Hairdressing business plan

What business to start in 2021? This question is asked by many who decided to give up everything and become their own boss. A beauty salon business plan, which will be discussed below, is suitable for both men and women businessmen.

Why this particular option? Beauty will always attract people and clients of such a business will always be, if you try a little with regard to advertising. In addition, this business is very interesting and can include a wide range of services that will expand the reach of clients.

How to open a beauty salon from scratch - business plan with calculations

To open your salon from scratch, you need to go through several important stages from registration to promotion.

Where to register?

To start, you need to register with the Federal Tax Service as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. The easiest and cheapest way would be to open an IP. Here you will only have to pay a fee of 800 rubles.

To register, you need to collect the required certificates and documents and take them to the tax office.

LLC is more complicated. Here you need to draw up an agreement of the founders and go through other difficulties. Therefore, for a quick start of a business, the status of an individual entrepreneur is highly recommended. It is this measure that will help you start with minimal investment.

What documents will be required to start this business?

The beauty industry in registering an individual entrepreneur is no different from other types of business, therefore, as elsewhere, the procedure will require 4 documents:

Hairdressing as a business has been very popular for a long time. In any financial situation, a person needs to shave and get their hair cut to look good.

Hairstyle allows you not only to look well-groomed, but also to emphasize your dignity, individuality and unique style. That is why people invariably go to hairdressers. There are many directions in this area. As an example, you can open a respectable salon, an economy class hairdressing salon, a children's hairdresser's, or create a company with a home visit of masters.

The first step in opening such a salon will require drawing up a business plan. It will describe the main stages of building a business, from organizational issues to solving financial problems. Therefore, here you should think over everything to the smallest detail and preferably with calculations so that opening a hairdresser is profitable, could quickly pay off and start making the maximum profit.

First Steps

Step one. You should decide what direction your business will be, because a lot will depend on this. The business plan of a children's hairdressing salon will differ slightly from an adult salon. To create a new hairdressing business, it is important to choose a certain style that suits your direction. The design of the exterior and interior will depend on this. In the same direction, the name of the salon should be thought out so that it is memorable and sonorous.

Step two. The opening of a hairdressing salon can be organized in any urban area, because much depends on the number of existing similar proposals. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study the current offers in the place where you are striving to open a salon. Perhaps a different location should be chosen, as redundant offers can deprive customers or hinder further expansion.

Step three. To create a large salon will require an infusion of large funds. However, it is best to start with a small hairdresser. Subsequently, if there is a good profit, then it will be possible to think about expanding the salon. This approach is more practical and can save you from ruin. For this, a business plan of an economy class hairdressing salon is best suited.

Step four. Next, you need to decide what will be best for you: buy a ready-made business, or create a business plan with calculations, which will allow you to go through all the stages without problems. The ready-made option will require an order of magnitude less hassle, but it is not always the best option in terms of costs and business management. Opening a hairdressing salon from scratch is more preferable, since any nuances can be taken into account. The business plan below can serve as a template for creating your business plan.

Step five. The next step is to develop a standard range of basic salon services that you will offer. To do this, it is recommended to draw up a portrait of your clients, and then, on the basis of this, paint your services. A simple example: wedding hairstyles, haircuts, manicures, hair extensions and the like.

Step six. Based on the chosen concept, as well as the services provided, premises, equipment, personnel and everything else that is needed to create a successful salon is selected. Taking into account all cost items, it will be possible to understand how much will need to be invested in a new business.

Business plan

We will draw up a business plan taking into account the fact that the opening of the salon will be carried out in the Moscow region. The hairdresser will operate in a residential area, targeting the budget segment of clients. The main competitive advantage will be the optimal parameter of the ratio of cost and quality. The salon will operate seven days a week and without breaks from 9 am to 9 pm. The cost of services will include competitive offers, and the consumer segment will be determined by clients with medium and low income. In the future, we can count on the consolidation of the business.

If you want to start your own business, the first thing that is recommended to pay attention to is the impact on the direction of activities of crises and social upheavals. Crises, of course, affect the niche of hairdressing services, but not critically - people are used to using the services of specialists when they need haircuts. Therefore, if you want to open a company with a small financial investment, which will stay afloat for a long time and will be profitable at any time, study the business plan of a hairdressing salon with calculations.

Opening a hairdresser: first steps and project analysis

The first thing you should understand before you start reading a business plan for opening a hairdresser is to understand that in addition to making a profit, you must realize the following goals:

  • to meet the needs of your clients in hairdressing services at the required level of quality and at prices acceptable for your category of consumers;
  • increase the number of jobs;
  • create a profitable business;
  • receive regular profit from activities with growth prospects.

