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The main thing about the karting club's business plan for the year

How to open a karting club

The roar of engines, the screeching of brakes, the enthusiastic hubbub of the crowd - if a person wants to get an adrenaline rush, he goes to the karting track. The opinion that the go-karting centers are frequented exclusively by teenagers is fundamentally wrong. If you have an idea to open your own karting club or center, keep in mind that the main audience that will visit it is young wealthy people aged 20-35. Some like to watch the races, others - to take direct part in them.

When planning to organize a karting center, take care, first of all, of the availability of a high-quality track, which is a key factor in the success of such a business project as karting. It has to be both exciting and safe, and this combination is very difficult to achieve. Only a competent and experienced specialist will be able to correctly calculate all the turns and turns, to assess their safety.

Do not forget about the appropriate equipment, which allows every visitor to instantly transform into a real racer. You can give out disposable karting suits, or arrange for regular suits for rent.

The main expense item when opening a karting track is renting land for go-karting. When choosing a site, take an interest in the possibility of placing such a structure on it. It is advisable to conclude a contract for a long time, so that your hands are free, and you can actively develop your karting business, while receiving good income. The purchase of karts is also expensive. The cost of one car ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000. In order to organize a full-fledged business - an attraction with carting, you will need at least 8 karts. And don't forget about children's cars, which are also in high demand.

The payback of a karting club depends on how popular your go-kart track will be. Organization of kart rental is the main source of profit. The more clients, the higher the income. Therefore, the competent promotion of your own business is of great importance. When starting a kart rental business, think in advance how you will be able to attract customers. These may be special conditions for regular visitors, it will not be superfluous to organize kart rental for corporate events. In this case, tents should be provided at the karting track, in the shade of which visitors can calmly rest between arrivals and have a cup of tea or coffee.

If you have no experience in such a business, it will be much easier to open a go-kart track, guided by the advice of professionals, which are contained in a competent example of a business plan for opening a go-kart club with ready-made calculations. This document contains a detailed description of all the intricacies of the business, including the very definition of the karting track. Opening a go-kart will not give you serious problems if you follow the advice of the professionals. Thus, you will minimize all possible risks and easily cope with any difficulties that may lie in wait for you along the way.

A ready-made business plan for a karting club from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

We offer a business plan for a karting club so that you can start a business related to sports car racing. Go-karts are popular among teenagers and older people; in go-karting clubs, those who appreciate justified risk and love to feel like a real lord of a high-speed vehicle, a racer, are driving a sports go-kart. Therefore, it will be very far-sighted to have at hand a detailed planning of this undertaking, both in a metropolis and in a small city.

This document on the organization of karting is intended for those who seriously decided to take up this business, because for the introduction of karting, you should think about the selection of an appropriate room, solve the issues of purchasing a kart fleet, and build tracks, taking care of safety their clients. It is preferable to buy equipment that is produced in Italy, however, some models of Chinese karts have proven themselves quite well, and their cost is quite acceptable. You should also think about providing the technical component of the future club, you need specialists who can fix the problems of karting cars and maintain the park in proper form.

Having studied the finished document, you will gain confidence in your guesses and with the help of methodological calculations, you will be able to determine both the size of the future club and estimate the cost items that will be impressive at the first stage. You also need the purchase of appropriate protective clothing for your future visitors and the age characteristics of the customers should be taken into account. Do not forget that on weekdays you can reduce prices for sessions, and on weekends and holidays set an increased rate, while the flow of visitors will not decrease. This is a forward-thinking and profitable business for entrepreneurs, see for yourself by studying the financial document.

A karting club business plan will help you organize your business and get regular profits. The entertainment industry is actively developing and in demand. To organize your own karting club, they rent a land plot and purchase the necessary equipment.

Karting Features

Karting is a race on simple racing cars without a body. This kind of entertainment and sport will make everyone feel like a racer. The vehicles consist of a frame, a steering wheel, wheels and a driver's seat. Professional cars reach speeds of 250 km / h. For fans, maps that accelerate to 100 km / h are suitable.

Which business format to choose

The amount of investments largely depends on the format of the karting. There are 3 levels of business:

  • Elite. Requires serious investment. A professional track with a length of 1 km or more is being built, and elite high-speed cars are being purchased. A business will be successful if you attract high-income clients. Elite karting becomes the venue for the competition.
  • Medium. Differs in lower costs and simpler service. To organize a business, they buy cars of domestic production. Track length - up to 700 m. / Li>
  • Economy option. For such karting, the simplest equipment and machines are purchased. The business is aimed at people with an average income. Economy karting requires minimal expenses.

Karting is divided into 2 groups according to the type of track:

  • Open. The track is organized in the open air. Choose locations near parks and industrial areas. This is a seasonal business that is subject to weather conditions.
  • Private. It involves renting a room or building a separate building. Such a business is costly, but allows you to make a profit all year round.

When choosing a format for your business, the economic situation in the region is taken into account. Elite and middle class karting is organized near major cities.


Like any business, go-karting must be registered. Choose one of two forms of ownership: individual entrepreneur or LLC. A simpler option is to register an individual entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is responsible with his property, but he does not strictly report on finances. The income is used at its own discretion. This shape is suitable for seasonal karting.

