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Opening a private school: business difficulties

Every year hundreds of thousands of parents face the problem of choosing an educational institution for their child. For a long time, public schools have not aroused the trust of many dads and moms, and therefore they unwittingly think about the possibility of sending their child to a private institution. But at the same time, doubts that a decent education will be provided there still remain.

According to statistics, the market for private educational business in our country is developing slowly, few entrepreneurs decide to open a private school. And the problem is not even that a business like educational services requires a license. An educational license will cost several thousand rubles, and it is really not easy to get one. But the main difficulty is finding a suitable room. It must comply with the numerous requirements of Pozhnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, as well as licensing conditions.

At this stage, as a rule, the ardor of a businessman becomes minimal and the desire to open a private children's school remains with a few. They will have to overcome all the thorns of the educational business, which in huge numbers lie in wait for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

As the experience of creating private schools shows, it is very difficult for such institutions to do without state support. Thanks to her, the rent of the premises is slightly cheaper than the existing market rates. Until recently, such schools also had tax breaks, but now the only relief is exemption from VAT. Those businessmen who have acquired the property of the school building are in a more advantageous position. This allows them to feel some stability.

The main income of any private school is tuition fees. In private schools, the rates are set by the management, while it should be remembered that the higher the salary of the teachers, the more expensive it is for the parents of the students to study. Moms and dads are ready to pay substantial tuition fees for their children, but only on condition that the quality of education is at a high level.

Opening a private school will require a license, which will be issued only if the rented premises meet the most stringent requirements. If you decide to open not just your own school for the development of children, but to equip half board or even a boarding house where the child can stay for the whole week, the building should provide rooms for sleeping and playrooms. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the contingent of a private school - these are mainly children from wealthy families, accustomed to a certain level of comfort.

The organization of a private development school for preschoolers makes even more serious requirements, which can only be taken into account by a businessman who uses in his work a professional example of a business plan for opening a private school with ready-made calculations. Guided by them, a businessman will not get bogged down in a quagmire of insoluble issues and will easily understand, for example, the specifics and procedure for opening new classrooms. Educational services, as a field of business, require strict planning, and it is the business plan that is the document that gives the businessman the necessary support.

Opening a private school: demand for services

The market for paid educational services is currently going through difficult times. On the one hand, the decline in the quality of education in public educational institutions is a powerful incentive to pay attention to private schools. On the other hand, not every family is able to cover the costs of paid education. The businessmen themselves, who decided to open their own private school, find themselves in a far from simple situation.

Lately, many parents have begun to doubt the quality of public education. First, the level of financial provision of public schools is a problem. Most of them are not able to introduce modern technologies into the learning process, without which it is difficult to present relevant information to children. Because of this, many training programs are quickly becoming outdated and ineffective.

Secondly, many modern parents are confused by the large number of students in the same class. They believe that the need to constantly pull up lagging students significantly slows down the educational process. Because of this, there is an interest in private schools, where such problems are almost impossible to face. Since there is a demand for the services of such an institution, the business plan of a private school can become a very promising project.

Further, the article will consider a phased plan for opening a school, obtaining all the necessary documentation and the nuances that a novice entrepreneur may encounter.

State accreditation

The business plan of the school should be started from the stage of registration of such an institution. If an entrepreneur cannot pass state accreditation and obtain a license, the project will not be launched. To do this, it is necessary to carefully study the legislative framework that regulates such a process and the requirements that must be observed when opening a private school.

The activities of such establishments are governed by the following regulations:

  • Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "On approval of the Model Regulations on a General Education Institution";
  • Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "on approval of the Rules for the provision of paid educational services";
  • Order on the procedure for attestation of teaching staff;
  • SanPiN 2.. ... 821-10;
  • Technical regulations on fire safety requirements;
  • Federal Law No. 7 "On Non-Commercial Organizations".

In order for the school administration to be able to issue state-recognized documents to students, they need to obtain state certification and accreditation. This can be done by submitting a relevant application to the Ministry of Education after the first graduation of students, but not earlier than three years from the date of obtaining a license.

Before the school receives accreditation, students have the opportunity to take exams as an external student at an accredited educational institution and receive a government-issued document. Also, the school needs to open a medical office, and for this you need to obtain a medical license.


An important step in the business plan for the school is to define the main services that will be provided during the educational process.

Football School Financial Model

Football School Business Plan

Brief Investment Memorandum

The business plan focuses on launching a soccer school for children aged 3 to 7 using unique classroom techniques specifically designed for preschoolers.

