How to open a sanatorium

Business plan for creating a new enterprise on the example of a sanatorium.

Brief description of the sanatorium

Address: 453079, Republic of Bashkortostan, Gafuri district, Krasnousolsk sanatorium. 142 km southeast of the city of Ufa, 36 km from the Beloe Ozero station of the Kuibyshev railway.

Route of travel: by regular bus from the southern bus station of Ufa (R. Zorge street, tel. in Ufa 240608) every day at 8. 5 o'clock, 12. 5 o'clock, 16. 5 o'clock. Travel time 3.0 hour. or by electric train to the station "Beloe Ozero" of the South Ural railway, then by bus 36 km

Key performance indicators of the sanatorium

The sanatorium operates on the basis of appropriate licenses and certificates:

1. Medical activity 001751

2. Public catering (canteen No. 1, canteens of buildings No. 5, 6, 7) 0527828-0527831

3. Mini-bakery activity (serial production of pasta, bakery and bakery products) 0233110, 5526135, 5526136

1. Medical activity D 094450, G 744769

2. Pharmaceutical activity D 094390

The field of medicine is one of the most profitable and promising areas of business. People will never save on their health. Investors with great financial capabilities should think about creating a project related to the provision of medical services. The presented business plan of the wellness center contains instructions for organizing a profitable project and financial calculations.

Project Description

The investor's goal is to open a health center in a city with a population of over 500,000 people. The mission of the project is to help people restore strength and health, to get joy from life. Tasks:

  • promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • reducing the incidence rate;
  • strengthening the immunity of local residents.

Investment volume - 15 million rubles. The bulk of the money will be spent on the purchase of a non-residential building with a total area of ​​250 m 2, design, repair and purchase of equipment. The organizational form is an LLC with several founders. The preferred taxation system is the simplified tax system with a deduction rate of 15% (income minus expenses).

The target audience of the project is people of different age groups with high incomes or average income levels, for whom health is the first priority. They pay attention to the prevention of diseases, monitor their figure, and have an active life position.

List of services

The Wellness Center (OC) provides the following services:

  • massage - relaxing, anti-cellulite;
  • hydromassage;
  • Charcot shower;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • mud therapy;
  • remedial gymnastics;
  • swimming in the pool;
  • water aerobics;
  • training on simulators;
  • sauna;
  • solarium;
  • oxygen cocktails.

In the future, it is planned to equip a salt room for the recovery of people suffering from asthma and allergies.

First steps: market analysis, competition and risk assessment

Health is the most valuable thing a person has. It is not customary to save on it, so the opening of a health center is important. Russians need quality rest, relaxation and procedures aimed at relieving stress, improving well-being and strengthening immunity.

After talking with patients, we can conclude that a sanatorium is also a great opportunity to organize a profitable business. But any business must be approached seriously and thoughtfully, therefore, the spa business must be started with drawing up a detailed business plan.

Main nuances

Building or renting premises for a sanatorium is equally expensive. Calculating all the costs of this business, you need to make a precise choice: build or rent. Market research requires special attention to be paid to the number of active sanatoriums, the goals of the people who visit them and the largest number in different periods of the calendar year.

Businessmen with experience in this business believe that with the right approach to business, even in the first health season, you can have a good profit in your enterprise.

Step-by-step algorithm

If a decision is made to build a health resort independently, it is necessary to decide on the area. For the construction of a sanatorium, it is better to choose a green area far from the city, where the air is cleaner and there are fewer cars. The territory involves the placement of different structures:

  • administrative buildings;
  • medical buildings;
  • recreation rooms.

The design of the sanatorium plays an important role in its image. And the addition of modern furniture models enhances the positive perception of the health resort. Business can be seasonal and year-round - you need to decide right away, since these two types have certain factors:

  • the presence of a reservoir or pool;
  • the number of hired personnel;
  • the possibility of using various methods of recovery.

A year-round spa business is more profitable financially, but more troublesome in terms of organization. It means a lot for the success of the spa business and correctly selected additional services in health improvement with high-class specialists:

  • gynecologist ;
  • cardiologist ;
  • endocrinologist ;
  • dentist.

Provided that these specialists are licensed to provide medical services in accordance with their medical profile.

