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It's no surprise that most aspiring entrepreneurs start their own catering business. In addition, that this business is familiar in general terms to everyone, well, who doesn't like a tasty meal? Catering is the fastest paying area. Only expensive fashionable restaurants pay off for 2 years or more. Other formats of such establishments pay off in less than a year, and sometimes in several months. One of these areas is the business of selling chebureks. Here you can receive 300,000 rubles per month or more for 1 year after opening, investing no more than 100,000, and in a small town 70,000 rubles. How to open a cheburek and start earning such funds?

Business Benefits

Well, who hasn't tasted the juicy, hot, aromatic cheburek? There are few of them, except for vegetarians and those for whom, for health reasons, eating meat is contraindicated. What is the main volume of this dish? Naturally, the dough. Cheburek densely filled with filling can be tasted only at home, in expensive restaurants ... Perhaps nowhere else. In a standard cheburek, meat occupies 15-35% of the total volume of the cheburek. Many children combine eating cheburek with an interesting game. First, nibble the edges of the dough, and then get to the meat, or just leave the dough - most of the favorite dish of many. And why, knowing about this method of preparation and saving on the filling, the consumer demand for this dish does not fall? The taste compensates for this deficiency. And now, no, this is not fantasy, you can cheburek on one cheburek by 500%!

First Steps

Cheburek is one of the few dishes that are popular all year round. In summer, pasties are snapped up perfectly on river or lake beaches and in general in places where many people gather outside the city. However, in winter the profit is slightly higher. Therefore, it is better to start this business in mid-November, then you will pay off 2-3 months faster. You can work in the following formats.

  • Trolley or place in the market or other public places. This option is ideal for those who want to open a cheburek house from scratch, but do not have any funds. You can work in this format without any initial investment at all. Pastries can be fried in the morning on a regular gas stove, and a thermal container can be rented to maintain the proper temperature of the finished pasties. You can sell products in the markets, near universities, near large industrial facilities, etc. The cost of one cheburek is 20 rubles, the average price per unit is about 50 rubles, 1000 rubles for renting a place and renting a thermal container. For 100 pasties daily up to 60,000 rubles a month. In the premises of markets, train stations, etc. For each batch of products, quality certificates are required for SES, and this is minus 30% or more of the net profit.
  • A mobile point selling pasties. The initial investment depends on whether you prepare the product yourself or use semi-finished products, the number of personnel, the lease of a specific place where you sell the product at the moment, the pickiness of the inspection authorities. One-time investments from 500,000 to 800,000 rubles, and monthly investments from 50,000 to 150,000 rubles. The average monthly profit is about 70,000 rubles.
  • Cheburechnaya. One-time investments 1202100-2500000 rubles. Every month you need to invest up to 500,000 rubles. The average monthly profit in the second year after opening is about 300,000 rubles.

The above were the formats that profit primarily from the sale of pasties. Cafes and restaurants are not counted, since the income from the sale of ready-made cheburek can be less than half.

The so-called cheburek with an expanded assortment with the sale of alcohol, donuts, pies and other food can be distinguished into a separate format. It is advisable to open such establishments for at least 50 seats in a room with a total area of ​​150 m2 or more, moreover, at least 100 m2 should be allocated for a hall for visitors. One-time investments are more than 3,000,000 rubles, and monthly investments are more than 500,000 rubles. The payback period for such cheburek plants varies from 15 months to 3 years or more. The net average annual profit, often exceeds 650,000 rubles per month, with a good location, with a well-run advertising campaign, with a skillful selection of assortment in some months, it can reach 1,000,000 rubles.

Why wasn't the opening format in the shopping center mentioned, because this is a very profitable option that will provide a good income with a minimum investment? The fact is that pasties are fried in sunflower oil, less often in fat. To prevent pungent smoke from escaping during frying, you need to buy expensive sunflower oil or fry on clean lard. Both options significantly reduce the bottom line. How to install powerful ventilation in the shopping center? What. Redo the project of the trading giant just because of the cheburek? Therefore, the opening of cheburek houses in the shopping center is not practiced, unless it is possible to rent a room with ventilation that meets the requirements of the State Fire Inspection, and in this case the SES. Again, the highest rent is more than 2500 rubles per 1 m2, and we need at least 100 m2!


Business that is somehow related to food is very popular in Russia. As soon as a law appeared that allowed entrepreneurial activity, many points were immediately opened, one way or another connected with the trade in products. Entrepreneurs are people with business acumen, and they quickly realized that reselling is not a very profitable business, it’s better to produce something. So many of them had a thought, but how to open cheburek?

