How to open a coffee shop (ready-made business plan)

Opening your own business is always difficult. And to start it in the current crisis conditions without a competent business plan is almost impossible. I am not offering you a ready-made solution. I offer you a sample on the basis of which you can build your own business much easier, without unnecessary hassle. Read, implement, earn! Today's topic is a coffee shop business plan.


The presented project is a business plan for a coffee shop (hereinafter - Coffeehouses) - the organization of a gastronomic establishment with a payback period of two years.

Organizer and Project Manager -

Project goals:

  • Organization of a highly profitable enterprise
  • Receiving stable profits throughout the project
  • Satisfying consumer demand for coffee and other beverages consumption in public catering establishments

Project financing source: own funds or bank loan

Total project cost: 2 million rubles

Loan interest rate: 23% per annum

The total amount of credit funds for the payback period will be: 920,000 rubles

Payback period: 2 years

Investor's profit: 920,000 rubles

Payments of borrowed funds and interest on the loan will begin from the first month of the project. back to contents ↑

The main stages of the coffee shop business plan implementation

How much money is needed to open a coffee shop, what equipment to buy and how to calculate the cost of milk, grain, cups - we understand the business plan in detail.

₽ - equipment investment and rental for a coffee point

To open a coffee shop, you need to rent a room, make repairs in it and purchase equipment. Everything will take about 600,000 rubles.

Temper, two pitchers, micro current scale

Milk fridge and dessert refrigerated display case

Cash register equipment: fiscal drive, cash register, OFD license, cash drawer

Consumer Corner, Uniform, Menu Board

Further we will tell you more about each item.

Rent. A stand-alone room, an area in a shopping or business center is suitable for a take-away point. The main thing is to pay attention to the permeability and behavior of people.

There is a typical mistake: an entrepreneur looks that there is a high traffic of people near the premises, but does not pay attention to how these people behave. For example, there is a lot of traffic near the entrance to the metro, but people are in a hurry and it is inconvenient for them to take coffee with them on the subway car.

The catering industry is rightfully considered one of the most relevant niches for business. A modern person often has a snack on the go, not having time to have a full breakfast or lunch at home. A coffee shop is one of the most attractive formats for opening your own establishment. A simple but sophisticated menu allows you to attract visitors by making them regular customers. A properly developed concept and a detailed, well-thought-out business plan for a coffee shop will help a novice entrepreneur to open his own business and get not only pleasure from it, but also profit.

Market Analysis

Opening a coffee shop is a great idea for a businessman who has never worked in the catering industry. A simple and few coffee-based menu allows you to quickly attract your customers and reduce the cost of purchasing products. It will be easier to find suppliers of the goods - there will not be so many of them.

The catering industry in Russia brings colossal income to the owners of outlets in a year. The share of coffee houses accounts for more than 235 billion rubles. Moreover, this market is constantly growing. In 2021 and 2021, there was a trend towards an increase in the number of coffee houses and their total income, while restaurants and other food service outlets closed more often than they opened. There were several reasons for growth:

  • customers of restaurants and eateries prefer more democratic establishments;
  • growth in demand in the niches of "coffee to go", mobile coffee shops, cofix (coffee at a fixed price) and coffee catering (field service);
  • increase in coffee consumption.

Not many coffee shops are open in Russia, which gives prerequisites for further growth of the niche. In many cities with large populations, there are no more than 15 coffee shops for every 100,000 people. For example, in such megacities as Voronezh, Kazan, Tolyatti and Ufa, this figure does not exceed 7, which gives start-up businessmen excellent prospects for development.

In 2021, another interesting trend emerged - people began to prefer mono-concept coffee shops to full-cycle enterprises. Fast food outlets increased sales by 23%, while full-fledged cafeterias decreased revenue by 11%.

Relevance of the idea

All public catering studies prove the relevance of starting your own business in the format of a coffee shop. But a positive trend in the market is not the only reason to develop this area of ​​work. Other factors contribute to this:

  • a high level of profitability (ranges from 10 to 30%);
  • the possibility of opening with a small start-up capital (some formats of coffee houses can be opened with an amount of 300,000 to 700,000 rubles);
  • quick payback (from 6 to 12 months for small establishments);
  • variety of concepts and proposed menu;
  • simplicity with production point of view in comparison with full cycle catering establishments.

But the level of competition with other establishments (not just coffee shops) is quite high. A well-thought-out concept and a clear business plan for a coffee shop will help avoid financial losses for a novice entrepreneur.

A coffee shop is one of the most profitable types of business, clients of which are both young people and married couples with children. Before opening such an establishment, it is extremely important to choose a place and think over the competitive advantages. Therefore, a business plan for a coffee shop should be drawn up with a focus on a specific group of guests (for example, wealthy customers 40+) and take into account different scenarios, including with a reserve of part of the amount for unforeseen expenses.