The Football School for Young Children belongs to the market of educational services for preschoolers, which has shown an active development in Russia over the past 15 years. The total volume of the educational services market in 2021 was 27.6 billion rubles.

The potential number of consumers of football school services is determined by the number of children living in the city between the ages of 3 and 7. The total number of children of this age in Russia is 5.5 million people, of which 11% live in Moscow, 20% - in cities with a population of one million.

Competitive advantages will be:

  • Methodology for teaching kids,
  • Methodology for teaching trainers.

Target audience are women from 25 to 40 years old with children from 3 to 7 years old. The income for a family of the target group is 120,000 rubles for Moscow and 60,000 rubles for the regions. The services of the football school are designed for a mass audience, so the price for one lesson is determined for Moscow at 700-750 rubles, and for the regions - 350-450 rubles. There are subscriptions for a period of 4, 8, 12 weeks, which are sold with discounts in the range of 5-10%.

To start providing services, you need a minimum number of employees - an administrator and a trainer.

At all times, good education has been valued and has never been economized on. At present, the level of education in public schools is rapidly falling and there is no trace left of the vaunted "Soviet" school. Add to this 2-3 shifts of work, overcrowded classrooms, disregard for teachers and you have a picture of a modern public school. Not every parent is ready to send a child to such a school. And then parents begin to think about options for schooling.

It is at this moment that it is worth clarifying that the number of private schools in Europe is 15 to 30 percent of the total and is constantly growing. In Russia, this figure is simply ridiculous - about 1%. Moreover, most of these schools in Russia are either closed or elite with a very high price tag and an entrance fee starting at half a million rubles. Thus, a niche opens up for us, with constant stable demand, with a long (up to 11 years) customer life cycle and almost complete absence of competition.

Yes, this is not the easiest business, primarily due to government control and responsibility for children. That is why it is easier to start under the “wing” of an experienced partner, for example, on a franchise model. You will save yourself from unnecessary expenses and reduce the payback time of the project as a whole. There are only a few similar projects that have been implemented according to the franchising model in Russia. An example is the Catherine Lyceum franchise.

So, as in any other business, before starting a project, you need to prepare a business plan and calculate all investments, costs, risks and payback periods.

Private School Business Plan

Project summary

The goal of the project is to open a non-governmental educational institution (NPO) providing services in primary and secondary general education. T. the project proposes the creation of a private school operating as half board, from grades 1-11, which, in addition to educational activities according to federal standards, also provides daycare services for children, as well as additional education. This school is located on rented premises, and accordingly does not provide for huge investments in the purchase of premises.

Potential clients are residents of the city with an upper middle income level, who want to ensure a decent future for their children and who are actively involved in the education process.

Project Description

For the implementation of the project, premises are required - from 500 (primary school) or from 1500 (complete secondary school) sq. m., for teaching children in one parallel. When looking for a room, you need to take into account a lot of nuances, such as compliance with the SanPin and Emergencies Ministry standards, the requirements of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. In addition to the premises, the school must have its own territory, which must be zoned, access roads. When agreeing on a lease agreement, it is necessary to take into account that the lease period must be long-term with registration at the registration chamber.

So, the premises have been found, now you need to register a legal entity. A private school is registered as an NPO (institution or organization) with the RF Ministry of Justice. The registration period is about 2 months. Until the moment of registration, you can conclude a preliminary lease agreement with the owner and start repairing and equipping the school, as well as landscaping.

The phrase “More expensive than paid education is only free” is gaining more and more relevance these days. It is more profitable for parents to send their child to a private school, where he will receive quality educational services. To open a private school, you need to really love pedagogical activity, since collecting documents and other bureaucratic ordeals will drive anyone to madness. Below is a business plan for a private school, which is suitable as an example for a similar regional center.

Legal information

Legal entity form: LLC.

Main activity: provision of paid educational services to pupils on the basis of 8-9th and 10-11th grades.

Target users: parents of teenage children with average and above average incomes.

Training price: 8 800 rubles per month. An agreement is concluded with the parents for two academic years, where the payment is prescribed by months from September to May. Summer months are not paid, winter and autumn vacation months are paid in full.

Lyceum working hours: from Monday to Friday: 08: 00-17: 00; Saturday: 08: 00-15: 00.

The Lyceum provides the following paid educational services:

A written contract is concluded with each parent. Payment is made through the bank or the school's accounting department. The cost of services in each region is selected individually, depending on the presence of competitors and the average income of the population.

Location: rented premises in the central part of the city, with an area of ​​450 sq. m. A sublease agreement is concluded between the owner and the owner of the school, since in 5 years the premises are planned to be fully redeemed.

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