About the opening of the cheburek plant

A very simple answer: the pasties are delicious, one might say that there is a constant demand for these products. In winter it is larger, in summer a little less, but if customers understand that your pasties are always fresh, always tasty, if you can organize everything as it should and interest your customers, you will be guaranteed success in this business.

Chebureks from semi-finished products or your own products?

The worst thing is to rely on semi-finished products when starting your own business. This is the path to nowhere and your cheburek will never become a prosperous business with other people's semi-finished products. What is most important for the consumer? Quality, of course, but what quality can you guarantee your customers if you have no idea about the origin, preparation, storage, etc. of semi-finished products that you purchased from someone? None.

The only way to work with semi-finished products is a mobile cheburek. Adjust it to institutes, to factory gates, and hungry fellow citizens, perhaps, will enjoy such a service and will not be too picky about quality.

And so buy a semi-finished product at a lower price, feed your customers only once, they will not return to you again. Buy semi-finished products of good quality, you will have to pay such an amount for them that it will not be clear at what price the pasties will be sold? The buyer will not agree to pay an exorbitant amount for a cheburek, be it three times delicious.

So you can't do without marketing research. Then it will become clear to you whether there will be a business and whether there will be demand for your products.

Is it better to buy ready-made minced meat or cook it yourself from meat?

This issue is resolved in different ways depending on your place of residence. If there are many enterprises in the city and there is a large selection of contacts, then you just need to find one of the successful entrepreneurs and cooperate with him.

And in a small town it is better to cook minced meat yourself, without contacting anyone. But then you must solve all the issues on obtaining documents from the veterinarian for meat. Before the opening of the cheburechnaya, all documentary topics must be resolved, otherwise the cheburechnaya will work only until the first check.

The dough is not easy either

Chebureks are, first of all, meat and dough. Naturally, you should be aware of all the basic requirements for these products. Dough, for example, cannot be yeast-based, and its moisture content cannot be more than 40%.

To organize your own business, you can open a cheburechnaya from scratch. If properly organized, it will be an excellent investment and will soon start to bring big profits.

A dish like cheburek is very popular, because it is tasty, inexpensive and can be eaten on the way. Having opened a cheburechnaya in a busy part of the city, where there are many students, pupils and office workers rushing about their business, who have only 10 minutes for a snack, you can quickly "recoup" the investment.

Choosing the format of the establishment

Thinking about how to start your own business and where to start, it is recommended first of all to decide on the type of cheburek - open or closed. In the first case, it will be enough to install a stall in which pies with meat will be prepared and sold. For convenience, you can install 1-2 metal tables side by side, and you should not forget about the urn.

As for the closed-type cheburek, it will resemble a small diner where you can have a snack at cozy tables, and not on the go.

Not only the sale of chebureks will be carried out in it, but also their direct preparation. Quite often, entrepreneurs knead dough, prepare minced meat and form pies at home, and already in a stall they prepare and sell them. It is important to note that in any case the sanitary and epidemiological station will have to check the conditions for the preparation of products and their storage.

Before you open a cheburek, you need to determine the profitability of such a business. To do this, you should find out in which areas there is no such diner, where a large flow of people passes every day, and what additional services can be included in the menu in order to receive large income.

It should be noted that in small towns such a business idea will not be appropriate - it is suitable for large settlements with a population of 500,000 citizens.

Costs of setting up a business

To draw up a business plan for a cheburek, you need to think over every little thing, calculate costs and potential profits.

  • Room. As mentioned above, it is much more profitable to open a stall for the sale of pasties. Its area should allow the installation of all the necessary equipment, a showcase, and also allow workers to move freely in the room to serve customers. In addition, the establishment should be made visible - for this it is recommended to order a sign.
  • Hardware. To work, you will need to purchase a special cheburek maker or deep fryer, refrigerator, extractor hood, meat grinder, dough mixer, showcase, tables. If you plan to use ready-made minced meat, then you do not need to buy a meat grinder. In addition, you will need to take care of the availability of special tools that will be needed in the process of preparing pasties.
  • Ingredients. You cannot save on ingredients, because. product quality depends on them. It will be much more profitable to buy flour, meat, sunflower oil and spices from suppliers, and not in a store, moreover, in this case, you can be sure of the freshness of the products. Traditionally, pasties are prepared from ground beef or pork and beef, but to attract more customers, it is better to expand the range by offering pies with chicken meat or additional additives.
  • Consumables. The catering establishment must have napkins, plastic cups, plastic bags or special paper envelopes. In addition, you can offer customers disposable plates if they wish to have a snack near the stall at the table.
  • Workers. To save money, you can work independently, and then hire workers. It will be enough only 2 people who will be able to promptly serve customers. It will be difficult for one employee to cope, especially if, in addition to pies, drinks are supposed to be sold.
  • Drinks. As a rule, tea or coffee is ordered along with pasties, so it is recommended to add them to the menu. You don't have to buy a professional coffee machine, just use a regular kettle. Cold drinks, such as juices and mineral water, will also be useful, so you need to install a refrigerator for them.

