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The main thing about the beekeeping business plan for the year

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Beekeeping is a very specific type of business, which simply should not be taken up without knowledge in this area. The apiary business seems to be quite promising, but at the same time it requires constant attention and a competent approach to business. In addition, significant initial funds will be required when it comes to industrial rather than amateur beekeeping.

The payback of a beekeeping farm will be high only if at least 80-100 bee colonies are kept. Otherwise, the profit will be so small that it will not allow the business to develop and cover all existing costs. We must not forget that the honey business is a purely seasonal business. Therefore, income and expenses should be planned taking into account this factor.

Before starting to organize a business, it is necessary to determine whether the available space occupied by honey plants will be sufficient. If the area is poor in wild melliferous plants, you will have to take care of their crops, or the transfer of the apiary. When choosing plants for planting, consider their productivity in terms of obtaining nectar.

The right bees and the right honey

Bees and an apiary have long become a familiar occupation for many villagers, but the beekeeping business is a completely different matter. The production and sale of honey is only a part of the business, being engaged in industrial beekeeping, the entrepreneur also profits from the sale of beekeeping by-products, which include bee bread, wax, propolis, royal jelly, which are actively used in the cosmetic industry.

The minimum initial cost is 150-200 thousand rubles, taking into account the gradual expansion of the business. The main expense item is the purchase of hives and the bee colonies themselves. By the way, it is better to buy them in special bee nurseries or from well-known farmer beekeepers. Long distances are not a problem in this case, since bees can be sent by mail using special boxes.

The payback of costs for the apiary is quite high, acting competently, you can start making a net profit in the second year. When opening your apiary, you should count on an approximate income from one hive per year from 8 to 10 thousand rubles. Thus, an apiary for 85 families of bees can bring an entrepreneur in the first year about 700-800 thousand rubles.

A hobby that grows into a business, this is how beekeeping can be characterized. You can try and predict future profits by arranging a cozy apiary at your summer cottage. According to the calculations of the chairmen of the National Union of Beekeepers, the flow of honey sales in the Russian Federation receives up to 1 million tons per year. This is not taking into account the secondary products from the apiary and the possible export sales. Beekeeping for beginners is a business that will allow everyone to organize a high level of income.

In 2021, only 134 thousand tons were produced, this proves that the honey business is not yet filled to capacity and it is possible to squeeze into this rut. How to organize work so that the bees bring income - we will tell you in our article.

How to start an apiary business?

First, we collect all the data on the breeding of bees in your area. You can get a lot of necessary information from your local beekeeping associations. Where to shop for everything you need when you start from scratch? Among the businessmen working in Russia and Belarus, they note the high profitability of beekeeping as a business. The main thing is to take into account all the features of the choice of equipment and bee families.

Hives, equipment, bee families, where is it and at what cost is it better to buy, what is the price of honey. Anyone can find a suitable hive for 10 families. All this will help to make a miscalculation of the required amount to start. First, you need to draw up a plan for an apiary of 10 hives.

Geographically, the most profitable for such a business are Bashkortostan, Kaluga, Orenburg regions and Altai. But still, such income can be organized anywhere in the Russian Federation, except for the northern side. I select the dimensions of the place according to the calculation of 32–40 sq. m - for one hive and the farm, it is better to enclose a fence with a height of 2 meters.

In the southern regions, the apiary is located in the shade, in the northern regions - in the sun so that the bees do not freeze. It will be a plus if in the vicinity of the apiary there are crops of clover, stock, buckwheat and sunflower. The beekeeper should agree on the location of the apiary with local farmers and farmers, as well as with foresters. A lease is usually not needed. An apiary can include up to one hundred families.

You should immediately think about how many hives you need and where the apiary will be located. It is required to understand that if you yourself decide to engage in farming, then you will need to live next to it, because, for example, in the summer you will have to check the hives daily. There is a sample template for professional beekeeping. It is best to plant a fence of trees about the perimeter of the apiary. When choosing a place, there should be as many honey plants as possible: acacia, buckwheat, linden, mint.

