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Organization of a construction company: a difficult choice

Business in construction attracts many entrepreneurs. The incomes of the population are growing and sooner or later practically every family needs the services of construction teams. The needs of the construction market are great and they relate to various sectors of construction: someone is planning to build a bathhouse in the country, and someone urgently needs to build a new country house.

Starting a construction business means a very difficult choice for an entrepreneur - the definition of a narrow specialization. Indeed, a start-up construction company cannot grab all orders in a row - there will not be enough specialists, equipment, knowledge and skills. Choosing a clear direction of activity, the owner of the company should focus primarily on his financial capabilities, since, for example, a business such as building saunas and baths from scratch requires some costs, and the construction of residential buildings involves completely different costs.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the professionalism of the workers that make up your team. If they are jack of all trades, you can try to start with something more ambitious, otherwise entering the wide construction market may turn into a failure.

Many owners of modern large construction companies started their businesses from a small construction team. Initially taking only small orders for the construction of various objects, the company gradually increased its capacity, increasing the scale of its activities. Having started with the opening of a small construction company, later you can count on expanding your own business, if things go steadily uphill.

Today there are several options for starting a construction business. It can be a small team that will only deal with finishing the premises in new buildings, a company that builds a business on the construction of playgrounds or a company that offers its services for the construction of fireplaces. You can start from what kind of specialists work in your company, or, on the contrary, first choose a certain specialization, and already, based on this, recruit a staff.

In this case, it makes no difference what organizational and legal form your construction company will have. Regardless of whether your business specializes in the construction of a cafe or work on the construction of verandas, balconies and loggias, the company must adhere to the general rules that exist in this market segment. For example, the order fulfillment algorithm by a construction company undergoes only minor changes depending on the specialization. It is necessary to understand one thing: the organization of a construction business always begins with a study of a professional example of a business plan for opening a construction company with ready-made calculations. Only in this case can you count on stability and confidence in the future.

Tips for organizing a construction company

Having made the decision to open their own construction firm, company, not all entrepreneurs are able to realistically assess their financial capabilities. Given that many of them have very modest initial capital investments, it becomes clear how high the risk of being left on the sidelines, unable to withstand the harsh realities of this business.

What does it take to organize a construction company, a firm, to become the first step on the road to success? When entering a new business, a construction company rarely starts out on a large scale. As a rule, such a company consists of only a few employees who specialize in the execution of small construction and repair orders. It cannot be otherwise if the owner of the company is not able to immediately invest significant sums in business development.

Here is about how to open a construction company, what is needed for this, what equipment, as well as a ready-made example of a business plan for opening it.

At all times, construction has been and will be the most promising type of service provision, i.e. few ordinary people can build a house themselves, renovate an apartment, change pipes, etc. it requires special skills, knowledge and professionalism.

In this article, we will consider the plan itself, as well as the basic information that is associated with the opening of repair and construction companies and their subsequent successful activities.

Business plan - example

We present to you a free ready-made example of a typical business plan for a construction company for opening a small repair and construction organization, consisting of 11 people, including the director.

Just note that in your case, the costs, of course, can be significantly different, i.e. it all depends on the volume of services you provide, their types, as well as the number of orders and the amount of work.

Do not forget that many construction companies and firms very often use the services of leasing companies, which provide special equipment, construction equipment and personnel for its maintenance for rent, so if anything happens, you can do the same at any time. , you can easily increase your staff, but read about it below in the paragraph "Special equipment, equipment and leasing".

How to open a construction firm / company?

So, consider the information on how to open a construction company (company) in detail.

In fact, the process of opening this company is no different from any other. Key points for LLC consist of the following points:

  • Name of the organization - construction company;
  • Location of the company;
  • Share capital;
  • Founders (members ) society.

The scale of construction in modern Russia, despite the crisis, is simply enormous. This means that more than one company will be able to find a "warm place" in this industry. Those who believe that it takes millions of rubles to enter the construction business are seriously mistaken - you can start with a small store of building materials, gradually mastering new areas of activity. Since this business is highly profitable, you can develop very well by investing in the process only one fourth or third of your net income. The main thing is a well-written business plan.

Preparatory phase

The finished business plan of the analyzed business is designed for implementation in an average Russian city (population 300-600 thousand people) with an initial investment of 500 thousand rubles. Of these, 350 thousand are planned to be spent on organizing a construction company from scratch, and the rest for opening a store of related goods.

