How to draw up a business plan to get a loan guaranteed

Here you will find information about the specifics of developing a business plan for Sberbank, the bank's requirements for a business plan and how to avoid stop factors and mistakes that will prevent you from getting a loan. It also provides information on the cost, price and timing of drawing up a business plan for Sberbank. Below you will find sample business plans and you can download them.

How to work with Sberbank

How to get a loan from Sberbank?

To submit a loan application, you need to provide to the bank branch:

  • a package of constituent, financial, design, permitting and other documentation;
  • materials in support of the project (resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation, assurances of support to the local administration, etc.) );
  • copies of preliminary contracts with suppliers, contractors and clients;
  • business plan or project feasibility study (FS);
  • additional information about the borrower , guarantor, general contractor, equipment supplier (advertising brochures, press releases, etc.)
  • documents on the provided security.

The bank needs this information to ensure the economic efficiency and payback of the project during the crediting period.

Consideration of an application for a loan in Sberbank

So, the business plan has been drawn up and all the necessary documents have been collected and submitted to the bank branch. The loan application, along with all the documentation, is forwarded to the loan department.

All submitted data are checked by various departments of the bank:

→ Evaluates the creditworthiness and financial stability of the enterprise

→ Business viability and validity of ROI in the business plan

→ Evaluates the legal significance of documents and ownership structure

→ Verifies the identity of a potential borrower, including his credit history

Business plan for Sberbank

Loans for business development are a fairly common form of attracting financial resources to launch or expand a project. Some of the most favorable conditions for such lending are presented in Sberbank. But to get a loan there, you need to draw up a business plan in accordance with their requirements. We will talk about what these requirements are, how best to build the structure of the sections of the business plan, in today's article.

Brief description of Sberbank's business plan

Unlike, for example, UNIDO standards, Sberbank's requirements are suitable for all categories of projects from any area. However, it is usually better to attract credit resources if you are already an operating company (not a startup), and you need financial resources to expand production. The bank is more likely to provide loans to such stable enterprises on the most favorable terms.

A business plan for Sberbank is a structured presentation of the main idea, technical, economic and investment indicators of your project. As in drawing up an investment business plan, and in a credit one, it is important to show how quickly and in what amount the project will pay off. But at the same time, adequate data should be provided, since the bank's specialists in any case will check the reliability of the data and the feasibility of plans.

When composing a business plan on your own, your subjective opinion may affect the content of its sections. After all, when deciding to create a project, you, of course, will believe in its success, sometimes not noticing some small details that can have a negative impact on it. Therefore, we recommend that you be extremely careful and objective about the development of such a document. To be confident in the objectivity of the assessment, you can contact an external specialist and order from him the development of a business plan for the requirements of Sberbank.

Sections of the business plan for Sberbank

First, let's list the necessary sections of the business plan for Sberbank:

  • Project summary;
  • Project owner / initiator;
  • Project main idea;
  • Industry analysis; <
  • Analysis of sales and purchasing markets;
  • Organizational plan;
  • Financial planning;
  • Risk analysis.

The first three sections require some fairly general but important information. It is in these sections that the lender will have the first impression of the project. And it depends on this first impression whether your business plan will be considered in the future.

The resume should indicate the title, goals and objectives of the project, describe the product or service expected to be released. You should also briefly write about the project participants, the prerequisites for further development (in case of a successful start), describe in which market the project is planned to be implemented, the implementation timeline and the schedule of financial receipts. The most important thing is to present the funding structure. For example, if, in addition to the requested loan, there are some other sources in the structure of the planned sources, then the bank will be more supportive of such a project. Remember to present the key performance / return on investment metrics.

Sample Business Plans

Drawing up a business plan for obtaining a loan should be based on accurate financial calculations and an analysis of the borrower's profitability. When creating a project with an emphasis on the economic component, it is important to rely on the “Credit Matrix” algorithm.

To obtain a loan for starting a business, in any financial organization, an entrepreneur must provide a business plan, taking into account the specifics of banking requirements for the preparation of this document. It gives an entrepreneur an opportunity to convince a bank of the profitability of his business and to receive initial financial support for the implementation of a business idea.

Basics of a business plan for a loan

For businessmen planning to receive loans in the near future, it is important to take into account the intricacies of drawing up a business plan so that:

  • the financial institution had no comments on the client's project;
  • the business plan passed the bank's expertise in 1 week, the first time;
  • get a loan without fear of rejection.

