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The main thing about the business plan for the delivery of food in the year

Catering: delivery of meals to the office

The food delivery market is considered today one of the most developing and promising great prospects. Despite the fact that the business of delivering meals to the office is growing every year by new companies, this market has been mastered by hardly a quarter. This means that now is the optimal time to enter this market sector. Moreover, the amount of initial investment can be completely different.

The best option is to invest at least $ 20,000 in organizing a business for the delivery of ready-made meals, purchase suitable premises, modern equipment, find good chefs, and even start a small fleet of your own in order to deliver meals on time ...

Certainly, not every beginning entrepreneur is able to afford such costs. Aspiring business people sometimes have to start small, such as making meals at home, gradually building up their customer base and expanding the scale of the business. Again, this is only possible if you do not have any problems with the regulatory authorities.

As practical experience shows, the option of “home” catering is suitable only for old ladies-retirees who supply hot meals to a couple of nearby offices. In this case, there is no need to talk about special income, but there are more than enough problems. So if you dream of a stable and profitable business, it is best to immediately organize a normal company - albeit a small one, but equipped with everything you need in full.

First of all, you need to take care of a suitable room. Considering that the food delivery business is designed for office workers, it is necessary to choose such a place so that you can get to customers as quickly as possible. In large cities, possible transport schemes should be carefully considered, taking into account possible traffic jams. The area of ​​the production workshop should be quite spacious - from 100 to 400 sq. ., depending on how many lunches will be prepared daily.

When planning to open a food delivery business to the office, take care of purchasing quality equipment for the production of meals. Experienced businessmen prefer foreign manufacturers - companies from Germany, Italy, China. Domestic equipment costs almost half the price, but its quality leaves much to be desired.

But opening the delivery of meals is not enough, you also need to attract a sufficient number of customers. In this type of business, direct sales, that is, calling potential customers by phone, demonstrates maximum efficiency. At the same time, it is important to be able to attract their attention: with lower prices, a high level of service, and, of course, the quality and variety of ready-made meals. Taking orders not only for dinners, but also serving parties, will raise your business to a higher level.

Many businessmen, planning to open their own business for the delivery of meals to the office, try to find answers to their questions on the forums. While effective support can only be provided by the advice of professionals presented in a competent example of a business plan for opening a food delivery with ready-made calculations. Relying on a business project for the preparation and delivery of meals, even an inexperienced entrepreneur will be able to achieve great success in business.

How to open food delivery

The catering market in Russia can be roughly divided into two areas: stationary and on-site customer service. The format of an offsite restaurant is the most attractive from an economic point of view, the profits with such a catering organization as a business are more significant. But at the same time, one should take into account the fact that the level of competition in this sector is also extremely high.

Today you won't surprise anyone with a festive table set in a classic style. More and more people prefer to order professional dishes prepared in European style for their events. Catering is a catering service for any event, thanks to which customers can completely relax by relying on a specialized company. Is it possible to open a catering business without serious investments and achieve results from the first days of its existence? Artem Rakhmeev, co-owner of the Tyumen company Jar Catering, answers these questions.

Experience as a valuable contribution

Jar Catering is not the first project of Artem Rakhmeev and Vladimir Maryev. In addition to active social life and membership in the Opora Rossii business association, each of them has been in business for several years. After graduation, Artem went to a plant for the production of acrylic bathtubs, where he worked for 5 years as the head of the sales department. Even then, he was closely engaged in his Revert Boardshop snowboard store, which in 3.5 years became the largest in the Tyumen region with a monthly turnover of 2 million rubles. The project had to be closed due to currency risks and unpredictable procurement costs.

Vladimir previously developed several businesses related to the delivery of sushi, draft drinks, furniture, and organizing weddings. All of them were sold and are successfully functioning to this day. It was the project dedicated to wedding celebrations, which for 6 years of work took one of the leading positions in the Tyumen market, that served as the impetus for the separation of buffet and banquet service into a separate type of activity.

Complexities are indispensable

Almost any entrepreneur, when launching a new project, goes through the “rake” spread everywhere. Jar Catering also made some mistakes. The main problem at the start of the catering company owners is the lack of understanding of the process of preparing for events. The first 10 orders were completed with a discrepancy in timing - the event had already started, and the snacks were still being laid out.

The nuances that were not clarified with the clients before the start of the event were also highlighted by Artem as a starting error. Today, checklists for orders have been developed, and the company's managers do not lose sight of a single detail. At the beginning, it was not without problems with employees who could not go to order and let the team down - there were few people, working conditions were not fully agreed with them.

