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Building a successful business depends on many factors. At the very beginning, it is necessary to correctly draw up a business plan for transportation. And you also need to study the subtleties of the chosen sphere.

Project Summary

It is important to indicate information about the transport company that provides services in the field of cargo transportation. Briefly explain how the activity is carried out. How the work will look in practice.

Determination of the purpose and objectives of the transport company for cargo transportation

Before thinking about drawing up a business plan for cargo transportation, you need to determine the main goals and tasks that will need to be solved. There are several sample trucking business plan. They may differ based on the objectives of the enterprise. The main goals are the following:

transportation of individuals;

search for employees to unload;

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transportation of various goods;

ensuring the safety of goods;

creating a dispatch service.

How to start a transport company from scratch? You should start by gathering information. A ready-made business plan of a transport company for cargo transportation with calculation examples will help with this. A marketing business plan and risk analysis will help the aspiring entrepreneur in promoting the company. A trucking business plan contains useful information and fresh statistics.

The share of transport logistics in the total volume of Russia's GDP is 5.%. This figure is noticeably higher than in the USA and Europe. Road transport is among the niche leaders. The analysis of transport costs suggests that vehicles have an advantage on medium and long-haul routes. However, at the same time, statistics for the last three years show that the volumes of transported cargo (million tons) and freight turnover (billion ton-kilometers) do not show a noticeable increase. A business plan for cargo transportation should reflect current trends in the road cargo transportation market and the risks associated with opening an enterprise.

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Starting a business involves the costs of registration, purchase of equipment, promotion and rental. Before starting a company, it is useful to read articles and gather information on how to invest correctly. A ready-made business plan for cargo transportation helps the beginner with describing the main items of expenses and calculating the business with tables.

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Sample Trucking Business Plan

In 2021, 29400 companies carried out cargo transportation by road in Russia. Entering a competitive market, an entrepreneur must have advantages and plan the development of his activities in advance.

Long-distance transportation requires a lot of investment, to buy several cars. The business plan for freight traffic will be built taking into account the purchase of transport for freight transportation within the city and the subsequent exit to the region. To start you will need 2.00. 00 rubles.

Service demand and competitor analysis

According to Rosstat data in 2021-17. the volume of road transportation within the country amounted to 355.6 thousand tons. This is more than three times the volume of rail traffic. The growing demand for services is due to the following factors:

  • An increase in the number of online stores delivering goods to customers. Consignment by car is cheaper and faster than rail or air transportation.
  • Increase in the number of office and apartment moves. Clients who require a comprehensive business service turn to moving companies. To transport the client's belongings, they most often use road transport.
  • The split production of companies, in which raw materials go through several stages before they appear on store shelves, also increases the popularity of road transport.

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The main thing about the business plan of cargo transportation in the year

Creation of a transport company - struggle for survival

The transportation business has become increasingly popular lately. Large players enter the market, often pushing small entrepreneurs into the far corner. Having decided to make a business for a transport company, businessmen with low initial capital from the very beginning doom themselves to a constant struggle with competitors. Whether it will be successful depends on many nuances, and, first of all, on your own focus on success.

Small transport companies will have to prove to potential clients that the quality of their services is no lower than that of the monsters of the road transport business. You have to show skill in everything in order to be able to distinguish yourself from competitors in some way. Those entrepreneurs who can offer higher quality services or lower prices are in more advantageous conditions. And the organization of the transport department, the enterprise must take this moment into account.

Competent budgeting of the transport organization - items of expense and income, a sample of approximate calculations - all this will help to understand the real state of affairs, and, if necessary, will optimize costs.

Mistakes in the transport business are very expensive - after all, investments in it are large, and the payback period puts off the hope of obtaining stable profits for an indefinite period. One of the main problems of any small transport company is personnel. The owners of the company strive to attract experienced, but young drivers, and it is very difficult to find such drivers. People with good connections often get into the transport company, according to recommendations, but this is not always a guarantee of their skill.

An insufficient fleet of vehicles also creates serious problems. When planning to open your own transport company, an enterprise, it is necessary not only to attract customers, but also to offer them favorable terms of cooperation. It is possible that large companies will want to partner with you. But if you do not have enough transport units in order to ensure the transportation of the monthly volume of goods, which the company claims, the cooperation will most likely not work out.

