How to create your own production studio? From 2 to 30 people in the first 3 years

Author: Sergey Luminarsky

This article describes the journey of our company krem ​​in 3 years. How we with 2 founders turned our company into a holding of a full cycle of digital services.

Internet Troll Inspiration

Back in 2021, I got carried away with motion design and video production, having no previous experience in this industry. Inspired by the works of the studio My Duck’s Vision and Scandalous Truths, I mastered Adobe AfterEffects.

In 2021, I met my motion idols and great creators: Yura Degtyarev and Danya Shepovalov, and began collaborating with My Duck’s Vision and making videos for them. Later we will become good friends and like-minded people.

During this period, the deep dive began. I had to study quickly, sleep a little, and sometimes not sleep at all. There were a lot of fakups that only I noticed, but the customer was almost always satisfied. And if the customer was not satisfied with something, then I made edits to the victorious one, there was no limit to iterations and the number of edits, each task was a challenge. I constantly wanted to do better and harder. At this time, the digital samurai code was formed.

Two rules of digital samurai

The warrior sleeps where the war is going. Any deprivation is not comparable in importance to the pursued goal.

The main point was this: I am learning something new, in this case, motion design, and at the same time they pay me money for it. It was like a dream, it is a pity that other people perceive work a little differently, I have always believed that the question is not in the money, but in the experience that you endure.

Having chosen a dream, you cannot leave it.

At that time, I wanted to create a holding company working in the production of digital content, Internet advertising, Internet technologies and information technology and technology startups. The second rule radically changes the approach to completed orders and work - since everyone else pays to learn something, and, on the contrary, I get money for learning (each order was a new challenge and a new peak that had to be taken ), so I will, by all means, hand over any order, no matter how many edits and iterations there are. This is all experience, and it's not for me to decide which of the customers to send to @% Y, because they pay for my training and getting closer to my dream. Thanks to this principle, I have 0 failed projects.

How to create your own production studio? From 2 to 30 people in the first 3 years

In recent years, video filming and video support of events have enjoyed enviable popularity. Almost no wedding can do without this today, the services of a videographer are in demand at corporate parties, anniversaries and other festive events. The business plan for opening a video studio implies a thorough analysis of the competitors' market, clear planning of the phased organization and registration of a business, a list of necessary equipment and requirements for the formation of a staff, as well as an analysis of the financial indicators of a business project.

Description of business idea, project goals

A video studio is classified as a business project, the organization and development of which is difficult without proper experience in doing business in this area. In the absence of experience in organizing video services, it is recommended to open a franchise business, however, in this case, you will be limited both financially and in the ability to make independent, independent decisions regarding the further development of the studio.

The need for a clear and thorough analysis of the regional market for video services offers is due to the direct impact on the success of the project and the need for effective participation in the competition. In many regions of the country, a situation has developed with the lack of high-quality professional video filming, as a result of which a novice entrepreneur does not have to face a high level of competition. Often, in such regions, professional video filming services are additionally provided by a local TV company.

Description of video studio services

The list of video studio services is formed depending on the quality and duration of shooting with the participation of one or more operators of the following events:

  • weddings, weddings, discharge from the hospital, christenings;
  • corporate parties, significant holidays of organizations and enterprises;
  • anniversaries, birthdays ;
  • regional holidays and significant events;
  • custom-made amateur cinema shooting;
  • video support of events in schools and higher professional education organizations;
  • other.

Stages of Business Organization

Video studio registration, taxation

A suitable form of business entity is registration of an individual entrepreneur without forming a legal entity. This form is sufficient for the implementation of activities, and there will be no need for the formation and regular submission of complex accounting and financial statements. Registration of a license for the provision of video support and video filming services is not required. For individual entrepreneurs, there is a simplified taxation system that provides a choice of two tax rates: 6% on total income or 15% on profit.

Hardware and software

The main part of the estimate of the initial investment of the video studio business project and the foundation of the company's successful activity is high-quality expensive professional video equipment. You will need not only one, and then several professional video cameras with a monitor and a viewfinder, but also special lighting and sound equipment, a slider, a tripod and a trolley. In addition, the workplace is equipped with a powerful personal computer with impressive characteristics, designed for software processing, rendering and editing of video files. At first, it is possible to get by with budget options for assembling working computers, but without fail with the prospect of increasing power and replacing components. You will also need to purchase, install and configure licensed software for video editing, video processing and effects.

