How to draw up a business plan yourself

Any business, whether small or large, starts with an idea. This impetus gives the development of activities that promise income from what you love. The only question is which direction to choose. After all, making a profit is achieved through an action plan. In a commercial environment, this is called a business plan. It is needed in order not to make mistakes in calculations, and to clearly follow a given development trajectory. True, many aspiring entrepreneurs skip this point, immediately moving on to implementation. Which in turn leads to the ruin or liquidation of the business. To avoid risks, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sample small business business plan and take into account the tips below.

Business plan requirements

A business plan is a detailed description of a project with full-fledged calculations and prospects for several years, including an analysis of entrepreneurial activity and a step-by-step strategy towards the goal. In other words, a business plan is an entrepreneur's steps towards the future success of the enterprise.

And, first of all, it is necessary for the businessman himself to know where to start and how much time and effort it will take. The document will contain all the data about the prospective enterprise: characteristics of the case, possible development problems, information about the company, products, market, marketing, ways of solving difficulties, etc.

What is a business plan for

It is written with two purposes:

  • for future investors in order to attract their financing, subsidies;
  • for yourself, to clearly follow all the points from the drawn up document, which will help you stay on track and do not deviate from the intended goal.

What points of the business plan are important for an investor

If there were no plans to attract investors, it doesn't matter. It is important to understand as much as possible in the creation of a company and see its development prospects. But if the plans were to attract third-party financing, then look at the requirements that investors pay attention to when they get acquainted with the document.

Clear, logical presentation. Each described action must be justified. Risks or possible problems should be slightly mitigated by describing in detail the options for solving problems. Do not write what you do not understand or study the issue thoroughly. Investors love to ask questions that take them by surprise - be prepared for anything.

The beauty of storytelling. Try to write gracefully and at the same time clearly, lining up development points in the correct sequence. Do not take on too much on paper, if you fail to implement it, you will lose confidence. Make a description of the project briefly, but succinctly, without water.

Confident presentation. Business project preparation is not all. It is important to correctly present an idea to investors. Get a statistic or example similar to your company that has received positive results. Deliver information confidently and clearly, as if you are conducting a conversation with colleagues. Keep the words simple and clear, do not use professional terminology. Investors will think this is an attempt to hide insecurity and lack of experience. Convey a spark of idea in your presentation so that others will sparkle with it.

Of course, this is not a 100% guarantee that the company will receive financial support. But there will be more chances of getting it.

In special editions you can find quite a lot of step-by-step instructions on how to draw up a correct business plan. For dummies, beginners and even experienced people, this information will not be superfluous. At the same time, you need to understand: each specific case has its own characteristics, therefore, adjustments will have to be made to the standard plan taking into account the nuances of the situation. Do not neglect the responsible development of the project - in many respects the success of the business in reality depends on it.

General information

The need to figure out how to correctly draw up a business plan sooner or later arises in the life of almost any entrepreneur or anyone who wants to try himself in this area. In fact, such a project is the basic documentation that declares the goals of the entrepreneur and describes the ways in which he wants to come to the result. There are several general steps in drafting a document. The thoughtfulness of the project is the key to its applicability in practice and the success of the plan as a whole. Whatever the goals of a particular person, having a well-developed business plan immediately increases the chances. It will be easier to attract an investor, receive benefits and subsidies, and choose a suitable development strategy for the company.

Turning to the advice on how to properly write a business plan, you can see that they all unanimously call for brevity. This is not only the sister of talent, but also a guarantee of increased attention from the reader to the document. The conciseness and capacity of the formulations make it possible to understand that the compiler is really well versed in the issue under consideration. It is necessary to draw up a project that will be interesting for the reader to read from cover to cover. Many tens or even hundreds of pages are a categorical mistake in the formation of paper, since few people have enough time and energy to master such documentation. A business plan is, first of all, a tool aimed at the development of an enterprise, which means that it should be improved as the business develops. The larger the documentation, the harder it is to interact with. An unnecessarily detailed plan will probably just lie on the shelf, they will not touch it for a long time, gradually it will completely lose its relevance.

