How to draw up a business plan correctly and independently

The Russian clothing market remains highly competitive and highly profitable for entrepreneurs, even in the face of a downturn in economic development. To achieve success in this area, it is important to seriously approach the issue of analyzing the local market, determining the format of the business and its organization. To do this, both a beginner and an experienced entrepreneur should draw up a business plan for a clothing store and think over each point in detail.

Types of clothing stores and relevance

Step-by-step opening instructions

Services provided

All services of a clothing store can be divided into four groups:

  • sales of products;
  • assistance to customers when making a purchase;
  • information and consulting services;
  • provision convenience for buyers.

Services for the sale of goods include:

  • assortment formation;
  • acceptance of goods;
  • storage of goods;
  • giving a presentation of clothes (for example, ironing, steaming), etc.

Shopping assistance services include:

  • accepting orders for specific commodity items;
  • product delivery;
  • regular and gift packaging of clothes;
  • appraisal and acceptance of things for a commission;
  • sale of wardrobe items on credit;
  • sewing work to adjust the length of clothing (for example, hemming trousers, shortening the hem of a dress).

Information and consulting services include:

How to open a quest room: scenario, advertising

Today, many people want to start their own business, and opening a store is especially popular, be it clothing, food or anything else. Even if you are not looking for investors, it is advisable to write a business plan before starting any business.

Content of the article:

Analysis of the demand for the product being sold

The first thing to do is to define the field of activity. For this, a research and analysis of the market of certain goods is carried out. The most popular today is the sale of food. But it is more rational to focus on a specific area, for example, dairy products, selling meat, etc. Just keep in mind that these are perishable foods.

Think, maybe there are no points of sale for shoes in your area, then it would be good to open them. There are many options, but just do a thorough market research in order to choose the right business direction.

Choosing a business registration form

One of the main steps of opening a store is registering an activity. The most common options are IP and LLC. In the case of registration of an individual entrepreneur, you can trade in exactly the same goods as when opening an LLC, with the exception of alcoholic beverages.

At the first stage, it is more rational to register an individual entrepreneur and pay a 9% dividend from profit. If you decide to expand by opening a network of outlets, it is advisable to register an LLC.


Think about the number of sales assistants, cashiers, security guards, their work schedule, the amount of payment and fines. They also need overalls. You choose fast-trained and able-bodied people, because it is the staff and the design of the outlet that create the first impression. Personnel may need to be trained to become familiar with a particular activity.

How to open your quest room: what is needed for this, what investments are needed, how much profit does the business bring on quests. Quest room: how to register.

Business plan: retail trade - a template version for the sale of various types of consumer goods

Organizational legal form - individual entrepreneur (IE), taxation system - unified tax on imputed income (UTII), with the creation of an additional workplace.

Business plan at a glance:

The organization of activities is planned through the establishment of the organizational and legal form of an individual entrepreneur, with the creation of 1 (one) additional workplace, i.e. with the involvement of 1 (one) hired employee from among the unemployed citizens registered in the established manner in the federal service for labor and employment of the population.

The organization of retail trade is planned through the sale of a wide range of goods. The mark-up on goods is assumed to be no more than 80%, which on average is approximately 10 - 20% lower compared to competitors who also do business in a similar retail area.

The sale of goods is supposed to be carried out in a rented outlet with an area of ​​10 square meters. The main factors of the advantages of this activity may be low rent, good quality and a wide range of goods sold.

For tax purposes, income from entrepreneurial activities will be subject to a single imputed income tax (UTII) for a specific type of activity, in accordance with Chapter 26. "Taxation system in the form of a single tax on imputed income for certain types of activities" ...

Well-planned marketing of future activities will help to achieve significant results already at the initial stage of business. It is also planned to widely use relevant materials: leaflets, outdoor advertising, signboards, newspapers and specialized magazines, the Internet, local mass media (mass media), including television.

Developing a business plan for retail with financial calculations

Do you want to become one of them? Then you cannot do without a business plan for opening your retail store selling groceries. We know that the retail market is virtually dimensionless, and with the right organization there is a place for everyone. After all, each customer has their own preferences when buying products. And here not only the cost of production is important, but also the organization of the business itself. A retail business plan from our company will help you to occupy a niche correctly and adapt to market conditions.

We will describe in detail all the stages of creating and developing your business, which will allow you to avoid mistakes that will lead to unnecessary expenses. With our comprehensive retail business plan at your disposal, you can open and successfully develop a profitable and stable food business.

What do you need to foresee first?

The pandemic and social exclusion have forced businesses to adjust and change. Some companies incur losses, others show growth dynamics and find new opportunities for themselves. The question is, what to invest in? How to assess risks? How to adequately calculate the volume of investments and the payback period even at the planning stage?

The Business Plan provides answers to these and other questions.

