How to open a sauna (bathhouse): business plan and recommendations

Modern life dictates its own rules, due to heavy loads and the need to move at an accelerated pace in order to survive in a world full of competition. In such conditions, it is difficult to relax, therefore, residents of megalopolises and smaller towns are looking for ways that would help maintain and restore their health, as well as draw positive emotions. You can get emotional relaxation, relax and improve your health by taking a bath procedure. Therefore, baths are considered one of the most relevant and profitable types of entrepreneurial activity. There is a lot of competition in this niche, but the demand for its product allows you to start earning immediately after the start. How to open a bath complex, where to start, what investments are needed, and what are the nuances of the business?

Relevance of the activity

In Russia, multifunctional bath complexes are popular, which offer not only a basic service, but also provide the opportunity to use the pool, massage parlor service, order drinks at a bar or food in a cafe, as well as play various games, such as billiards, tennis or bowling.

Institutions that combine the functions of a bathhouse and a guest house will be in demand. An effective solution will be to open a complex near private houses with mansards, as well as equipped with an extended terrace. Large-scale establishments will quickly pay off only in large metropolitan areas. For small towns, it is important to open small baths with a minimum range of services. Customers will be happy to visit not only the Russian bathhouse, but also the Finnish sauna, the Japanese ofuro and the Turkish hammam.

Bath types

A classic Russian bath is always in demand, which does not need advertising. It is designed for a 25-minute stay of a person in a room heated from 50 to 90 degrees. The service can include additional services such as the use of fragrant brooms and massage.

For a more sophisticated audience, a Finnish bath is suitable, which involves the effect on the body of a different type of steam. The temperature in the room will be higher, and the client's time in it will be shorter. When planning to include an additional service in the list of services, a separate room should be provided for its implementation.

The Turkish bath can be opened if funds are available to decorate the hall. The room will have to be finished with marble, and for heating you will need a specialized boiler. The wood-fired sauna business will quickly pay off due to its high profitability. Such an institution is visited with great pleasure, since the proposed conditions of health improvement are better tolerated by visitors. The air temperature in a Turkish bath is lower than in other types of institutions, and the humidity is higher, which allows even people with cardiovascular problems to attend events.

Bath as a business is beneficial when opening it with a focus on a specific client. A businessman can be guided by single or double visits, as well as public acceptance of procedures during which one can communicate and make acquaintances. For this, games or entertainment should be organized.

Nuances to consider when choosing an activity

Bath business: where to start


The goal of the project is to organize the work of a sauna in the city of Tyumen.

Arrangement of a sauna in new residential areas of the city in the absence of such establishments nearby.

Project initiator

The organization of the work of the sauna is carried out by the individual entrepreneur I. Ivanov, who has several successfully operating establishments of this type. This project is an expansion of entrepreneurial activity, but the owner of the business will be another individual entrepreneur P. Petrov. to improve the efficiency of management and constant control over the functioning of this institution.

Investment volume

The sauna will be arranged in a rented building located in an annex to a new residential building, which has been put into non-residential stock. It is planned to spend 1,260 thousand rubles for organizing the work of the sauna, including VAT. 70% of this amount is planned to be borrowed from PJSC Sberbank on the security of a two-room apartment and an interest rate of 20% per annum. The rest of the amount will be reimbursed from available personal funds.

Project Performance Indicators

The effectiveness of the project is confirmed by calculated indicators:

  • the term for building the model - 10 years;
  • inflation - 10%;
  • discount rate - 16.3%;
  • simple payback period - 2.8 years;
  • discounted payback period - 3.08 years;
  • NPV - 6 401 thousand rubles;
  • IRR - 76%.

A business plan for a bathhouse with calculations is a preparatory stage for entrepreneurial activity, at which it is possible to assess the relevance of its start.

Sauna and business are a pretty exciting combination. Anyone who is not afraid of competition, knows how to quickly get together and make the only correct decision, will be able to open a sauna at minimal cost. In the future, you can earn a good reputation and have a constant contingent of steam lovers.

Where to start a business?

Before realizing the idea of ​​opening a sauna, you need to clearly understand the end result, draw up a step-by-step action plan. The more detailed this is done, the greater the likelihood of success. Where to start?

Step 1. Define:

  • type of sauna (Finnish (sauna) with dry air, Russian (bath) - with wet air);
  • the need to install equipment (main and auxiliary); <
  • a set of services provided (billiards, fitness equipment, massage and beauty salon, SPA-salon, solarium).

