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Mikhail Filimonov, a novice entrepreneur from the Ryazan Region, an owner of a small shop selling household appliances. Mikhail opened a small store in a large shopping center. The store employs four salespeople. Mikhail is engaged in the purchase and delivery of goods independently, his wife is responsible for the accounting. Thanks to the excellent combination of "price / quality", as well as unusual home appliances, business is booming.

Introduction The store is not like everyone else's, or how did I decide to start my own business?

Working in Ryazan is quite difficult, and therefore, after graduating from the institute, I worked for more than three years in a hypermarket of household appliances as a consultant manager.

The first time was difficult, but over time I got involved, and with all my heart fell in love with household appliances, and even began to follow the new products in order to be competent in this matter.

But working as a manager (or, more simply, as a seller) does not bring insane earnings. In truth, there is enough money from work to eat, and dress somehow.

So I saw only one way out - to start my own business. I have not seen more ways to improve my own well-being.

I began to seriously think about how to start selling household appliances myself. Of course, it is stupid to compete with large chains in this area, and I decided to open a store (or rather a small department in a shopping center) selling Chinese mobile phones.

Chinese manufacturers have made a huge leap forward, and their phones do not differ in quality from Korean and American smartphones, but at the same time they are much cheaper. I made a bet on low cost and high quality.

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How to open a home appliances store

Owners of small household appliances stores are always provided with a stable income, despite the presence of serious competition from large chain companies. This explains the fact that all new entrepreneurs decide to open an electronics store. Success, as a rule, is achieved by those who know what can be opposed to the giant networkers.

The advantage of small companies is precisely in their modest scale. Opening a large home appliance store requires huge areas, which can often be found only in the city center. This means that the territory of the sleeping areas is divided among themselves by representatives of small companies. With a competent policy and a carefully developed assortment, such a store has every chance of finding its client.

And if you also offer the buyer additional services, for example, open a workshop or a service center for the repair of household appliances at the store, income can significantly increase. But for this it is necessary to recruit a team of experienced professionals who will be able to work without punctures, without causing customer dissatisfaction.

A shop with an area of ​​less than 150 square meters is capable of feeding a businessman. m. But only on condition that it is located in a convenient location. This also applies to the successful transport interchange, and the availability of access roads, and in the distance from other similar shops. Before you open a store and a home appliance repair company, carefully consider the internal layout. It is important to present a sufficient amount of goods in a limited area, since the assortment in a home appliance store should be as wide as possible. But at the same time, the retail space should not turn into an intricate labyrinth.

When solving such an important question - where to get goods, household appliances, do not limit yourself to purchasing only imported products. The most optimal ratio of goods would be: 50% - household appliances of foreign manufacturers, 50% - domestic products. In this case, buyers will have more choice. Opening an in-store home appliance repair shop will greatly increase your chances of success. As practice shows, the home appliance repair business is developing very actively, since it is easier for many buyers to repair a thing than to buy a new one.

If in the process of starting a business you have any questions, you should not look for answers to them in business forums dedicated to opening stores or boutiques of household appliances. It is much more effective to seek help from professionals, whose valuable advice is collected in a competent business plan for a home appliance store. From it you will learn how to open your own business selling and repairing household appliances without making annoying mistakes. This document contains a detailed description of the activities of the home appliances store, as well as the business processes that take place in it.

A ready-made business plan for a home appliance store from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

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