How to start a gym from scratch

To attract investors, a novice entrepreneur will need to develop a gym business plan with detailed calculations.

Before you start writing a business plan, you need to study the market conditions and determine the target audience.

The compiled business plan for the gym must include the exact amount of financial costs, calculation of their payback, the level of profitability of the institution.

Business plan summary

It is worth starting writing a resume after a thorough definition of the niche. The goal of creating a business, methods of achieving results should be formulated. Since the sphere of service provision is health improvement activities for the population, it is necessary to determine the target audience.

Investors will be interested in information about the amount of costs for opening and maintaining a gym.

Tip! Calculate the indicators of the financial stability of the business - the break-even point, the profitability of the enterprise. This will make it clear whether it is worth investing in opening a sports club.

Gym Business Plan Investment Plan

This section should contain the following information:

an introductory part describing the project;

Buy Gym Business Plan

the main part, which will reflect the stages of the project;

What does it take to open a gym? Basically, the list of all the required equipment includes numerous treadmills, a variety of cardiovascular equipment, dumbbells with which you can work out a variety of muscles, etc.

What are the differences between the gym and other sports facilities?

Unlike numerous fitness centers that provide services of different types, gyms have a rather narrow specialization. Basically, they do not provide such separate rooms in which yoga or fitness classes can be held.

If your priority is simply a healthy lifestyle and you would like to maintain your figure in a beautiful and fit shape, and you are also a frequent visitor of gyms and are good at bodybuilding, you can try to get from profit from your hobby. It should be noted in advance that a lot of knowledge about how to pump up certain muscle groups is not required. A business plan for a gym can be drawn up without frequent visits to this institution.

How competitive is it?

In the event that you have an idea to open your own gym, first of all, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the achievements of competitors. The point is not only in the presence and number of such establishments in a certain area, but also in the possibility of their subsequent appearance. In other words, a gym business plan should include absolutely all factors that can play a role in the development of entrepreneurial activity.

In the event that there is a possibility of competitors appearing soon, you will need to consider one simple question: will there be enough potential customers for everyone? What if you need to hastily end your business, so that it does not lead to large losses of money? In any case, you will need to think about everything in the most careful way.

All nuances should be taken into account

The specificity of the gym activity is to work in the interests of clients. Usually, training takes place in the evening, since during the day people are busy with their main job. It is at this time that it is required to strengthen the staff.

In addition, the business plan for the gym should have clauses that talk about seasonality. As practice shows, the greatest load falls on the autumn and spring periods. In the summer, gym attendance decreases. That is why, in order to attract the largest number of potential customers, it is best to open your own business during the periods of greatest activity among athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

Drawing up a business project

In addition, you will need to take into account all the necessary nuances. Don't forget the seasonal aspects. For example, air conditioning is required for comfortable summer activities. And in order for athletes to be able to exercise in winter, it will be necessary to equip good heating or at least purchase heaters.

Gym training as part of a healthy lifestyle is gaining more and more popularity. This is not surprising. To visit the gym, you do not need to look what the weather is outside the window, you can just take a sports uniform and go to workout. We are interested in how to open a gym from scratch. Therefore, we will consider this business in more detail.

Drawing up a business plan

Before starting your own business, you must have a ready-made business plan for the gym. It should provide for the main types of expenses. For example:

  • costs of renting premises from 20 to 50 thousand rubles / month;
  • staff salary 80 thousand rubles / month;
  • funds for advertising 10-20 thousand rubles / month;
  • capital for the purchase of simulators 200-300 thousand rubles;
  • operating expenses. This may include unexpected costs, for example, for the repair of a broken pipe or other unforeseen expenses 10-15 thousand rubles / month;
  • payment of utility bills 15-25 thousand rubles / month
  • payment of taxes and fees depending on the form of ownership.

Accordingly, the minimum costs will be 135 thousand rubles / month, plus money for the purchase of simulators and paying taxes. Since in the considered example our operating expenses amount to 135 thousand rubles / month, respectively, with a subscription cost of 1.5 thousand rubles, we need to attract 90 people to go to zero. Naturally, there should be more clients to make a profit. After all, we need not only to cover the costs, but also to make a profit and recoup the money spent on equipment. It's worth considering a good strategy to attract more customers.

Selection of premises

When choosing a room for your future gym, you need to proceed from the correct ratio of price and location. It is not necessary to have premises in the city center for a successful business. It is enough that it is located in places of high traffic of people. It can be near metro stations or near a university. Opening a gym in a residential area will also be quite successful, as it is convenient for people to go to workouts near their homes.

The size of the future hall must be at least 100 sq. m. With a smaller area, it will be difficult to provide for the availability of all the necessary premises - changing rooms, showers, toilets and a training hall of normal size. In general, when deciding on the area of ​​the future premises, it is worth proceeding from the considerations that 2 sq. the minimum required for each potential client. Actually, it should be understood that with a room size of 100 sq. , it can comfortably accommodate 50 people, 200 sq. - 100 people. Therefore, when choosing a room, you need to take into account the number of desired customers.

Main training areas should be well ventilated to avoid stuffiness and humidity. Air conditioning is also very desirable, otherwise the flow of customers will be greatly reduced in the summer.

The gym must have a shower. Actually, the absence of showers is a significant disadvantage that can play a fatal role. After all, some attend workouts before work, and just after playing sports, you need to put yourself in order.

Pay attention to the condition of the room. It may need repairs there. This can lead to additional costs. Then this money will also need to be taken into account when calculating the start-up capital. The investment in repairs can be substantial. In order to renovate a 150 sq. , if you have a toilet and two showers, you will need at least 100-150 thousand rubles. This is provided that you do not have to change the wiring and communications.

To start and successfully run your own business in the sports industry, an entrepreneur needs a well-thought-out business plan for a fitness club. Currently, visiting the gym and the pool has become popular among a wide range of citizens. Health and beauty are in trend today, and the cost of services is gradually becoming more affordable, so men and women of all ages are starting to play sports.

Project Summary

This is an important section of a ready-made fitness club business plan. The overall impression of the project from investors will depend on its completeness and brevity. The executive summary is located at the beginning of the business plan, but it is drawn up at the very end, as it summarizes the information from other sections. The main thing that the reader of the resume will pay attention to:

consumer interest in fitness services;

the presence of competitors in the respective city or region;

benefits of the new fitness club;

initial investment value;

Competitive Advantages

According to statistics, the demand for fitness services is constantly growing in large cities. While new establishments like this are popping up all the time, the niche can accommodate many more entrepreneurs. The main group of clients of gyms is women aged 20 - 40 with an average income. The share of men among the visitors of the clubs is about 30%. The main motivation for all people is beauty and keeping fit.

Based on this data, an advantage over competitors will give:

Opening a gym is expensive, but with good planning, it could be profitable at the end of the third year. A well-designed gym business plan will help you determine the costs and calculate its profitability.

Advantages and disadvantages of opening a gym

Step-by-step instructions for opening a gym

How much does it cost to open a gym?

Services provided

When opening a gym from scratch, first of all, it is necessary to meet the needs of its future visitors.

Most people go to the gym for:

  • cardio training ;
  • strength training.

Considering that they come to the gym unprepared, it is necessary to provide the services of a qualified trainer who will draw up a training program.

If there is free space, you can open an additional gymnasium, where you can organize classes:

  • yoga ;
  • pilates ;
  • dancing ;
  • fitness.


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