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Specialty: "Economics and Enterprise Management"

By discipline: Investment analysis

Topic: Business plan of the sanatorium

Performer: 4th year student of the group: E-104 correspondence course Natalya Viktorovna Shchennikova

1. ESUME 2. BUSINESS PLAN CONCEPT 3. Writing services provided 4. Competition 5. MARKETING PLAN 6. POSSIBLE RISKS 7. CALCULATION OF CAPITAL COSTS 8. Financial plan 8.. forecasting sales volume 8.. Estimation of direct material costs 8.. Labor costs 8.. overhead costs 8.. meta of the cost of the provided services 8.. Income and expense plan 8.. Break-even analysis of the project 9. FINANCING STRATEGY 10. EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE PROJECT REFERENCES

1. EZYUME Company name: LLC sanatorium "Luch" Address: 353457, Anapa, st. Yuzhnaya, d. 0 On an area of ​​more than 5 hectares, there is one residential building, which is divided into two blocks for living and resting visitors. The building has bathrooms, hygiene rooms, showers in the adjacent capital building. At the disposal of the complex: a football field, volleyball and basketball courts, a sports field, gazebos, a park; Library, sites for public events, concerts, discos; 50 meters from the territory of the sanatorium, there is its own equipped sandy beach (changing rooms, shady awnings, showers, drinking fountains) with dunes, healing air: sea, mountain and steppe simultaneously saturated with iodine and sea ions, quickly warming up azure clear sea - all this creates favorable conditions for hardening and health improvement of visitors. There is a 24-hour rescue and medical post on the beach. There are towers for rescuers in the water and on the shore. Speakerphone. There are bathing area limiters. The beach is cleaned daily. The present project of the sanatorium is designed for 5 years and involves:

    Purchase of the territory (5 hectares) and buildings (a three-storey residential building, which is divided into two blocks of 16 rooms per floor, a dining room, an administrative complex) of the former sanatorium "Dune" covered by a long-term loan for a period of three years 49,800 thousand rubles; The project proves that the company will fully pay off the loan and interest during the first four years from the start of work; The payback period of the project is three years;
The break-even point in the first year is RUB 16,792,101. (17 people).

2. BUSINESS PLAN CONCEPT The industry of the sanatorium and resort business is one of the branches of the hotel and tourism business, which has an extensive base left over from the USSR, but it continues to develop. Anapa is the best confirmation of this, because. there are sanatoriums, health camps, sports health complexes, thematic and extreme rest houses that can interest every person. The market is crowded. However, our project is able to organize not only recreation for people, but also recreation for athletes without interrupting the training process. Thus, providing recreational opportunities for athletes can create a good investment climate for our company. The projected enterprise enters a market that can be characterized as a market of monopolistic competition. Its main characteristics are:

    a relatively large number of manufacturers offering similar but not identical products (say, 25, 35, 60 or more companies), therefore, it is necessary to implement a marketing strategy to attract interest in this particular sanatorium; a fairly large number of sellers work on the market, whose services are differentiated, but the differences are, in principle, insignificant. At the same time, product differentiation can appear in various forms. For example, in the form of:
      goods that differ in their physical or quality parameters; services and conditions related to the sale of the product; advertisements, packaging, trade marks and brands; control over prices for its products (in conditions of monopolistic competition, by changing the product and advertising costs, a firm can increase demand for its product to a greater extent than its costs will increase). Product differentiation provides the consumer with greater product variety and improvement in the long term.
    An element of oligopoly is introduced into the market by high entry barriers: to enter the industry it is necessary to have significant capital, since the purchase and the necessary equipment for a sanatorium are quite expensive.

3. description of the services provided The sanatorium proposes to provide the following types of services

    Hotel complex services - the company has a residential building for 70 triple rooms for vacationers and 10 double rooms for animators and other organizational personnel, equipped accordingly. Catering services - the price of the voucher includes five meals a day in the canteen of the sanatorium, designed for 250 seats. Animation services - programs of competitive and entertainment events are drawn up for each race. On the territory of the sanatorium there are four ping-pong tables, gazebos, a football field surrounded by jogging tracks, volleyball and basketball courts, the dining room has a mini cinema, a private sandy beach, sun loungers in the open space and under a canopy, an equipped entrance to the sea. In addition, the sanatorium rents out areas on which are located: a kiosk selling essential goods and periodicals; souvenir kiosk; telephone set; terminal for payment of mobile phones.
6. A nurse is on duty around the clock in the sanatorium.


