How to open your clothing line

This methodology of business planning is focused on the sale of women's clothing in the middle price segment, but it can be easily applied to stores of men's clothing, to stores of lingerie or outerwear. After all, the main principles of successful trading do not strongly depend on the specific specialization of the upcoming work. The development of a business plan for a clothing store in all these cases will be based on the same factors. The only difference will be the amount of the required start-up capital for all these types of goods separately, their cost and the volume of purchases. The material of the article, together with examples of business plans for a clothing store, will be useful to the reader who is looking for work options in any format of trade with any of his financial capabilities.

Key project indicators:

Project cost - 684,000 rubles.

Average monthly earnings - 301,000 rubles.

First of all, we analyze the market

Often people who are mentally and financially ready for entrepreneurship have the wrong opinion that opening their own store will require a large amount of money. But this is not always the case. The size of investments is determined primarily by the format of the business being established. In many cases, all initial investments are reduced only to the purchase of the first batch of goods.

In order to form the reader's more specific judgment about the initial investment, the possible and expected efficiency of the project, you need to consider at least two options for opening private clothing stores:

  • a regular format store operating in real time (the client has the opportunity to inspect the offered goods, try them on and compare the cost with other similar types of clothing);
  • Internet -shop of any format, including a large e-commerce center, one-page clothing selling sites and even social networks.

For these two trading options, you need to use separate sample clothing store business plans with calculations to get a good understanding of the aspects of each of them. It is completely wrong to believe that the main guarantee of future success is hidden in the availability and amount of capital investments. After all, it is the investor who is the figure exposed to the greatest risk, because it is he who can lose his funds in case of failure. And it is not so important whether a ready-made business plan for a clothing store will be taken as a basis or everything will be thought out and developed with your own mind, on your own. But any businessman with experience knows that at first it is impossible to transfer the functions of managing a store to another person. Anyone who did not want to carry out administrative duties himself, in most cases turned out to be bankrupt, his business crashed.

Typical Business Planning Framework

Real-time clothing stores are most common in any part of the city. This format can include two subsections: a store located in a large shopping center building and a separately located store in a rented space. Consider the structure of a business plan for opening a clothing store from scratch with renting premises, and deal with the specific content of each section.

Business Organization Plan

Starting your own business is a very good idea and an important moment in a person's life, because moving in this direction, he completely changes his reality. He will not have to work for someone else, but in order to work successfully for himself he needs responsibility, the ability to make important decisions, as well as start-up capital, the investment of which should ensure profit in the future.

Of course, you can work as a tutor or do your manicure at home. This will contribute to earning a living and will not require a large investment to start. But if you want bread and butter and more caviar on top, then you have to try and get down to serious business.

An example would be opening a sales outlet. Having certain financial capabilities, experience and desire, we will stop at an enterprise that sells things for women. This business plan for a clothing store, which has been developed specifically for this case, will answer many of the questions of the newly minted entrepreneur.

General Consideration

When drawing up a business plan for opening a clothing store, you need to consider and take into account a number of points that affect the competitiveness of the enterprise being created. These include:

1. A type. Here it is worthwhile to clearly determine what format the store is better to open in the city. Will it be popular;

2. The target audience. It is necessary to find out for which category of the population the outlet is provided;

3. To study all the nuances in the work of competitors in order to avoid mistakes and ensure getting more profit;

4. Determine the location of the future trading enterprise. Think over the design of the room. Purchase furniture, office equipment;

A business plan for a clothing store should also contain answers to organizational questions, including:

Times of crisis make many people think about their business. But not everyone has enough funds to start a large production. But the presence of interesting ideas, non-standard thinking and a great desire will allow you to build your own fashionable line of tailoring.

Of course, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. However, as practice shows, it is not at all necessary to have the ability to draw, design, cut and even sew at a professional level. A rich imagination, some basics in the field of design and the selection of a professional team are already half the guarantee of success.

How to open your own clothing brand, where to start, this article will tell you, based on the experience of young competitive entrepreneurs who started their own business from scratch.

How to start creating your own clothing collection

At the very beginning of the journey, it is necessary to create a detailed business plan. This is a step-by-step guide to help you promote and implement your idea.

The highlight is a good sparkling idea. If such came to mind, it should be started as soon as possible. Although it is still "raw", postponing "for later" can lead to its extinction. This is where the business plan of a clothing brand will help, the compilation of which must be started by creating sketches that adhere to a certain line (direction, philosophy). Then, analyze the market, determine the demand, the target audience for which the future collection is designed, and identify possible competitors. Next, think over the sales markets, find out which way is the best way to sell the goods in a given area. All this is recorded on paper.

