How to open an escape room in your city: business plan 2021

Looking to start an entertainment business and don't know which idea to go with? In this article, we will consider the option of opening a quest room, we will analyze whether it is profitable to open a quest room and what is needed for this.


Quest rooms appeared on the territory of the CIS countries about 5-7 years ago. They instantly became popular due to the fact that it is really interesting and unusual entertainment that allows friends or family to have fun, experience a lot of emotions, develop ingenuity and logic.

The principle of a quest room is that a small group of people are launched into it and locked. There are various hints and puzzles in the room, solving which you can get out of the room. As of the end of 2021, there are about 1200 such rooms in the Russian Federation, but the market demands about 2 times more. In addition, quests with different scenarios will not compete with each other - usually people go through all the possible options that are interesting to them.

There are many types of quests in reality, ranging from children's ones to professional ones, designed for competent “survivalists”. The main advantages of a business are low "input" cost, quick payback, simplicity of marketing and organization.

Analyzing the market

Before starting to work out a detailed business plan, you need to study the market to understand how popular this service will be, whether you will have competitors and what price level for such entertainment will be justified. Experts recommend opening such entertainment in cities with a population of over 300 thousand people - they will always have an audience that will like the new entertainment. In small towns and urban settlements, business may simply not pay off due to its specificity.

The presence of competitors in the city should not scare you, provided that there are not very many of them. You just need to either cooperate with them, or study the scenarios they have, so as not to repeat yourself. Practice shows that people visit several quests, comparing them, getting hooked on new ideas, so the wider the assortment, the more people eventually get involved in the game.

A typical visitor to such entertainment is:

  • Young people aged 18 to 35.
  • Medium to high income.
  • Corporate clients (often whole organizations or large companies go on quests).
  • Families with children aged 7–8 years.

Attention: companies use quests to test their employees. In stressful situations, leaders, logicians, analysts and other bright personalities appear well.

Performing a SWOT Analysis

The target audience is the same - young people from 20 to 30 years old with an average income or corporate clients.

Market and Competition Analysis

The start of any entrepreneurial activity involves the development of a business plan, which should begin with drawing up the current complete picture of the existing market.

The following information should be included in the summary information:

  • the attractiveness of various plots for quests based on their attendance;
  • the number of booked quests for a certain period of time (day, month) in several companies (at least 5 pieces .);
  • the main market trends;
  • the workload of existing competitors;
  • the approximate amount of revenue among the companies in relation to which the analysis was carried out;
  • percentage of the occupancy of each room.

Also, make a list:

You can find detailed information about the opening of this type of activity in the following video:

Production plan

The optimal size of the area is at least 40 sq. m. In this case, you need to pay attention to inexpensive premises, otherwise the monthly rent will eat up the bulk of the profit. For example, these can be small shopping centers or sleeping areas. Good transport accessibility (bus stops, tram lines, metro stations, etc.) is another significant plus, since the majority of visitors are young people, who often do not have their own cars.

Any quest is based on a scenario. Often the process of its creation is transferred to a team of specialists (director, screenwriter, editor, etc.). For the task to be interesting, it must be based on some kind of mystery or riddle, and the solution must be thought of not only logical, but also not entirely obvious. The best option is several options for the plot, focused on age, audience interests, their experience in similar games, etc.

The opening of the room presupposes substantial investments in good renovation and furnishings. The most important thing is to create a spectacular entourage, therefore, the room should be equipped in the same style in accordance with the objectives of the scenario, it is also necessary to have sound and visual special effects that will make what is happening realistic.

Financial Plan

This section of the document assumes a description of the initial and monthly costs that are required to organize the project:

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What is a quest room?

Quest room is a popular entertainment among young people, which is a team game designed for 4 - 16 people, the purpose of which is to find a way out of the room where the players are locked by solving various puzzles, or passing a certain script.

Solving one puzzle gives access to another. The solution to the next one is to the other. Etc. As soon as the participants in the game solve all the tasks assigned to them, the quest will be considered completed.

Target audience

The target audience of the quest rooms is young, active, purposeful and eager for new emotions, people aged 18 to 30, who are pretty tired of the standard entertainment on weekends - billiards, bowling, airsoft, computer games.

