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The main thing about the culinary business plan of the year

Opening culinary: the way to the heart of the buyer

The more people who do not want or do not have time to prepare full-fledged homemade lunches and dinners, the higher the profit from cooking. Meanwhile, such a business as pure cooking has found numerous competitors in our time. Any supermarket will offer the discerning modern customer dozens of varieties of salads, cutlets, fish dishes, and a variety of pastries. The organization of the work of the culinary, culinary workshop, in the supermarket is set, as a rule, on a grand scale. The assortment in them is designed both for a buyer with a modest income and for people who can afford to buy expensive delicacies, and at the same time do not waste time on their preparation.

If you are the owner of a grocery store, then opening your own production - a culinary department - will become an additional source of profit for you. It is also convenient because you can use products that you buy for sale in a store in the production of ready-made meals. The larger the assortment of ready-made meals, the easier it is to interest the buyer, the main thing is that the quality of the products always remains at a high level.

One small supermarket cooking department can increase the store's total profit by 3-5%, which is actually not so little. It is important to study the customer's demand by offering him the most demanded products. Thus, you will be able to avoid the situation when the shelf life of dishes expires before they can be bought. The opening of a salad workshop should provide for the use of exclusively fresh products. Options when products are not the first freshness are sent to the salad have no right to life. One poisoning incident is enough to damage the reputation of your brainchild for a long time.

When opening culinary as a separate independent enterprise, it is necessary, first of all, to carefully study the level of competition. To open a culinary workshop, you need to prepare all the necessary documents so that in the future you do not have trouble with regulatory structures. This is a very complex and time-consuming process, because for each product that will be produced within the walls of your cooking, you need to obtain technical specifications - technical conditions plus many more different permits.

When composing an assortment in the cooking of your own production, focus on your potential buyer, on his needs and financial capabilities. In conditions of intense competition, people can only be attracted by the highest quality products, prepared with a soul, better than at home. It is clear that this is possible only if experienced professionals work for you. If you do not have one, you cannot do without organizing cooking courses or a school. How to open your own cooking, where to start - step-by-step instructions for organizing this process are contained in a competent example of a business plan for opening a cookery with ready-made calculations. With its help, you will be able to effectively implement your business idea, and recoup the initial investment in the shortest possible time.

Ready-made cooking business plan from scratch with examples of opening calculations

The presented culinary business plan is a document containing relevant information and calculations that will help a person who dreams of such a business. Such an institution as culinary is needed in any city: big or small, it will be visited by adults and children. According to experts, the demand for confectionery and culinary products will continue to grow, so such good quality goods will be sold out with pleasure.

A ready-made business plan for organizing a culinary studio is available on the site, intended for those who would like to take it as a basis and make their own calculations. This is quite possible, but immediately you need to decide on the proposed premises and the list of services and goods that your establishment will be able to offer. It makes sense not only to sell products, but also to produce a certain assortment on their own, so that people always have the opportunity to buy something fresh, “hot, hot”. This applies to both desserts and salads, appetizers, ready-made main courses.

Having studied the document, you can immediately start looking for the right room, think about what equipment you need. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that this activity requires the permission of the regulatory authorities. All additional information and calculations can be found in the proposed document, which was created taking into account modern realities. Do not forget that often in culinary establishments, visitors buy food both at home and have a snack on the spot, so your establishment or store should be neat, freshly renovated, excellent ventilation, as well as modern and customer-friendly.

You've probably noticed the display cases with ready-made meals in large supermarkets, near which they smell very tasty and are always full of people. Such departments constitute a culinary store. The basis of their assortment is meat, fish dishes, as well as salads and pastries. Having calculated the cost of the dishes, the buyer realizes that he is overpaying a little, but at the same time there is no need to cook anything, it is enough to warm up the dish and you can start eating. Delicious ready-to-eat meals at the right price are the main success factor for a culinary business. It is most profitable to open cooking in large cities, where, in an active work rhythm, people simply do not have enough time to constantly cook food, and they need to eat healthy and healthy. These are the people who will make up the bulk of your target audience.

In this article, we will consider the format of opening such a business, the range of dishes, the material and technical base, evaluate the investment and profitability.

Where to start?

If you are starting from scratch, then you need to decide on the format of your outlet, based on which you can plan the next steps to start a business in the format of a culinary store. We will give several formats of such outlets.

In this article, we will talk about the format of opening a culinary department in an already operating grocery store, since this format will allow providing the project with the target audience and ultimately making a profit.

Target audience

Now let's define the target audience for this project.

  • Office staff who can buy ready-made meals both for lunch and home after work.
  • Students. If a student can easily cook the same buckwheat or pasta, then making a cutlet or chop is a more difficult task, and he will buy it in a cooking store.
  • Single women and men who work hard and don't have time to cook all the time.

If you watch these counters, you can see many couples who buy dishes prepared by an experienced chef.


In order to work officially, you need to complete a package of documents.

  • Open IE.
  • Indicate the OKVED activity. For Russia, these are codes - 55.0, 15.9, 15.1. For Ukraine the codes are 55.0, 15.1, 15.9.
  • Sign a lease for the premises.
  • The room must meet all the requirements of the SES and the fire service.
  • Signing a garbage collection agreement.
  • Register staff for work.
  • Workers must have health records.
  • You must have certificates for the entire assortment, as well as for the products that you purchase for cooking.
  • The technique you use to cook must also be certified.

There is an opinion that cooking as a business brings good income and is characterized by a quick return on investment. However, this statement needs to be dealt with in more detail. To do this, consider a culinary business plan as well as a culinary production.

The origins of cooking

They began to be replaced by similar establishments, in the menu of which the so-called "Korean" salads appeared. In many modern grocery stores, special departments have begun to be organized, where you can buy various salads and simple snacks.

