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Cold and slimy schnitzels, more than half of bread, pies fried in rancid butter, sticky rice - the memories of Soviet canteens are still in the memory of many of us. But time passed, and canteens began to gain popularity again, but already, undoubtedly, reviving in a completely different form. In order to retain potential customers, you must try hard to ensure the optimal combination of a high level of service, quality dishes and affordable prices.

Even a modest investment with a smart organization can bring the desired income. There are a lot of options: you can open a vegetarian canteen if you are sure that there will be a stable demand for such products, or you can start organizing corporate canteens. In order to choose a surely win-win option, you should correctly assess the situation in this market segment, study the competition and the need for a specific dining room format.

When opening a catering establishment, it is best to focus on the middle class - employees of enterprises who have nowhere to eat at lunchtime, office workers who are used to intercepting something on the go, as well as visiting people who have no opportunity to eat houses.

Well-fed is not a friend to the hungry

Analysis of competitors who pose a danger to the cafeteria is the first thing a businessman should start with. One of the determining factors for the success of the event is the location of the dining room. The most profitable option is to rent premises in the immediate vicinity of large enterprises and organizations, whose employees will become your regular visitors. The profitability of opening a canteen for employees is usually quite high. Sandwiches and pies that you can eat right at the workplace are a sure way to serious diseases, which many have long understood. Therefore, the opportunity to dine hearty and inexpensive will be appreciated by most employees.

Renting a canteen directly at the enterprise is becoming common today. This option suits both the owner of the canteen and the management of the plant or factory. The organization of the work of a mini canteen at an enterprise usually does not present any special problems, the only thing that should be thought out especially carefully is the menu. It's one thing if the canteen is located on the territory of a confectionery factory, where mostly women work. And it is quite different if you have to feed men engaged in hard physical labor in some factory.

When renting a ready-made canteen with staff for a business, be prepared for the fact that workers may be hostile to the new owner. The ability to establish contact with subordinates is an important ability with which you can easily avoid unnecessary conflicts. Very often, novice businessmen are looking for a suitable canteen business project on the forums. But the most profitable option is to use a professional example of a business plan for opening a canteen from scratch with ready-made calculations, which will allow you to foresee any possible risks and find a way out of the most difficult situations.

A canteen business plan is key to successfully starting a business from scratch. Today canteens are fading into the background. Many consider them to be relics of the past, especially the younger generation. For this reason, many businessmen call their establishments restaurants and offer dishes of foreign cuisines. However, there is a group of people who prefer homemade food, and there is no time to cook at home. Therefore, opening a canteen is a promising business.


Public catering is the name of all companies that offer catering services through the production of culinary products and their sale.

There are several types of such enterprises:

canteen - an enterprise that produces and sells culinary products;

a restaurant is an organization that offers a wide range of complex dishes. Its feature is high service level;

dumplings - a catering establishment offering handmade dumplings as a main dish;

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cafe is a catering organization that offers fewer dishes than a restaurant;

pancake - an organization that offers various types of pancakes for use, including a pancake on wheels;

a donut shop - a catering establishment, the menu of which has various types of donuts;

diner - offers a small variety of dishes that are easy to prepare. Visitor service is fast.

Features of the dining room business plan

The result is a discrepancy: on the one hand, this is an interesting innovation, and on the other hand, it is the same dish, just sprinkled with a different sauce.

Project Summary

The canteen is a catering establishment that offers visitors the usual meals and drinks most often found on the home menu. Its main feature is the affordability of prices - the average price of one order is only 150 rubles. Thanks to this, it can compete with other similar organizations.

It should be drafted in such a way that it can be applied in different parts of the country and even for an aspiring entrepreneur who does not have any special knowledge.

Analysis of the market and possible competition

For a business plan to be truly effective, you need to carefully analyze the existing market.

The menu of a successful establishment should include a wide range of dishes: various salads, several first courses, side dishes, drinks and dairy products.

Financial Plan

This paragraph usually includes a description of the moments related to income and expenses, because only based on these data, you can estimate the payback of such an institution.

Opening a mini-dining room usually involves the following costs:

  • rent - 900 thousand rubles. per year;
  • equipping the premises with the necessary equipment - 550 thousand rubles;
  • payment of wages - 2021 thousand rubles. per year;
  • other overhead costs - 100 thousand rubles. in year.

Restaurant financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

Currently, opening a restaurant is a profitable and promising business. There are a number of reasons for this. First, most people want to have a good time in a good environment after work or on weekends. Secondly, due to the acceleration of the pace of urban life, most people use catering services more often. Third, there is a constant increase in food consumption. Thus, the payback period is 17 months, the break-even point is 3 months.

To launch a restaurant, you need to hire 34 employees, as well as rent a space of 900 m2. The restaurant should be located in the central districts of the city or near large shopping and business centers. Most of the target audience is concentrated in these areas.

The total number of visitors per year is 27,500 people, per month - 2,292 people. The largest number of visitors falls on weekends - 65%, on weekdays - 35%. In addition to the general menu, business lunches are offered to visitors during the daytime. Restaurant working hours: on weekdays from 11:00 to 24:00, on weekends from 12:00 to 03:00. The total number of seats is 40 people.

Thus, with a high demand for restaurant services, as well as profitability, the project shows good performance indicators:

Investments for opening - 6 820 000 rubles

Average monthly profit - 412,000 rubles

Payback period - 17 months

Break-even point - 3 months

Return on sales - 16%

Organization of a restaurant business is considered one of the most attractive types of investment. A business plan of the restaurant with detailed calculations will help to effectively organize this type of activity. Almost every professional chef dreams of opening his own restaurant; such a project contains many creative moments and can bring great pleasure to its owner. In addition, in the restaurant business, profitability is quite high and with a competent organization of the investment process, the investment will quickly pay off. The Moscow restaurant market has tendencies of annual quantitative growth by 3-4%.

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Consider an example of a business plan for a mid-range restaurant with European cuisine for 50 seats. When choosing a place for a restaurant, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the target audience and the presence of competitors.

Project Summary

The finished business plan of the restaurant will include the calculation of the project of a casual dinning establishment with European cuisine, designed for middle-class visitors. The premise will be rented, the stake will be on good cuisine, quality service and reasonable prices. The payback period of the project will be 2.5-3 years.

Project Marketing

Market Overview

According to research companies, there are more than 3000 restaurants in Moscow, not counting fast foods, which are about the same. Most of the capital's restaurants are located in the central districts. The level of restaurants also depends on the location - on the outskirts, more economical establishments open, in the center - elite and middle price segment. The main criterion for assessing the quality of a restaurant is the cuisine and quality of service, as well as the interior of the restaurant. The volume of the restaurant services market in Moscow is more than 120 billion rubles per year and there are trends of annual growth by 3-4%.

Basic Concept

Data for calculating all parameters - premises, equipment, personnel, etc., determines the concept of the restaurant. According to the state standards of the Russian Federation, restaurants are divided into three classes: luxury, superior and first class. Restaurateurs use a slightly different classification: elite or premium restaurants (fine-dinning), fast food establishments (QSR), fast casual restaurants with free-flow format, democratic casual dinning establishments. There is also a thematic division of focus: home, sports, automobile, hunting, etc. Our project will consider the project of a casual dinning restaurant, designed for middle class visitors. The emphasis will be on European cuisine, the interior will be designed in a strict aristocratic style.

Target group

Understanding the general concept and determining the location of the restaurant will allow us to determine the main target audience. Our restaurant will be located in a densely populated residential area, far enough from the center. Visitor portrait: income level - average and above average, conservative, loves good cuisine and quality service, prefers classical music and restrained interior.

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