How to open a tanning bed: a step by step business plan

A solarium is a place where you can get a beautiful golden tan without leaving your hometown at any time of the year, even in winter. Being tanned is considered beautiful and fashionable, and is also a great way to prepare your skin to receive UV rays before going to the sea. The solarium can be launched as an independent business or as one of the directions for a beauty salon. Let's analyze all the nuances.

  • 1 Perspectives of the solarium as a business
  • 2 Market and competition analysis. Solarium business plan
  • 3 Selection and equipment of premises for a tanning studio
  • 4 Selection of equipment. How much does a solarium cost
  • 5 Paperwork
  • 6 Recruitment
  • 7 Advertising and marketing
  • 8 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 9 How much you can earn on a tanning bed
  • 10 Conclusion

Perspectives of the solarium as a business

Business prospects are as follows:

  • In many cities, there is not enough sunlight, which leads to adverse health effects.
  • The service is popular, especially among young people and residents of megalopolises.
  • Tanning in a solarium is safer than under the sun - there is no risk of getting sunburned.

In addition, this business offers many options - from a small room in a semi-basement with 1-2 devices to a luxurious spa in the city center. To increase your revenue, offer your customers additional services:

  • sale of related products,
  • beautician services,
  • eyelash extension,
  • manicure and pedicure,
  • massage,
  • spa treatments,
  • herbal bar.

Market and Competition Analysis Solarium Business Plan

In large cities, the level of competition is quite high, but demand remains stable. In addition, not every solarium has good equipment and a high level of service. Before starting a business, you need to analyze the market and competition in the region as a whole, as well as in a particular area.

It happens that there are already many tanning salons in the city, but in one or several districts this niche is still vacant. Another option is to open a solarium in a beauty salon by renting a separate room there. The next step is to draw up a business plan for your tanning salon, including a financial plan, marketing strategy, production plan.

Selection and equipment of a tanning studio room

One tanning machine takes up little space - about five square meters. The exact area of ​​the tanning studio depends on the characteristics of the particular model. That is, even a large solarium with 4-5 units requires an area of ​​only 25-30 sq. meters. But you will also need a reception area, a waiting area, a utility room, so it is advisable to have at your disposal about 50 sq. etrov.

In the process of finding a room, you should already know how many cabins you need. It makes no sense to take too much to keep some installations idle - the equipment is expensive, and you will have to pay to rent space. With the right distribution of working hours, you can get income even from one cabin. On the other hand, lack of space can lead to queues. To avoid this, conduct an appointment by appointment.

How to open a tanning bed: a step-by-step business plan

At present, the solarium is considered a fairly promising business, and many start-up entrepreneurs are trying to make capital investments in it. There are a wide variety of types of services on the market that solariums provide. In particular, there is a category of such premises, separated into a separate group, as well as within the complex, as part of many other types of procedures. In fact, in every major city, one solarium is open for every 10,000-15,000 inhabitants, which is not that much, given the increased demand for these services. For this reason, the practice of pre-registration has been introduced in a number of tanning salons, due to the frequent lack of free cabins.

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Required documents

Of the documents that must be included in the business plan for opening a solarium, an important place is occupied by permits from sanitary services and the right to conduct medical and health procedures. It is the registration of these two types of documents that is strictly mandatory along with the usual package. At the same time, an important stage in the work on the opening of the solarium is the examination of equipment, premises, collection of all licenses and permits for the right to carry out procedures from personnel.

Select location

The location of the solarium in the city does not matter much. The only condition in this case is the possibility of renting or buying premises in a region with an excellent transport interchange, where you can easily get there by any city transport. It is also desirable that the premises overlook one of the main streets, thereby allowing visitors to immediately find it without unnecessary hassle, searching through the gateways and courtyards, immediately, easily and practically.

Space requirements

Requirements for the premises for a solarium are much less stringent than for cafes, restaurants, bars and other establishments. There is no need to rent a large area, it is enough to rent or purchase about 25 square meters. If the region has a beauty salon, hairdresser (hairdressing business plan), which have free space, it makes sense to contact the administration with a proposal to rent it. In addition, this is a great opportunity to get additional clients at the expense of those wishing to visit a beauty salon. At the same time, you will also be able to provide clients to the salon.


The most important stage of everything that includes a business plan for a solarium is the development of a layout for equipment, its selection and certification. This equipment is actually a solarium.

There are two options for purchasing them, the first one implies the purchase of new equipment, while the second one is used. The fundamental difference lies in the cost, both in the first and second cases. If the first option was chosen, you can count on an amount per unit of $ 5,000; for the full operation of the solarium, at least two units are required. If you decide to purchase a used device, it will cost about $ 2,000-3,000, depending on the manufacturer.

Updated January 2021. Read how to open a solarium and make money in this business. Business plan, selection of premises and equipment, advertising and personnel, calculation of investments and profits - Lifehacker

A golden body never goes out of style. Many people work hard to look and feel healthy. What's more, the bronze body is part of their health regimen. However, most do not have the funds or space to purchase a tanning salon for personal use, making a tanning salon more viable. Opening your own showroom requires more than just dedication. First of all, you need to know how to write a solarium business plan with calculations. For those who are passionate about helping people maintain that summer glow, tanning beds can be a lucrative business.