The first cooking emerged with the opening of the first supermarket back in 1994. Since then, many stores have had such departments, where products for every budget and taste are located. Here, for example, always hungry students can buy simple boiled potatoes with dill, and a busy woman can buy dinner for her family at a fairly reasonable price.

The range of such departments is extensive and may include over a hundred titles. Since cooking is the kind of activity that will always be in demand in our fast-paced age, therefore, a culinary business plan may be needed by people who are looking for an occupation "to their liking."

Organization of the supermarket cooking department

Today, any supermarket has not only a prepared food department, but also its own culinary workshop. Such an organization of this service sector is quite profitable due to the availability of the required area. Indeed, in any supermarket there is always some corner empty. The next positive point is the location of the so-called "adjacent" departments in a row.

For example, a customer buying a good snack will buy something from alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks. It should also be noted that supermarkets mainly purchase their goods at wholesale prices. Therefore, there is no need to buy additional products to the culinary department, and the cost of cooked food (and, accordingly, its price) will be slightly lower, which will also contribute to the influx of customers.

How do I open a Cooking Class?

This question is asked by many people who have a little free money and want to invest it in some kind of break-even business. At the very beginning, this idea should be discussed with your loved ones and relatives. They can always give good advice, and sometimes help with funds in case of a shortage.

The next stage, which implements the opening of cooking, is a business plan. This document should be thought out to the smallest detail. In its sections, it is necessary to reflect, first of all, all expenses. There are also options for further business development of this level.

Room selection

Answer to the question: "How to open cooking?" lies in solving organizational issues. First of all, the room must be correctly selected. Especially if the cooking is not in a supermarket, but in a separate building. It is desirable that the premises be located in the residential sector, as this will ensure a constant flow of customers. An entrepreneur who is interested in the question of "how to open a cookery" needs to understand that at the first stage his main expenses will be associated with the repair and equipment of this building for the profile of the selected type of service.

Review of the business planport bar

Competently drawn up business plan, comprehensive market analysis, SWOT analysis, calculation of investment indicators - received even more than expected. As a result, investments in the amount of 20 million rubles were approved.

Chief Accountant of Restyle LLC

Review of the bar's business plans

The developed business plan has successfully passed the verification procedure at the bank, and we received a loan for the entire required amount in the amount of 25 million rubles. A clear structure of the document, complete calculations in all aspects - everything is as it should be.

Review of the fast food restaurant business plan

High-quality work, attention to detail and justification of each position of the business plan: all this allowed us to get a loan for the entire required amount (50 million rubles).

Content of the culinary business plan:

Why do you need a cooking business plan?

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Advanced with financial calculations with Excel financial model

Advanced with adjustments

Standard Business Plan

What it takes to open your cooking. How to choose a location and determine the expected flow of buyers. How to write a business plan and document your culinary store. What income to expect.

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique.

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Even a housewife who loves and knows how to cook may well think: how to open cooking? Since you still have to tinker with minced meat, potatoes and salads every day, why not make money out of it?

Indeed, cooking can be profitable. Sales of semi-finished food products are growing from year to year; in a record 2021, an increase of 40% was recorded. Intensified labor and increased employment are leaving less time for people to cook, and the ubiquity of microwave ovens makes it faster and easier to turn a convenience product into a ready-made dish.

But it's not that simple. The success of your own culinary business depends not only and not so much on your desire and perseverance, but on the totality of external circumstances beyond your control. Let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

Initial conditions

What kind of culinary discovery: with or without production - you don't have to think about it. The question "How to open cooking without a production cycle?" meaningless. All those semi-finished products that you can buy from wholesale suppliers are already in supermarkets and branded outlets. They are boring to buyers, and you need to offer something of your own to be successful.

Assortment and production

Several approaches are possible here:

  • A proven and reliable method of average efficiency - "home". Sometimes it is enough to slightly change the appearance (shape, size) or packaging of the product so that it does not look like standard products that have pissed eyes, and it will be bought at least for a trial. And if it is cooked with a soul, then more will come.
  • Regional - national. This approach can be called "Anti - McDonald's". The idea of ​​standardizing tastes all over the world comes from standardizing the way of life, but people still live in their own way everywhere, but there is no friend for taste and color. From the most ordinary broiler, you can cook tobacco chickens, satsivi, traditional Russian chicken noodles, Siberian chicken shangi and many other ready-to-eat meals after quick heating of portioned dishes.
  • Retro. The pressure of Western mass culture overshadowed many of the previously widespread achievements of national cuisines. You can play well on this. Read in the old Soviet "Book of Delicious and Healthy Food" what a Viennese schnitzel or Metro cutlets are. Are they suitable for sale in the form of semi-finished products or chilled for heating? And in supermarkets they are not.
  • An unexpected idea. Advertising glamor is also tired of everyone, and advertisers themselves use this circumstance. Once in England, a boxer with a face so ugly that it was impossible to look away from him became a supermodel. After the first fee, he said: "For that kind of money, now my wife also considers me handsome." Let's apply this principle. The most common boiled or fried potatoes, home-cooked and sprinkled with herbs, but a portion in a box with the inscription: "From grumpy Pelagia." If it turns out that the grumpy Pelageya is using the kitchen properly, sales are guaranteed.
  • Sophisticated product packages. Imagine a person walking home from work after a hard shift or from the office after a day of jerking and harassment from the boss. In his mind flashes: "Shouldn't I accept?" You don't want to go to the supermarket with a crowd of people. He looked into a small cozy cookery, and saw: next to him were potatoes "From Grumpy Pelageya", pickles, a herring under a fur coat and a sign: "Discount for the complex." That's it, there is a snack, there is no need to cook, salivation began to flow, and you have a regular customer. He will also take a schnitzel in the bargain, I also want meat.


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