How to draw up an effective hotel business plan

The hotel business in Russia is considered profitable, especially if you are going to open a hotel in a resort town or cultural center. But you need to be ready to the maximum for the huge competition. And in non-tourist cities, there are fewer competitors, but it is necessary to open a hotel for a certain audience so that it is in demand and not idle. The business plan of the hotel / hotel should be worked out as detailed as possible, since in this industry you need to think not only globally, but also pay attention to the little things that are important for potential guests.

Registration and licensing of activities

Any business in Russia requires registration of an enterprise. The simplest thing is to register an LLC or IE. For our example, we choose the registration of an individual entrepreneur, taxation is a simplified reporting system. Registration cost - 3,000 rubles.

Licensing is not required to organize a hotel, but if your hotel has services that require licensing, a license is issued for them.

The main regulatory document for organizing a hotel in our country is the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 25. 4. 997. No. 490 "On approval of the rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation."

Improving the quality of hotel services is a key issue in the development of the hotel business in Russia. Therefore, the next important document for organizing a business is the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation No. 1215 of 11. 7. 014 "On the approval of the classification of objects of the tourism industry"

The room in which the hotel is located must comply with SES standards and fire requirements. Before starting activities, it is required to notify Rospotrebnadzor.

Let's take for calculations the cost of organizational expenses, taking into account the cost of registration of an individual entrepreneur - 50,000 rubles

Premises for hospitality

First you need to decide what kind of hotel you are going to open: a hostel, a mini-hotel, a large hotel, a recreation center, a boutique hotel or a sanatorium.

The hotel business is characterized by prestige, attracts with high income, but at the same time requires a responsible approach and careful preparation.

The peculiarities of the hotel business in Russia are that the construction of hotels in the country is actively carried out in those regions where tourist routes run. These regions include the capital and the region, St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring, Baikal, resort areas in the south of the country. The non-standard hotel business in Russia is represented by complexes for athletes-skiers in the mountainous regions of the country, as well as in sparsely populated forest-steppe zones.

Let's consider how to draw up a business plan for opening a hotel and what parameters must be taken into account.

Basic parameters for calculating the hotel business plan

It is a mistake to assume that opening a hotel is easy - you just need to buy a room, renovate it and hire subordinates.

There are many pitfalls in this business: if they are not taken into account, then there is a risk of adding to the list of businessmen with unsuccessful projects.

A successful hospitality business requires a competent business plan. The project should include parameters such as location, target audience, property, hotel class.

Hotel location

Infrastructure, advantages and disadvantages of the area are important to guests. For this reason, first of all, it is necessary to compile a list of terrain features:

  • attractions: natural, architectural, historical, closed industrial facilities;
  • natural objects: parks, mountains, forests, water bodies;
  • areas for business meetings and events;
  • the presence, absence of any type of transport;
  • tourist popularity, attractiveness of the region;
  • the presence of military conflicts, natural catastrophes;
  • the seasonality of these advantages and features.

The compiled list will allow you to roughly calculate the number of people who will be interested in staying in a particular hotel.

Every year the tourism sector is only gaining momentum, and both external and internal tourism are developing. Increasingly, organizations are sending employees on business trips or to refresher courses in another city. All this contributes to the growth of demand for hotel services. Therefore, the plan to open such a business is potentially very promising. Especially if you focus on the middle class and offer quality services at reasonable prices.

Evaluating business ideas pros and cons

Before deciding whether such a business is right for you and whether it is worth opening it, you need to familiarize yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages of this area. This will also allow when drawing up a plan.

  • High demand, especially if the hotel is located in a popular tourist region, where guests from other countries and regions often visit.
  • The ability to have regular customers - this can be achieved by providing quality services in your niche.
  • Good profitability indicators, even if the hotel is occupied by a third. A fully occupied hotel can pay off within 2-3 months.

  • Great competition in the field. Recently, many businessmen are turning their attention to this field of activity, and therefore a large number of mini-hotels are opening everywhere.
  • The need for large investments at the start, without which it will not work to start a business.

Market and Competitor Analysis

The hotel can be oriented towards:

  • tourists ;
  • vacationers ;
  • people coming for treatment;
  • freelancers;
  • foreign students ;
  • businessmen ;
  • company employees on a business trip;
  • love couples.

Decide for clients what income you want to work with, you can also provide rooms in different price categories.

So that the presence of competitors and their capture of most of the market does not come as a surprise, you need to carefully study your competitors, understand their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to choose an unoccupied niche, as well as gain experience from those who have been in this business for a long time. It is important to pay attention to how certain qualities of competitors are perceived by customers. Some ideas can be used in your business plan. Attention should be paid here to the price category, quality of services and partners.