Due to the fact that the main visitors of the quests are young people, advertising of the opening room should be carried out mainly through information and telecommunication networks, namely:

  • social media groups;
  • local online media announcements.

Select location

The business plan must include such an item as the location of the quest room.

It will be great if the room will be located in the city center or close to places of mass stay of young people:

Quest-room has appeared in Russia quite recently. However, its profitability depends on how the business plan of the quest room is worked out.

Many young people devote a lot of time to this activity, gathering companies and going through interesting tests. Some time ago, analogs of the widespread Western entertainment began to appear on the territory of Russia. So far, indoor quests are only gaining popularity, but Russian youth in large cities have already appreciated them at their true worth.

Entrepreneurs understand how profitable such entertainment can be. The point is that the niche of this business is practically free. This is especially true in large cities, where the demand for a new and interesting form of entertainment is successful. The low level of competition is a guarantee that the business will be profitable.

Competitor Research

It is worth noting that the first questrooms appeared in Russia only in 2021. Now there are about 1000 of them throughout the country, with almost half of them in the capital. Thus, in other large cities this business niche has not yet managed to occupy, so there is every chance to open your own highly profitable business.

Experts recommend equipping questrooms in cities with a population of at least 400 thousand people. Such entertainments are unlikely to be particularly in demand in smaller settlements, therefore, it will not be possible to expect a large financial return from this business.

The best places to open a questroom are cities with a large number of educational institutions. The thing is that the most active clients are young people from 18 to 30 years old. Among them are a huge number of students. In addition, the questroom is very popular with corporate clients. Often, employees of companies come in whole offices to have a good time.

How to find a suitable place?

Determining the location of the questroom is quite simple, even a small room may be suitable for this, but in the most accessible place.

For indoor adventure, it is better to choose a room in the most crowded places. Renting small rooms in a shopping center is a good option. It is not at all necessary that it be somewhere in the center, since advertising will do its job, and people will come to the questroom even if it is located in a residential area. Moreover, renting such a space will be cheaper, which will allow offering quest services at a lower cost, which is important for middle-income clients.

There is no need to rent premises for outdoor events. However, in this case, you need to pay attention to safety precautions. This will require briefing for each group of participants in the quest. They should be aware of the risks and be sure to sign their safety book.

Quest rooms (quest rooms) are a popular trend in the modern entertainment business. This is an up-to-date option for spending leisure time both in small and large cities. A feature of this type of entrepreneurial activity is that competition for newcomers is only beneficial. When visitors have visited one interesting quest room, they will definitely want to visit at least one more, but with a different theme. So such an unusual business idea can bring in good income.

How to open the quest room?

In order to start your own business in the field of quest entertainment, you first need to think over a certain concept. There are several main directions in quest rooms:

  • A real quest is a kind of quests in which the player is in a closed room. Its main task is to complete certain tasks, to achieve the final goal. During the entire passage of the quest, the player will be accompanied by various visual and sound effects that will help solve the riddle faster.
  • Escape the room style quest - players have only 60 minutes to solve all the riddles and unravel the puzzles. If they can do this, they will be able to get out of the room as winners.
  • A city-wide quest is a type of game that is not limited to indoor spaces. Quests and puzzles are scattered across a specific area.

After the future entrepreneur has decided on the concept of the questroom, he needs to write an interesting and original script. This task is like creating a plot for a movie or book. If we are talking about opening a whole network of quest rooms, then in this case they often use the help of professional screenwriters.

For several escape rooms, you can invite a person who works for himself and has experience in this field of activity. If the quest room is opened by a franchise, then the franchisor comes up with the script.

The core of the script is an unusual and complex puzzle that needs to be solved step by step.

When they come up with a script and concept, they are developed for a specific audience (children, adults, etc.).

Children's quest rooms

Quest rooms can also be opened for children over 6 years old. Horror and detective stories will not work for them, but puzzles and riddles are the most suitable option for such an audience. Quests in the style of Harry Potter or Indiana Jones are the most ideal option for visitors of this age. They can come to such entertainment with their parents.

Which room should you choose for a closed quest room?

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