Such information can be obtained when visiting all kinds of fashion exhibitions, for example, at a fashion show or an exhibition of popular accessories. Along the way, this will give an idea of ​​fashion trends, which will help to delve into communication with experts.

Brand concept and clothing sketches

Before opening your brand, you should choose a clear concept that you need to adhere to in creating your style. There is no need to talk about competition in individual tailoring. Exclusive items are always in great demand. But to make them look convincing, it is important to adhere to your own direction, which the creator of the collection likes. The consumer subtly feels the moment of individuality, which has an important role for promotion.

For the first sketches, it is enough to create a clear image. It doesn't matter what it is:

  • underwear;
  • pajamas / nightgowns;
  • sports / classic suits;
  • dresses - summer , ballroom, etc .;
  • pants;
  • shorts;
  • sweaters;
  • T-shirts.

The main thing is to understand what activity will bring the maximum pleasure, and to stick to one direction. The final product must be presented as something unique and unrepeatable. To be convincing, it is important to comply with a number of requirements:

A business idea for opening your own atelier or producing clothes is relevant for cities with any population. Low-quality Chinese items that have flooded the market and store shelves are less and less in demand. High-quality exclusive models come to the fore. The clothing business plan below is suitable for a city with an average population.

Legal notice

Main activity: production of outerwear.

Form of legal entity: LLC, as it is planned to cooperate with large pharmacy chains and participate in state auctions for tailoring special uniforms.

Location: premises in a residential area of ​​the city with an area of ​​80 sq. m. The lease is confirmed by a lease agreement.

Working hours: every day from 10:00 to 19:00. Such a schedule was chosen with a focus on the target client, which for the most part works until 17:00. The day off is Sunday.

Target customers: large companies in need of workwear, government hospitals, private clients with medium and high income.

The main goal of tailoring production is to become a leader in your business in three years, to achieve the highest level of services in the atelier. In the near future - to expand the business and rent a larger room, increase the number of workers.

The goal for the next year is to purchase new equipment: machines for knitted dresses, presses, irons, furniture. In the future, as it develops, a new type of service will develop: sewing men's wedding suits. Also, options for opening a network of branded stores and appropriate advertising support will be considered.

To attract customers in the sewing industry, the following specific services have been introduced: coffee, tea, consultation with a fashion designer, fashion magazines.

The atelier has come up with a number of features that appeal to consumers. The atelier has released a new catalog, which presents various options for wedding dresses. In the catalog it is possible to order a specific model in the desired color range and from a specific fabric.

The main production fund consists of the personal property of the company:

Creating your own clothing brand is a very real thing. What popularity can be achieved depends not only on the chosen concept of work, direction and pricing policy, but also on the perseverance and dedication of the business owner. Before opening your own clothing brand, you should get acquainted with the history of promotion of the world's most famous corporations and take advantage of their experience.

While creating models of new clothes mentally or on paper, a designer, even without special education, sooner or later fired up with the desire to bring them to life. Someone is limited to sewing a single sample for themselves or to order, while someone dreams of the release of collections, recognition in the market and the opportunity to earn money by applying their talent.

Pros and cons of creating your own clothing brand

Like any private business, creating your own clothing brand has its positive and negative sides.

  • The creator of the process becomes the leader. This means that it is possible and necessary to direct the process in the direction that seems to be correct, and adjust it as necessary.
  • By bringing original ideas to life, success and recognition can be achieved.
  • Branded items are in demand, so you can count on a quick return on your business and a net profit.
  • The embodiment of original design ideas will help to realize oneself, to make interesting contacts within the framework of business.
  • Business has no framework, it can develop both straightforwardly and as a branch, offering, in addition to clothing, haberdashery, footwear, and toiletries.

  • There is a risk of "burnout" by not fitting into the market.
  • The initial investment is large enough.
  • Problems with the purchase of accessories and fabrics are expected. Supply interruptions are possible.
  • High competition in the market.
  • Lack of skilled workers able to implement sketches.

However, the most serious disadvantage can rightfully be considered lack of confidence in their abilities.

Preparatory phase

At the initial stage, you need to assess the state of affairs in the market and choose your own path of development. The business plan provides for risks, provides a financial justification for the case and provides a real opportunity to assess the expected benefits.

Concept definition

It is very important to define the target audience and direct the activities towards the development of specific models:

  • sewing outerwear;
  • production of casual (male or female) clothing;
  • sewing underwear, pajamas;
  • sewing dresses;
  • development of youth clothing;
  • sewing men's suits.

At the start, it matters whether the models are intended for a wide audience or positioned as exclusive. In the first case, the bet is made on the contrary, the number of items sold, in the second - on the high cost of each model.

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