How to open a shawarma stall: a business plan with calculations

Trading shawarma at a special outlet (stall, pavilion, or trailer) is one of the easiest startups for a novice entrepreneur. But you should keep in mind that your business will be shaped not only by the sale of shawarma, but also by its preparation, best of all with some special recipe or filling. Next, we will try to answer you a number of fundamental questions, such as: "Why making and selling shawarma is the most common and easiest way to start your journey in the abyss of entrepreneurship?" and "How to open your own point of sale of shawarma." In the article, we will consider a shawarma business plan with calculations.

For a startup, you need a certain amount of investment. You can turn to banks for help, but rarely does anyone do this because of the high percentage of overpayment. For the production and sale of shawarma, you need a relatively small amount of initial investment. So it is with cooking, even a person with the most basic cooking skills will be able to master the art of making shawarma in a matter of hours. Therefore, this fact makes it possible in the future to save on personnel, and this is an important aspect in the first months of opening a business. With its simplicity, the shawarma business can bring good income, and this is up to 40% profitability, few businesses with such a minimum investment can produce such statistics.

Infographics: Shawarma business plan with calculations

Business Creation

Starting your own business will begin with the registration of an individual entrepreneur with the tax service.

It is also necessary to notify several state funds and the statistics department about starting a business. The documents on registration of an individual entrepreneur must indicate with which type of business you will be associated.

Next, choose a place of trade: a room or a stall. If you like indoor trade, like a small cafe, then get ready to meet with the fire safety service and SES to obtain permits from them for activities. In the version with a stall, fire supervision immediately disappears, and the SES will be able to check you only after a year of your trading activity. Only after all these certificates, documents and permits can your registration be considered complete.

For those who choose the direction of their business related to the sale of shawarma from a stall, it is worth remembering that you have to find a place to locate your stall. If you find a suitable place to install your pavilion, then you should agree with the owner of this land on the lease of the territory and the price for this plot. In this case, the cost of renting land for a stall is several times less than the price for renting premises. It changes only from the region of the country, for example, in the middle part of our country, prices for cities are on average 15,000 rubles, but in Moscow they reach about 3,000 - 40,000 rubles, or even higher.

How to choose a future place for organizing shawarma trade

Since you are opening a catering facility, you should take your future business location with a specific degree of seriousness. Places of mass gatherings of people are best suited for this type of business. These are bus stops, train stations, markets, educational institutions, shopping malls, sports stadiums and main squares. Many people mistakenly think that having competitors like a pizzeria or a sushi bar in the neighborhood can destroy your business, but in fact it turns out to be the opposite. This is because the sale of shawarma means fast service, low price and always fresh goods. If you follow these rules, you can win potential customers from your direct competitors.

In a new article, we will consider opening a shawarma and shawarma stall from scratch: features of location, premises and working conditions, registration requirements, selection of the necessary equipment, ways to promote a business, how to write a business plan based on the data received

Thinking about your own business, how to open a shawarma from scratch? It all starts with a detailed analysis of the existing market. Usually it is not a problem to find a shawarma in the city, but with finding a place where it will be really tasty - things are different. Why not try making the best shawarma in town? To do this, you need to choose an advantageous location, correctly draw up a lot of documents. We are ready to help with the development of an effective business plan: today you will learn how to open a shawarma stall, and what is needed for this.

Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the business

Opening a shawarma stall is a very profitable business, it can bring a stable income, but it has many pitfalls. Before opening a shawarma, we will study all the features of the case, let's start with the merits:

  • Large investments of capital are not required;
  • It will not be difficult to find and select personnel;
  • The stall can be mobile, binding to the place is not necessary ;
  • It's easier to develop: when you reach a profit, you can quickly create your own network.

  • High level of competition;
  • Limited income;
  • Special requirements for storage and use of products;
  • Checks regulatory bodies and activists.

Still, the arguments "for" are more weighty. The right approach to business will keep you afloat. You still need to try to open a tent with shawarma.

Subtleties of registration and obtaining permits

You can register as an individual entrepreneur. A simplified taxation system will do.

When registering a business, you will have to communicate with representatives of regulatory authorities. We note right away that in the case of a street stall there are fewer problems than with a rented premises. To open a shawarma stall, you do not need a fire department check. All that remains is to resolve the issue with Rospotrebnadzor and the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. If you rent a room in a building, it is necessary to provide for a fire alarm system, fire extinguishing system and a customer evacuation scheme.

What documents are needed to open shawarma? You will be told about this in the appropriate authorities. In Rospotrebnadzor, you need to obtain permission to install a stall in a certain place. It is necessary to confirm the proper level of security in the event of emergency situations. It is also necessary to obtain a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion. It confirms that your production meets all requirements. Of course, do not forget about the lease of a land plot under a future stall, it may be a municipal land plot - in this case, you should apply to local authorities with an appropriate application, if the land plot is privately owned, then conclude a lease agreement with the owner of the plot.

Before you open a tent with shawarma, think over the assortment. All goods must have a certificate of compliance with the regulations. It's best if you focus specifically on fast food and simple soft drinks.

The cost of organizational expenses can be 20-30 thousand rubles, taking into account the cost of registering an individual entrepreneur and opening a bank account.

Shawarma is a fairly popular type of quick snack, otherwise fast food. It differs from various McDonald's by its modest price and availability - similar cafes are now found on every corner. And since they are so common, it means that this type of small business is quite popular. Therefore, you can try to open your point and try all the delights of this small business.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Choose a suitable place for the stall. The most convenient thing about this type of business is that the kiosk takes up very little space. Therefore, it can be placed almost anywhere. But it is important to understand that the competition is still quite high, so it would be most reasonable to place it where there are no other similar points nearby.