The listed goals can be achieved by drawing up a business plan based on the "Credit Matrix" - an algorithm for checking a business project of an entrepreneur. It is based on three principles:

  • Complete financial model. It should detail the break-even point, payback, business profitability, investment, sales plan, and cost plan. The model should contain monthly Cash Flow and the ability to do stress tests.
  • Marketing research and market analysis based on open data. It is carried out so that the bank can get answers to a number of questions: market volume, competitors' prices, the position of an entrepreneur in the market, ways to attract customers. This item in a business plan is 30-100 pages long. The scope of the research carried out depends on the scale of production. For small enterprises - 30-60 pages, for organizations with large industry from 70.
  • Monthly cash flow forecast. The first point that the bank will pay attention to. Cash flow statements show the true scale of the business, allowing the financial institution to see the big picture. Based on the cash flow, the lender will find out whether the borrower will be able to pay off the loan, whether he has sufficient sales to pay off interest and the efficiency of working capital.

By creating a business plan based on the "Credit Matrix", the company will receive approval for lending the first time. The main sections in the project are 4 plans:

  • Production. The paragraph includes the main points necessary for the production of products or the provision of services - personnel, equipment, raw materials and other resources.
  • Organizational. It is needed to combine several sections into one to provide a coherent picture for the sponsor. Includes advertising methods, risk research, staff, enterprise structure, resources and market analysis.
  • Financial. Description of the entrepreneur's financial prospects and his financial condition today.
  • Marketing. Includes a description of the relevance of the product to potential buyers, advertising and how to sell it.

Small Business Project

The credit product "Business Project", offered by Sberbank, enables entrepreneurs to receive the funds necessary to improve their financial and economic activities. This loan can be directed:

  • to modernize production;
  • to expand the business;
  • to change the direction of activity.

Credit conditions offered by the bank within the framework of this program:

  • loan period from 3 months to 10 years;
  • annual interest rate from 11.0%;
  • credit limit from 2, 5 to 200 million rubles;
  • Purpose: launching loan funds into working or non-current assets for the development of current or new activities;
  • the amount of the borrower's personal funds must be at least 10% of the amount required investment;
  • an annual deferral for the body of the principal debt;
  • the required security: surety or pledge of property.

Property transferred to the bank on collateral is subject to compulsory insurance.

Sberbank does not charge a commission for the issuance of funds, and also allows the possibility of full early repayment of the debt by the borrower. In the event of an overdue debt, the bank provides for the accrual of a penalty in the amount of 0.1% of the debt amount for each day of delay. A financial and credit institution has special requirements for legal entities wishing to take advantage of the "Business Project" offer.

  • The term of the organization's financial and economic activities in Russia must be at least a year for investment lending and at least one and a half years for a loan within the framework of project financing.
  • For individual entrepreneurs, the age limit of the manager at the end of the loan agreement is set - 70 years.

Mention should be made of the set of documents that must be submitted to the bank. It includes:

  • loan application form;
  • constituent documents of a business entity;
  • business plan;
  • complete financial statements of legal entities ita / individual entrepreneur;
  • documents covering financial and economic activities.

After the conclusion of the loan agreement, Sberbank transfers the funds to the current account of the legal entity. itza or individual entrepreneur. The payment of the debt takes place according to an individually drawn up schedule, the repayment of interest accrued by the bank is made every month.

Government Support Loan

The new lending program allows you to issue a loan with state participation. Projects included in the "Regions - Sustainable Development" competition can receive investment financing from Sberbank of Russia on special conditions.


A business plan or project feasibility study that demonstrates cost-effectiveness and cost recovery over a specified period must contain:

1. SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT (Brief Overview)

  • Project name and goals
  • Project products
  • Project participants
  • Prerequisites for successful project implementation
  • Project market
  • Project implementation timeline. Financing structure
  • Sources and securing of financing
  • Key performance indicators of the project



  • Location of the object
  • Characteristics of the land plot
  • Prerequisites for choosing a place of production
  • List of completed works
  • Product Description
  • Characteristics of the purchased equipment
  • Technological equipment
  • Motor transport


  • Volume, dynamics and structure of the product market in the RF
  • Production in the RF and the Central Federal District
  • Volume and dynamics of production
  • Production structure
  • Largest manufacturers in the Russian Federation and the Central Federal District
  • Product consumption in the Russian and Moscow markets
  • Product prices in the Russian Federation and the Central Federal District <
  • Producer prices
  • Consumer prices
  • Foreign trade operations in the market
  • Volume and dynamics of export-import operations
  • Structure of product exports
  • Structure of product imports


  • Raw materials market
  • Competition in the sales market
  • Potential sales market capacity
  • Project marketing strategy
  • Calculation and justification of prices for the project
  • Scheme of the project's products

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