How to make an action plan

An event means a meeting planned and held with the participation of a group of people: a holiday, a business meeting, a sports competition, a children's matinee, an advertising campaign, etc. Since the event is often attended by a large number of participants, it is extremely important to take care of the safety of all those invited , as well as that they were comfortable, no one was bored, there were no complaints about the menu, the performance of the artists, the design of the meeting room, etc. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to carefully prepare.

Event preparation begins with planning. It is better to worry about how to draw up an event plan in advance. The more time remains until the significant date, the more opportunities to think over, weigh, avoid mistakes and negative feedback from participants. The plans are drawn up in accordance with the specifics of the event, but there are general recommendations for planning.

What is foreseen in the plan

Target first. Not a single event is held just like that. The company's leaders want to achieve certain results: the formation of a corporate culture, the promotion of goods on the market, the expansion of sites for business, the rallying of employees, the celebration of the hero of the day (official recognition of his merits to the company), etc. The main thing is that the goal should be specific, clearly formulated and achievable ... Together with the goal, the type of event is also determined (buffet table, picnic, holiday in the water park, etc.).

The next planning step is budget. No matter how hard the organizer tries, it will not be possible to realize all creative ideas if the budget does not allow it. Therefore, before deciding how to draw up an event plan, you need to decide on finances.

The following positions are taken into account:

  • the number and gender of guests (necessary for making a menu, selecting drinks);
  • venue of the event;
  • decoration and technical equipment;
  • transport (if the event is off-site);
  • photo and video filming;
  • invitation of the host, artists;
  • prizes and gifts; <
  • media coverage of the event (if necessary).


After clarifying the above questions, you can start drawing up questionnaires for those invited. This will make it easier to accommodate guests' wishes. Based on the results of the survey, you may have to make adjustments to the plan and estimate. We offer an approximate list of questions:

  • Are you planning to attend the event?
  • If you are not planning to attend the event, what is the reason?
  • How did you hear about the event ?
  • How was the registration for participation in the event (very simple, simple, without any problems, with minor difficulties, there were difficulties)?
  • Do you have any wishes about the menu?
  • Who will pay for your participation in the event?
  • What topics, questions for discussion are you interested in?
  • Do you have any questions about the event, what?
  • Do you have any questions for the host of the event, what?
  • How would you like to receive information about the event (address, e-mail, telephone)?
  • Other.

Anyone who is thinking about starting their own business should pay attention to such a promising direction as organizing holidays. Such a business will not require impressive investments and will allow you to get a good income with minimal risks.

Party organization services in big cities are especially popular. Here, not only individuals, but also large companies prefer to contact such agencies. It is believed that only those people who have creative abilities can achieve success in this area. However, any person can get a good income in this area. The main thing is to have organizational skills, a willingness to work and form a creative team of professionals.

Pros of a business idea

An aspiring entrepreneur who has decided to create an agency dealing with the organization and holding of holidays, it is necessary, first of all, to analyze all the positive and negative aspects of this project. This will allow assessing the development opportunities and risks of this business.

What are the benefits of organizing events? Among them:

  • High demand. Today, more and more people want their celebrations and holidays to be colorful, vivid and memorable. Achieving the desired result is possible only with the use of the appropriate decor and equipment. In this case, you cannot do without the work of professional designers and presenters.
  • Regular customers. Any party agency needs creativity and quality. Such characteristics will allow an entrepreneur to create a good base of regular customers.
  • Good yield. An agency for organizing holidays, having a professional staff and a well-built marketing strategy, is able to quickly recoup the investment and achieve high profitability.
  • Small attachments. A person with minimal savings is capable of entering the market to provide such services.
  • No need to maintain a large staff of workers. By opening an agency for organizing events, you can develop cooperation with various groups by paying a fixed percentage of the event budget or working with artists using piecework wages.

Cons of a business idea

The project providing services for organizing parties has some drawbacks. The main one is high competition due to wide demand. That is why an entrepreneur will need to stand out from the competition by correctly defining the target audience, recruiting creative and professional people, and constantly monitoring fashion trends in his chosen field.

Create a business plan

What steps do you need to take to properly build your business? In order for the conceived project to bring good profit for a long time, you will need to draw up a business plan for the holiday agency. Consider the main points of this document, which is important for organizing your own business.

Sooner or later, any leader is faced with writing an action plan. The action plan may be asked to write the immediate manager or founders of the company. And even if you have a clear plan of action in your head, transferring it to paper, making it understandable for everyone, is not as easy as it seems at first glance. In addition, the action plan often needs not only to be written, but also to be defended before the management.

