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Business plan of the Stables Completed by: Pupil 10 "A" class Rakhimova Aidana.

Contents of the Summary; Setting goals; Business characteristics; Evaluation of the product sales market; Assessment of competitors; Production plan; Organizational plan; Legal plan; Financial plan; Risk assessment and insurance; Funding strategy;

Project summary Opening a horse business entails big incomes in the future. In order to open this enterprise it is necessary to take a loan in the amount of 1. million rubles. Equestrian business will include the following tasks: 1. Horseback riding; 2. Breeding thoroughbred horses; 3. Leasing of premises to private horse owners; 4. Organization of a riding school; 5. Sale of horses. 6. Photo session with horses 7. Production of kumis These services will be in great demand among all horse lovers. Especially in people who suffer from disorders of the musculoskeletal system and psychosocial status.

For work at the stable and customer service you will need: 1. Several grooms (their number depends on the number of horses); 2. Veterinarian; 3. Competent manager; 4. Accountant; 5. Handymen 6. Security guards This business will play a huge social significance in the area: Firstly, helping children with problems with the musculoskeletal system and with impaired psychosocial status, Secondly, new jobs will appear, Thirdly, increasing economy of the region.

Purpose: To make a profit from this enterprise Objectives: 1. to build a stable 2. to purchase horses 3. to hire personnel

Characteristics of the business The purpose of my business is to increase the authority of the Akbulak region in the region, by creating. ; According to my calculations, the minimum profitability of this business is on average 20-30% and it pays off in 4-5 years .. This business will include such tasks as. 1. horse riding; 2. Breeding thoroughbred horses; 3. Leasing of premises to private horse owners; 4. Organization of a riding school; 5. Sale of horses. 6. Photo session with horses

Evaluation of the product market The demand for these services in our area will be very high. The services offered will be used not only by adults, but also by children. And also children who suffer from disorders of the musculoskeletal system and psychosocial status, which accelerates their social adaptation, i.e. hippotherapy will be performed. Kumis will also be produced, one of the most delicious and healthy drinks, which will be in great demand in our region and in the region. As far as possible, our horses will participate in races, both in the district (which we will organize) and in the regional.

Assessment of competitors In Akbulak region, agriculture is poorly developed, and horse breeding is completely absent. So my business has no competitors.

It is not very difficult to spread information in Akbulak that a stable is opening. Akbulak is a small village. It will be enough to inform people on the Akbulak website and in the newspaper. And it doesn't cost much. Marketing

Feedback on the horse breeding business plan ()

The main thing about the horse breeding business plan for the year

How to open an equestrian club: pitfalls

In modern economic conditions, opening your own equestrian club looks like a real gamble. But even in such a difficult situation, some private stables managed to increase their market share. As a rule, small horse clubs are in a more advantageous position, but large ones have to survive much more difficult. The economy format allows owners of private stables to cut costs, which makes it possible not only to make ends meet, but also to count on more or less decent profits.

The decision to open a private stable most often comes to the mind of real fans. A horse business rarely becomes a source of solid income, however, entrepreneurs who are satisfied with a more modest format are ideally suited for this business. The main income for such stables comes from horseback riding, which the owners organize at public events in city parks. For the owners of large clubs, which are based on expensive trotters, this business development option, of course, is not suitable.

If an idea such as a horse breeding and horseback riding business does not come out of your head, try to give it a clearer outline. First of all, decide on the format of the business, calculate the likely expenses and incomes, which will help you make the final decision. Please note that a significant cost item will be not only the purchase of horses, but also the acquisition or lease of a land plot, the area of ​​which should be at least 8-10 hectare, based on 4-5 horses.

Consider the goals of your club when determining the amount you will need to purchase horses. If you decide to start a horse riding business, then ordinary animals are suitable for this, for which they rarely ask for 30-50 thousand rubles. A completely different matter is purebred horses, their cost usually starts from 200 thousand rubles. For a business such as a solid equestrian club, designed for high-income clients, these are the horses that should be purchased.

When opening their own business - stable, many entrepreneurs offer their clients such services as keeping other people's horses. But for this it is necessary to have very good conditions - these are spacious stables, dry stalls, and, of course, experienced animal care workers. Wealthy clients have very high demands on the living conditions of their pets. But if you manage to earn a positive reputation, there will be no end of those who want to use your services. As a rule, reputable equestrian clubs do not need special advertising, the recommendations of people who have already contacted you are enough.

The profitability of this business is not too high - within 20-30%. The payback period is usually 4-5 years. Whether the opening of an equestrian club will be profitable depends on many nuances. And even a certain amount of luck can have a significant impact on business development. But relying only on chance is behavior that is not worthy of a real entrepreneur. In such an important matter, you must rely on a competent example of a horse breeding business plan with ready-made calculations, with the help of which you will be able to overcome any possible difficulties.

Ready-made horse breeding business plan from scratch with examples of opening calculations

The relevance of a horse breeding business depends, first of all, on the cultural and climatic conditions of your place of residence.

Horse subspecies

Domestic horses are divided into 2 groups of breeds - heavy draft and riding. Heavy trucks are distinguished by their large size, large mass, greater strength and endurance. Their main purpose is various types of agricultural work, transportation of heavy and bulky goods.

