How to start a carpentry business

The Russian furniture market is going through hard times. Often, in order to find quality furniture at an affordable price, you have to spend more than one day looking for it. Almost all manufactured products are made of fiberboard (chipboard), it is very difficult to find natural, high-quality furniture made of wood. Even if there are products made of natural wood, their price is simply exorbitant. The demand for wood products is constantly growing, and there are no offers on the market, which makes the carpentry business plan a promising and profitable option for investing money.

Relevance of the carpentry business

Services in wood processing and manufacturing of interior items and furniture from it remain in demand, even despite the unstable demand market and the economy. To open a successful business, it is desirable to have experience in this area; you also need start-up capital for the purchase of equipment and materials.

Although the demand for products remains unstable, it is constantly growing. The carpentry workshop, as a business, has a number of advantages, which include:

  • Growing demand for products.
  • Ability to make exclusive items.
  • Low initial cost.

Market analysis, target business audience

Fifteen years ago, the Russian market of building materials was filled with plastic windows, stamped PVC doors, ruining most of the joinery industries. But the current market situation suggests that the demand for wood products is steadily increasing, not only in our country, but also abroad.

It is necessary to conduct market analysis in the city selected for opening a workshop. For the analysis, you can always involve third-party firms or conduct it yourself. To carry out this work you will need:

  • Find all carpentry shops in the area.
  • Request a price list for all their products.
  • Study in detail the pricing policy, choice of location, types of products.

It is also worth studying real reviews on workshop sites, identifying the weaknesses of competitors, and understanding what customers may be unhappy with. A carpenter as a business requires a responsible approach to assessing the market and choosing the target audience.

Target audience

The carpentry business always remains in demand even during the economic downturn. For those who perfectly own these skills or plan to organize their own business, we offer you a ready-made business plan for the carpentry shop with step-by-step opening and calculations.

Funds to open

When calculating the necessary funds to open a carpentry workshop, we need 2,020,000 rubles:

  • For rent of space for a workshop (in the first 2 months) - 130,000 rubles.
  • To ensure the operation of the office, warehouse and production (furniture, shelves, lamps, etc.) - 400,000 rubles
  • Stationary equipment (milling machine, machine for drilling and making grooves, miter saw, thickness gauge, vayma, etc.) - 1,200,000 rubles
  • Ordinary tools (square, ruler, level, screwdriver, hammers, clamps, etc.) - 70,000 rubles
  • Creation reserve of materials and raw materials - 70,000 rubles.
  • Payment for advertising (to create a website, printed materials, etc.) - 100,000 rubles.
  • Registration and registration in the state. structures - 50,000 rubles.

To implement an independently written business plan for the carpentry shop, we will need funds to finance the planned project - our own resources (40%), as well as funds from an attracted investor (60%).

Our carpentry shop will produce competitive and demanded joinery products, namely wooden door blocks. Difference from the main competitors: environmentally friendly raw materials, and price-quality ratio. Prices will also be balanced within the main market demand and will be in the range from 3,000 to 7,000 rubles.

Our production will focus on the following products:

  • PVC-based doors;
  • Eco-veneer coated doors;
  • As well as doors with lamination for valuable tree species.

The workshop will be loaded with 200 items per month or 2,400 per year.

Production plan

In accordance with the business plan of the carpentry shop for the production of door blocks, it is necessary to rent a room, the area of ​​which does not exceed 200 square meters, with the main communications:

  • equipped ventilation;
  • lighting system;
  • sewerage water supply;
  • voltage supplied at 380 VT.

Products made from natural wood are classics that will never go out of fashion and will not lose their relevance. Making wood products can bring good dividends to its owner if organized correctly. The carpentry business plan presented below does not require a large investment and is suitable for beginners who are versed in wood. The calculation example is based on a regional center.

Legal information

Focus: carpentry workshop for the manufacture of furniture and interior items from expensive wood.

Premises: garage of 40 sq. m. The owner is the tenant.

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Saturday, Sunday - closed. Shifts outside the schedule are possible if the order is urgent.

  • Wooden furniture.
  • Bath furniture.