Step 2. Use of the property, purchase or rent of premises.

Step 3. Development of a business plan.

Step 4. Repair, re-planning, re-equipment of the premises of the future sauna.

Step 5. Acquisition of main and auxiliary equipment.

Step 6. Registration of an individual entrepreneur, obtaining various permits and operational documents.

Step 7. Personnel selection.

At the moment, a private bath is a very relevant and profitable type of business, which is available even for a novice entrepreneur. This is explained by the fact that by investing money, and relatively small, you can not be afraid to be left without clients, since the consumer audience that will use such services is quite extensive.

Photo of a private log bath.

These include people who go in for sports, and businessmen who want to relax after a hard day, relieve stress from the fast modern pace of life, and women who dream of losing weight. In a word, many city dwellers will want to improve their health, because not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a suburban area and build their own bath there for themselves, and some simply do not have enough time for this.

Moreover, now people have begun to understand more and more that the old, natural and proven ways to improve their health are much more effective than taking various drugs that treat some and damage other organs. And more than one treatise has been written about the benefits of a bath, so it can be confidently asserted that an entrepreneur will find his client in any case.

However, belief alone is not enough for a successful business. The first step is a sauna and a business plan. It is he who will clarify the whole picture of the profitability of this lesson already at the initial stage.

In addition, a well-developed business plan: how to open a bathhouse will already be half the success of the whole business, so attention must be paid to all the little things, not to mention such important things as a room for a bathhouse, the choice of organizational legal form and so on. That is, there will be many nuances at the first stage, but if you are not lazy and competently approach everything, then this type of business will eventually become a long-term source of income.

So, if it is decided to open a bath business and there is still no business plan, then an example instruction is given below. It will become a kind of guide for a budding entrepreneur.

Pay attention! Business loves clarity and specificity. If the entrepreneur acts exactly according to the plan, then the success of the business is guaranteed.

Legal issues

At the first stage, you should immediately determine which organizational and legal form will be chosen. The legislation provides for two options for this type of activity: individual entrepreneurship (IE) or a limited liability company (LLC).

IP registration

The incredible popularity of the steam room as a place to relax and to relieve stress can be an excellent basis for planning and equipping a public bath on a project as a private business. The history of the popular Sandunov baths can tell how popular and reliable such a business can be. At the initial stage, you do not have to surrender incredible profits from the sauna, but the investment will surely pay off if you organize a customer-oriented business.

Sauna as a business

Naturally, the bathhouse, like any other business, is focused on earning income, remains a very risky venture. You will need to spend a lot of money at one point, and there is always the risk of missing out on clients.

The bathing business is not about selling shoes or baking bread, where the profit is small but stable. This is directly related to positive emotions from customers. For this reason, even a very experienced administrator will not undertake to think in advance whether the sauna will be profitable as a business and whether there is a benefit in this under certain conditions. From experience it became known that a business plan can only be drawn up if it was possible to solve two main problems:

  • A comfortable place in the sleeping areas of the city for a bath project.
  • Provision of energy resources, primarily water and electricity.

The price of payments for utilities for renting an area, payments for spent heat and water remain the main threat to the profitability of the bath as a successful business.

Good advice! Before opening a sauna or bath complex for profit, it will be wise to gain experience in the functioning of a business inside, from the point of view of a manager or administrator.

This is the only way you can understand where the funds are going, and how the planning or working organization of the bath complex does not suit customers.


Which business option is worth choosing

It is unacceptable to plan an enterprise in the future using an abstract example, this is a road to nowhere, and such a business on a conventional bath model turns out to be a losing one in advance. With modern entrepreneurship, there is no universal “recipe” and projects for service stations, shops and cafes. All this is designed for a certain type of clients, the location of the institution within the city, the availability of transport interchanges, and most importantly, the demand for certain types of services. Sauna establishments in this sense are no different from other service sectors. For this reason, it is better for aspiring entrepreneurs to draw up business plans - saunas with reference to typical models of steam establishments:

A typical project of a public bath makes it possible to earn money, even according to an individual business plan. Recently, the sphere of construction and maintenance of individual apartment baths began to develop massively. The business plan for building a home sauna is much simpler, and the profit can be equal to 30% of the price of the object.

Public bath plan

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