How to open a plant nursery

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Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

Gomel State Technical University named after P. Sukhoi

Subject: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


Prepared by: student gr. EP-51

Opening of an animal nursery, a place where various species of animals will be located, and rescued or discarded animals will also find refuge in this place. In the nursery, they will be provided with medical assistance, accommodation and care ... The cured animals will be given into the hands of new owners, or sold. The animals will participate in a variety of exhibitions and events to raise funds. The nursery was opened in a suburban area. The kennel will keep various types of animals: cats, dogs will participate in exhibitions; on horseback it will be possible to move around the territory, you can also provide guests for walks. Some animals can be watched both in the wild and in enclosures. We will try our best to provide them and provide proper care.

Director: Issues within his competence will be resolved (to select personnel for work, solve some of the organizational issues, accept applications from sponsors).

There are a lot of dog lovers, but not everyone agrees to become their breeders. I don't want to take a simple mongrel, but money is required for a thoroughbred puppy, and there is no certainty that the offspring will not be abnormal. Therefore, most dog lovers turn to kennels, where they can be given the necessary guarantees for the ward. The only question is that not every city has nurseries and the right breed is not always there. An idea comes up, why not start breeding purebred puppies for profit? The desire is good, but will there be a solid profit from it? We recommend looking at our dog kennel business plan and assessing the business prospects.

Our example contains a complete business plan for a dog kennel with calculations. This will allow you to understand what investments the dog business requires, what will be the final result. Based on this, you can make your own planning.


Simple conditions are required for the implementation of the plan:

  • A breed that is in demand among breeders and has a high market value.
  • A room in which the dog will be comfortable, and the people around will not have any complaints about disturbing their peace of mind.

The choice of breed depends on the preferences of the person who decided to breed them. Perhaps you already have an adult, and more than one. Then the first point is solved.

There are different options for the premises. Many small dogs are kept in an apartment, where the process of breeding puppies for sale is carried out. But this method is not suitable for large breeds. The best option is a private house or a separate area where an aviary is built and a place for walking is allocated.

A mixed business can be more promising and profitable when a kennel provides services not only in the sale of purebred puppies, but also trains at the request of the breeder or offers pets with special abilities, for example, guide dogs. We choose just such an approach and consider it in our plan from different angles.

Project characteristics

Type of activity: breeding and keeping dogs; services in the cynological field.

  • No. 01. 9 “Breeding of domestic animals (dogs)”.
  • No. 96. 9 "Services for the care of pets (maintenance, training)".
  • No. 77. 39 "Rent of animals (guide dog, service dog)".

Address: the object is located on the territory of an abandoned production within the boundaries of the settlement. The area is fenced off with a high concrete fence, which ensures the safety of others. It is necessary to equip animal enclosures, a training area, a veterinary center, a kitchen, a feed warehouse, and an administrative complex. Some of the premises can be converted from existing buildings on the territory.

Legal form: LLC.

Opening a plant nursery will be a good opportunity for a budding entrepreneur to start a business. The business promises to be profitable as competition in this industry is negligible. Also, you can familiarize yourself with such a profitable and easy-to-implement business idea as growing greenery for sale or collecting medicinal herbs.

Where to start?

You will have to wait a while for the income to start flowing into your pocket. But then the profit will become stable. For this, the organization of a plant nursery must be carried out skillfully and competently.

When creating your own business, you need to rely on the experience of professionals. You can achieve them in two ways: seek help from successful competitors, or find a ready-made business plan.

Due to the fact that agricultural products are invariably in demand, the level of profitability of the greenhouse economy is quite high, regardless of the season. The plant nursery allows you to grow crops, harvest and market products throughout the year.

Registration and accommodation

The optimal organizational and legal forms for this business are a limited liability company (LLC) or an individual entrepreneur (IE). To open a plant nursery, you need to choose the right land plot. The main measures for assessing a plot of land are:

  • soil fertility;
  • availability of access roads;
  • a body of water near the site or water communications.

The problem of leasing or acquiring a land plot must be solved depending on the amount of the start-up capital. 3 thousand dollars - the approximate price of one hectare of farmland.

It is necessary to start building greenhouses after choosing a site. Easy-to-assemble greenhouses are not bad for this type of business. Their installation takes only a couple of days. The average cost of such greenhouses is about 1000 rubles. per square meter. If you do not have the funds to buy, then you can build them from scrap materials yourself. Heating of greenhouses should be chosen taking into account the particular climate in the region. Water heating is the most common, sometimes in some greenhouses, air heating is used, which is popular in America and Europe.


