How to open a tuning studio in your city? From a business idea to real money

Tuning is a set of processes for improving the factory characteristics of a car, for example, increasing engine power, increasing brake efficiency, improving suspension, multimedia systems, interior upholstery and other things. Also, car styling is often included in this concept. Tuning and styling services are not cheap, so customers demand high quality work results from such ateliers, only in this case you can earn a reputation and earn good money. In this article, we will deal with the organizational aspects of this business and give some useful tips for newbies.

Document processing

For your studio to work officially, you will need to draw up a package of documents.

  • Open IE.
  • Specify OKVED. For Russia these codes are 45.0, 45.0, 45.0.
  • Sign a lease for the premises.
  • Obtain a work permit from the SES and the fire service.
  • Register staff for work.
  • Have certificates for the equipment and materials used.

After the client contacts your tuning studio, you will conclude an agreement with him, which will indicate the scope and type of work, deadlines, and responsibilities of both parties. To draw up the correct package of documents and a template contract with clients, you can contact a lawyer in your city.

Directions of services and atelier format

Tuning a studio as a business includes two types of activities: tuning and styling.

Everything related to the completion and improvement of components and assemblies, programming electronics, reconfiguring equipment refers to car tuning services. There are salons that do this professionally and service cars for racing, but in this article we will talk about amateur tuning, which ordinary car owners order to make their car stand out a little from the general stream. Here is a list of technical improvements and changes for the car that you can suggest to your customers.

  • The main service of this type is chip tuning. Some craftsmen do business exclusively on this type of service. Chip tuning is the procedure for changing the engine management program to increase power, economy or fix system errors. Such specialists program the ECU (electronic control unit), which actually controls the operation of the engine.
  • Braking system. Installation of sets of discs and pads of famous brands, as well as they are often installed with bright colors to accentuate the wheels of a car.
  • Gearbox. Its work is also regulated by software, for adjustments after chip tuning.
  • Silencer. The main task is to make a beautiful appearance, for example, on the same two exhaust pipes, despite the fact that one of them will only perform a task of a purely decorative nature. The second point is the sound from the car exhaust.
  • Suspension. Increasing the stability of the car at high speeds, services for lowering or raising the car.
  • Installing alloy wheels.
  • Electronics. Installation of additional electrical equipment on the car: audio systems, alarms, on-board computers and others.

To perform work related to the same chip tuning, you need to be a specialist in your field, for this you will need to undergo training and work in this direction for several years. The car tuning business is based on trust in the master, and if the client is satisfied, he will come back to you again and will constantly service his car.

Styling includes work, both external and internal appearance of the car. This can include the following set of services.

Car tuning is one of the most lucrative options for earning money as an individual entrepreneur. This is especially true for those who are just starting their first steps in business and want to get a result with minimal risk and investment.

Interior upholstering is a service that will be relevant to all motorists, no matter what price category they drive.

Car upholstery service: what is it

Tuning a car interior is a change in its external parameters, which do not relate to mechanics. It is divided into external and internal. The exterior includes services such as painting, removing minor scratches, etc.

Internal tuning is the upholstery of the cabin. It includes the renewal of materials for the steering wheel, seats, doors, the manufacture and installation of decorative elements, replacement of floor coverings, etc.

Why do you need this service? First, it is a must when selling a car. Old covers, soaked in the smell of tobacco, cracked floor coverings - all this can scare off a potential buyer. In addition, the recently made upholstery significantly increases the car's market value.

Secondly, the factory elements of interior decoration quickly deteriorate. Some drivers often apply for interior hauling immediately after buying a new car.

Finally, the interior of the car may simply not like the new owner. It is the aesthetic aspect that plays an important role here.

How many investments will be required

The salon hauling business does not require particularly large investments. For a comfortable start, you will need 500-700 thousand rubles.

The payback period can be from six months to two years. It all depends on the population of the city (certainly not less than 100,000), the advertising campaign, the location of the service, the target audience, etc.

There is no oversaturation in this industry.

Determine the target audience

Car styling, according to many financial experts, is currently one of the most profitable companies in the field of car tuning. This includes replacing the headliner, steering wheel, seats, gear knob, door trim and floor coverings. This requires a variety of materials, both inexpensive flock and leather substitutes, as well as expensive alcantara and leather.

Modern version

Padding of the car interior can be done in an accessible way, for which eco-leather is used. This material may well be called the most cost-effective, and there are a number of reasons for this. The properties of eco-leather meet modern requirements for environmental friendliness and wear resistance, and hauling a car interior in this way is much cheaper, since there is no need for additional processing costs. On the territory of Russia, this type of business is currently underdeveloped, which means that your workshop can become the first, if not the only one in your locality.