As already noted, the company enters the market of monopolistic competition, the share of one of the competitors does not exceed 7.5% -10% of the market. Nevertheless, it should be noted the following:

    The enterprise is under threat from intra-industry competitors, who have a fairly strong position in the current market by attracting vacationers of different age groups; It is possible that new competitors will enter the market, attracted by the income received.
Table 1. Assessment of competitiveness. # Indicator Competitiveness coefficients Sanatorium "Luch" Sanatorium "Gavan" Recreation center "Orbita" 1. Distance to the seaFirst coastline (50 meters) Second coastline (200 meters) There is a bus to the beach (1.5 km) 2. territory improvement There are green areas, sports facilities (football field, volleyball and basketball courts), gazebos The territory is not green enough, there is a football field The territory is green enough, there is little space for sports events 3. Treatment No Yes Yes 4. Availability of own beach Yes Yes Yes 5. Operation period All year June-August April-October 6. Animation Organization Level High Medium Low 7. level of professionalism of the teaching staff High Medium High 8. room equipmentNewNew 2 years old

  • 1 How to open a sanatorium from scratch: a step-by-step business plan
  • 2 Financial plan of the sanatorium
  • 3 Marketing plan: how to attract customers to the sanatorium
  • 4 Registration and execution: what documents are needed to open the sanatorium
  • 5 Equipment for the sanatorium
  • 6 Staff for the sanatorium
  • 7 How to get around competitors: business chips
    • 7. Sanatoriums in the South
    • 7. Sanatoriums on mineral springs
    • 7. Sanatoriums in the Moscow region
    • 7. Who is more profitable to work with: a private client or a corporation?

Sanatoriums appeared in Russia in the era of socialism: they practically have no analogues in the world, because on vacation, attention is mainly paid to the rest itself, in extreme cases - to cosmetic procedures, but not to health improvement. Now in Russia there are about 1900 health resorts, and not only in the southern regions, but also in Siberia. This is a powerful industry with a turnover of 119 billion rubles a year. If you enter it in the near future, then you can hope for support from the state and high earnings in the future.

The ecological situation is getting worse every year, especially in megacities. Many people, due to heavy loads, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, are prone to various diseases, including chronic ones. They need constant treatment. For them, the sanatorium becomes a good opportunity not only to relax, but also to maintain their health.

How to open a sanatorium from scratch: a step-by-step business plan

If you decide to open your own sanatorium, follow this plan.

First step. Start by choosing a room that must meet certain requirements. Without this, you will not be able to obtain a medical license to operate. Doctor's offices and treatment rooms should be of adequate size. The building can be built or rented. The main thing is that there are no roads or industrial enterprises nearby. Potential clients will prefer a sanatorium next to a reservoir, in a picturesque and conveniently located place, so that they can quickly get to the nearest settlement - for example, by train.

It is beneficial to open a sanatorium in small resort towns. During the season, with good advertising and high-level service, there will be no end of customers. So a sanatorium in a small town is a good idea, but only if the town is already promoted as a resort area.

The second step is choosing the direction of the institution's activities. Your establishment may be of a wide profile, but first it is better to focus on specific diseases, for example, cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases. Much will depend on the location of the sanatorium itself.

Third step. You need to register your activities with the Federal Tax Service. This must be done in order to run your business without problems.

The fourth step is the purchase of equipment and furniture. They need to be purchased based on the profile of the institution and taking into account the convenience of future visitors. It is good if, in addition to the living area and treatment rooms, the sanatorium will have a cosmetologist's office, a swimming pool, a gym, a playroom for children, a cozy dining room with a varied menu.

The fifth step is recruiting. The sanatorium must employ qualified doctors and nurses with appropriate diplomas, medical books. It is necessary to conclude an employment contract with each employee.

Sixth step - license. All the previous steps are essential for obtaining a license. It is necessary, because without it there can be no question of opening a sanatorium. The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development is in charge of issuing such a document. Having paid the state duty of 6,000 rubles and having completed the relevant documents, you will receive a license in 45 days.

The seventh step is advertising. While you wait for a license, start an advertising campaign. Advertisements can be placed in the media, at industry exhibitions, on social networks. It is better to post posts with a link to your site, where you need to post as much information as possible for visitors. Beforehand, it is better to come up with packages for different categories of clients: couples without children, families with children; old people.

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