Nuances of formation

Experts who know how a business plan is drawn up advise beginners to focus on the target audience who will work with this document. It is necessary to form a document in a speech style that will not be difficult to understand. The reader should be aware of what has been written. If an enterprise specializes in science, but the investors for whom the plan is being formed do not understand much about the specifics and terms, it is necessary to form a document taking into account their requirements and needs. Too complex phrases, an abundance of terms, abbreviations, technical information will only alienate the reader. When ready, the project should be revised again and, if possible, simplified all descriptions and wording used in its preparation. If you need to provide some detailed data, information and summaries, it is better to arrange them in appendices, which are mentioned in the main text, without overloading it with terminology.

Not every modern entrepreneur, starting work, really knows how to draw up a business plan, and this becomes the cause of self-doubt and even fear. It is worth recognizing that in our country there is a fairly impressive percentage of entrepreneurs - people who cannot be considered experts in the field of business, do not have a thematic education, in fact they are trained in the course of the work process. Sometimes in such conditions it seems that it is impossible to draw up a business plan at all, but experts urge you not to give up on yourself in advance. A person who is well-versed in the chosen field, who knows the peculiarities of her work, who loves her job is the one who is guaranteed to be able to draw up a high-quality project. As professionals say, it is not necessary to immediately work on a detailed and complete plan. You can create a simple project that will improve over time, supplemented with details and useful information.

Examples and reality

When figuring out how to build a business plan, you should study the samples of such documentation in order to be guided by them. Attention is paid primarily to projects of successful enterprises in the same field of activity. Evaluating the structure, you can understand how the project should be formed, how to carry out calculations and what points must be taken into account. From the plans drawn up by others, one can take out what are the specific features of the chosen industry. Any plan should be clearly structured. You should not regard the project as a kind of boring technical documentation that no one will read - the project should have as much in common with the realities of the case. It is a tool to improve work efficiency. As the company operates, its owner will be able to figure out what are the characteristics of the clientele, how it is easier to find an approach to it. This information should be used to revise the original plan, so that it is more effective and practical. The plan should reflect experience with different marketing strategies, forecasts, and budgeting nuances. You need to regularly review it for goals. The project helps to correct the course in time if the enterprise is developing incorrectly.

Instructions describing how to build a business plan usually begin with guidelines for formulating a resume. This is a short description of what is planned. No more than a couple of pages are allotted under the resume. A structure in which the summary is the final block is allowed.

The following describes the company's capabilities. This part should give an idea of ​​the area of ​​work. The entrepreneur should describe how he plans to meet the market needs. The Opportunities section describes the enterprise clientele and typical competitive companies.

Plan: What's inside?

I know from myself: sometimes an interesting project comes to mind, and I want to immediately implement this project. It seems that everything will work out, that the idea will be in demand, and money will flow like a river.

In the meantime, writing the simplest business plan can save many of us from unnecessary frustrations. Serious online publications scare us: it is very difficult to draw up a business plan, contact the professionals!

But the female site is sympaty. et undertakes to draw up the simplest business plan.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a business plan, that is, a plan for your future project. And in it you must describe everything, everything, everything that concerns this project. How you will open this project, how to develop it, where the income will come from, and what the costs will be. Naturally, it will not do without the goal and objectives of the business, and also without a bunch of tedious, but necessary things.

A business plan is a relatively simple thing. He answers only 3 questions: what do you want, how to achieve it and what is needed for this. The business plan is designed to systematize your thoughts on the future brainchild, direct them in the right direction.

Why do you need a business plan?

He will let you think things through. At the stage of writing a business plan, you will have to take into account all those little things that you simply did not notice at the stage of your imagination! Perhaps you will find the project unprofitable and spend your energy on some more profitable idea.

