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Opening a veterinary clinic: business problems

The decision to open a veterinary clinic usually comes to those people who love animals. The thing is that very often this business is built on almost sheer enthusiasm. Difficulties with its organization and long payback periods have led to the fact that in most cities the number of veterinary clinics is much lower than required. But, despite the fact that there is enough space in the market for veterinary services for everyone, businessmen are in no hurry to occupy this niche.

Organization of a veterinary office or clinic is associated with various kinds of problems, the main of which is finding a suitable room. Experienced businessmen complain that, due to the difficulties associated with a huge number of requirements, these searches sometimes drag on for many months.

The organization of private veterinary practice requires a special license, which gives the right to engage in such activities. For this, the entrepreneur must collect a package of necessary documents, including information confirming the qualifications of doctors, and submit it to the licensing chamber. The license is issued to the owner of the veterinary clinic for 5 years. This document gives you the right to open a veterinary pharmacy at the clinic.

It would seem that the advantages of locating a veterinary clinic in a residential, densely populated area are obvious: it is much easier for clients to deliver sick animals to an appointment. But the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor are such that the building in which it is planned to open a veterinary office or clinic should be located at a distance of at least 50 m from residential buildings. If the clinic also has a hospital, then this distance increases to 150 m. It is for this reason that there are not so many veterinary clinics in our cities as we would like.

A business like a veterinary clinic with a pharmacy working with it needs spacious areas. In order to accommodate everything you need, including an X-ray machine and equipment for the operating room, you will need a room with a total area of ​​at least 80-100 sq. ... On the one hand, the organization of a small veterinary business - a small primary admission office - is a little easier. In this case, it is quite possible to fit into 15-20 sq. m. But renting space for a veterinary office in a non-residential building is much more difficult than hiring a separate room. The veterinary office, according to the rules, must have a separate entrance, in addition, a prerequisite is the consent of the neighbors to rent.

Opening a veterinary pharmacy at the clinic will become an additional convenience for your clients and a source of additional profit for a businessman. Medicines prescribed by a veterinarian will be purchased by pet owners here. This saves pet owners from the hassle that they will certainly appreciate. Despite the fact that the road leading to the veterinary business is by no means dotted with rose petals, an entrepreneur who decides to invest in this market segment has every chance of success. To do this, you need to be guided by a competent example of a business plan for opening a veterinary clinic with ready-made calculations, with the help of which you will be able to foresee the likely risks and avoid them. You will learn about the pros and cons of opening a veterinary clinic in a small town, and you will understand how important it is to have experienced professionals in the clinic.

A ready-made business plan for a veterinary clinic from scratch with examples of opening calculations

Having conceived to study the business plan of a veterinary clinic, you should immediately think about where it will be located, what services it will offer. In addition, it is worth considering that its activities will need to be confirmed by certain documents, the list of which is also contained in our document. Knowing such nuances, it will certainly be easier to work, the formation process will go more confidently.

We present you with a ready-made business plan for opening a veterinary office, which is suitable for use as a "sample". It indicates the stages of implementation of the object, the very characteristics of the veterinary clinic, special technical and economic data and a complete financial calculation, as well as an assessment of risks and profitability. To know all this is not just desirable, but necessary, especially at the initial stage.

Today, every second person dreams of having a pet. More than half of the population of Russia has at least one animal at home. A pet is a real family member that requires the same care and attention as an adult.

Pets get sick no less often than ordinary people, so opening a specialized clinic will always be a topical trend. A veterinarian who has been working in this field for several years and has a greater desire to help animals can safely take on the development of a business plan for a veterinary clinic. If you follow all the tips and act in stages, then such an institution can bring good profit in the future.

Description of the clinic and veterinary industry

The business plan for opening a veterinary clinic is a promising project. More than 60% of Russians have an animal at home. Most often, people have cats or dogs; there is relatively less demand for birds and hamsters. More and more people are moving from villages to urban areas and this contributes to an increase in the demand for pets. Due to this, the number of visits to veterinary clinics is constantly increasing. Such establishments are very popular in megacities.

The main mission of any veterinary clinic is to provide medical and preventive services for animals. The advantage in such a business is that the most solvent clients will choose a private institution, not a public one. In this case, they are ready to overpay for the best service, since veterinary medicine is a very narrow specialization, it is not easy to get into such a business. Before opening a clinic, it is worth examining the demand for similar services in the region and competitors.

The pricing policy for services must be set with a view to the income of clients at the average and below average levels. But services must be provided at an above average level. This is the concept that will help you earn your loyal customer base.

Target audience analysis

The veterinary clinic has its own peculiarity, since the patient is an animal, and the client is its owner. Since the animal is incapable of speaking, its owner must be convinced that he has chosen the best clinic for his animal. The main customer audience for such an establishment will be as follows:

  • Dog owners represent about 30% of the clinic's total clientele. Usually they are people who have private houses or have expensive miniature dog breeds in an apartment. This is a segment of wealthy clients who can have an average income level and above the average.
  • Cat owners represent about 60% of all clients. This segment of clients is the most diverse, as there may be families with children, retirees and others among them. They all have different income levels, and it can only be determined by the breed of the cat.
  • Small pet owners are usually families with children. There is also no average income among clients.

