How to become a photographer and make money from your photos

A professional photographer who offers his services to the public has a real opportunity to earn on his skills. A business plan for a photographer provides for risk assessment and profit calculation, organization of an advertising campaign and business promotion in the service market.

The transition from film to digital has allowed many creative people to discover photography from a completely different perspective. The ability to see and evaluate the frame on the camera screen at the time of shooting has significantly changed the approach and prospects for the development of photography, and various effects of editing programs allow you to turn a photo into a masterpiece if you have the desire and certain skills.

However, it is not enough just to buy a professional camera to call yourself a photographer. The growing competition every day requires from a person offering his services in this area, skills, craftsmanship and high performance. What should a beginner photographer take into account in order not to be disappointed in business and in himself?

How to start a business for a beginner photographer?

Market and Competitor Analysis

It's no secret that the competition in the photo business is high. But the presence of a huge number of proposals does not mean at all that there is a high-quality photography workshop behind each of them.

Accessible marketing research will help assess the state of the services market. Since advertising tools are usually the Internet and local media, you should pay close attention to them:

  • material from two dozen sites will give an approximate idea of ​​the list of services provided, shooting conditions and prices;
  • advertisements in newspapers, on local television will tell you which photographers is the most popular;
  • groups on social networks will allow you to evaluate not only offers, but also work with feedback, analyze customer reviews, their requests and suggestions.

Portfolio creation

After evaluating competitors' ads, you can proceed to creating your own portfolio: without a demonstration of work, finding clients will be very problematic.

In addition to photographs on paper, it is worth making a selection and posting it on the Internet: create a thematic group on social networks, offer material on specialized sites. Later, when the number of commissioned works will increase, the photographs will “go public” and potential clients will see them. At first, questions about where and how you can view photos will constantly arise.

Are you going to take up photography professionally? Then you will definitely need a photo studio business plan. The demand for the services of photographers who are able to "revive the moments", perpetuate memorable dates, make a masterpiece out of the ordinary moment, today has grown like never before.

There is also an option to write a business plan for the photo studio yourself. To help our site can offer you a series of articles on compiling a description of a business project:

  • what is a business plan for
  • how to write a cover page
  • a description of the company
  • description of services and products
  • market analysis
  • marketing plan
  • production plan
  • organizational plan
  • financial section
  • risk insurance in the business plan
  • add-ons and attachments

The proposed example of a business plan for a photo studio does not pretend to be exclusive, but it may well be used by you to create your own document. All the above calculations are approximate and relevant at the time of this writing for the Central Federal District. back to contents ↑


This project is a business plan for organizing a Photo studio (photo studio) with a payback period of two years.

Project objectives:

  • creating a highly profitable enterprise
  • organizing a stable profit
  • satisfying the market demand of enterprises and city residents for the services of a professional photographer, creating photo albums, photo portfolios, photo sessions, etc.

Project financing source: own funds or bank loan

Form of doing business: individual entrepreneur

Total cost of project implementation: 1.5 million rubles

Payback period: 2 years

To preserve pleasant moments not only in memory, but also in pictures, people use the services of photographers. If you decide to join the ranks of the "memory fixers", be prepared for a colossal number of competitors in the industry. Today everyone who has decent equipment in their hands seeks to make money on photography services. However, this is not enough to promote a business and receive a stable income. Let's understand the intricacies of the craft of photographers.

Who is the target of the service

The popularity of photography services is growing every year, despite the crises and rising prices. Any significant event, from the birth of the first child to the golden wedding anniversary, people want to capture as a keepsake. And who should be entrusted with such an important matter if not a professional photographer. After all, it is he who will catch the right moment for the frame, choose the right angle, will not miss a single detail, and later will provide pictures that are not ashamed to hang on the wall.

When choosing a photographer, the client relies not only on prices, but also on a number of factors: the quality of the images already in the portfolio, the ability to go to order even outside the city, the speed of release of finished photos.

Being a photographer doesn't mean having a camera in your hands. This is a vocation, a desire to constantly develop and learn new methods of photo processing, methods of studio lighting. If you want to temporarily earn some money, this business is unlikely to suit you.