In general, the procedure for founding a construction company is in many ways similar to a similar process in any other business area. A ready-made construction business is best suited to such an organizational and legal form as a limited liability company. The main points should be clearly written in the same sequence as it is done in the peer-reviewed business plan:

Thus, when developing a ready-made plan for a company, you need to take into account the need for the following documents when registering:

  • Photocopies of the passports of the founders, as well as knowledge of the registration data of legal entities acting as founders: name, address, TIN, OKATO;
  • Data on the location of the legal entity, undergoing registration;
  • Specific information about what your company plans to do (provision of construction services, renovation works, activities of a store selling building materials, etc.);
  • Amount of the authorized capital (in our case, 1.5 million rubles) and the source of its formation (in our case - personal funds of the founders in equal shares). Remember that a ready-made business cannot be registered if the size of the charter capital is less than 10 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the finished plan of this business project contains one very important difference - for the functioning of a construction company, in some cases it is necessary to obtain special permission for certain types of services provided: the so-called SRO, which can cost several dozen thousand rubles and take a month for registration.

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List of services provided

Another important point of the preliminary stage that needs to be included in the finished company plan is the definition of the areas of activity of your company. There are quite a few of them, but a small company is only capable of civil construction, repairs of premises up to 1 thousand square meters. m., trade in materials and equipment through our own store. These services should be fixed in the form of a table, while calculating the planned monthly income from each of them.

Service name Estimated monthly profit 1. Construction of residential and industrial facilities, warehouse and garage complexes 5500002. Repair work, provision of services for installation / dismantling of buildings and structures 4202103. Leasing of equipment and personnel 100000 4. Training services - training of specialists for other companies202105. Sale of goods through a store or by direct contact with the customers of construction works 420210

A business plan of a repair construction company that can be downloaded for free

Download free business plans from a special catalog: "BEST FREE RUNET BUSINESS PLANS"!

Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

Alexey Nekrasov from the city of Perm decided to share his experience of successful business with us. The entrepreneur owns a small construction company that brings him stable income. Now the owner is thinking about expanding it. Currently, Alexey has begun to actively promote the services of his construction company in the construction market of the Krasnodar Territory.

A sample construction company business plan that can be easily redone

How it all began

I myself worked in the construction industry, starting as an auxiliary worker and after a few years becoming a good foreman, I began to think about opening my own construction business.

Fortunately, by that time I already understood many of the nuances and subtleties of this field of activity, although I did not have any business skills as such. But still, I took a chance and began to take concrete steps.

Getting Started Finding a Business Plan

Collecting my thoughts, I decided to monitor the Internet for examples of this type of business, as a result of which I came to the conclusion that the first step is to draw up a high-quality business plan.

The construction market is still relevant. This segment continues to grow, thanks to constant technical innovations and new construction methods.

However, those who are interested in this area of ​​business as a new interesting project are deterred by the competition from the industry.

And yet, with the right priorities in organizing the business, this project can bring a stable income. To do this, however, it is necessary to study the details and nuances of the sphere. An example and a ready-made business plan of a construction company will help with this. It includes calculated economic indicators, which will help the investor to get a general idea of ​​the project.

After all, it is the stage of presenting the plan to a potential investor that can decide the outcome of the case: will there be new construction or not.

Why Planning

In fact, the calculation method is very similar to the calculation for repair work, since the same equipment, technical equipment and personnel with the same professional skills are used. It is worth noting that to start a project, you need to go through three main steps.

  • First, go through all the prescribed registration procedures as the acquisition of legal entity status.
  • Second, get your hands on all the necessary documents.
  • Third, draw up a business plan for a construction company.

This article covers all of these steps in more detail:

  • Organizational and legal form of the organization. to enter the status of a legal entity. It is necessary for an entrepreneur to decide on the organizational and legal form, whether an LLC is suitable for him or whether it is enough to issue an IP. A round stamp of the organization is being prepared and letterheads are being prepared. A personal bank account is opened.
  • Preparation of documentation. Since 2021, the mandatory procedure for licensing the activities of construction activities has been canceled. It is much more important today to get admission to the SRO. SRO is the self-regulation of an organization.
  • Drawing up a business plan for a construction company. In essence, it is a description of the business with the calculated economic data of the entire project. It should be as detailed as possible. This document lists the form of the organization, the types of services it provides and the planned activities.

The services provided by construction companies are geodetic, survey activities at the construction site, finishing and repairs of varying complexity, directly building high and low-rise buildings.

Investors are great for companies that can provide an extended network of services.

The project assesses the company's economic situation in the market segment. This indicator will make it possible to understand the relevance of opening a construction company and carrying out projects in the region. As a result of the data in the plan, you need to get a clear idea of ​​how successful the proposed venture will be.

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