Jar Catering is experiencing difficulties in scaling: either there are not enough resources for something, or the priorities in their distribution are not set correctly. “We do not have enough time to deal with strategy and tactics in a high-quality manner, because there is a lot of operational work, current affairs, requests being processed. For the last 2 months we practically do not make cold calls - there is simply no time for this, ”says Artem.

On the runway

At the start stage, the founders did not invest any funds in Jar Catering, except for a couple of thousand rubles to buy dishes. Launching a project without money is a challenge to the existing stereotype about the need to have a solid start-up capital. Communicating with startups who are constantly puzzled by the lack of finance, Artem tries to convince everyone that everything can work out without investment. Our heroes created a group on VKontakte, declared themselves in communities with a similar theme, having spent only a few days to work.

The Russian people like no one else to relax in nature with barbecue, a river and other delights. Recently, various outdoor events have come into vogue. Many people like the idea of ​​a wedding in the format of an off-site ceremony with a buffet table. Progressive bosses do not arrange corporate events in the format of a feast in a restaurant; they opt for team building, which is usually held outside the city in the format of active games at a picnic. It is easy to organize such events on your own if we are talking about a small number of people.

If we talk about larger-scale holidays, then it is difficult to serve them on your own, here you need to seek help from specialists. In this case, such services are provided by a catering company. Such an organization was created in order to serve various holidays and events in an offsite format.

Such services can be in great demand if you approach the issue of organizing such an enterprise correctly. Having drawn up a detailed business plan for a catering company, you can end up with a profitable project.

Market Analysis

Drawing up a business plan for a catering company should start with a market analysis. Here it is worth examining the availability of supply and demand in the market, potential competitors and their strategies for conducting their activities. Such an analysis will help determine whether it is worth getting involved with such an industry at all and whether it has prospects for development in a particular region.

If we talk about the location for a catering company, then it is worth choosing regions with the following characteristics:

  • regions where there are many institutions, the target audience of which is students, young and active people who are ready to have fun all the time;
  • cities where many office buildings. Clients in this case are employees wishing to organize thematic events;
  • resort towns. Here clients can become tourists who have always dreamed of organizing a picnic or a party in a historical place.

This kind of business is very closely related to seasonality. So, summer for catering is a season of active earnings, because during this period most of the offsite events are organized. This includes weddings, picnics, corporate events and others.

Spring is a mandatory celebration of March 8th, and then the month of May opens the graduation season in kindergartens, schools and universities.

That is, summer, late December, early and late spring will be a profitable season for catering. But, it is worth considering that autumn and mid-spring are favorable weather conditions for organizing holidays. In order to generate income during this period, it is worth creating a solid customer base and reminding them of yourself, if appropriate. For example, the company was helped to organize a visiting bachelorette party, then it is logical that after a while they can be offered to organize an outdoor wedding with an additional discount for repeat clients.

If we talk about competitors, there are not many of them in this field of activity. Rather, there are many business options with which you can and should establish partnerships. These options include:

  • companies that organize holidays. They may need food delivery - one of the services provided by catering companies.
  • with restaurants. Here it is necessary to conclude an agreement with several establishments for the delivery of food to the desired events.
  • with transport companies, as maintaining your own vehicle fleet is not a cheap pleasure.
  • with travel agents that can guide the catering company to clients interested in picnic ideas in the area of ​​interest. They can also be asked to include such an event in the package of standard excursions.
  • with realtors who can help in finding the necessary site for such an event.

Nikita Shcherbinin, founder and CEO of Exit Banquet, founder of the Catering as a Business school.

Getting Started: How to Start a Catering Business?

Often people do not start their own business just because they do not understand how to work with documents or a business plan. At the stage of creating a business, such doubts should be discarded - you just need to go ahead and burn with the idea.

The first and important stage is to ask yourself the question, are you ready for this direction and business in general? Cooking is a huge responsibility for people's health, for the status of the customer, for the brand of the company. Are you ready to feed people, create joy, decorate tables and have fun with it? Are you ready to give more than is expected of you?

It is important to pay attention to the design and visualization of the business. Create a website, arrange social networks, think over the design and printed materials, competently build points of contact with the company. If you, as we once did, do not have a budget for opening, be prepared to understand advertising and promotion yourself.