Calculating business profitability

If you are new to the catering industry, but want to try to open your own business in this direction, one of the best options is to open a cheburek plant. Investments will be small and, with the correct organization of the process, will quickly pay off, and the cheburek format remains relevant and in demand in Russia to this day.

As a start-up capital, you will need a sum of money from 200 to 400,000 rubles, depending on the location of the point and its type. No special knowledge is required to open a point, the main thing is to have initiative and entrepreneurial thinking.

Chebureks: their popularity and a little history

Recently, there has been an active growth in the culture of public catering in Russia. On the streets you can find a lot of different coffee shops, canteens, cafes and fast food restaurants. It is not surprising that, given the fast pace of modern life, people increasingly appreciate such establishments where you can eat quickly, inexpensively and tasty. Whatever one may say, one cannot do without fast food in life, especially since the average price tag for a restaurant dish sometimes goes off scale, and its preparation time stretches for half an hour or more.

Nowadays in the sphere of public catering market such concept as "monoproduct" is becoming popular. We are talking about pancakes, dumplings, khinkal - establishments where the menu, as such, is absent or presented in a minimal format, and visitors are offered a dish or product that is the main one. This tactic greatly simplifies the purchase of products and cooking technology. That is why, taking into account all factors, opening a single-product cafe is a profitable and win-win idea.

Cheburechnye appeared in the Soviet Union, but in the 90s they abruptly disappeared from the market. Now these establishments are becoming popular again: probably one of the reasons is the nostalgia of the older generation for the "serene" and more sedate Soviet times, when the world was not yet so oversaturated with information and the need to survive in the face of tough market competition.

So, cheburechnaya is a profitable and “nostalgic” fast food establishment, which organically fits into the mentality of our citizens, and therefore, opening such an establishment, an entrepreneur will never have a shortage of visitors.

Pros and Cons

Consider the pros and cons of opening a cheburek. Of the advantages, it should be noted:

There are also disadvantages here, but they can be dealt with. First of all, renting the premises will not be cheap, especially if the point is located in the city center. When opening a catering establishment, temporary difficulties may arise with the SES, which is very strict about these issues.

What format can I open it in?

As soon as the state officially allowed to engage in entrepreneurship, hundreds of thousands of outlets immediately appeared, in which products were sold.

But many quickly realized that it was not so profitable to engage in simple resale. Much better to produce something. Many began to wonder how to open cheburek. Why chebureks?

The thing is that there is almost always a steady demand for them. This is especially true in winter, when people do not mind eating something hot right outside. If you properly organize a business for the production of pasties, providing customers with fresh and high-quality products, then in the first year you will be able to fully recoup all your costs.

Semi-finished or self-produced?

First, let's define what exactly you are going to do. Let's make a reservation right away that all of the following will affect only those entrepreneurs who plan to release their products.

When opening catering establishments, it is highly discouraged to rely on the purchase of semi-finished products for their subsequent preparation and sale. Nothing good will come of it. In this case, your cheburechnaya as a business will not cost anything.

To create sustainable demand and a large customer base, it is imperative to interest the end consumer in the quality of your products. And to do this using pasties from a nearby store will not work. There is only one way of more or less profitable use of semi-finished products: cheburek on wheels, which can be adjusted to the places of accumulation of hungry fellow citizens (institutes, checkpoints of factories).

Cheap varieties are characterized by the fact that, having tried them once, a normal buyer will not return to you. Expensive varieties are comparatively good (and even then not always), but their cost is such that prices will either have to be incredibly high, which will not please the potential consumer either, or work at a loss.

Before opening a cheburek, it is better to conduct at least the simplest marketing research in advance. Thus, you will know for sure whether it is worth opening your own business, whether you can count on steady demand.

Questions about raw materials: minced meat or meat?

Everything is not so simple here. If in the city where you live, the development of the food industry is weak, then you will definitely have to deal with the production of minced meat yourself. And if there are many enterprises of this profile? Find contacts of the most successful of them.

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