  • 1 Peculiarities of the retail business for the sale of semi-finished products
  • 2 Step-by-step business plan for opening a convenience store
    • 2. First stage: choosing a room
    • 2. Second stage: selection of commercial equipment
    • 2. The third stage: selection of a supplier and purchase of goods
    • 2. Fourth stage: recruiting
    • 2. The fifth stage: marketing and advertising
  • 3 Analysis of expenses at the start-financial security of the business
    • 3. How to organize a shop for a novice businessman if there is no necessary amount of money
  • 4 How much can you earn from selling semi-finished products
  • 5 Possible problems and risks of business
    • 5. How can you save money and minimize risks
    • 5. But what you shouldn't save on
  • 6 An example of a successful franchise: trade and retail company "PRODUCTS ERMOLINO"
    • 6. Conditions and specifics of purchasing the franchise of the PRODUCTS ERMOLINO TRC
    • 6. Disadvantages of running a franchise
    • 6. Benefits of franchising

Peculiarities of the retail business for the sale of semi-finished products

The social distancing request has made it popular for convenience stores. The attractive factor for such a store was uninterrupted trade and assortment. The buyer began to react sensitively to the cost of the goods, to monitor promotions and sales. Prefer cheap food categories, for example, ditch meat in favor of convenience foods.

Sales of semi-finished products increased by 40%. The conclusions made are confirmed by the statistics of retailers for 2021.

Ermolinskie semi-finished products are an example of how enterprises are showing growth in spite of everything. The manufacturing company monthly announces the opening of new retail outlets in Russia. Moreover, it invests in the acquisition of a ready-made business to further expand the range. This is an example of a successful business strategy. To create your own business, you need to start by preparing a business plan.

Step-by-step business plan for opening a convenience store

First stage: choosing a room

The optimal area of ​​the store is within walking distance of 50-200 sq. ...

The budget option is a kiosk or pavilion format with an area of ​​15-20 sq. ., on the territory of shopping malls, food markets. This format is easier to implement without a lot of initial capital. Part of the costs and organizational issues will be covered by the administration. For a shop “near the house” the first floor of a building or an apartment building is suitable.

How to draw up a business plan yourself, which will be not only competently executed, but also effective, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements of international business organizations, their work experience and, of course, professional advice. If a journey to the land of knowledge begins with an ABC book, then the ABC of any business is a guide to drawing up a business plan.

In fact, this is a feasibility study of the feasibility of the enterprise. Here you can see the desired result of the company's development.

Who needs to draw up a business plan and why?

The business plan acts as a link between the management of the company, shareholders, partners, sponsors. Therefore, a business plan is usually drawn up for a rather long period of time: from two to ten years (possibly longer). This document is one of the first points of the plan to be carried out by a private entrepreneur starting a business from scratch. A business plan is drawn up for an existing enterprise or when developing a new product. We know that any brilliant idea, if it remained only in the mind of the inventor, would not benefit either him or the company, or (possibly) and the world as a whole. And the idea, drawn up on paper, has already been half implemented. Therefore, the first and main goal of drawing up a business plan

1. submit a form of project implementation that will lead to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders. There are several more tasks that can be solved by drawing up a business plan:

2. formulate the short-term and long-term goals of the enterprise. Assign responsible persons. 3. Determine the indicators of goods and services that the company will provide. In the case of a new product launch - its main characteristics. 4. Draw up a list of marketing tools that will need to be implemented to promote the product. 5. Assess the quantity and quality of funding resources. 6. to anticipate possible difficulties.

How to draw up a business plan yourself Types of business plans

You can draw up one big business plan, in which you write all the necessary information. But it often happens that you need to have several business plans that will embody different ideas. For example:

1. Financial plan. Displays a complete or brief situation in the company: current position, prospects. Necessary for negotiations with potential investors. 2. Growth plan. Shows the dynamics of the development of the company as a whole. • Development plan of a separate department / division or product implementation (so called “project summary”). 3. A ready-made business plan of a promotional nature. Needed for a tender or a bank loan.

Sometimes a business plan is drawn up for work in progress for the purpose of sale. In this case, you need to describe what kind of project it was, what functions it performed and for what purposes it could still be useful. It is possible not only to buy out the production part, but also to transfer employees.

Before drawing up a business plan, you need to perform a number of works aimed at collecting material. First, it is market monitoring. The future owner of an online store must be sure that his company is either:

1. will occupy a free niche in the market 2. will be competitive and will be able not only to recoup the costs of creating a project, but also to give a stable profit.

Will there be a demand for fish trade in a fishing town, where every second person goes to sea every day to fish? Only if the entrepreneur can offer the client something more. A special kind of pickles? An original recipe that no one has ever used before? You can think about it. Entrepreneurs are often cunning, relying only on the uniqueness of their idea. So, at the end of 2021, courses for mourners, yoga for dogs and a compliment service were recognized as one of the most unusual businesses in the world. There is no doubt that the name of each of these projects alone is worthy of a newspaper headline. But are they capable of a long life?

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