How to open a beauty salon from scratch in 2021: a business plan with calculations, presentation and main stages of work

At all times, women have sought to take care of themselves and look attractive. And now many are making good money and can afford salon procedures. Men also have a growing interest in their own appearance: barbershops began to appear in cities from scratch. Therefore, today a beauty salon business plan can be a reliable way for an entrepreneur to create a highly profitable business. In this article, you will find a step-by-step action plan and an example sample with calculations.

From this article you will learn:

Why do you need a business plan when opening a beauty salon

The beauty business is highly competitive. In large and medium-sized cities within a radius of 1 km. there can be up to 10 salons, hairdressing salons and manicure studios. In addition, services are offered by individual craftsmen who work from home.

A beauty salon business plan allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • analyze market trends;
  • evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, form a commercial offer that is more profitable for clients;
  • predict costs and optimize articles costs;
  • prepare for external and internal business risks.

The minimum investment in business will amount to 1.5 million rubles. But this is provided that your beauty studio will provide only three types of services: hairdressing, nail service and cosmetic. Additional organization of a massage parlor, solarium, SPA, and the sale of cosmetics will require more expenses when starting a business.

IMPORTANT. If you are considering ideas for how to make money in the beauty industry and are going to open your own beauty salon for the first time, focus on the economy or the middle segment of the market. When you gain experience, you can expand the list of services and hire new craftsmen.

How to open a beauty salon from scratch - mandatory steps

It's clear that before you start something, you need to carefully plan everything. Business organization includes 6 main stages.

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Business Description

The essence of the business: economy class beauty salon with the services of a hairdresser, beautician and nail master. Additional income from the sale of cosmetics.

Clients: local residents, mostly women from 20 to 55 years old.

Reason to come in: make a planned haircut, update manicure and pedicure, do styling for a festive evening, take a course of procedures with a beautician.

Economy: average bill - 1 250 ₽. The business will pay off in two years, then the annual profit will average 4 million rubles per year.

So that you have not an abstract, but a real picture, we have calculated prices for a launch in Moscow. We are Tinkoff Business and the SME Corporation, which supports small and medium-sized businesses from the state.

To start, you need to study the laws and understand the premises, employees and purchases.

Law and documents

Register an individual entrepreneur with the tax office. To do this, you need a passport, an application and 800 rubles to pay the state duty.

When registering, you must indicate OKVED 96. 2 - "provision of services by hairdressers and beauty salons." 52. 3 - “retail trade in cosmetic and perfumery goods”. ... Using this code, the state will understand what your business is doing.

Innovative business idea: how to make money in the production and sale of bio fireplaces

To open your own salon and attract investment, each businessman needs to draw up a ready-made business plan for a beauty salon with calculations.

When writing a project, keep in mind that the format of doing business involves both opening a small studio at home and a large salon in a rented space.

You can register in the form of an organization or an individual entrepreneur. The sequence of actions, registration costs, describe in the organizational section of the project.

The cost of opening a beauty salon directly depends on the number of services provided and the scale of the business. The implementation of the project should take into account the financial costs for the purchase of equipment and consumables, rental of premises, the amount of remuneration of personnel.

Tip! For the convenience of information perception, fill out all the economic calculations of the financial section of the business plan in tables, diagrams.

Section "Personnel" of the project should contain a list of staff positions to be hired, an approximate payroll. The salary of foremen, as a rule, depends on the amount of the proceeds and is usually at least 15,000 rubles.

You should also describe the necessary requirements for employees, their main job responsibilities. Provide a system of incentives for labor (bonuses, incentive gifts).

In the business plan, special attention should be paid to the issue of finding suitable premises. It is desirable to locate the salon building in the city center, not far from shopping stores. Enter the minimum size for the area. To do this, use the recommendation: one client has at least 5 sq. meters.

After the opening of a beauty studio, the first place is taken to attract clients. To do this, develop a detailed marketing policy for the enterprise. Use advertisements on radio and television, in print publications. It is necessary to draw the attention of passers-by to the opening of the salon. It is a good idea to distribute brochures in the immediate vicinity of the building.

In the final part of the business plan, calculate the indicators of the company's financial stability. Potential investors will be more willing to invest their money in developing a business with a high level of profitability.

Types of beauty services

In this section, it is worth paying special attention to the types of services provided, because they actually determine the image of your salon, its further prosperity.

