How to start a coffee shop from scratch and make it successful

In the modern world, in order to receive a stable profit, it is advisable to open your own business. The most important thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of the type of activity, since today the service market is very diverse. Public catering has always been of great interest for investment, as it consistently brings profit even during the economic crisis.

This is due to the fact that the life of a modern person is oversaturated with various events, so most people simply do not have time to have a normal and full meal. At the same time, there is a huge variety of catering formats, so entrepreneurs have a wide choice for investing. One of these is a coffee shop. A business plan with calculations, or rather its main aspects, will be presented later in this article. It is relevant because it does not require a large amount of money to start and develop an extensive menu, and is also very easy to manage. If you carefully consider your marketing strategy to win customer loyalty, you can generate consistently high profits.

Market Analysis

Before starting to develop a business plan for a coffee shop from scratch, you need to conduct a detailed market research. It will allow you to assess the prospects for investing money, the approximate payback period of the project, the level of competition and other nuances that will allow you to most effectively manage your own establishment.

Catering establishments in Russia bring colossal revenues. Coffee houses account for over 235 billion rubles a year. At the same time, these figures fall on the period from 2021 to 2021, when the economic crisis was in full swing. Despite the fact that restaurants closed one after another, small establishments where you could have a cup of aromatic drink continued to open. A coffee shop (a business plan with calculations will help in the correct organization of activities) is of great interest to entrepreneurs for the following reasons:

  • consumers are more likely to visit democratic establishments with lower prices;
  • demand for "coffee to go" is constantly growing;
  • volumes of consumption of a tonic drink.

According to statistics, today in Russia, compared to Western countries, not too many coffee shops are open, therefore competition in this market segment is not too high.

Investment prospect

So what do you need to know about this? Many experienced entrepreneurs are thinking about opening a coffee shop (it's much easier to write a business plan for one than for a full-fledged restaurant).

This is due to the following reasons:

  • high profitability;
  • the ability to start with small financial investments;
  • quick access to the break-even level;
  • a variety of business concepts;
  • ease of management of the establishment.

You can't even imagine how many people cannot live a day without a cup of aromatic coffee. This is a gold mine for aspiring entrepreneurs, which is also becoming more popular. Donuts, hot drinks and long evenings in a cozy place are in vogue now. Do you want to discover something for the soul, but at the same time relevant? We offer you a ready-made example of a coffee shop business plan with financial calculations for review.

Step-by-step plan - where to start a business and how to open your own coffee shop from scratch

How to start a business plan for opening a coffee shop? You must make a detailed presentation of your project and make a description of the products in order to be clearly aware of what the establishment will look like, as well as what will be sold in it. The very concept of a cafe can be of two types:

  • American with fast service, a live queue at the counter and minimalism in the interior and dishes;
  • French with beautiful dishes, a cozy interior and an abundance of pastries. / ul>

    Are you afraid you won't be able to compete? Opening a coffee shop with a franchise is an almost win-win business plan!

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    Where is the best location for a coffee shop

    Choosing the right premises is very important for the business plan of a profitable coffee shop. It all depends on financial capabilities and how many people it will be calculated for. Assume that for 40 seats you will need about 100-150 sq. ... Please note that the room will be divided into zones:

    • Main room
    • Kitchen
    • Utility room
    • Bathroom

    Average rental price for a space of 100 sq. ... will be from 115,000 rubles per month together with utility bills. This is an approximate amount in a business plan for 2021, which can vary significantly depending on the region in which the lease was made. Also, you will need to spend at a time from 600,000 rubles for sewerage, ventilation, decoration and design of a coffee shop to your taste.

    What documents are needed to open a coffee shop

    In addition to the above actions, it will be necessary to issue permits from the SES and state supervision for the premises. The conditions for obtaining certificates for catering facilities are very strict, so everything must be up to date. Registration of all the necessary documentation will cost you an average of 10,000 rubles.

    How to choose equipment for a coffee shop

    Doing a food service business is often highly profitable and generates good returns. For those who have no experience in running such a business, but would like to invest in such a startup, the best solution would be to open a small cafe or coffee shop. After all, this undertaking will not require impressive investments, and will bring good revenue.

    Selected Industry Overview

    There is a tremendous amount of preparatory work to be done to learn how to open a mini coffee shop and make it successful. Professionals recommend starting with the study and thorough research of the market. After all, a coffee shop, unlike most of such enterprises, has some peculiarities. The key point will be the limitation of the product range. The menu should include all sorts of coffee and tea, as well as only a few types of pastries.

    First of all, it is worth studying the circle of your potential visitors. Here you need to focus on a certain age category of future customers. These are mainly students and middle-aged people. Therefore, it is optimal to locate an institution in a busy area, not far from higher educational institutions or business centers.

    After choosing a location, you should analyze the level of competition there. Since your business is not trusted by customers, it is not a good idea to start a business near a successful café or bar. You also need to pay attention to the condition of the surrounding area. The possibility of arranging a parking lot and an open area will be an additional advantage.

    In addition, it will be useful to walk through the institutions of this direction in order to have an idea of ​​the possible interior design options. Despite the busy location, it is better to make the interior design conducive to comfort and relaxation. It should be borne in mind that large display windows attract the attention of passers-by. Having finished with the preliminary analysis, you can begin to develop a business plan for opening a coffee shop, which will be the key to a successful startup.