Consider the companies with the largest market share first. These competitors are important for the following reasons:

Reviews of the hotel business plan ()

The main thing about the hotel's business plan for the year

Hotel opening - rate for a mini-hotel

As the analysis of the activities of the hotel and tourism businesses shows, mini-hotels are increasingly popular with tourists. The problem with large hotels is that they often lack economy-class seats, which has been used by entrepreneurs who open mini-hotels. This market sector in Russia is developing very actively, and in many cities small and cozy hotels are a very tangible competition for multi-storey buildings.

The main problem of the mini-hotel business is the lack of a constant stream of guests. The main points of the development of a small hotel are such that it is more difficult for it to declare itself. As a rule, the first year of a small hotel's operation becomes especially difficult. Financial investments at this stage are maximum, and there is no need to even dream of a return. Hospitality training is an integral part of the process if you want to run a hotel yourself, and this also requires significant funds.

Another significant drawback in organizing the hotel business and a small hotel in particular is the long payback period. According to estimates given in some business projects of the hotel business, a small hotel will start to bring net profit only in 8-10 years. Even in large cities, business development costs return no earlier than 5-7 years later.

How does the organization of a hotel company begin? Of course, with the search for a suitable room. As a rule, hotels with 5 to 30-40 rooms fall into the rank of mini-hotels. It can be either a detached building or one or two floors in a hostel. Opening a hotel from scratch requires obligatory approvals, but the peculiarities of positioning and functioning of small hotels make it possible in some cases to simplify this process.

Small hotels are attractive, first of all, because of the low cost of living. Potential clients are not afraid of the lack of a fitness room or sauna, but the equipment of the hotel rooms should be of a high level. The visiting card of small hotels is service. The main hotel concepts here include an individual approach to each visitor, fortunately, there are usually few of them. The peculiarities of the work of staff in small hotels, as well as the management of a mini-hotel, are in closer communication with the client. Business processes in a small hotel take place in almost everyone's sight, which creates certain difficulties.

There are several categories of small hotels, and the most notable of them are business hotels, somewhat similar to departmental hotels, which still exist in some regions. The main feature of a business hotel is that hotel clients come to another city with a serious purpose, which is related to the implementation of business activities. In this regard, the equipment of the room in a business hotel is important - it is important that there is a reliable telephone and Internet connection.

How should business service be carried out in hotels, how to create your own business and open a small country mini-hotel, where to find an example of equipment for a mini-hotel - in search of answers to these questions, novice businessmen turn to a competent business example - a plan for the opening of a mini-hotel with ready-made calculations. It allows you to understand the peculiarities of the hotel business, labor relations. Having this document in hand, it will be much easier to take the first steps in creating and opening your own mini-hotel. Having decided to study the business project of a private mini-hotel, businessmen make their right choice.

How to open a hotel in apartments

The hotel business is multifaceted: someone is building a huge multi-storey hotel, investing tens of millions in it, others decide to open a mini-hotel in their apartment. Moreover, both options are in demand, they are simply designed for different categories of the population.

The hotel business has been one of the most demanded areas of activity for many years. The clients of the hotels are mainly tourists (both foreign and nonresident), business travelers and businessmen on a business trip. Due to the fact that both tourism and business are developing very rapidly, hotel services will always be in demand.

This business is suitable because it is ready to invest a serious amount of money at the start, since opening a hotel (both large and mini format) requires considerable financial resources. However, with the right approach and careful preparation of a business plan, all costs will pay off, although it will take quite a lot of time (the average return on hotels is 6 years). It is especially worth paying attention to the choice of the hotel format. More about this and other nuances of opening a hotel business further.

Download a sample hotel business plan

We offer you a free download of a sample ready-made business plan for the construction of a hotel, which will help you better understand what is needed to start this business. Download hotel business plan

How to open a hotel

Choosing a format

Many nuances of business organization will depend on the format in which you intend to open a hotel - the amount of investments, the form of business registration, the payback period. If you are aimed at small business and want to run the business on your own, then you should pay attention to such a format as mini-hotels. For a private entrepreneur, opening such a hotel will be a much easier process than building and opening a large hotel.

A hotel with up to 50 rooms can be considered a mini-hotel. Moreover, it can be both an apartment-format hotel (10-20 rooms), and a hotel in a separate room for 50 rooms. There are also small hotels with about 7-10 rooms in a residential building, however, they are not so common. When you have decided on the number of rooms, you need to choose the price category in which the hotel will operate.

There are the following price niches of hotels: a budget hostel hotel (more focused on students), an economy-category hotel, a business-class hotel, an apartment-hotel (usually of a luxury level, however, there are also middle class ones). Numerous studies show that the most in demand are economy and middle class rooms. Therefore, this hotel will be the most demanded.

Prepare the documentation

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