How to draw up a competent business plan for opening a pancake shop

The catering industry has always been one of the most effective areas for business. This is especially true for fast food establishments, or fast foods. The pancake house is just such an establishment. In our country, the demand for such products will always be at the level, since pancakes seem much more “familiar” than Western hamburgers or French fries. How to open a similar establishment and succeed? A detailed pancake business plan will help.


As the format of the establishment, we will choose the one that is more suitable for novice entrepreneurs who do not have significant capital - a pancake kiosk. The pancake stand business plan does not imply significant costs, therefore, such entrepreneurial activity is characterized by a low threshold for entering the market.

The pancake shop can be presented in another form - a full-fledged cafe with tables, waiters, where, in addition to pancakes, other desserts are served. But this format is closer to experienced entrepreneurs familiar with the restaurant business.


Like any other type of business, a pancake kiosk business plan begins with the preparation of the necessary documentation. Such an enterprise allows registration of both an individual entrepreneur and an LLC. IP allows you to choose a simpler form of tax reporting, and this, ultimately, will save on costs. The simplified tax system can be selected as the taxation system.

In addition to registering a business, opening a pancake shop will require permits from the fire safety service and sanitary control authorities. To save his own time and nerves, an entrepreneur can turn to specialists who, as soon as possible, will independently resolve all issues. If you approach this point without due responsibility, there is a risk of errors, which will then result in serious penalties from the inspection authorities.

Room selection

Renting a room is a necessary item that must include a business plan for the cafe. A pancake on wheels, unlike a cafe, does not require stationary premises, therefore, you do not have to spend monthly on rent. But the entrepreneur will have to independently manufacture or order a mobile structure.

A mobile kiosk should be placed in a walkable place near universities, schools, bus stops, and the station. Before installing the premises, you should obtain permission from the administration, as well as from the department of architecture and the department of urban planning.


The internal equipment of the kiosk is controlled by the services of SES and State Fire Supervision. In addition, the business plan for a pancake on wheels should be designed for the purchase of high-quality equipment, since the appearance and taste of the dishes themselves may depend on this in the future.

Standard kitchen equipment is required for the interior of the kiosk:

Reviews of the pancake business plan ()

The main thing about the pancake business plan in the year

Opening a pancake: step by step

Lush, spongy and insanely delicious pancakes are the pride of Russian national cuisine. Why not take advantage of the widespread love of the population for this dish and open a pancake business? To implement this idea, you need to open your own pancake shop, and in the future, perhaps, not one, but a whole network of catering outlets. You should start with registering an individual entrepreneur - everything is pretty commonplace here. It will be much more difficult to settle all the problems with Rospotrebnadzor. When opening a crepe shop from scratch, you will need a lot of permits.

When choosing a room, try, if possible, not to save too much. The era of Soviet canteens is long gone, and hungry visitors want not only to satisfy their hunger, but also to get some aesthetic pleasure. Therefore, we immediately sweep aside the dilapidated trailers and basement rooms. Moreover, the sanitary doctors are unlikely to treat your choice favorably.

The pancake business has special requirements for the design of the premises. The decoration in the Russian style will be appropriate, which, by the way, is the most economical option - ordinary wooden tables and benches, modest decoration and always snow-white tablecloths.

If ordinary hostesses still bake pancakes in frying pans, then in the scale of public catering there have been serious changes. For baking pancakes, special units are used, which are very easy to operate, but their performance is much higher. When planning to open a pancake cafe, take care of purchasing high-quality equipment, without which pancakes, as a business, will not bring you the expected income. An important aspect of the correct organization of a pancake is the selection of personnel - both cooks and waiters.

The success of the pancake selling and baking business will certainly depend on how delicious the dishes are. If you believe the reviews about the business related to the sale of pancakes, about the experience of opening pancakes, the easiest way to attract a buyer is with a wide assortment. Let your menu include not only the usual pancakes with butter, sour cream and honey. Serve them with a variety of toppings - ham, mushrooms, chicken and red caviar. Those with a sweet tooth will undoubtedly love the filling made from fruit, chocolate paste or condensed milk.

With a good location of the pancake and good advertising, the payback period for such a business as Russian pancakes will be from six months to a year. The main thing is to be able to attract a sufficient number of visitors and offer them delicious dishes and quality service. Experienced entrepreneurs developing a pancake business say that a professional pancake business plan is a key success factor. Only a competent pancake business project will help you to really assess your capabilities and achieve your goal.

Ready-made pancake business plan from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

If you are going to open your own stall, you need to take into account many nuances and develop a competent business plan with which you can make your dream come true.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Pancakes with a variety of fillings will cost less than buying semi-finished hamburger products, so prices can be kept below the main competitors. It is worth noting that other fast food outlets, as well as small cafes where you can buy takeaway pancakes, can act as competitors. That is why it is better to open a point near a stop, in a crowded place.