At the stage of searching for investors, a business plan is a necessary thing, since no investor will invest in a dubious project.

Investors can be very different. For example, your husband ????

Entrepreneurs pay big money who can draw up a really working plan, taking into account the specifics of their activities. This is the foundation of the company's success. This is a detailed instruction on what to do and during what period. This is the calculation of income and expenses for a certain period. This is the specifics that a novice businessman lacks so much.

What is a business plan

A business plan is a small dissertation, step-by-step instructions that defines all the stages of starting your business. Drawing up an ideal business plan is a guide to action that can be used by an outsider who is not familiar with the specifics of the case. But first of all, it is a document that is useful primarily to the businessman himself. It contains a detailed calculation of costs, defines global, local goals and all steps for their implementation.

For whom the business plan is written:

  • for a credit institution
  • for investors
  • for a team of like-minded people who will bring the project to life (let them see specific goals and objectives ).

But first of all, the business plan must be drawn up by the entrepreneur himself. Very often business = speed, there will be no time to develop a strategy after the launch of the project. It is better to solve the most important questions for yourself at the stage of drawing up the document.

Important to remember! Only an entrepreneur with practical experience will make a good business plan. What should a beginner do? Use someone else's scheme from the Internet? Maybe. But there is hardly a free document on the Internet that takes into account the nuances of someone else's business: the work experience of a novice entrepreneur, a real calculation of prices, local competition and other features of a particular region. You can take someone else's development as a scheme, but fill it with your own content.

Business plan structure

What questions does an aspiring businessman ask himself?

  • why all this is needed;
  • where will I look for clients (suppliers, employees, managers), how to build relationships with them;
  • do I need advertising, how to draw up a marketing plan;
  • how to calculate the efficiency of my business, by what parameters;
  • how much money will I spend on renovating premises, purchasing equipment and materials; <
  • how much profit I will get.

The answers to all these questions are the structure of the business plan. The classic document has 8 sections:

"Plans are the dreams of knowledgeable people" Ernst von Feuchtersleben (English scientist, philosopher, literary critic).

Business Planning Goals

Having chosen your business, you need to decide how you will organize it, which means you need to plan for the near future. Everyone needs a business plan:

  • Those from whom you will try to borrow money for the implementation of your project, that is, bankers and investors.
  • Your employees who want to understand their tasks and perspectives.
  • And to you yourself - to test the reasonableness and realism of your ideas.

A business plan is a document that:

  • Describes all the main aspects of a future enterprise or project.
  • Analyzes all the problems it might face.
  • Determines how to resolve identified problems.

A correctly drawn up business plan is a clear answer to the questions: "Is it worth investing in the business you have planned and will it bring income that will pay off all the costs of manpower and resources?"

Important! Planning should be carried out by the current or future leaders of the company, that is, those people who are not afraid to take responsibility for the implementation of the business plan. But this does not mean, of course, that you do not need to use the services of consultants and experts in this field. Admittedly, consulting firms charge a decent amount for compiling it, ranging from $ 2,000 to $ 40,000. But you can make it yourself, while incurring minimal costs. By engaging in this work personally, you will not only model your future activities, but also check your strength and the idea itself.

So, the main purpose of a business plan: it helps entrepreneurs to solve the following tasks:

- To study the capacity and development prospects of the future sales market.

- Estimate the costs for the production of products needed by the market. Weigh them against prices.

- Determine those indicators by which it will be possible to regulate the state of affairs.

Keep in mind! A business plan is usually written for the future, and it should be drawn up approximately 3-5 years in advance. At the same time, for the first year, the main indicators should be divided in a monthly breakdown, for the second - quarterly, and only starting from the third year, one should limit ourselves to annual indicators. Although if we take into account our economy, its volatility, then planning for a period of more than a year is not entirely effective. Therefore, many now limit themselves to writing a plan for the year.

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