The target audience is not limited. At the beginning of the journey, photographers are usually versatile (children, weddings, matinees, anniversaries, love stories, portraits, individual photo sessions). Having gained authority in a certain direction, you can do just that - portrait photography, fashion, commercial photography, art photography.

Expenses are required for photographic equipment and rental of premises for a studio (you can do without it). The profitability of the business is very high, since the services of a photographer range from 2,000 to 20,000 rubles. and more with high professionalism, and there are practically no regular costs. And this is a few hours of shooting and a number of processed images. With a constant flow of orders, investments will pay off in six months.

The only caveat is that professional photographic equipment is usually updated every 2-3 years. Lenses for different types of shooting, additional accessories, studio equipment are purchased. Therefore, it is impossible to say that a professional photographer reaps the benefits of a camera bought once for a long time.

Getting Started

Registration is usually preceded by lengthy preparation. If you come into this business without any experience, it will close very quickly. To open officially, you need authority, a decent portfolio, and a certain number of regular clients.

If you have all this, register as an individual entrepreneur and apply for the use of the simplified tax system with 6% - the status of an entrepreneur will give cooperation with clients an official status. There will be a right, for example, to receive payment for work under a contract through the court. In addition, it will be possible to enter into agreements with large customers (advertising photography, photographs for the magazine).

Choosing a direction of work

Quite a lot of people want to make money on their hobbies and in general what they love. In this business plan, the case of photography will be considered, as it is the most common hobby among people. Is it realistic, and most importantly, how to make money from photographs today.

Main activity

Difficult but feasible due to high competition. The valuable end product of any photographer is a photograph of something. It must be of high quality, professional and, most importantly, meet the customer's requirements. In addition, their value on the market depends on the professional subject of the photo.

Most popular topics:

  • portraits and photos of people;
  • epicenters of what is happening;
  • nature, landscapes;
  • subject photography; <
  • weddings, holidays.

How to earn more

How to make money for a beginner photographer? The main nuance that needs to be remembered if it seems to you that you are good at photographing, it does not always seem so to everyone. Therefore, without experience, a name and a portfolio, you should not set prices at the level of other specialists in this field.

Factors affecting the cost of photography:

  • name of the photographer, his popularity in these circles;
  • subject of the material.

Where to find orders

A lot of orders is the main principle of how to earn more. You can search for work orders on thematic sites or sites for freelancers. In addition, you can always sell footage that has already been shot.

Which channels to use to make money on photos:

  • work with photo studios;
  • special platforms for professionals;
  • freelance;
  • magazines and similar publications.

For creative individuals who own a camera and prefer flexible working hours, a photo shoot business is the best option. Especially considering the fact that when it is launched, large financial investments will not be needed. To plan a successful start and development of your business, you need to draw up a business plan for a photographer who wants to get a steadily growing income. An example of our business plan will clearly show what it takes to become a photographer and what the potential profitability of this business is.

Project Summary

Photo sessions are relevant in all medium and large cities of Russia. But the larger the city, the higher the level of competition. Consider a business option in photographs in a small town with a population of 80,000 - 100,000. / P>

Private photographers and photo studios will be direct competitors.

Basic photography services:

  • Wedding.
  • Holiday shooting.
  • Children and newborns.
  • Family.
  • Romantic (studio and street).
  • Individual.
  • For pregnant women.
  • Thematic studio.
  • Portrait.

In addition, clients can be offered the creation of a photo book, assistance in preparing a model portfolio, photo shoots in schools, kindergartens, photo for business (catalogs, presenters, corporate Instagram).

Target audience

Individual photography is gaining popularity, so this direction has its own prospects.


In order to have a minimum of difficulties and obstacles to profitable earnings in the process of work, it is necessary at the very beginning to think over a business plan for a photographer with calculations, purchase equipment, calculate its potential profitability, work out a marketing concept for attracting customers and understand how this business is profitable taking into account your specific circumstances.


To start a business, we register with the tax authorities as an individual entrepreneur, which will save us from unnecessary taxes and reporting. In addition, an individual entrepreneur certificate can be obtained in a short time, simply by paying a state fee in exchange for 800-1000 rubles. We choose the taxation system STS + 6%. Next, you need to select the OKVED code, in our case it is 74. 1 "Activities in the field of photography."

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