In search of an idea for starting a business, you can open a dog kennel. Consider this decision carefully first. Being a dog lover, knowing the breeds and just knowing them well, it is possible to combine hobby and business together. Dogs are living creatures that require love and care.

In the modern world, you can find various products for pets - from special furniture and fashionable clothes for them to sunglasses. In addition, beauty salons have been created for cats, dogs and exotic animals such as pigs and snails.

If a businessman loves dogs, then it is quite suitable for the role of the owner of a kennel or shelter. Desire and love for animals alone is not enough. You need to calculate your financial capabilities.

Where to start?

Start by developing a business plan to open a nursery. Knowledge of zoology will be a plus. The first step is to select the breeds of dogs that you decide to breed. After all, the essence of the business will be to breed puppies of pedigree dogs with pedigrees. And their further sale to private clients. It should be noted here that it is not necessary to register your company as an individual entrepreneur. But following the law, you will have to file your income tax return for the year. Basically the tax will be around 13 percent.

To avoid all sorts of incidents, save all documents in which the costs of keeping animals are included. To begin with, you must have at least one female breeding dog, with a good pedigree up to the fourth generation. She should be highly appreciated at various exhibitions and be a member of any cynological service. At first, some of the requirements can be neglected.

Analyzing the market

After analyzing the market, we can say that the demand for this or that breed of dog is very volatile. And the price fluctuations are quite noticeable.

The main measure of success is a fashionable breed of dog. Significant profits can be obtained by participating with fashionable dog breeds at various exhibitions. Over time, interest decreases, decreases. Service breeds are in good demand. They are mainly brought in for protection or hunting. And also small dogs that you can safely keep in apartments. Nowadays dwarf breeds are very fashionable - Yorkshire Terrier, Chi hua-hua, Spitz. On them you can make a single money and, moreover, not bad.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on food, and their puppies are very expensive, about $ 1,500. Before you start working on your business, you need to study all similar nurseries in your area. Analyze market saturation. Anyone who seriously takes up any breed of dog and begins to invest in it not only efforts, but also money, as a result of more than one year of hard work, will be successful.

Where to place the dogs

A plant nursery is an opportunity to make a profit and spend time with benefits for the soul and health. In Russia at the moment there are several large enterprises of this type, but the niche is still practically free, since not all the needs of the population are satisfied in this matter. So many entrepreneurs can safely pay attention to such a profitable, albeit seasonal business, as opening a nursery in which plants will be grown for sale to the public. However, the first step is to draw up a business plan for the plant nursery.

Business Registration

As soon as the decision to open a nursery is made, you need to register your activity officially. There are two forms of ownership - individual entrepreneur or LLC, which are registered with the tax authority. If you want to try your hand and make sure of the profitability of the enterprise, then an individual entrepreneur is considered a more economical form of registration, which, when expanding the activity, can be re-registered as a Limited Liability Company.

When registering, the OKVED code is put down: 01. 2. - "Ornamental gardening and production of nursery products." This code allows you to develop the following areas:

  • growing of seedlings and ornamental crops, including sod for transplanting;
  • production of bulbs, seeds and tubers of flowers;
  • floriculture for sales.

Depending on the chosen area of ​​activity, you will have to provide:

  • passing certification;
  • standardization;
  • licensing;
  • interregional quarantine certification, allowing the transport of plants to other regions;
  • conclusion on the absence of quarantined plants in the nursery.

Also, depending on the type of plant, you may have to obtain specific licenses.

Product Description

Let's say the nursery will grow conifers, decorative, deciduous plants, flowers and shrubs:

  • Sea buckthorn ;
  • Blueberry ;
  • Barberry ;
  • Hawthorn ;
  • Juniper ;
  • Fir (white, balsamic, Korean);
  • Euonymus;
  • Spruce (blue, gray, common, etc.);
  • Larch;
  • Pine (mountain, Siberian, cedar, etc.);
  • Spirea;
  • Maple;
  • Hydrangea.

In this case, the cost of one plant will be equal to from 180 to 15,000 rubles, since difficult to grow and rare plants are not cheap. in addition, when setting prices, you need to take into account the age of the shrubs. The most expensive in this case will be:

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