Greenhouse business plan

Growing greenery in a greenhouse for business, as well as personal needs, is suitable for those who have minimal knowledge of agriculture. Entrepreneurs should take into account that the maximum sales occur in the autumn-winter period, and in the spring-summer period, competition from farms grows. In addition, when starting a business in the southern regions of Russia, the initial costs for equipping a greenhouse will be lower than in others.

What greens can be grown all year round

Purchase of soil, seeds and other materials

How much does it cost to start a business

Project Description

The greenhouse greenhouse business has a number of advantages: relatively inexpensive seed and high yields. For personal use, it is enough to sow seeds in plastic pots and put them on the balcony. The main thing is to provide the sprouts with a long daylight hours and regular watering.

What greens can be grown all year round

These greens are great for year-round cultivation:

  • leafy ;
  • asparagus ;
  • cabbage ;
  • roman.

Other types of crops can be grown all year round if marketing channels are in place for them:

  • mint ;
  • basil ;
  • estragon ;
  • kinza ;
  • rosemary ;
  • fennel.

Growing methods

Feedback on a business plan for growing vegetables in a greenhouse

The business plan turned out to be a thoroughly thought out document, with a description of all business processes and detailed calculations for the project. As a result, we received funding for 180 million rubles.

chief accountant of Andreevskoe hozyajstvo LLC

Feedback on a business plan for growing grain crops

Thanks to cooperation and a high-quality business plan, we managed to get a loan from the Russian Agricultural Bank for the purchase of agricultural equipment for 5 years and a short-term loan to replenish working capital (for sowing), the total amount is 450 million. rubles. "

Feedback on a business plan for raising chickens

Quality professional work. The received business plan allowed to open a credit line for 300 million rubles, which has already been partially used. The project was tested at the bank the first time.

Content of greenhouse business plan:

Why and who needs a greenhouse business plan for growing greenery?

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How to Start Your Green Growing Business Plan

To begin with, it's worth noting that growing greenery, like any farming work, despite its apparent simplicity, contains many pitfalls. This is the acquisition of equipment, planting material, registration of all the necessary paperwork, if a plot of land is leased, and many others. However, arranging a greenhouse or the decision to grow vegetables and berries for sale will bear fruit, and considerable ones. First of all, you need to love this type of work and have at least some degree of knowledge in farming.

Modern technologies allow growing greens and other types of crops using hydroponics, which will be discussed a little later.

General information about the green business

Brief summary of the greenhouse business plan for growing fresh herbs for sale

The draft business plan includes

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Main characteristics of the enterprise

Relevance of greenery growing business

The relevance of this type of business is that today there is an increased demand for products to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as products for vegans, raw foodists and vegetarians. Fresh vegetables in winter are now more the norm than a luxury, and the consumer is very picky about such a product and carefully chooses a supplier so that the product is environmentally friendly and grown without the use of pesticides and nitrates.

It is good if the personal plot is located near the city - this will reduce the cost of logistics of goods and daily maintenance of the plot. It is important that the site has access to electricity and water supply and sanitation systems.

The city dwellers always have a demand for such kind of goods as dill, parsley, cilantro and spinach - fresh greens are rich in vitamins, especially people feel their shortage in the autumn-winter period. Therefore, the demand for the product will be almost constant. The advantage of this type of entrepreneurial activity is mainly that it requires a minimum of effort and money to start. It is best to grow greens in a greenhouse or on your own backyard. Growing greenery can be a source of additional income for farmers, since such an activity does not require too much resources and the purchase of additional equipment.

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Growing greenery is a profitable business. The demand for fresh parsley, onion, dill, celery is consistently high. They are ingredients of many dishes, a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Having established their production and sale, you will receive a solid, and most importantly, permanent income.

Want to know how to beat the competition and succeed? Make yourself comfortable! I will tell you how to correctly draw up a business plan for growing greenery.

Project Description

The goal of the project is to generate a stable income from growing and selling greenery. This line of business is actively developing. The demand for fresh herbs is increasing annually, which is associated with an increase in the number of our fellow citizens who choose healthy food, as well as with a decrease in imports.

If you organize the sale of grown products, you will not only quickly recoup your initial investment, but also get a decent stable income.

Goals and objectives

Goal - business development, increase in production and sales.

Achievement of the set goal is directly related to the solution of a number of tasks:

  • choosing a land plot for setting up production;
  • exploring a niche and choosing crops that are most in demand among buyers;
  • creating optimal conditions for growing ;
  • search and development of optimal ways to sell grown products.

Greens are perishable goods. Your main task is to implement it immediately after harvest.

Choosing a growing method

Greens are grown for sale in three ways:

Greenhouse types of business are considered to be quite in demand, as they enable entrepreneurs to receive a really high income. Growing greens in a greenhouse is most often chosen as a business, since it is always in demand, and also a high cost is set for it with minimal growing effort. The proposed business plan for growing greenery describes the main stages of organizing your business.

General description of the project

The main goal of the business is to make a profit through the cultivation and effective sale of greenery. This business, with optimal sales organization, can be an excellent way to generate high and stable income. Every year the number of people who want to eat healthy and healthy food increases, so the demand for greens is growing.

Goals and objectives

To achieve the main goal, which is the creation of a large, developed and profitable business, it is necessary to implement all tasks correctly:

  • the correct choice of the location of the site where it is planned to carry out activities;
  • selection of demanded greens for growing;
  • creating optimal working conditions;
  • finding reliable, stable and profitable distribution channels.

By completing these tasks, the main goal of creating a business is achieved.

What greens can you grow?

An entrepreneur independently determines which greens can be grown, and in the presence of a large territory for planting, various greens can be grown quite effectively. The choice should be based on the supply in the region, as if competitors grow a lot of basil, then it is recommended to look at other herbs. The most frequently chosen: Type of greens Peculiarities of its cultivation Dill The most widespread and frequently eaten greens, which are in demand among many Russians. The advantage of its cultivation is unpretentiousness and ease of cultivation, and it also grows even in cold regions. Before planting, the seeds are always soaked. The disadvantages of choosing these greens include the fact that most competitors also choose them for growing. Frequently purchased greens belonging to annual varieties. There are 4 types of onions: sweet and semi-sweet, as well as hot and semi-hot. The latter is the most commonly selected species for cultivation, as it ripens early and also yields a good harvest. It is in demand among numerous buyers. alat It is used in the preparation of various dishes, so a good demand is established for it. The product is well absorbed and enriched with many useful microelements. The salad is resistant to changes in temperature and cold, and also ripens quickly. To grow it, you do not need to devote too much time to work. It has excellent taste and is enriched with vitamins, therefore it is often bought by people. It is considered simple and unpretentious to grow.

If possible, it is allowed to grow all of the above types of greenery.

Choosing a growing method

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