Social research shows that the following services are usually offered when writing a beauty salon business plan:

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Reviews of the beauty salon business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of a beauty salon in the year

Organization of a beauty salon: what you can save on

Opening a business in the beauty industry - what could be simpler and more cost-effective. Women have always strived to be more beautiful than nature decided, and salons are designed to satisfy this need. It's just fine if you can reach such a place on foot, and not go through the whole city.

When you visit a successfully functioning salon, you are sure that organizing a salon as a business is quite a simple matter. But if you start to understand the details, a lot of nuances emerge that can quickly sink a business to the bottom.

You can foresee all the dangerous moments by studying a typical business plan for a beauty salon. The document will show what amounts will be required at the start stage. How soon the business will start making net profit. In what issues can you save money, and where is it better to invest in full.

The main principle of success in the salon business is "the quieter you drive, the further you will be." That is, you should not rush and from the first days offer all possible services, from haircuts to beauty injections. Especially if the budget is tight.

Ideally, you can start with a hairdresser, or opening a nail salon. Such options do not require impressive investments and pay off rather quickly. It is important to choose a room with the possibility of further expansion.

There are a lot of nuances in saving, which must also be taken into account. You can invest less in the design of the room, not to arrange grandiose repairs at first. But consumables must be of high quality.

When calculating the opening of a beauty salon, it is important to correctly calculate the budget. It is great if the amount of funds is enough for a one-time opening of a salon with several offices and various services. But if your budget is tight, don't get discouraged and give up on your dreams. Start small. You can open a nail salon by renting a few squares of working space from a hairdresser.

For this you need a minimum investment. Equipment for nail extension, a table and two chairs - all this can be packed in fifty thousand rubles. And in a few months you will recoup your investment. The express manicure business has excellent profitability. For this option, you can rent a small area in a shopping center. A constant flow of customers will be ensured.

Having reached a good income and proficiency in business, you can proceed to opening a nail salon. This is already a separate room with rooms for manicure and pedicure. When looking for a suitable space for rent, keep in mind that the entrance must be located separately. This is especially true for rented apartments on the ground floor of high-rise buildings.

The profitability of beauty salons is quite high, and it makes sense to think about purchasing a ready-made business. But, in order not to buy a pig in a poke, you should carefully check all the proposed documents. If you are not very well versed in the documentation, then you should refer to professional samples of a beauty salon business plan with calculations.

Each salon, before becoming a place of mass pilgrimage for interested clients, has its own starting point, which is the decision to open it.

So. You are determined to become the owner of a popular business and to put together a sample beauty salon business plan. Before starting targeted financial investments, you should dwell on the problem of the demand for business in your region and answer the question: for whom?

Development of a business plan for a beauty salon: market analysis

Salon business is a fast growing area. The Soviet desire to equate everyone and everything was reflected in him by a harsh ignorance of "capitalist pretentiousness" and, as a result, by the presence of twin hairdressing salons throughout our country.

This is not the case today. The desire of Russians to have a beautiful appearance stimulates the beauty market. This requires the opening of new salons with a high level of service not only in cities with a population of one million, but also in small towns. The growth in the number of beauty salons is due to the following reasons:

  • The steadily increasing desire of Russians to Western standards of beauty.
  • Improving the service.
  • An increase in the number of services (hairdresser, manicurist, beautician, massage therapist, the possibility of hair extension, solarium services (see business plan), body shaping, etc.).
  • Growth in the number of male clients (1/4 of the salon visitors are men).
  • Opportunity to attract high-class specialists, training in the best foreign workshops.
  • Understanding the difference between home care and professional beauty treatments in the salon.

How to open a hairdressing salon read this article.

Marketing environment

The finished beauty salon business plan contains detailed information about the marketing environment of the future project, which details the following details:

  • Trends in the development of the beauty industry.
  • Analysis of the location of the future salon.
  • Detailed description of the client base.
  • Competitive environment of the salon.
  • Analysis of activities to promote the structure's services.

Summary: from the point of view of demand, the salon business is highly promising. The business plan for opening a beauty salon indicates the possibility of attracting a large number of clients, subject to certain conditions of professional management.

Development of a business plan for a beauty salon, as a rule, begins with an analysis of the above points. Also, no business is complete without observing certain formalities.

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