Is it profitable to engage in beekeeping?

During the season, you can collect two hundred kg of honey from one hive! But this can be done by experienced and professional beekeepers! In Ukraine, this business will also help to get a good income. Average range 20-70 kg of honey per season. So count your profits!

Equipment and inventory

Apiary business plan. Before buying bees, we decide on the breeds. It is better to choose the one that has been bred for a long time in your area. The equipment is worth buying from your local beekeeping organization at trade shows. Beekeeping planning example should include not only clear budget planning but also the selection of bees.

The apiary business plan will help a budding entrepreneur to realize himself in the beekeeping industry. Breeding bees and collecting honey is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Beekeeping is a consistent and laborious process that requires love for your work and knowledge of at least the elementary basics of work.

Project Summary

The beekeeping business plan should be the foundation for your project. The first step in working on a beekeeping business plan is to write a resume. It will reflect the main essence of the project, taking into account all costs and possible risks. The main purpose of a resume is to clearly state the main points of a complete business plan document. A resume is the final part of working on a business plan, but it should be at the very beginning in order to immediately familiarize the reader with the content of the material.

Setting goals and objectives in the business plan

The main goal and task of any business is product sales. Before you start implementing your business plan, you need to minimize training, equipment and personnel costs. Then you can start fulfilling the main goals and objectives outlined in the business plan of your apiary.

Setting goals is an important step in developing a business plan. Understanding the ultimate goals of the work gives an idea of ​​how the entire system will work as a whole. Tasks are already concrete steps, thanks to which you can achieve your goal. For example, in creating an apiary, the goal may be to make a profit, and already the tasks are to search for points of sale and develop a client base.

Product and Service Description

Bee honey is a very useful product that has nutritional and medicinal properties. It contains a lot of trace elements, so for a person, a product is not more useful than honey.

Recommendation: The benefits of honey are a great argument for developing a business idea.

This paragraph of the business plan, in addition to describing honey products, also lists the services that an apiary can provide. It will be important for a beginner beekeeper to know what beekeeping brings along with honey and related products. The most common products in the industry:

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Renting land and buying suitable equipment for breeding bees

The choice of land for an apiary is extremely important in the development of a bee farm. Many factors can play into your hands or, on the contrary, seriously hit your business. Beekeeping is not a permanent business, because its territorial and weather connection creates many problems for an entrepreneur. Damage to private property is often associated with poor location and climatic conditions.

An apiary, set up in a summer cottage or in the courtyard of a private house, makes it possible to gain experience and assess the prospects for earnings. It is beneficial to engage in beekeeping, familiarization with the climatic features of your region before purchasing bee colonies will help.

What kinds of bees to breed?

Step-by-step instructions for opening a beekeeping farm

How much does it cost to start a bee breeding business?

Services provided

The main service is the sale of honey. The cost of honey directly depends on its type. The value depends on the taste and medicinal qualities. For example, linden honey has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The most valuable varieties of honey:

  • acacia ;
  • buckwheat ;
  • issop ;
  • bottomless ;
  • mustard ;
  • lime;
  • clover.

Additional services related to the sale of related products:

  • Pollen. Pollen is the food raw material of bees. It is rich in vitamins and biologically active substances of a wide spectrum of action: anti-sclerotic, capillary-strengthening.
  • Perga. This is pollen-pollen, which bees fold and tamp into honeycombs, pouring honey on top. Due to its unique natural composition, bee bread is the best biostimulant in the treatment of premature aging of the body, a powerful anti-sclerotic agent.
  • Wax. Beeswax is secreted by special glands of honey bees. Honeycombs are created from it. The wax is registered as a food additive E-901.
  • Propolis. It is a sticky, resinous substance used by bees to close cracks and irregularities in the hive and polish the cells of the honeycomb. Bees produce propolis from plant pollen and the secretions of the maxillary gland. This is a unique plant-based apiculture product that has high biological activity.
  • Royal jelly. Produced from the secretion of the maxillary gland. It is widely used in the treatment of various diseases, and in combination with bee bread it is used to rejuvenate the body.