LLC is a more complex option that requires a lot of documents. The authorized capital must be brought in, and all financial transactions are reported. An LLC may have several founders who risk only their share in the authorized capital.

How to start a karting club from scratch? We will describe a detailed business plan with calculations so that even a beginner does not have any problems with organizing this type of activity. Anyone can implement such an interesting idea; all that remains is to find enough funds for capital investments.

This type of business is considered promising, because competition in it is low, and in many cities it is completely absent. And although more and more entertainment centers are opening, such extreme sports clubs remain a rarity.

Karting Features

This term refers to races on special cars (karts) on separate race tracks. The vehicles themselves do not look like modern cars, but are small, compact cars, consisting of a main frame, wheels, steering wheel and driver's seat. They are open, do not have a body and only ride on prepared racing grounds (karting tracks).

Amateur cards accelerate to a speed of just over 100 km / h, but there are also professional cars ready to conquer the mark of 250 km / h. And even with such numbers, this type of entertainment is considered relatively safe.

Let's list the main advantages of karting as a business:

  • Extreme types of entertainment in the modern world are especially popular and in demand.
  • Small staff required.
  • Low rents if you are applying for use of municipal lots in the city.

True, this business also has its disadvantages:

  • Long payback period (up to two years), especially if the opening of the track is supposed to be a seasonal activity.
  • Dependence on weather conditions when organizing races in an open area.
  • There is a significant impact of the economic situation in the country on the number of customers, as during the crisis people save more on entertainment.
  • Opening a high-end go-kart club will require a lot of upfront costs.

Which business format should you choose?

To determine the financial side of the matter and the amount of purchased inventory, first you need to decide what level your business will be:

Extreme sports are a great business and a good source of income from an entrepreneur's perspective.


Karting clubs are popular in metropolitan areas with a population of more than a million people, and small towns with a population of 400-500 thousand. Of course, before starting a business, it is worth analyzing the market. If in a big city the presence of one more karting center can be a good competition, in a small town the presence of several such centers can be a problem.

There are three types of go-karting clubs:

  • budget option - outdoor karting
  • middle class - indoor karting with regular tracks
  • professional center for training athletes
  • < / ul>

    It is logical that all three types require different investments. The most budgetary is the first, but at the same time you will earn only in the warm season. The most expensive is the last.

    Step by step plan

    In order for your business to function well, you should stick to a plan that will help you not miss a single point:

    • registration and receipt of all documents;
    • selection of a place for the route and preparation of the route itself;
    • connection of communications;
    • purchase of kart machines (karts);
    • recruitment and training of personnel;
    • purchase of consumables for karts;
    • club advertising
    • Attachments

      The most expensive stage will be finding a place: it must be at least 1000-2021 square meters and asphalting the track. The length of the route may be 3 km and its asphalting will require more than 1 million rubles. If you make low-quality asphalt, then such a route will quickly become unusable, and it will not have the best effect on the maps themselves. For a karting center with an area of ​​1000-2021 sq m, you will need 5-7 karts, the cost of one kart is 150-200 thousand rubles. Do not forget that it is worth purchasing several additional karts for children. In total, about 3 million rubles will be required at the start. This amount includes the search and equipment of the place, the purchase of karts and all additional accessories, the cost of registration and salaries of employees. It should also be borne in mind that maintaining the karting center and repairing all the components of the karts will require at least 500 thousand rubles per month.

      That is why karting as a business should be built taking into account all the subtleties and nuances.

      If everything is organized correctly, then the profitability of entrepreneurial activity will be approximately 50 percent in one year. This review will consider an approximate business plan for a karting club.

      What needs to be considered when designing alignments?

      The track is what any karting center should have. The unity of opposites must be embodied in it. From one position, the track should be organized in an interesting way, and from the other - no one should be hurt during the races. Sharp bends, bridges, narrow turns - with all this you can make the route more fun and interesting.

      But don't get carried away with extreme sports while building a track. You will need to provide everything so that potential clients do not get hurt. It is also worth considering that the angle of elevation of such a structure on a highway as a bridge should be about five degrees.

      On the highway, they usually accelerate in a vehicle up to 70 kilometers per hour. But it should be understood that the spirit of competition, as well as the power of a steel car, can be a good incentive to achieve higher speeds. Therefore, when designing a karting center, it is necessary to make sure that there are no too long straight sections on the tracks. All this must be taken into account when drawing up a karting club business plan.

      How much will the equipment cost?

      An important role in the proper organization of your business in the field of karting is the selection of equipment. With its help, potential clients are able to turn into racers of international level. The price for one set of uniforms can reach one and a half thousand rubles.

      The helmet will cost about 450 rubles. Naturally, it is necessary to purchase equipment of different sizes so that each client can choose a set for himself in size. For example, if there are about 8 karts in stock, then you will need to purchase twice as many jumpsuits in 6 sizes. There should be exactly the same number of helmets, only 4 different sizes.

      The spirit of competition must be maintained

      Any person will be interested in winning, overtaking, etc. Accordingly, the first and last participant will be determined based on the readings of the chronometric system. The price of such equipment will, on average, reach 150 thousand rubles.

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