How to make a good business plan - sharing experience with beginners

The perfect business plan in steps

A step-by-step guide to writing a business plan. Specific advice - take it and implement if you don't know where to start.

Where does a successful business start?

No, not from an idea. And with the correct presentation of this idea - with the justification of the demand for the business, with detailed calculations of costs, with plans for making a profit. Without a good business plan, you cannot get a real picture of the future work of the enterprise and not get investments.

The business plan may differ depending on the purpose. It can be investment, credit, grant or general plan of the enterprise. In the first three types, the emphasis should be on the benefits - for the investor (profit), the bank (quick loan repayment), the state (social benefits from the enterprise). When drafting them, you can embellish reality to make the plan look more attractive.

A standard business plan is written for themselves before starting a business. He shows the idea of ​​creating an enterprise, describes business processes and mechanisms for their implementation. There is no need to hide or "decorate" anything in it - the more carefully you calculate everything, the fewer surprises you will receive in the process of work.

How to start planning

Step Define Purpose

Who are you writing the plan for - yourself or your investors? When the goal of the plan is to show the investment attractiveness of the project, you can not work out the organizational structure so carefully, but focus on the financial, marketing plan and show the benefits. You can make your presentation more emotional.

If a business plan is an internal document, this does not mean that it should be taken less seriously. On the contrary, the calculations for yourself should be the most reliable. You are risking your dream and your money.

Step Conduct general SWOT analysis

Identify Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats. With its help, you will be able to assess the internal and external resources of the company, understand what can get in the way of achieving the goal and calculate how to minimize risks. It is always best to start with a SWOT analysis: the results will help to objectively draw up each section of the plan.

Step Develop Plan Structure

A business plan done correctly has a lot of potential energy to grow your own business. Following the points of the plan, the business must develop, become successful, ─ instructions for the stable development of your own enterprise. Let's consider how to draw it up, examples and main points of a business plan, what content it should have.

How to draw up a business plan correctly

The type of business plan can be different, someone makes it thoroughly, using development schedules, someone in a simple notebook by hand, ─ how to draw up a business plan correctly so that it is suitable for the investor's consideration, and also well and clearly reflected the path of your business development, consider this issue.

The task in drawing up a plan for business development is to calculate as best as possible all stages of the cycles, before making a profit, to take into account the cost of funds as much as possible, as well as possible risks. It always starts with an idea, experts consider two types of solutions, these are:

An idea with the potential for successful development of an organized enterprise.

An original and suitable idea for starting a business.

What is a successful entrepreneurial idea? This can be imagined in the form of companies that sell products on the market without any effort and they are in constant, growing demand. An example of such activities in the Russian Federation is the establishment of a business in the trade of fermented milk products (yoghurts from abroad), until production was established in our country. At the time of the expansion, it was considered a successful idea, but domestic producers mastered the demand and now import trade does not make sense.

An interesting fact, but many novice entrepreneurs stop at the type of activity that they have already seen in someone else, that is, sales organization like that of “that businessman”. Perhaps this will be a successful venture, but one must understand that there is already a strong competitor in this market segment, perhaps more than one.

As such an idea, you can imagine an example of how a person solved the issue in the city of stealing light bulbs in city hallways, he made a special lamp for this. Now, to unscrew the light bulb, you need a special design tool. There was no such product on the regional lighting market. The organization of a workshop and the production of custom-made lamps can be called a successful business. The author made a patent for the design of the lamps.

What solutions can be used to determine the success of an idea in organizing a business, these are:

the consumer of the products that you will produce, or the direction in the provision of services, ─ must be constantly in demand. The product should be displayed in such a way that the buyer immediately sees its benefits, even in those cases when he does not see it;

assessing the market need to make the correct pricing of their products so that the population can buy them at the set value.

An entrepreneur at this stage of organizing an enterprise must also understand about human habits, know-how may not always be in demand. Even when there is a "wonderful" device for peeling potatoes, they continue to peel it with a knife in homes. It is always necessary to calculate the risks that may be associated with the climatic features of the region.

Good day, future millionaires! Webmaster Alexander with you! Most likely, you have already rummaged through many Internet resources for the query "how to make a business plan" in search of the perfect plan or advice on how to create one, but you still have not found what you need.

At the very beginning, I want to share a little of my great joy! I have finally updated the staff of working machines (laptops). Few people know that I always work in parallel on two laptops on one, I have various programs for SEO analysis to promote my resources running 24 hours a day, and on the other I work myself. Here they are! My two work cars:

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So, back to business! The problem of drawing up business plans is that the business is constantly changing, the market wanted some products yesterday, and tomorrow it will want others, and if you draw up business plans for weeks, think and guess, then nothing will work for you. Typically, university professors, government officials and other people far from business claim that good planning is 50% of success, but I will disappoint you: success can only be achieved by risky experiments, daring decisions and your own mind. On the other hand, you also need to take into account the advice of established businessmen, for example, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with my following works:

In these articles I share my personal experience of starting a business! This is not a theory! This is practice, friends! So learn and implement!

Business plan writing starts with analysis

Before you open something, you need to analyze the market - perhaps your idea has been used for a long time, and competitors will not allow you to get at least some income. Search the Internet for sites with competing services, experiment with queries in Wordstat, and you will know if there is a demand for your services or products. All the results should be recorded in the pivot table of the business plan - this will allow you to see the big picture more clearly. Next, you need to assess the audience of your product or service: how much the buyer is ready to give money for the product, how much your competitors are asking for the same product. Along the way, think about how to create a more profitable offer than your competitors, because the influx of customers depends on this. Again, write all the data into your business plan in the "Market Analysis" and "Competitors' Proposals" section.

Expenses and incomes when creating a business plan

How to create a business plan: common mistakes

After reading the article, many readers may simply abandon this matter - it's too difficult, there are a lot of numbers and letters, too much to think about. In fact, the correct business plan process shouldn't take a lot of your time. A couple of hours for its development, plus a few days for an in-depth market analysis, and that's it - it's time to get down to business and build a business. If you are making a plan for yourself (and most likely a beginner businessman will do so), then it should at most take one A4 page: describe your target audience, the approximate profit from the client, expenses and other details that are important to you. That's it, we don't need anything else, it's time to experiment and try to break into the market. Business sharks advise first of all to see the idea and the possibilities of this idea to make a profit, and already in the background leave complex calculations, columns of diagrams and other rubbish. Even if you decide to find an investor, you do not need to write a business plan of fifty pages to impress the listener - describe the most important aspects, your advantage in the market, differences from competitors, and then you will succeed. In any case, we are waiting for you a lot of trial and error, ups and downs, but if you just sit behind papers, you will not see anything but this paper!

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