Riding horses are in higher demand, therefore, from a business point of view, they are more promising types of horses. Purebred horses are very expensive, the price of one individual can be comparable to the cost of an expensive sports car.

Horse Breeding Business Plan Key Points

  • breeding of breeding animals;
  • meat horse breeding;
  • preparing horses for participation in sports games and competitions;
  • horse rental;
  • riding school, etc.

Meat horse breeding

In some countries, the consumption of horse meat is prohibited by law due to local religious beliefs. Also, many peoples and nations, due to their characteristics, either do not eat horse meat at all, or do not consider this meat useful and tasty. But in many other countries, horse meat is considered a delicacy, i.e. historically it was one of the main types of meat among this or that nomadic people.

In Russia, horse breeding for meat as a business is still very important today. Although the popularity of horse meat still falls over the years, and it becomes a product for amateurs.

It is very difficult to breed horses for meat on an industrial scale due to their physiological characteristics of these animals. Horses have very small stomachs and high food quality requirements.

Horse riding is a popular pastime among children and adults. Someone wants to be closer to nature, someone loves and admires horses, so they spend every weekend in the saddle. Others are passionate about equestrian disciplines. All this is provided by equestrian sports schools, most of which are private.

Olga Polomoshnova knows about this business not by hearsay, she shared her experience and spoke about the business on horseback from the inside.

How it all began

Tell us when you decided to start organizing a riding school and why?

When I was a child, when I was training at the equestrian sports school, I realized that more than anything else I want my own equestrian club.

At the age of 18, I started working as an equestrian coach in a small KSK, often dealt with household issues there, helped with competitions and various events.

What were the first steps?

At the age of 19, I tried to make my dreams come true, wrote a business plan for a stable, a riding school and brought them to various companies, hoping to find investors, since I did not have my own funds for construction, I from a simple family and at the age of 11 was left without parents. Investors were interested in my ideas, but did not come to implementation, they required large investments.

Important: the minimum investment in the construction of a full-fledged equestrian school is 10,000,000 rubles.

It happened in Siberia, the climate is harsh, hence the need for huge budgets for construction. But I did not give up on my dream. She entered to study at an economic university at the faculty of "crisis management of an enterprise" and moved to Moscow.

The reason for the move was the understanding that equestrian sports are developed here at a higher level. True, I had to start all over again: work as a trainer, train horses.

Already in Moscow, I attended international courses for coaches and trained with an international master of sports. All this time I was looking for people of close spirits who would like to connect their life with horses.

Today, not only oligarchs, but also many horse lovers spend their free time riding purebred horses. Someone has their own stable, someone just has a thoroughbred horse. But many of them are faced with the problem of finding a good stable for a vacation or long business trip, or finding a suitable stable with a caring owner in order to leave their horse there on a permanent basis and visit it in their free time. On this need, you can create your own business - open a good stable.

Establishing a stable with the provision of horse care services is a business with a fairly significant initial cost, but bringing in a high and stable income in the future.

The main advantage of starting this business is that it is still a free niche and every year there are more horse owners, the demand for these services is constantly growing. In addition, being engaged in this service sector, it becomes possible to acquire new useful business connections. In order to open a stable, you must first draw up a business plan for the stable and conduct a thorough analysis of all the underlying factors.

Before opening a horse breeding farm, you should analyze the nature of the activities of similar farms located in the region and assess your own competitiveness.

To attract customers, in addition to keeping animals and caring for them, it is necessary to develop this business in different directions, provide additional services, as well as conduct entertainment events. Additional services include: breeding thoroughbred horses, renting premises to horse owners, veterinarian services, horse riding training and training for professional riders, kumis production. All this should be thought out in advance and included in the business plan.

Starting your own business - opening a stable

After that, you can select the place where the stable will be built. The best place to build a stable is a picturesque plot of land near the city with a nearby meadow where you can graze horses. In addition, the meadow located next to the stables will provide an opportunity to prepare hay for the winter. To open an equestrian club, you will need a plot of land with an area of ​​at least 10 hectares.

Construction of a stable and its arrangement is the most important issue for an entrepreneur who decides to start this business. You will need to build the stable itself, a riding hall, utility rooms for workers, an office. In addition, there may be a cafe and a mini-hotel on the territory. The stable must be built taking into account all the requirements. It should have stalls and stalls for horses, windows. The stables must always be dry and clean, a certain temperature regime must be observed in the stable itself, the roof must never leak. The entrepreneur will need to purchase the necessary equipment: rubber coatings, industrial washing machines, video surveillance systems, LED equipment, field markers, gas generating plants.

It will also be necessary to improve the territory and create all conditions for a comfortable stay of clients.

The number of hired staff depends on the size of the breeding farm and the services provided. But the main thing is that the workers caring for the animals love them very much and have experience in dealing with horses. To work at the stable you will need:

  • several grooms;
  • competent manager;
  • accountant;
  • veterinarian;
  • handymen;
  • service personnel, if there is a cafe and a mini-hotel.

The next step in creating this business is to purchase horses and feed for them. If you are planning horse riding lessons with children, then you need to purchase several ponies.

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