The last step that must be completed before starting a catering business is to test the market and adjust tasks for it. It is important to understand what service is currently needed and to develop it.

We are constantly researching the market, this allows us to offer the most relevant ideas to customers. For example, animation formats for serving dishes, craft, eco-style, vegetarian dishes or the use of farm products are now popular. Master classes and everything related to culinary education is of particular value, as people like to learn.

New items have a wow effect. If you're ready to get started now, explore low temperature cooking techniques, learn how to work with a tuxedo gun, and figure out how to create an immersive culinary theater. Niche offers are also trending: black or other unusual burgers, seafood, national dishes.

I recommend starting with one service that is relevant today. It will require a minimum amount of investment and will be able to perfect one product, earn the first money on it, and after a short time start adding other areas.

First customers - who are they?

It's too early to present services at wedding exhibitions and call large organizations with proposals at the first stage of development. It is more logical to start telling your friends and people who trust you about your new business. So get your first small order for a coffee break or catering for a family celebration. After that word of mouth starts working, you will have the first money for advertising and good dishes, you can start improving and selling more.

Kozubenko Lyubov Konstantinovna

Foodservice businesses can come in a wide variety of formats. Catering is a fairly new direction in this field, this way of earning money is based on providing customers with food. At the same time, customers themselves choose the place where they will need to provide services, so they do not have to rent anything. There are also numerous value-added services that not only drive significant profit margins but also increase customer loyalty.

This article will examine the definition of a catering, its key features and significant nuances, provide valuable recommendations for implementing a business based on such activities, consider possible difficulties on the way and ways to overcome them.

Relevance of catering

This area is closely related to these types of businesses:

  • Event companies. A company that organizes celebrations and corporate events may need cooperation with one of the catering organizations. Typically, these businesses assume that food delivery is already included in their range of services.
  • Restaurants. A large number of food chains are engaged in off-site banquets. Another option is to conclude an agreement with catering companies for further cooperation and execution of orders of specific clients. It is very profitable for these firms to purchase food from a certain group of cafes and restaurants.
  • Transport companies. The relationship is very beneficial to them at the initial stages of organizing and developing a business.
  • Travel companies. Here we are talking exclusively about popular holiday destinations. Such regions need food delivery to stops during tourist routes and to attractions.
  • With realtors. It can be quite difficult for clients to decide where is the best place to hold events, but everyone wants to get a positive assessment of the events from the participants. In such situations, the realtor helps in finding a suitable site.

The relevance of catering is increasing significantly in the city, which has a wide business stratum. Holding corporate events, business meetings, dinner parties has become a frivolous stage for a self-respecting company. They refuse to use their own efforts in order not to get a negative effect on their own image.

Economists, secretaries and office clerks are not aware of all the specifics of this complex process. It is best to entrust this with good suppliers and skilled professionals who help in providing a high level of service to an important event.

How to start a catering business:

Catering is a rather multifaceted service and has recently started to specialize in new features. This explains the existence of various classifications of this direction. It is best to parse the most accurate classification by paying attention to:

  • Coffee breaks are periods of short food breaks. They can be found during events such as conferences, business negotiations, trainings and seminars. The holding period is usually about 35-45 minutes. During this time, tea, juice, coffee and other soft drinks, fruit cuts, biscuits, sweets, canapes and sandwiches are served.
  • Lunch delivery. This model requires a long-term contract for the courier delivery of pre-specified dishes and products for office employees. Delivery must be made daily, the time is discussed in advance.
  • Buffet catering. This is the creation of a number of snacks and the organization of the bar. Waiters are required to bring drinks and food to guests. There are times when there is an installation of small tables, stands where you can stop and eat comfortably. One of the variations of this kind is the creation of a buffet, buffet table, cocktail party.
  • Picnics and barbecues. This is the outdoor cooking process. It looks very unusual, accompanied by culinary animation, so often participants can enjoy demonstration performances by professional chefs who must demonstrate their skills.
  • Candy bars. This area is closely related to the organization of children's parties. But you can also encounter bachelorette parties, friendly meetings of friends, meetings of clubs for women. Guests are usually treated to muffins, cupcakes, marmalade, cookies, cakes, fruits, tea, coffee drinks. Such establishments pay special attention to a uniform color and stylistic design, since the fair sex always notice beautiful little things.
  • Banquets, which are a rather complex type of catering, but have the highest income. This format organizes weddings, birthdays, religious celebrations, surprise parties, big deal events, etc.

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