How to organize your business by opening a hookah bar; a ready-made example of a hookah bar business plan with calculations for 2021

That is why opening your own hookah bar is certainly a cost-effective and profitable business. In a short time, you can significantly improve your well-being, subject to certain financial and time investments and the availability of a competent, written business plan.

What is this bar

Hookah can really be smoked in numerous establishments today. As a rule, this service is prescribed separately in the price list, when ordering it, the smoking device is taken out and installed right on the table. A separate person from the bar or restaurant staff is responsible for its service. This is the most common option.

An important point: there will be more visitors if you rent a room or hall in an already promoted restaurant - many of those who just dropped in for a snack or a cocktail will come to you. It will be necessary to work more intensively on the formation of the customer base in a separate bar, taking into account the fact that you will hardly manage with one hookah - you will still have to provide a minimum of drinks and snacks. In any case, much will depend on the effectiveness of advertising and the quality of the service offered.

Legal issues: package of required documents

This is only a basic list of mandatory documents, but additional certificates or permits may also be required, which are always collected on an individual basis. But even to get them, you will have to visit more than one instance and spend a certain amount of money.

A detailed story about the opening of such an establishment is in the following video:

Market Analysis

Today in Russia it is not so easy to find a really beautifully decorated separate room for hookah smoking, where they can provide a service at the highest level. Hookah is on the menu of many establishments, and the competition is quite high. But if you get down to business wisely, they will go to you, and not to the next bar.

Monitor the area in which you want to open an establishment. If this is a separate room, it makes sense to place it near a good restaurant - usually people order a hookah after a hearty meal. The bar for smoking should be located in such a way that late visitors do not interfere with anyone - after all, in such establishments they often sit well after midnight. By the way, you also need to be prepared from the very beginning for the fact that you will have to work in the evenings until late hours, including on holidays and weekends.

Dear site visitors, below is an example of a hookah bar business plan with economic calculations, which can be used for various purposes:

  • leasing at the institute as a work in finance or marketing
  • handing over to the bank as a business plan for obtaining a loan;
  • when defending against potential investor.

The document is made in accordance with all laws of creating business plans and has a standard structure. The calculations were prepared by professionals in business planning, you can download them at the bottom of the article, they are prepared in Excel format, which allows you to modify them for your specific project. If you have any questions - ask them in the comments, VKontakte group or by mail.


The goal is to organize a hookah bar in the city of Moscow.

The project is considering the organization of a hookah bar in the city of Moscow, which will be located in a residential area on a busy street.

Project initiator

The Hookah Bar opens with a specialist in this area who already has several similar businesses in other cities. The opening is considered as an expansion of the business, however, it is planned to open this business on a separate legal entity due to the need to attract a third-party investor and to more easily calculate the distribution of profits between the entrepreneur and the investor.

Project funding

Within the framework of the investment project, it is planned to invest 3 670 thousand rubles. VAT included. Most of this amount, about 70%, is planned to be attracted from the investor, the remaining amount will be invested at the expense of own funds.

Services provided

Due to the strict restriction of legislation (15-FZ "On protecting the health of citizens from the effects of second hand tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption" dated February 23, 2021) and restricting hookah smoking in public catering, the hookah bar will provide only smoking services without providing drinks and food.

Hookahs in the establishment can be made from different types of tobacco and with different fillings (water, milk, wine, vodka, absinthe and other ingredients).

If you are determined to open a place where people can have lunch, dinner and order a hookah, then a hookah business plan with calculations will be very useful to you. The organization of such a business has a lot of pitfalls and is not on the list of the simplest ones. But if you put in the right amount of effort and get down to business, you can really create a place where there will be no end to customers who bring you high income.

In order to organize the start process properly, you need to go through the following steps:

  • decide whether the franchise will be used, or you will open your original institution;
  • understand how much investment you can provide and where you will get it: from your savings, on credit or from investors;
  • decide whether you will organize everything alone or you will have partners;
  • register with the Federal Tax Service as an LLC or individual entrepreneur;
  • choose a room to place your hookah bar;
  • analyze competitors in the city;
  • select qualified employees for the staff;
  • obtain the necessary permits from all instances; <
  • to work out a marketing campaign.

Having taken care of all these nuances, you can safely start opening a hookah bar.

How to open a hookah bar from scratch - a business plan with calculations

Before your hookah bar begins to fully function and generate income, it is important to consider various ideas for a hookah bar, make plans for the future, taking into account all the pros and cons, decide whether you will provide services with home delivery and organize hookah catering. Or maybe you would like to open a hookah bar on the beach?

Having solved all these issues and you can start collecting important documentation, you won't be able to open a hookah bar in Russia without a ready-made one.

What documents do you need for a hookah bar?

The following list of securities is required:

  • a certificate from the tax service that you are registered as an LLC or individual entrepreneur;
  • an agreement with a permit to conduct activities from the fire service;
  • permission to organize an enterprise from the sanitary and epidemiological station;
  • if there are plans to fill hookahs with tobacco products and trade in such goods, then you need to obtain a license for this;
  • in addition, you need a license for retail sale of alcoholic beverages.

When all this is collected, then you can start planning your budget and looking for a source of initial capital for investment.