  • placement of hives in greenhouses for pollination of plants;
  • selection and sale of young bee colonies;
  • sale of honey and bee waste products to cosmetics manufacturers.


The sweet life of a beekeeper: business profitability

At all times, the beekeeping business was considered the business of the "elite". Even such famous personalities as Leo Tolstoy, Churchill and Edison were engaged in breeding bee colonies. However, it is one thing to be a hobby, and quite another to receive material benefits from an apiary.

Is it possible to turn the pleasure of a sweet treat into a super profitable business for a beginner? Is it possible to ensure a comfortable existence for yourself and your family at the expense of honey? To determine this issue, it is initially necessary to draw up a business project, study the specifics of doing business and compare desires with real opportunities.

The first main question of the apiary as a business is the profitability of this lesson. Profitability is an indicator that clearly shows on the diagram how long it takes to pay off all costs, and how long the hobby will take to generate net income. Simply put, the higher this indicator, the faster the payback of all invested funds.

Payback factors

In turn, the payback depends on a number of factors:

  • initial investment amounts. It is quite logical to assume that having invested 50 thousand rubles in an apiary, we can say that the payback will come in a shorter period of time than with an investment of 200 thousand rubles;
  • the number of bee families. The larger the number of families, the higher the costs, but, in turn, the more bees, the more honey. Here you should rely solely on your own material capabilities. But, at the same time, it is worthwhile to understand that a longer payback in the future will bring much more money;
  • demand from the buyer, the presence of a sales market. To produce honey is only half of the success, the main task is to sell it profitably. For such an action, it is necessary to have a sales market. The presence of wholesale buyers, a fair for beekeeping products and the direction of business for export can increase the profitability of the business to the most profitable equivalent;
  • seasonality. Beekeeping is a seasonal business option. It should be borne in mind that the main income of the beekeeper is the period from April to September. The minimum air temperature should be 8-10 degrees above zero. Only under such conditions will the beekeeper take the hives out of wintering;
  • the conditions of the area. When breeding bees, it is important to take into account such a factor as the features of the area, which should facilitate the collection of nectar. For example, the most valuable honey is herb, which contains a large amount of nectar from various plants and flowers. For example, honey from Bashkiria is already, in itself, a marketing ploy, because products from this region are highly valued.

All these points are important to consider before deciding to start a honey business in order to make a profit. After all, if there are fields of honey plants, but there is no sales market, then even the highest quality honey can stand in the basement as a "dead weight", not giving its owner the opportunity to receive material benefits. In general, the profitability of an apiary can range from 20 to 95% in the first season. It all depends on the approach to the implementation of the idea.

Starting capital of the apiary based on beehives

Even if you have the start-up capital to buy 50-100 hives, it is not recommended to invest your entire budget in such a delicate matter. An important role in the beekeeping business is played not by the availability of money, but by the presence of experience, specific knowledge. It is not difficult to buy a hive with a family, but it is much more difficult to get material benefits from this bee colony.

The optimal number of hives for a beginner beekeeper is 10. This is how you can study all the features of doing business, and also get not a net profit in the first year, but return all the money spent. An apiary business plan in detail allows you to understand how much money is needed to purchase and maintain 10 hives, and what benefits can be expected in the first season.

There are a huge number of hives on sale today. Which differ in the type of frame fastening, their total number and the number of tiers. But, first you need to study the behavior of bees and understand the very essence of the content of the apiary. Therefore, you can buy used hives, or make them yourself. It should be understood that if there is no understanding of how to use tools for carpentry work, then it will be more profitable to buy ready-made houses for bees.

Interesting. There is state support for beekeeping, the so-called subsidy is issued in employment centers in the form of support for small businesses. The maximum amount of funds that can be allocated is 58 thousand rubles.

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