Today in the Russian Federation there are about 40 thousand of the most diverse hairdressing salons and salons. It is noteworthy that chain hairdressing salons account for no more than 5% of this number of establishments; the main type of salon on the market is a separate hairdressing salon. Each of them finds its client.

Experts are sure that today it is not very difficult to enter the market in the presented niche: you will not have to face a financial barrier, and in order to reduce high competition, you need to take care of a number of factors in advance - a good location, competent marketing plan and so on. The territorial factor plays a significant role - with the right location and high quality services, you will quickly acquire regular customers.

The middle and economy segment accounts for 85% of the market, the rest are VIP and luxury class. When working on pricing, you will need to focus on the first category pricing. Plus, that 85% is your direct competitor. Separately, their influence on the sphere is not as significant as it seems, however, in some areas of the city there are a large number of similar establishments. These are the locations you should avoid.

Your main clients will be:

  • Women: 75%.
  • Men: 17%
  • Children: 8%.

A consumer of hairdressing services is a person with an average income level who actively takes care of himself. The age category is quite wide - from 18 to 50.

Business SWOT Analysis

When drawing up a business plan for a hairdressing salon with calculations, you need to take into account all external and internal factors that can have a significant impact on both your work in general and the level of profit. Remarkably, these factors can have both negative and positive effects. Some of them - external - cannot be changed, but you can work on internal factors.

2. Increasing the level of investment in the project.

The article deals with the business plan of a hairdressing salon and its key points: what equipment to buy for an economy class salon, which specialists to hire, when and how to start an advertising campaign, what to look for when choosing a premises and developing a concept <

A hairdressing salon business plan is a tool that will save you from fatal mistakes in starting your own business, will allow you to plan development in advance and predict when these investments will pay off.

Download a ready-made business plan for a hairdressing salon

Hairdressing business is based on basic human needs. A barber shop business plan is a digital scenario for the development of a small business with a relatively small but stable profit.

A ready-made business plan for a hairdressing salon, developed on the basis of the experience of other entrepreneurs, shows that the creation of such a business requires a minimum amount of 500 thousand rubles. At the same time, the business itself pays off in 7 months.

Download hairdressing business plan

The approximate plan takes into account the specifics of the opening place, the specifics of Central Asia, the demand for proposals in a particular city of Russia.

Sample hairdressing business plan

The "Economy class hairdressing salon" business plan is suitable for those who start a business from scratch. There will be 4-6 foremen working in the salon (two or three for each shift). This leads to the purchase of the minimum amount of equipment, and hence the minimum opening costs. But you can move away from this minimum in the future and add new types of services (manicure, visage), as well as create a network of such establishments.

Relevance of the idea and market analysis with the assessment of competitors

Hairdressing services are in demand in times of crisis and recovery. There is a positive trend in the opening of hairdressers and beauty salons - in 2021 there were more than 75,000 enterprises associated with the beauty industry.

Dear visitors, we present to your attention an example of a business plan for a hairdressing salon with economic calculations in Excel format. The document is made in accordance with all the laws of drawing up business plans and can be used as a model for drawing up your own projects and submitting them at the place of demand (to a bank, investor, to an educational institution, to government agencies to receive subsidies and other requirements).

Calculations were prepared by experts with economic education in Excel format and you have the opportunity to see how they were carried out without leaving the site. If you have any questions about making calculations or describing a business plan, you can ask us questions in the VKontakte group, by mail or in the comments below.


Purpose: opening of a hairdressing salon in the city of Tula.

Objectives: Opening a salon-hairdressing salon focused on middle and upper middle incomes.

Project initiator

The initiator of the project is an entrepreneur who previously worked in a hairdressing salon as an employee. The decision to open your own salon was made due to the large number of personal clients interested in a master opening a hairdressing salon. Your salon will allow you to select the appropriate personnel with the necessary training, while the level of services provided will be at the highest level.

Investment costs

The amount of investment costs is 580,300 rubles. The organizer has 200 thousand rubles, which are invested in the business. 380 thousand are taken on credit at 15% per annum, for which two guarantors are involved.

Investment costs include:

  • Registration of individual entrepreneurs and obtaining permits - 60 thousand rubles;
  • Concluding a lease agreement and payment of a security deposit - 50 thousand rubles;
  • Cosmetic repair of the premises - 220 thousand rubles;
  • Expenses for advertising and design - 154.5 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of equipment and technology, delivery, assembly and installation - 117.8 thousand rubles;
  • Initial purchase of goods - 20 thousand rubles.

It is planned to rent non-residential premises as premises, which were previously a three-room large-sized apartment and transferred to non-residential premises. The room has its own entrance and has been redecorated.

Project funding

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