The software must be purchased licensed, in addition to the obvious reasons, then in order to gain access to all the functions of video processing and rendering.

Author: Sergey Luminarskiy This article describes the path of our company krem ​​in 3 years. How we with 2 founders turned our company into a holding of a full cycle of digital services. Inspiration from internet trolls

Modern film studios are enterprises of a full cycle of technologies from script creation to production of film copies ready for film adaptation.

The range of products created in such studios may be different:

  • films of different genres,
  • short films,
  • serials,
  • advertising and corporate videos.

Starting a film studio can satisfy a passion for creativity and provide a good income at the same time.

The main question is how much such a large-scale undertaking will cost.

For example, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen initially invested about $ 150 million each to create Dreamworks SKG.

Expenditures in numbers

The largest costs will be spent on premises of the required size to create the pavilions in which the shooting will take place.

If you build yourself, then the project can include all the necessary infrastructure to create a full-fledged film studio.

When renting or buying a ready-made space, the advantage is the time to implement the idea.

The following premises and equipment will be required:

  • pavilions with a total area of ​​1000 sq. .;
  • studio for video editing + equipment;
  • studio for sound recording + equipment;
  • equipment for creating light;
  • studio duplication of copies;
  • movie camera;
  • video camera.

  • advertising campaign;
  • consumables;
  • staff salaries;
  • paperwork and permits;
  • other expenses.

When making a business plan for a movie theater, it should be understood that its payback can be up to 5 years. This is due to the high costs of redevelopment of the premises and its equipment. Experts assure that it is more profitable to open a network rather than a single hall.

Open-air cinema

Step-by-step instructions for opening a cinema

How much does it cost to open a cinema

Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing a Niche

At the first stage of planning, you need to decide on the type of cinema:

  • classic ;
  • 3D- cinema ;
  • open-air cinema;
  • auto cinema.

In one, you can combine classic and 3D cinemas by placing them in different halls. It also makes sense to consider the experience of already successful cinemas and open a franchise business.

A video about how the cinema works, published by the channel "It's interesting"


A classic cinema is one or more halls for showing films in a conventional format. Several halls with 50 seats in each are suitable for its organization. Practitioners assure that large cinemas are not in proper demand; it is better to make more small halls.

Traditionally, cinemas rent space in a large shopping center. If you have the time and money, you can build a separate building, but with this option, the initial costs are at least doubled.

The proposed cinema business plan will help entrepreneurs to launch a new and exciting project that can become very profitable over time. These cultural institutions are still very popular with various segments of the population. Competently forming the cinema's repertoire, it is possible in the shortest possible time to ensure a high profitability of the institution and make it a real cultural center, expanding the range of services provided

Using this document, you will be able to consciously decide what type of cinema you can open, what equipment you need, and how much profit you can count on.


The considered movie theater business plan with calculations is a practical guide for opening an entertainment institution as a type of business with a 2-year cash turnover. It calculates almost all performance indicators that can ensure the demand for services and their high profitability.

  • Satisfying consumer demand for film demonstration services and other cinema entertainment events.
  • Creation of new jobs.
  • Increase local budget revenues by paying taxes.
  • Making a profit from the income of a highly profitable enterprise.

Funding for the creation of the cinema is made at the expense of a commercial loan in the amount of 4,150,000 rubles at 17.5% per annum for 24 settlement months.

The institution, in accordance with the indicators laid down in this business plan, will reach the break-even point no later than the 13th month from the date of opening. During the period of operation, the amount of profit will be 424,760 rubles, the bank will receive 282,753.33 rubles during the investment of the project. The return of funds received on a loan and interest on it begins from the 1st month after the launch of the institution (this condition was applied in the business plan to simplify the understanding of the regulation methodology and the calculation of cash flow. / P>

The organizational and legal form of a business object is a limited liability company (LLC).

Registration code OKVED - 92.3

With the chosen organizational and legal form of business, the company will pay taxes at the following rates:

Taking into account the payment of taxes, the amount of the total gross profit will be 32,143,800 rubles.

If the existing trends in the cinema and entertainment services market (annual growth of 5%) are maintained, the cinema will be able to achieve sales of services in excess of 16.1 million rubles per year.

Investments in the project will fully pay off themselves no later than 2 years after the opening of the cinema.

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