With the purchase of a special apparatus, you will quickly learn how to bake pancakes. You do not need to have special skills and education for this.

Business placement options

If you are going to open a cafe offering takeaway pancakes to your visitors, it is recommended to choose the right place. Rent a space near office buildings or educational institutions.

If you live in a small village, you can place an institution near the highway (then your main clients will be drivers). The area of ​​the room should be about 100 sq. meters. It is advisable to equip it not only with seating, but also with ordinary racks (this will increase the flow of visitors).

If you wish, you can purchase a mobile pancake on wheels. Thanks to this, you can move your mini kiosk. If your city has a lot of festive and cultural events, you can attend each one and offer customers delicious products.

If you are interested in how to start a pastry shop from scratch, read this material.

Production plan

In order to establish such a business, you cannot do without a pancake machine. In addition, you will need the following instruments:

  • small refrigerator;
  • kitchen utensils for cutting dough;
  • food storage counters;
  • items furniture (if you are going to rent a room for a cafe).

In the heat, take a couple at once! In Russian national cuisine, fragrant toasted pancakes are served for breakfast and evening meals; they are good for refreshment in the fresh air, they can act as a dessert dish. And most importantly - everyone loves pancakes! So, let's look at how to open a pancake, where to start. See an example of a business plan below.

How to open a crepe from scratch?

A fast food company based on the traditions of Russian national cuisine is what a pancake house is in our country.

It will not be able to provide a high - average check, but it implies a fast turnover of the flow of visitors. We will compose the approximate content of your future business plan.


Choosing the right location for the future catering point determines the success of the entire business project. The most important condition should be the absence of similar pancakes or cafes nearby, with a similar assortment. By taking away some of their clientele, they can take targeted actions to eliminate you as a competitor.

A big plus for a favorable location will be the proximity to railway and bus stations, social and administrative facilities, office buildings, metro stations, educational institutions, children's parks, skating rinks. The business district of the city, a busy pedestrian zone - their proximity will create a competitive advantage for the point.

On average, for renting a room with an area of ​​about 40-50 sq. , you need to pledge 50,000 rubles.


According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, a pancake business is an individual entrepreneurial activity.

Why exactly a pancake cafe, and not, say, a sausage or sandwich cafe? Because pancakes are a national dish loved by everyone, but recently it has become a rarity on our table. The thing is that the pace of modern life does not leave time for the preparation of this tasty and nutritious delicacy, the variety of which is endless due to the ability to use almost any filling and sauce as an addition. A fast food cafe solves this problem - there will always be visitors here. And in order for the business to be profitable and pay for itself, you must first draw up a competent business plan for a pancake cafe. We bring to your attention a business plan "How to open a pancake shop from scratch?"

So, first of all, it is important to define the target audience of the establishment. Based on this, the assortment of the offered products and prices for it are selected.

Goals, objectives of the pancake, target audience

Pancakes must be accompanied by appropriate drinks: tea, coffee, juices, milkshakes. As a rule, alcohol is not served in such establishments, the maximum is beer. Later, you can expand the menu, introduce soups, salads and desserts. Service (fast, high-quality), friendly staff, cleanliness and a pleasant, cozy atmosphere are important.

The target audience is students, youth, middle-class businessmen who want to have a quick snack with something hot and satisfying, and possibly take with them. Their incomes are small, so prices should be set accordingly. Remember that on weekends and on holidays, families with small children like to come to such cafes - there should be a menu for them as well. It's not bad if you can arrange a play area for the youngest guests of your establishment and invite animators to children's parties.

Market analysis, relevance

Choosing a direction for your own business is a responsible step, because you don't want to invest a certain amount of money, time and effort in an enterprise, and end up bankrupt in debts and loans. It is for this that the market analysis is carried out: what is in greatest demand at the moment, why, what is the competition, and what predictions are made for the next few years.

In today's unstable economic conditions, domestic business is gaining momentum every month. One of its varieties is the "dumplings" type of business ... Read on.

There are a lot of different eateries and fast foods now - everyone knows this. The pancake cafe wins in comparison with pizzerias and burger clubs, because it is more familiar food for our population. It is more natural, although the cooking process itself is a little more complicated, and it doesn't hurt to develop your own recipe for a delicious, fluffy dough in order to rise above the competition and get a good customer base.

There are not so many pancake eateries yet, apart from the capital and large regional centers, so if you don't save on quality, there will always be demand for your products.

On the other hand, pancakes with different fillings will be cheaper at cost than buying semi-finished products for a burger, therefore, prices in your cafe can be made lower than in other fast foods.

And finally, the last advantage: everyone can quickly learn how to bake pancakes in a special apparatus, even without special education and cooking skills, as well as how to operate a coffee maker, kettle and juicer.

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