Using in your work a competent sample of a business plan of a trucking company, you can easily cope with any problems that lie in wait for you along the way. From this document you will learn how to achieve the opening of a transport company, what should be the organization of the transport. In addition, based on the business plan on the website, you can calculate the work of a hired transport service. All this will allow you to navigate most of the most difficult questions.

Opening a transport company - choosing a transport

When planning to open his own business - a transport company, a company for the transportation of goods, an entrepreneur, first of all, will have to decide on the choice of vehicles. There are several options: if the initial capital is small, then you can give preference to the domestic "bulls" and "Gazelles", since their choice on the Russian market is quite high.

If there are no special problems with finances, it is most advisable to purchase imported vehicles. Peugeot, Mercedes, etc. cars are in the highest demand. In this case, the volume of the body should be from 12-14 cubic meters, and the minimum carrying capacity is 1.5 tons. Buying imported cars will certainly cost a lot more. But it is worth taking into account the factor that their fuel consumption is less than that of Russian cars, but the service life is much longer. If there are not enough funds, it makes sense to use borrowed funds or sign a lease agreement, recently this service has become more and more popular.

Domestic cars are about 2 times cheaper, but at the same time their service life is much shorter than that of foreign vehicles, and they break down much more often, which increases the cost of their maintenance. And the payback period of the transport company, the company will significantly increase due to this.

Financial model of a transport company

Brief Investment Memorandum

Road transportation makes a significant contribution to the development of the economy of any country. Tons of various cargo are transported on the roads every day. Transportation is carried out by both companies and individuals. Today in Russia there are several large enterprises in this market, as well as many medium, small and private individuals with one piece of equipment.

Despite the fact that there is high competition, a high demand for transport services remains, therefore, the opening of a transport company remains relevant. In addition, today large companies offer their services at inflated prices, and small and private individuals cannot always provide high-quality service - old cars, delivery delays, unskilled drivers. In this regard, it is possible to open a small company that will operate at average market prices, but the quality of services will be higher.

Transport companies today can carry out the transportation of passengers and goods. In this business plan, we will consider the transportation of oversized and small-sized cargo.

Payback period is 19 months

Initial investment will be equal to 8,120,000 rubles

The breakeven point is reached for 2 months

Average monthly profit 395,000 rubles

Description of business, product or service

To organize a transport company, a garage space of about 200 m2 is required. It should be divided for a parking lot, as well as an office space for company employees and customers. The office area may not exceed 40 m2, but it must be equipped with furniture and all the necessary equipment.

The transport company will have two trucks and three Gazelles on its balance sheet for transportation.

The presented business plan of a transport company for cargo transportation with calculations is approximate and can be regarded as a sample due to the fact that the market in this area is subject to regular changes, therefore, the figures presented are indicative.

General characteristics of the project

First of all, it should be noted that it is very risky to open a transport business without experience in this area. This area, like no other, contains many pitfalls and features regarding your city and region, which are almost impossible to take into account, except by experience. Experience will also tell you the need to choose one or another development strategy, depending on a specific situation.

Advantages and prospects of the freight business

The prospect for the growth and development of a transport company will be an opportunity to choose one of three directions of development: its own vehicle fleet, a forwarding company or a freight forwarding company that also provides outsourcing.

Potential risks of the company

Opening a cargo transportation company, as well as organizing a business of any kind, involves certain risks:

  • danger of damage, theft, breakdown and complete failure of the movable property that forms the basis of your business - a car;
  • increased competition and increased influence of successful companies, employed in this area;
  • problems with the search and selection of qualified personnel.

Market and Competitor Research

Despite the popularity of cargo transportation among individuals, the bulk of your customers are local points and retail and wholesale companies. Representatives of this target audience are regularly interested in the transportation of goods and do not always have their own truck fleet at their disposal.

Analyzing the statistical information on the market of this area of ​​business, one should take into account the great competition and the current ubiquity of companies providing such services. Particular attention should be paid to the location and activities of your company in order to avoid in advance a serious competition with successful shipping organizations providing services in the area. Not everyone manages to withstand the current economic crisis and such business niches are often vacated, giving way to start-up entrepreneurs.

Organizational Plan

The process of organizing a shipping company consists of clearly planned and sequential stages.

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