fitness centers, but for the majority, from the financial point of view, such a business is simply not lifting.

Business format

Of course, even at the beginning of drawing up a business plan for a gym, it is important to clearly define the format of the institution. At the moment, the most popular types are:

  • fitness direction.
  • health-improving complex.
  • professional sports club.

In this article, we will talk about an integrated approach that is great for launching, both in dormitory areas of the city and in small towns, namely the gym in its classic sense. This is, first of all, the availability of various kinds of equipment for running, building muscle mass, abs and other things. Also in the hall will be held group classes in fitness, aerobics, yoga and other areas that are in demand among the female part of the visitors. Since we focus on opening an inexpensive gym, this format will allow us to reach the largest number of target audiences and get the maximum profit.

If you plan to launch wellness services in the future, this will require qualified personnel and a medical license.

Starting such a business is a very expensive pleasure, so before starting, it is best to delve into the topic yourself, figure out what is in demand and where is the best place to start.


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