What is an action plan

An action plan is a document in which goals are defined, specific actions, deadlines for their implementation are described, and responsible persons for the implementation of actions necessary to achieve the desired result are identified.

An action plan can be written for a specific event, or for a specific period of work of a division or company. In general, events are periodic and one-time. For events that have to be performed constantly (periodic), it is customary to prescribe business processes and regulations. But a young company, as a rule, does not have them, and therefore everything starts with action plans.

For one-time events, the plan is very important because it is extremely difficult to achieve well-coordinated work of a large number of people if everyone does not have clear written instructions. And in order for them to appear, an action plan is drawn up.

What is the action plan for

Writing an action plan takes a lot of time. And often employees have a question about the appropriateness of spending time writing an action plan. But it is important to understand that any process that employees perform must be scheduled to the smallest detail, this is necessary in order to achieve the correct execution of it, regardless of who is performing this activity.

First of all, an action plan is needed to calculate the cost to complete a task. Novice startups are faced with the fact that a seemingly brilliant plan, on paper, does not look worthwhile or not achievable. When you start to draw up an action plan, you will be faced with the fact that you have to calculate and digitize all the indicators of your event. Therefore, one of the most important goals of drawing up an action plan is saving and prudent use of resources. After all, the effectiveness of each event is assessed based on the resources expended and the result obtained.

Achievement of complex goals is achieved through the implementation of a huge range of activities. In the absence of a pre-written action plan, you will have to spend time planning each new event. Although it would be possible to immediately carry out the following activity.

How to write an action plan

Any plan consists of the same points. In order to avoid confusion, it is better to disassemble each term used in the action plan separately:

Competitors are on the alert, which is why it is important to constantly generate fresh ideas, even with regard to traditional events. A new seating plan and unusual seating can play into your hands. Here are some ideas on how to breathe life into business events.

Develop a design concept ahead of time and highlight the points that make it unique

Your main task is to do the same event in a new way every time. Make it look different while retaining its essence. This is especially important when you are trying to find a sponsor. Among competing events, he will choose someone who can look different.

Choose a location that suits your design

Use the architecture and interior details of the space itself to promote your brand, instead of cluttering it with annoying signs. Choose premises and locations that will continue the design concept of the event and together create a unique space.

Replay the placement of participants

Not all business events require a conference room or classroom atmosphere. Give participants a choice of where to sit. Someone will like to sit at the table, someone will prefer an easy chair. Comfort is the first thing to pay attention to, especially if people have to sit for a very long time. Mix up traditional and unusual seating.

Round tables are great for discussions. And to acquaint the participants with several aspects of the event, divide the space into several “stages” between which it would be convenient to move.

Design must meet the technical needs of guests

Often, participants in business events need to work even when the event is taking place. They need to connect a laptop somewhere, answer a call, and so on. This is why it is important, for example, to equip each location with a charger. In addition, the use of gadgets during the event can play into the hands of the organizers themselves. They can arrange a live chat, give the opportunity to ask questions to speakers through digital devices.

Create a theater feel

Music is often an integral part of the event. She creates the right atmosphere. But for business events, a DJ booth is not the most suitable solution. Make the DJ performance a little theatrical. Place his turntables on a full stage.

Greetings, dear readers! Alexander Berezhnov with you.

Let me remind you that this manual consists of 3 parts. If you haven't read them yet, I recommend that you read them first: part 1, part 2.

According to the content of the business plan, I will give an example of writing a business plan for opening an anti-cafe in Stavropol. This establishment is already successfully operating in our city and is called "Reality" time-cafe. He himself was a visitor to it more than once and held events there.

So, dear friends, from the 2nd part we learned how the sections of the business plan should look and what questions the information contained in them should answer. Now, according to our points of the business plan, we will open "anti-cafe".

I must say right away that there will not be a description of the production plan here, since anti-cafe is not engaged in production, but provides entertainment and leisure services.

Introductory part (summary)

Description of goods and services

Facility services

Time-cafe "Reality" will sell the time spent in the establishment at the rate of 1.5 rubles per minute. In exchange for this payment, the institution will provide its visitors with:

1. Access to the use of educational and entertainment equipment:

  • Books ;
  • Board games;
  • X-box game console;
  • Laptop;
  • Projector;
  • Karaoke system.

2. Access to participation in training and entertainment events:

  • Music evenings;
  • Dance nights;
  • Psychology courses;
  • English courses; <
  • Public speaking courses.

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