Important points

It is immediately necessary to determine the client base. Who will order such services from you? Anyone, and no matter what brand of car the owner has, since everyone, without exception, wants an exclusive salon. There are many reasons for tuning - from selling a vehicle to changing the interior color scheme in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

However, the following is important: you should not engage in hauling car interiors with such material as eco-leather, focusing on all brands at the same time. It is worth choosing one or two models with which you will work, since you will need to thoroughly study the features of each of them. In addition, the owners of expensive cars often have increased requirements, and even tuning in expensive salons does not always correspond to them.

Main Process

If we talk about how much it costs to drag a car interior, then we can say that everything depends on the complexity and scale of work, as well as on the material used for this.

As for the process itself, it is very interesting, but notable for its laboriousness. So, a certain set is required to organize a business. Firstly, you will need to buy or rent a garage space, the area of ​​which must be at least 50 square meters in order to fit 3-4 cars.

Secondly, it is impossible to do without an office where you will work with clients. This is quite an important point for the company's image, since it is not worth accepting customers in the garage in dirty clothes, because this will not make the most positive impression. If you decide to independently engage in such a service as hauling the interior of a car, then these two rooms can be combined.

In this case, you may well register as an individual entrepreneur. But it is worth noting that it is very difficult to completely organize such a business alone.

Many car enthusiasts are not satisfied with the salons offered by manufacturers. Therefore, having purchased a car, they decide to upgrade the "insides" of their "iron horse". Today we'll talk about how to open a car upholstery company and sewing covers.

Potential Clientele

Padding may be required not only for a new car, but also for an old one. For example, this service is used by buyers of used cars who are planning to restore a car. And the old owners, before the sale, try to increase the price of their "swallow" by buying new covers instead of old and tattered ones. There are more and more cars every year, which means that the service is popular.

There is another category of citizens who are regular customers of such establishments. These are people who just love change. For them, new covers in the car are like replacing their own wardrobe or repairing an apartment. If you manage to get such fans into the number of regular customers, the business will bring considerable and stable profits.

Decide on “your” client

Before starting the opening of a beauty salon for cars, decide in advance which brands you will work with. Firstly, each car has its own nuances that must be taken into account when working. Secondly, the class of service. For example, providing services to the middle class is usually less stressful than working with solid luxury cars. The latter, although they pay more, but, as the saying goes, "three skins will rip off" for the money given. And in order to work with the latter, you must first fill your hand. Otherwise, you can get paid for a spoiled salon of an elite foreign car.

If this business is new to you, it is better to start small and simple, and only then, when you have gained a name and experience, you can grow up, moving to the "luxury" class.

What you need to start a business

Working with cars implies financial responsibility to customers. At this point, you will be responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Therefore, choose a room with a secured area. There are cases of "setup" with theft of a car from the service area. Especially when things go uphill, competitors can use "black" methods of struggle. In no case should you neglect security.

Choose the area of ​​the room taking into account performance. Take the following data as a starting point: the simultaneous maintenance of 3-4 cars requires about 60 sq. m.

  • Samples directory. Make it as wide and attractive as possible.
  • Professional industrial sewing machines for medium and thick fabrics.
  • Equipment for dismantling airbags.
  • Direct suppliers of leather and fabrics suitable for upholstering and covering.
  • A team of craftsmen for sewing covers and hauling car interiors.

Banner materials

All materials in the sample catalog must be in stock! Which of the huge variety to choose is up to you. Let's take a look at some of them:

Styling studio financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

The list of styling services includes:

  • Tinting,
  • Dry wash,
  • Polishing, liquid glass, wax,
  • Glass repair, <
  • Removing dents without painting,
  • Interior sewing,
  • Design of stickers and vehicle appearance.

The need to open such a styling studio is due to the emergence of consumers, car owners, the value of a new car and owning an exclusive car. Moreover, thanks to the formation of a premium class car segment in Russia, there is an urgent need to maintain and improve the appearance of the car.

Since styling services improve the consumer properties of cars, the demand for them will steadily increase with the growth of the number of vehicles in general, and the number of premium cars in particular. However, it should be noted that the demand for such services is still at the stage of formation in Russia. And the company has the task of drawing up a marketing strategy with the inclusion of educational marketing.

The most effective channels for promoting styling studio services will be participation in specialized exhibitions and other events with a demonstration of finished projects.

The target audience of styling studio clients is men from 24 years old with an upper middle income level, as well as medium and large businesses.

It is advisable to open a styling studio in a city with a population of at least 70,000 people, since the minimum audience for a project is 2,000 cars.

The styling studio will start in 3 weeks.

In the future, the cost of purchasing materials will be 15% of income, rent - 20%, and employee salaries - 30%.

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