    Possible areas of work

    The choice of the format of the institution will become the basis for the strategic development of the project. This is an important nuance on which many further points of your concept and financial calculations will be based. Opening a coffee shop from scratch provides for several areas of work and, accordingly, the possibilities of the institution. Let's consider their main variations.

    A classic type institution characterized by an exquisite interior and high quality of services. Here you need to provide for the acquisition of good furniture and textiles for decoration. The level of service and a good range of desserts and pastries on the menu are also important.

    Modern coffee shops are more like a diner than a restaurant. In this case, the premises are designed according to the principle: nothing more. It is acceptable to purchase inexpensive furniture, lack of tablecloths on tables and serve guests at the counter. The menu should include several dessert items and a good assortment of coffees.

    How to draw up a business plan for a coffee shop? We offer to consider a ready-made business plan for a coffee shop with calculations, analysis of the main competitors, risks and recommendations for choosing a location.

    A sample business plan for opening a coffee shop will help not to miss important nuances and develop an effective development strategy for a novice entrepreneur.

    Download a business plan for a coffee shop

    How to open a coffee shop with settlements from scratch? This is the main question for a budding entrepreneur. Opening requires a detailed study of risks and errors. Drawing up a detailed cost plan is an integral part of a finished business plan for a coffee shop.

    In order not to get confused in the specifics of doing business, we offer you a free download of an example of a coffee shop business plan with calculations for 2021. You can make adjustments to it taking into account your strategy, supplement or reduce the list of marketing tools for promoting your business, fix your goals, objectives, mission.

    Example coffee shop business plan

    In an example of a coffee shop business plan with calculations, consider the opening of a so-called American type enterprise. It is characterized by:

    • a small number of tables and seats;
    • minimum staff;
    • lack of hot meals and alcoholic beverages.

    This format is suitable for a novice entrepreneur. It is characterized by low launch costs, the ability to register as an individual entrepreneur, a small amount of documents for obtaining permits and licenses. Consider an example of a small business coffee shop business plan.

    Relevance of the idea and competitors

    1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed in different countries every day. What is the culture of consumption of an invigorating drink in Russia? Statistical data will help to answer the question.

    According to the results of surveys by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, 8% of respondents drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day. Up to 3 cups - 30%. 15% of respondents drink coffee several times a week, the same number - several times a month. The majority of Russians allow themselves coffee in the morning. 4% drink it at night.

    The variety of catering establishments that exist in the modern world puts every person who wants to start their own business before a serious choice: which option should be preferred? Among the most preferred and successful establishments, coffee houses stand out, which are rapidly progressing both in terms of development level and in the number of attracted visitors. However, before deciding to open your own establishment, you need to carefully think over a business plan for a coffee shop in order to accurately imagine what difficulties you may encounter and what points you need to pay attention to first.

    Peculiarities of a coffee shop: why it is worth making a choice in favor of such an establishment

    The main difference between the coffee house and other catering establishments, as the name suggests, is the wide range of presented coffee drinks and coffee varieties directly. Also, the menu, as a rule, includes all kinds of snacks, pastries and alcohol. In addition to the menu, special attention is paid to the atmosphere and organization of the available space, since people come here not only to have a quick bite, but also to relax, enjoying the offered comfort. That is why it is important to find qualified employees, including baristas, and to focus on the quality of customer service.

    In other words, if we put aside all the detailed calculations and the development of a coffee shop business plan, it is important to pay attention to several things: determining the target audience of the institution, the products that will be sold here, and the marketing strategy. At the same time, the pricing policy will be directly related to the audience.

    Preliminary preparation and first calculations

    Unlike many other catering establishments, owning a coffee shop is a pleasure that requires serious upfront costs. You will have to spend money on carrying out repair work in the selected room, passing checks from the fire supervision and sanitary and epidemiological service, as well as obtaining all kinds of licenses and permits, including the sale of alcoholic beverages.

    Another important distinguishing feature, with which many entrepreneurs associate the main difficulties, is the close monitoring of all current trends and trends. Here it will not be possible to simply work out a certain work plan and stick to it for a long time without making any changes. If you do not notice a new trend in time, competitors will notice it, and your customers will go to them, therefore regular market analysis will be a mandatory procedure.

    If we consider an institution of medium size, which has a full kitchen and the hall itself, designed for 40 people, then the initial investment will be approximately 3,500,000 rubles. This amount will pay off, with competent work, in less than a year and a half, and break-even will begin in the second month.

    Main business description: which products to focus on

    As mentioned above: the main distinguishing feature of a good coffee shop is a wide assortment of all kinds of coffee drinks and the availability of coffee varieties for sale directly. For example, many establishments offer their visitors the opportunity to purchase grains of various roasts so that they can be taken with them and cooked on their own. You can also offer varieties from different countries.

    The development of our business plan for a coffee shop implies just such an institution that will be able to offer customers a wide choice, will have alcoholic drinks and a full-fledged kitchen on the menu that prepares various snacks. This will allow you to regularly update the menu, make various seasonal offers and unique promotions for a short period of time. Diversity will allow you to regularly attract new customers and gather a permanent audience.

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