Furniture manufacturing: equipment business plan for 2021

Financial model of confectionery production

Brief Investment Memorandum

It is difficult to surprise a modern person with culinary delights, including confectionery. Nevertheless, confectionery, be it sweets, cakes or pastries, invariably accompany our life, starting from early childhood.

Culinary traditions still play a significant role even in our technocratic society, and there are many who want to pamper themselves, their loved ones, friends or work colleagues with various sweets.

The general concept of the confectionery business, in addition to purely aesthetic and taste preferences of customers, is based on a real economic calculation. First of all, two fundamental factors are taken into account:

  • the first factor - despite various economic problems for most people, the demand for confectionery products in Russia is steadily growing at a rate of at least 2-4% per year. Consequently, during the implementation of the project, there is a certain guarantee of demand for products in the future for several years, at least.
  • the second factor - new technologies for the production of confectionery products, the availability of high-tech equipment allow reducing production costs by at least 30-50%. This, in turn, allows you to compete on the local market with many other manufacturers, while maintaining the individual style of the master pastry chefs.

Also, when implementing a business plan for confectionery production, it should be taken into account that with the development of new communication technologies, it became possible to work with customers online and deliver products directly to the customer, bypassing the dealer network. This will significantly help expand not only the sales market, but also get additional competitive advantages of individualization of the style of work with almost every client.

The payback period is 8 months.

Initial investments will be equal to 2,596,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached for 2 months of the company's operation.

Average monthly profit 399,030 rubles per month.

Description of business, product or service

How to draw up a business plan for an individual entrepreneur (IE) correctly

Business plan for furniture production (February) - how to open from scratch, examples and a ready-made plan with calculations for beginners

In the furniture industry, it is wise to start a business selling ready-made sofas, wardrobes, headsets, kitchens. Such experience will allow you to study the specifics of the market, accumulate start-up capital, and open an enterprise ready for the manufacture of upholstered or cabinet furniture.

In order to properly organize production, which will require much more knowledge than a dealer representation, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan for the production and sale of furniture. To help a budding entrepreneur, we have compiled a sample of such a document.

The numbers given in the article describe the process of making frames for upholstered furniture or cabinet products.

If necessary, they can be adapted to any region of the country, the specifics of manufactured products, etc., but the main parts of the business plan must be observed.

  • Step-by-step plan for starting a furniture manufacturing business
  • Market research and competitors
  • Ways of implementation
  • Advertising
  • Which taxation system to choose
  • Which equipment to choose for furniture production?
  • How much money is needed to start a business
  • Which OKVED to indicate for a manufacturing business furniture
  • What documents are needed
  • Do I need permission

Step-by-step plan for starting a furniture manufacturing business

The first part of any financial document is a resume, which sets out the basic concept for the production of upholstered or cabinet furniture. In our example, we will describe the procedure for manufacturing cabinet furniture in the middle price segment. These are kitchens, hallways, bedroom sets and office furniture.

The workshop will operate on an incomplete cycle. Suppliers will be required to provide materials ready to be cut and assembled to custom drawings for upholstered furniture or cabinetry.

It is believed that an entrepreneur does not use borrowed funds and does not attract investors, but relies only on his own savings.

Market and Competitor Research

Today, the production volumes of the furniture industry in Russia consist of the following segments:

Gold mining business plan


Business plans for gold deposits

Presentations of investment projects in the gold mining industry

The two main objectives of the alluvial gold mining business plan

The risks (especially in Africa) are also high. Gold mining companies there bear the costs of perimeter security, accommodation and food and medical care for staff. Moreover, the bulk of the workers must be Europeans, Chinese - anyone, but not local.

Questions to be answered for a gold mining business plan

Another point in the business plan is the sales price forecast. Of course, it is not difficult to sell gold, but when developing a business plan, it is necessary to forecast gold prices for several years ahead - until the investment pays off. And this task is not the easiest one. Gold is a fairly volatile commodity and largely depends on the actions of financial markets or regulators. To predict the prices at which we will sell gold, we will have to use the instruments of the stock market - to carry out fundamental and technical analysis.

Accurate data on the location and composition of deposits

The initiator of the project has high-quality exploration data

The initiator of the project has all the necessary rights to organize the development, as well as a good working relationship with the authorities

Fast time to market

The time lag between the successful start of work and the exit of the country of international companies is not very large (several years). Therefore, it is important not to waste time when starting a project.

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