Determining the profitability level of the main visitors helps to establish a competitive pricing policy.

Project opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses

Four-legged favorites have become family members for many. They need love, care, warmth, delicious food, care and treatment. The fact that an animal cannot speak does not mean that it is not sick. The owners are ready to spend any money to keep the pet healthy for many years. An animal hospital is an urgent trend in modern society. With the help of a detailed business plan of the veterinary clinic, you can develop a successful project of activities.

Areas of work

  • clinics ;
  • pharmacies ;
  • shops.

Pharmacies are located near hospitals or separate organizations. The assortment consists of vital medications, related products and hygiene products.

Veterinary stores are distinguished by a wide range of not only medicines, but also accessories for animals, food and toys.

The largest and most profitable in terms of profit is the veterinary clinic. It is a professional medical and prophylactic institution for the provision of emergency care, both in the clinic itself and at home.

The list of services is in no way inferior to a hospital for a person:

  • consultation, examinations;
  • laboratory tests;
  • x-rays;
  • ultrasound;
  • endoscopy;
  • dentistry;
  • surgery;
  • cardiology;
  • obstetrics;
  • ophthalmology.

The list of diseases is extensive. It is impossible to predict them. Standard procedures that specialists carry out every day:

  • castration and sterilization;
  • tick removal;
  • stone crushing;
  • ear cropping;
  • vaccinations.

The business plan of a veterinary clinic is a document on the basis of which an entrepreneur can start implementing his own business with confidence in the effectiveness of the project. The content of each of the sections should fully cover one aspect of the organization of the business.

Project Summary

The summary contains a summary of all the data presented in the following sections of the ready-made business plan for the veterinary clinic. Here, in several paragraphs, the goal of creating a veterinary clinic in a specific area or city, information about competitors and initial investments, development prospects and the possibility of creating a network of clinics in the region, analysis of client potential are outlined. For maximum information content, the resume is drawn up after writing all the other sections of the business plan.

Competition Analysis

The demand for the services of a veterinary clinic and a pharmacy is a guarantee of business profitability. The first step is to analyze the settlement for the presence of competing organizations that take some of the clients. Including it is worth checking the area for the presence of pet shops with a department of medicines and an examination room. 3-4 microdistricts in a large city provide the clinic with a constant flow of visitors. Pet owners will always prefer a veterinarian within walking distance to remote establishments, since travel by city and even personal transport with a sick pet is associated with great inconvenience and stress.

List of veterinary clinic services

To ensure the successful implementation of the veterinary clinic's business plan, in addition to calculations with calculations, you will need business intuition and a creative approach to the formation of a list of clinic services. Usually the branch office offers:

Buy a veterinary clinic business plan

taking laboratory tests.

On top of this, you can add related services such as animal grooming.

The opening of a specialized veterinary clinic and a store of healthy food, accessories and toys for pets in the premises of the veterinary clinic will become a wonderful symbiosis.

Pet owners usually do not spare money for the maintenance of their pets, many are ready to pay any amount for the treatment of a pet. Moreover, this is done not only by wealthy owners, but also by people with average income. According to official research, there are not enough clinics for the treatment of animals in the Russian Federation, so this type of business can be very profitable. A ready-made business plan for a veterinary clinic with estimates for 2021 will help with this.

Market Analysis

Before launching your veterinary clinic, analyze the situation in your region - how many people keep pets, how many clinics are already operating, how much they are in demand. Not every city makes sense to open a new veterinary clinic. It is important to set prices not higher than the market average and to make sure that the population is ready to pay for the services of veterinarians.

Finding a room

The main factor here is compliance with the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, and the main problem is the order to open an office no closer than 50 meters from residential buildings. To fulfill this condition, it is necessary that the veterinary clinic is located on the very outskirts of the city. It is quite difficult to find non-residential premises that meet this condition.

Room area - from 20 to 80 m 2. Usually you have to do a complete overhaul, global re-equipment. It all depends on the area of ​​the room, as well as the depth of its modernization. To save money, you can make repairs on your own. Walls should be tiled or covered with washable paint.

Another obstacle is the need to obtain consent from neighbors - tenant firms. In some cases, problems may arise with this. Not everyone will want to listen to the noise of pets.

The room should have a reception, a primary examination room, a diagnostics room, an operating room, a bathroom, a laboratory. Good transport accessibility is important.

The solution to the problem with the premises is to work on the road, but in this case, the capabilities of the veterinarian are significantly reduced, because a full list of services can be provided only if there is a specially equipped room.

At home, it will not be possible to carry out surgical interventions and a number of other procedures and manipulations. Therefore, the veterinary clinic requires its own premises, where examinations, operations, procedures, as well as rehabilitation of animals will take place.

Equipment purchase

This is a fundamental cost item for veterinary activities. In 2021, it will be from 70 to 230 thousand dollars. Here's a sample list:

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