Is it profitable or not

For a budding entrepreneur, the biggest challenge will be customer interactions. Both in person and online, educate consumers on a healthy skincare regimen and dispel any myths about tanning safety.

Since the business can be seasonal, you also have to spend some of the money on marketing gimmicks. This will provide access to the target audience all year round.

While you will always have a revolving door of early customers, most beauty salons thrive on their regulars. These people strive to look their best. And maintaining a golden tan is part of that look. However, there is no definite answer - is it beneficial or not to open a tanning salon. Business depends not only on the client base, but also on the successful location, financial stability of the entrepreneur, etc.

Growth Potential

First of all, tanning booth income is generated per customer per visit. Many salons have multiple beds and spray are available at appropriate prices. Visits last up to 15 minutes per session. But will vary based on the specific needs of the client.

As a rule, tanning salons are small. If your goal is to build a larger business, consider finding the best business franchises or partnering with a franchise company.

As a business owner, you need strong business skills. Moreover, your job will require you to constantly communicate with customers and staff. Therefore, strong interpersonal skills are critical.

It has been explained to many consumers that tanning is bad for the skin, so understanding the effects of skin care will also be helpful.

An example of a solarium business plan


First, before putting together a tanning business plan, you will need to decide which machines you want to buy. Spray tanning machines cost between $ 500 and $ 5500. Whereas UV tanning beds can cost over $ 10,000 each.

Here we will consider an article on how to open a solarium, what is needed for this, as well as a business plan for opening it.

In all cities of Russia, the number of tanning studios is quite large, but despite this, the market continues to recruit new people into this business. The solarium is profitable all year round, as in any season there are clients who want to get a beautiful tan.

The first step is to define the clientele, and then draw up a business plan. If you want to start a small business, you should buy several semi-household tanning salons and put them in the nearest salon or sports club. In a couple of months, the devices will reimburse all the money spent.

Business plan

So, consider a free ready-made example of a solarium business plan that will help you start your own business.

The project of organizing a professional studio is quite costly and requires all the concentration on it. At least four differently varied and modern devices (8-10 thousand apiece) are needed to attract a more prosperous layer of clientele. It is necessary to work on the design of the premises, add additional services.

The list of expenses will include the purchase of the solarium itself, newfangled furniture, interior decoration items and other related products. You also need to organize a small phyto-bar inside the salon. In this situation, the organization is already becoming a tanning studio (investments - up to 100 thousand dollars).


The best place to open a solarium is in the city center or older districts with more residents. The positive in this option will be a quick promotion of the business, with the help of wealthy residents of the center. On the negative side, there is a lot of competition and the price for renting premises, which is still not easy to find.

It is best to install the unit in a local salon or sports club.

If a person is constantly at work in the summer, how can he get a tan? It is for these reasons that tanning salons were created. A solarium business plan will help a budding entrepreneur to implement an idea.

Any organization providing services to the public must be properly registered. A beauty salon can be registered as an LLC.

Now you need to figure out what kind of salon you will open: it will be a large center providing a wide range of services, or a small salon with a solarium and massage room. Let's consider how to open a small establishment designed for people who need to renew their tan several times a year, and they do not have the opportunity or desire to buy annual subscriptions.

A tanning studio should have several machines, a massage room and a small herbal bar. All this, of course, should be located indoors. It is good if a novice businessman owns non-residential premises. However, most often they rent a studio.

How to choose a room for a solarium?

This means that you will have to rent a room that consists of several rooms or provides an opportunity to build additional walls. The device must be placed in a room that is large enough to leave a free space of at least 2 square meters. ... It is necessary to provide supply and exhaust ventilation in the room and install a shower cabin. The floor must be covered with hard material. Part of the area should be allocated for a herbal bar and massage room. The phytobar can be combined with the administrator's workplace.

Thus, the business plan of a solarium implies the acquisition of ownership or lease of premises with an area of ​​at least 50 sq. ... The cost of long-term rent depends on the region of residence and the area of ​​the city and varies between 500-3000 rubles. for 1 sq. ... The first thing to do after the lease is to prepare the area for placing the equipment and receiving the first visitors. Studio design development, repairs and replacement of outdated electrical wiring will cost you 100-200 thousand rubles.

Choosing equipment for the salon

However, there are those who, for health reasons, cannot defend the whole procedure, so your studio should have one horizontal apparatus. Let's decide on the financial resources that will have to be spent on the purchase of equipment. The highest quality device that meets all the standards and requirements will cost you 500-600 thousand rubles, which means that the purchase of 3-4 solariums will require at least 2 million rubles. It is possible to bring a massage parlor to a state of readiness to receive clients for 30-40 thousand rubles. The same amount will be required to organize a phytobar.

In order for your salon to start functioning, you will have to take care of the selection of personnel. Of course, tanning employees should have an even, attractive tan. You will need an administrator, bartender, massage therapist, service staff. It is best to hire experienced staff. A person who, at least once in his life, has faced the incompetence of the salon workers, will not dare to visit it again.

How to get your first customers?

A newly opened establishment cannot do without advertising. This is not a media announcement.

Distribution of advertising brochures in nearby residential buildings, business centers, shopping centers will be more effective.

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