In this case, the commodity is food, therefore it is necessary to comply with several mandatory regulations. First of all, your food should be of good quality. You should only cook with fresh and high quality ingredients. Second, you must provide a variety of choices. If you give the client a choice, then they form a higher opinion about your outlet. Think about what your competitors are missing and present that to your potential visitor.

Point of Sale Options

A point with shawarma can be placed almost anywhere, but this is the most important factor on which your profit will depend. The best places for placement are:

  • Crossroads of busy streets. As a rule, in such places people tend to walk almost all day long, and accidentally spotting a stall with delicious food can cause a sudden attack of hunger in a person, which will benefit you.
  • Near educational institutions. Canteens are not very popular with students, unlike various fast food. Therefore, in one break between classes, you can sell more than in the whole day elsewhere.
  • The kiosk can be located near large shopping centers. Typically, they are visited by hundreds of people every day, and high traffic will have a positive effect on your business.
  • You can also place a point near a market or a stadium. The ideal location for shawarma is any place where large masses of people pass.

If you are interested in how to open a charitable foundation in Russia, read this article.

Production plan

The equipment you need is quite inexpensive, so you shouldn't save on grills and refrigerators, which will affect the quality of your product. For full-fledged work, you need to purchase:

There are more and more people who want to try themselves as an entrepreneur, but not everyone has the opportunity to start with a multi-million dollar investment. These people will be interested in the idea of ​​a business selling shawarma. The product is familiar to everyone and does not require advertising, and in large cities they cannot do without such fast food - it is quick and inexpensive. The business plan for a shawarma stall presented by us will indicate the main difficulties that you can face when starting this business from scratch. Our example will help you draw up your own plan for creating a shawarma outlet.

Business Plan Rationale

It is planned to open a shawarma kiosk in an average settlement where 200 thousand people live. The main factor affecting income is the location of the outlet. In this case, the best option would be to be located near a public transport stop with a large passenger traffic, a large shopping center, an educational institution or a large office center. By providing high quality services, you can gain a large number of regular customers, the number of which will constantly grow. To ensure continuous demand and positive customer feedback, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Observe sanitary standards in full.
  • Have a friendly staff that inspires confidence in clients.
  • Lead a competent pricing policy.
  • Work with multiple interchangeable suppliers.

Having decided on the priority tasks that need to be solved in order to take a stable position in the market, we will consider the difficulties that arise during the operation of a kiosk for the preparation and sale of shawarma:

  • Frequent checks by SES with heavy fines in case of violation.
  • There is a problem with the selection of suitable employees.
  • Strong competition in the fast food market.

To overcome the first risk, it is necessary to monitor the work of employees on a daily basis, provide instructions on compliance with sanitary standards, introduce a system of fines and incentives to comply with the above standards. To solve the second problem, it is necessary, first of all, to plan a motivation system for employees and provide for a salary not lower than the average for the city. To neutralize the third problem, it is necessary to maintain a customer-oriented policy and conduct promotions.


The most profitable option when operating a shawarma kiosk is: USN 15%, since most of the costs are the purchase of ingredients for making shawarma and other products and drinks sold, wages and rent.

55. 0 "Activities of restaurants and cafes" is selected as the main OKVED, 52. 3 "Other retail trade outside stores" and 15. 1 "Production of bread and flour confectionery products of short storage" are selected. A license for these activities is not required. It is planned to allocate 10 thousand rubles for registration.

Personnel search

For the operation of the kiosk, you will need sellers with a health book, who have experience in cooking and trade. Stress-resistant, since you have to combine the functions of a cook and a salesman and work in a fairly hot room. If located near educational institutions or office buildings, you will have to cope with large peaks during recess or lunchtime with clients, so you need to work quickly. Employees will work on a 2/2 schedule.


Investment Memorandum

Not everyone can afford to have a snack at home, so shawarma stalls are sometimes a real oasis for those who want to satisfy their hunger. Why exactly shawarma? Perhaps the main reason lies in its high nutritional value and taste. In addition, it is very convenient to hold shawarma in your hand and at the same time it does not take up much space. Compared to other types of fast food, this product benefits significantly. Of course, its price is very attractive for most people, because for this money it is rather difficult to organize a full-fledged lunch or dinner. It turns out that shawarma is tasty, convenient and inexpensive. Moreover, this dish is relevant for people of all ages and social statuses.

To open a shawarma stall, you do not need particularly large investments. At the same time, the business is very profitable. Even against the background of great competition, such points do not lose. Ideally, of course, you should choose a place with high traffic. Even if such stalls are close to each other, they practically never stand idle without clients. So, the advantages of this business are obvious:

  • small investment;
  • no professional chef required;
  • simple business registration procedure;
  • scalability and the discovery of new points.

The initial investment here is 270 thousand rubles.

Break-even point is reached here literally in the first month of work.

The estimated payback period here is approximately five months.

Net monthly profit: about 80 thousand rubles.

Business Description

Shawarma is an oriental dish based on meat with vegetables and pita bread. The ingredients are usually prepared in advance and the meat is grilled and chopped into small pieces. The cost of shawarma in our case will vary from 110 to 150 rubles (it will depend on the filling). Consider further the range of dishes that will be offered to customers.

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