What is the cost of starting this business?

The purpose of the business in this case will be to open a popular hookah restaurant offering popular dishes, hookah, alcoholic, hot and soft drinks to its guests. In order for the establishment to contain everything you need and be spacious for visitors, you will need to rent an area of ​​about 200 sq. meters. The premises should include a kitchen, a reception hall with booths and tables, a couple of restrooms, the necessary storage rooms and utility rooms, a refrigeration compartment, a bar counter and an administrator's workplace.

Hookah bars are a profitable format of entertainment establishments that show good performance even during the crisis. I managed to talk to the organizer of a hookah bar in the regional center with a population of 600,000 people. The city can be called large. To some readers, this business will not seem super-profitable, because in fact it is, nevertheless it is stable and pays off on average in 1.5-2 years.

Hookah business plan: calculations, investments and payback

Why are such establishments gaining popularity? A few years earlier, an anti-smoking law had been passed, which introduced a ban on smoking in public places. As a result, hookah bars began to appear throughout the country, where you can smoke, relax and unwind in a cozy atmosphere.

On the site alexander-belov. om we will provide all calculations with expenses, monthly investments, one-time start-up investments, net profit and payback.

Brief Financial Plan

Cost of equipment for a hookah room

We recommend opening a hookah bar in crowded and walkable places, including large sleeping areas where there are no competitors nearby. The ideal footage is 100 sq. ...

Purchase and installation of supply and exhaust ventilation is the most expensive equipment in the financial business of a hookah bar. Such equipment is essential for a hookah bar, as it effectively draws out smoke so as not to disturb visitors and employees.

Pay special attention to the interior and furniture. We recommend using the services of an interior designer who will create an individual project for a hookah bar for your premises.

The hall is designed for 40-45 people.

We recommend taking a look at the complete list of equipment with an approximate cost.

Starting your own business starts with an idea. One of the most daring, but interesting in every sense of the idea is the opening of a hookah bar. What should be the finished hookah business plan?

Hookah bar is a popular and very profitable institution format. Meanwhile, there are not as many hookah bars in Russia as we would like. The reason is that it was introduced in 2021. a ban on smoking in public places.

Government regulations have limited the ability to do this business. However, real enthusiasts and lovers of fragrant smoke are not confused by this.

Firstly, the niche is not saturated, which eliminates the need to fight with competitors. Secondly, it doesn't take too much money to open a hookah bar. Third, you won't have to hide from the law. There is a small "loophole" for the legal opening of such an institution. A business plan for opening a hookah bar with calculations will help to organize the business correctly. Let's consider its main sections.

Organizational part

Initially, you should choose a way of doing business. Hookah can be opened in the following formats:

  • A separate institution. It is more difficult to “promote”, but in the long term it is more profitable. Aimed at a specific target audience. A full-fledged hookah bar should contain the maximum range of products. It can be based on fruits, milk, stones, tobacco, spices, etc. Sale of drinks (including alcoholic ones) and food is not recommended. This will allow the institution not to be classified as catering, and accordingly, to avoid violations of the law. Having lost on "food", you will win on "tobacco". However, customers may be allowed to bring drinks and snacks with them. In this case, the presence of receipts for such products is required. By this measure, protect yourself from customer claims in the event of poisoning and inspections by regulatory authorities.
  • Part of the cafe. Hookah rooms, located as an additional service in the restaurant business, are visited by customers “on the way” to feel the “aromatic aftertaste” after a hearty dinner. Such establishments are quickly becoming popular. However, their success largely depends on the mode of operation and the quality of services of the institution under whose wing they are located. By law, it is allowed to open a hookah bar on the territory of a catering establishment. However, for this, the room must be isolated and specially equipped. Do not sell nicotine mixtures! In fact, this is not a problem. The variety of mixes for hookahs is so great that it can satisfy the taste of the most demanding client. And high cross-country ability will provide a solid income.
  • Part of an entertainment facility. The hookah bar at the night club will have a clientele from the first days. This is the most cost-effective way to organize. However, he will require increased security of the institution and careful observance of safety rules and other statutory norms. Surely checks will be frequent. But there is an opportunity to get more than 50% additional profit from the sale of drinks and food. According to statistics, 85% of hookah visitors prefer to combine smoking with drinking alcohol.

After you have decided in what format the hookah bar will be opened, it should be officially registered. Since recently, only a legal entity can sell alcohol in Russia, therefore, having chosen this method of doing business, open an LLC (you will also need to obtain a license to sell alcoholic beverages).

Fire safety requirements must be strictly observed. A small smoldering coal can burn an entire establishment.

The personnel issue is also important. The specifics of the business are such that waiters will have to advise clients.

The staff should be competent in matters such as types of tobacco, composition of mixtures, especially the disclosure of aromas, the ceremony of "smoking a hookah". Hookah people, in turn, should learn the rules of refueling and lighting hookahs.

Production part

The premises should be chosen in popular areas of the city. A large flow of people will facilitate attendance. For a hookah room at any institution, 20 m 2 will be enough, for a full-fledged hookah room it is better to choose more spacious rooms from 100 m 2 (suitable for organizing 10 small sections).

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