Legal registration: individual entrepreneurship (IP).

Taxation: simplified taxation system (STS).

Product range

Two types of wood are used for the production of products: linden and pine. The carpentry workshop makes and sells the following types of natural wood products:

Sales are planned through the following sources:

  • Wholesale buyers.
  • Retailing via social media.

Unfortunately, there are not so many types of private business in our country so far and they can be conditionally subdivided into three categories:

  • Opening a retail outlet (store, stall, etc.).
  • Offer of services (hairdresser, catering establishments, safekeeping of goods, and so on).
  • Manufacture of goods (carpentry or metalworking workshop, tailoring, etc.).

The success of the first two categories of private business is characterized by both dependence on many factors (seasonality of demand, the need to maintain many contacts with suppliers, many sanitary and hygienic and regulatory acts that regulate the work of small companies, and so on), and extremely intense competition in the market.

As for the manufacturing sector, starting a private manufacturing enterprise is somewhat easier and often cheaper. In the material below, prepared by our team, we will talk about opening our own turning workshop.

Turning products are in wide demand not only among the general population, but also among other private entrepreneurs. Your potential clients will be:

As you can see, you won't have to suffer from a lack of clientele. This is due to the fact that it is simply not profitable for large turning shops to undertake the fulfillment of a one-time small order, since the cost price of one product will "skyrocket" or the lead time will increase enormously due to the fact that it will be executed in the interval between batches of wholesale customers ... Industrial enterprises will not consider the application of such clients.

Since at the beginning of your business you will have to work with one-time clients who need one-off products, you should take special care of the choice of premises. This can be your garage in a garage cooperative, a container in the market, a non-residential space in a sleeping area or near a car service, and so on.

The advantages of such premises are the possibility of free advertising and the presence of a "ready-made" base of potential customers. However, there may be some complications. For example, when renting non-residential premises in a house, you will have to take care of the presence of a separate entrance from the street or its isolation from the rest of the property of the owners.

The premises must be supplied with a water supply system and a drainage system, as well as an electrical network with a voltage of at least 220 V. This will be quite enough for the operation of a desktop lathe and ensuring the sanitary and hygienic standards required by law.

The bulk of the costs required to open a lathe shop are needed to purchase technological equipment. It is quite natural that the newer the machines and the more functions they have, the higher their cost. The minimum set to get started is as follows:

  • Desktop lathe - 50,000 - 60,000 rubles.
  • Grinding machine - 9,000 - 10,000 rubles.

You will also have to take care of purchasing a cutting and sharpening tool, as well as the availability of rolled metal for the first time (bars of several standard sizes from steel of three to five grades).

The carpentry workshop as a business belongs to the category of woodworking production that behaves steadily even in times of crisis. The organization of such a business is ideal for those who own carpentry skills.

Main activity

A carpentry workshop can specialize in the production of the following products:

  • furniture (chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves, etc.);
  • stairs;
  • windows;
  • balconies ;
  • doors ;
  • interior elements;
  • gazebos;
  • fences, etc.
  • It is essential to study the local market in which you plan to operate. It is important to understand what is offered on it, at what price and what level of quality. This will make it possible to determine the future assortment of the workshop. It is recommended to start a business with the production of the most demanded furniture.

    Instructions on how to open and what you need

    In order to correctly develop a business plan for a carpentry workshop, it is necessary to foresee and take into account all the following details in advance. For example, pay great attention to the room for the workshop and the craftsmen who will work for you.

    Stage - execution and preparation of documents

    Asking the question "How to open a carpentry workshop?" The creation of an enterprise in the form of an individual entrepreneur is most suitable. this will be the best option.

    Stage - room search

    For carpentry, a garage or other room with an area of ​​40 sq. m. Since people with wood will have to work in it, the room must be warm. The recommended air temperature is 20 degrees, ± 2, with moderate humidity and natural light.

    A prerequisite is the presence of three-phase electricity, it will allow you to work on carpentry machines without interruption. At the initial stage of the business operation, it is recommended to rent premises. It can be located in the industrial area of ​​the city and have good access roads.

    Stage - purchase and installation of the necessary equipment

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