Advantages and disadvantages of the coffee business

The coffee business is actively developing in Russia, which is especially noticeable in the last 5-7 years. Until recently, in many regions there was no chain of coffee shops, small kiosks, cars selling coffee, etc. Then the market began to saturate, but even in 2021 it still had growth potential.

The main reason is lagging development: if cafes have existed in European countries and the United States for a long time, in Russia they began to actively spread only in the last 10-15 years. Along with this advantage, the coffee business has other advantages:

  • You can target any group of visitors - both young people and families with children, as well as the elderly.
  • Coffee shops are the most affordable way to "cheer up". If not everyone can afford a trip to a restaurant, then almost all Russians can afford a cup of coffee for 100-200 rubles.
  • You can attract customers in different ways - assortment, unusual format, cozy atmosphere, prices.
  • Relatively small investment, especially compared to restaurants.
  • You can open a coffee shop from scratch on your own or use a ready-made franchise (for example, Starbucks).
  • Several concepts are available, including those with a small start-up capital (small stalls, mini-pavilions, mobile coffee shop, takeaway).

However, business is not without its drawbacks. Beginners should bear in mind that the market in many regions (especially in large metropolitan areas) is practically saturated, so the competition is very high. Against this background, it is quite difficult to stand out with an original idea. Also, entrepreneurs may face other risks:

  • The problem with choosing a location - if it is not passable or if there are too many competitors nearby, the project may burn out.
  • Despite the fact that the owner of the coffee shop will not constantly serve customers, it is very important for him to understand the technical parameters, the principles of the coffee equipment, the quality of the supplied raw materials, design features and other nuances.
  • If you open a "capital" cafe with a hall for guests, good interior, high-quality furniture, new equipment, investments will be large - about 1-2 million rubles or more.
  • Opening a coffee shop, like other catering establishments, requires registration of permits from various authorities. They will also carry out regular checks, so it is necessary to carefully observe sanitary, fire-prevention, epidemiological and other standards.

Documents required for opening

You need to start opening a cafe with registering a company and issuing permits. The list of required documents is long, so in some cases it is more convenient to pay 5-10 thousand rubles using the services of a special company than to collect all the certificates yourself. The current list looks like this:

  • certificate of state registration;
  • conclusion confirming the safety of raw materials and products;
  • conclusions on the medical examination of employees;
  • a license for retail trade;
  • a license for the sale of alcohol (if there is an appropriate range);
  • a patent for trading activities;
  • a document confirming the setting registered with the IFTS;
  • documents for the cash register.

Separately, you should highlight the documents that will be needed to put the premises into operation. The specific list depends on the specifics of regional legislation. Typically, the list consists of documentation like this:

  • charter of LLC;
  • lease agreement;
  • diagram of the main communication systems - sewerage, ventilation and others;
  • passports for communication systems;
  • sanitary passport of the premises;
  • copies of contracts with public utilities;
  • conclusion on the analysis of water quality;
  • list of products;
  • contracts for the supply of products;
  • contracts for the disposal of food waste;
  • contracts for the washing and cleaning of clothes for staff;
  • consumer corner.

A coffee shop is a great investment for aspiring businessmen. The coffee shop differs from similar formats of establishments by a wider selection of coffee-based drinks, as well as the presence of pastries, cold snacks, hot dishes.

To open your own coffee shop from scratch, you need a business plan with calculations. In our article, you will get acquainted with a short example of a business plan for opening a coffee shop with a coffee shop to go.

We discussed the main risks and pitfalls of the coffee market in the article "How to open a turnkey coffee shop"

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For 2021, the take-away coffee consumption market in Russia has not yet been formed and continues to grow, despite enormous competition.

Over the past few years, coffee houses have become a socio-cultural phenomenon and are a place not only for recreation, but also for work meetings. More than 50% of clients spend here from 2 to 4 hours. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Solvency. Many clients of large restaurants began to prefer more democratic establishments.
  • An increase in coffee consumption in Russia
  • An increasing demand for "coffee to go"
  • An increase in the number of people working remotely (outside the office)

In large metropolitan areas, there are no more than 20 coffee shops for every 100,000 people. And in smaller ones it does not exceed 7-10 points, which gives an excellent development potential in this niche. Annual growth of coffee houses averages 3-3.5%

According to the survey of consumer preferences of coffee houses, about 45% visit coffee houses several times a month, 40% - almost every day, 15% - once a week.

Coffee franchises every year conquer more and more market volume and increase their permanent audience, offering very favorable offers for their customers. Therefore, individual author's coffee houses, on the one hand, need an additional budget and a competent advertising strategy in order to compete with network establishments. On the other hand, it is easier for them to attract attention and do something unique in the coffee market and win the trust of customers.

Main consumer categories:

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