How to draw up a ready-made business plan with calculations

Good afternoon, dear readers. We continue to acquaint you with a series of articles dedicated to planning your business. Today we will present you an example of a business plan with the calculations of one foreign company. The general requirements for a business plan are detailed in a separate article.

This will give you an idea of ​​the writing style that is used in a business plan, but it certainly should not be taken as a comprehensive guide as to what should be fully covered.

For your interest, there will be some humor in the article, however, in your business plan it is better to avoid this.

Free sample business plan with calculations

  • Investment Required Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Market Description
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Location
  • Licenses / Permits / Registrations Required
  • Insurance / Bond Issue / Employee Benefits
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Data
  • Applications

Below is a short example of describing each section

Report on required investments.

Our company has developed a line of toys that surpasses all other products on the market today. In order for us to successfully enter the target market, significant financial investments are required - $ 15 million.

They will be distributed to:

Marketing & Advertising 1,500,000

Capital Equipment 450,000

What is a business plan and how to draw it up correctly I will understand in a new article on the blog. When I launched my online store (it was several years ago), it was just such an article that I lacked to immediately pick up all the important points in one place. Of course, I drew it up and this avoided many problems that might arise in the future.

Developing a plan is the first step to success, the second is following all the nuances that are spelled out in it. Plus, it is worth entering objective data so that the outcome is real, consistent with the realities of the market.

  • EBRR
  • KPMG
  • Ernst & Young

What is a business plan and what is it for?

Good business planning is drawing up a document about the future financial development, taking into account how much will be required to invest in order to achieve results. Experts in this area clarify that a ready-made business plan is a document that includes all the strengths and weaknesses in the development of an enterprise. You can make it yourself or ask for help from competent persons. In the material about money management, which caused a lot of comments from readers on gq-blog. om, I noted that a business plan, albeit not in such a strict form, should be drawn up for a family or personal budget. This allows you to compare and control costs against the background of income.

The main tasks and functions of the business plan

The key task that the document copes with is demonstrating how the business will develop. With that, plans also help:

  • estimate future costs;
  • find "pitfalls" and come up with ways to get around them;
  • study the prospects and volumes of the current sales market, both the service and the product;
  • define the principal indicators that can be used to assess the profitability of the business.

When drawing up, for example, a business plan for a coffee shop, it is worth considering the performance of competitors, the amount of funds for investment, and the estimated payback period.

Types and methods of business plans

There are several different classifications of plans in financial consulting. I suggest dwelling on the main ones:

Key aspect Features Flexibility Directive (strict adherence to data) Indicative (fuzzy goals) Planning horizon and level Strategic (long term) Tactical (medium period) Operational (short term) Planning object The enterprise as a whole Enterprise groupInvestment project Confidentiality conditionsRepresentative planningOfficial fee

Oksana Tkachenko, Ph.D. in Economics, author of a blog for entrepreneurs and the course "Business plan is simple: do it yourself", as well as an expert of the "PapaPomog" magazine. I help entrepreneurs run a stable and profitable business based on calculations and plans.

I am the current director of finance at a large state-owned holding company. My experience in economics is 25 years.

Today we will talk with you about what a business plan is, how much entrepreneurs need it and when it is better to plan: at the start of a business or when it is already in operation. Also from the article you will learn how a business plan helps an entrepreneur in his life.

What is a business plan and why is it needed

The concept of "business plan" entered our lives in the late 90s. At that time, it was somewhat discredited, because then entrepreneurs perceived it as a convention, a routine, formal action that must be completed and forgotten as soon as possible.

It is impossible to draw any conclusions about the development of the company from such a business plan.

This planning situation persisted literally until recently. Recently, the approach to it has changed dramatically. Now I teach entrepreneurs in my courses to draw up a plan that will be the system of their business from starting work, setting a goal and working with target audience to determining a favorable price, calculating profits. This system helps the entrepreneur at every stage of the life of the enterprise.

Basic Business Planning Functions

The tasks of business planning are reduced to ensuring that at the right time with its help the entrepreneur makes the right management decision to achieve the goals.

The main planning functions are understanding for the entrepreneur:

All novice businessmen make the same mistake: they run headlong to promote the idea, invest money, omitting the most important element - the plan for the future business. According to research by Palo Alto Software, planning doubles the chances of success and allows you to use financial resources three times more efficiently. So why miss these opportunities?

Contents of this article:


Richie Norton wrote: “Ultimately, every startup is unique. But in the beginning, every startup is the same. "

These words embody the essence of planning. You can come up with a unique product, find the most funds for the implementation of the project, assemble a team of professionals, take years in business courses and comprehend marketing zen, but as soon as the business flows from the idea into reality, there is a 90% chance that your business will be blown away in a year. like a ball, if not in a couple of months. And this is not said by someone there, but by Forbes themselves.

Making a good business plan is quite realistic and easy

It was with planning that large projects like Ozon started at the moment. Who can say that as a platform, Ozon are not successful? How successful they are. But. Many years ago, a multi-million dollar retailer, just like you, sat and built a development strategy on paper. Because in the beginning, every startup is the same. It starts with a business plan.

It all starts with a well-written plan

First stage: conducting research

It is impossible to start drawing up a business plan right away, because everything should be based on facts, especially if the plan is drawn up for investors. How will you explain to people that your product is potential and easily outperform competitors in the market? On your fingers and scent?

How to write a ready-made business plan with calculations: the structure of the business plan, the rules for drawing up each part of the document + examples.

Nowadays, private initiative plays an increasing role in people's lives. If 10 - 15 years ago people dreamed of a good job, now the majority want to have their own business, so as not to depend on anyone else and have a good income and schedule.

As a theater begins with a hanger, so any business starts with a business plan, but what should a ready-made business plan look like with calculations, how to draw it up correctly?

Where do you start to get a good calculated business plan?

As trite as it may sound, a business plan is, first of all, a plan whose task is not only to present your project, but also to show the program, the algorithm by which the business will work and go to profit.

Of course, after the launch of the case, the plan will be adjusted, but this is your template, the "backbone", on which everything else is then "strung". In principle, it is impossible to create a full-fledged business without such a plan.

But business plans are very different. They differ both in depth of study and in purpose. One should present you in the best possible light in front of investors, and the other should be written for you.

All business plans can be divided into 5 main types:

Despite the different types, each ready-made business plan with calculations is the result of working according to general rules and canons. Whether your business is profitable or not, you must demonstrate all the features of your project.

For this reason, it is worth starting to prepare your business plan with calculations from the idea and indicating the goals of the project, its essence (summary); then move on to the expenditure and income side, and at the end make a general detailed conclusion.

After all this, there may be attachments with charts, images, descriptions of partners or a review from authorities. They ate to describe it in their own words.

The structure of the document itself should look like this (this is a strict requirement for any business plan):

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