Flower shop business plan: a ready-made example with calculations

Business Description

Business essence: sale of fresh cut flowers, bouquets and indoor plants.

Clients: locals, passers-by, men before a date or visiting.

Reason to come in: make a gift to mom, wife, girlfriend or buy a plant home.

Economy: average bill - 730 ₽. The business will pay off in a year and a half. Further, the annual profit will be about 800 thousand.

So that you have not an abstract, but a real picture, we have calculated prices for a launch in Moscow. We are Tinkoff Business and the SME Corporation, which supports small and medium-sized businesses from the state.

To start, you need to study the laws and understand the premises, employees and purchases.

Law and documents

Register an individual entrepreneur with the tax office. To do this, you need a passport, an application and 800 rubles to pay the state duty.

When registering, you must indicate OKVED 47. 6 "Retail trade in flowers and other plants, seeds and fertilizers in specialized stores." For the sale of footwear code 52 is required. 3 “Retail trade in footwear and leather goods”. Using this code, the state will understand what your business is doing.

After registration, an individual entrepreneur is put on the general taxation system, but it is not beneficial for all types of business. In order not to overpay taxes, immediately switch to another system by writing an application. How to choose it - we'll tell you in the video:

Choosing a taxation system

Connect an online cashier. It is a device that sends purchase information to customers and to the tax office. Read our analysis of what is now required by the law on online cash registers.

Reviews for the flower shop business plan ()

The main thing about the flower shop business plan for the year

Opening a flower shop: indoor goods

The abundance of pavilions for the sale of fresh cut flowers has long been a surprise. But recently there has been a demand for flower shops of a different format. Those entrepreneurs who decide to open a flower tent or a point with indoor flowers have preferences today. The business of growing and selling potted flowers is gradually gaining momentum, as many seek to decorate their home with indoor plants that delight the eye for years.

This area has a lot of advantages: firstly, it is much easier to open your own shop, a home flower salon, since this business is still little developed, and secondly, the home flowers business requires relatively low costs. For a flower shop, b. ... equipment, and there is no need at all in special refrigerators and vases for storing flowers.

Experts' feedback on flower shops is very similar: it is profitable to open a potted flower salon, the main thing is to find your client, and do everything possible to ensure that he constantly returns to your store. And for this, when opening your business - a shop with flowers, pay attention to related products.

Entrepreneurs who have chosen such a direction of business as opening a point for the sale of indoor flowers are unanimous in their opinion: the expansion of the range of the flower shop with related products allows to significantly increase sales. Accessories for indoor flowers in flower shops are in steady demand, since it is convenient for buyers to purchase everything in one place.

The profitability of a business when opening a potted flower shop depends on many nuances. When opening such a business in the regions, you must take into account that selling indoor flowers at home may pose some competition to you. The business of growing indoor flowers makes good profits, since many growers prefer to buy plants from trusted people. Therefore, when opening your flower business - shop or salon, analyze the state of affairs in the area.

When opening a shop of indoor flowers and seeds, do not neglect the advice of people, this will help you understand the needs of the buyer and, if necessary, expand the range. Proper design of a flower shop or department is of great importance for attracting customers. In addition to fresh potted flowers, it is advisable to supplement the assortment with artificial flowers, this will benefit the business.

When opening a new direction in such a business as flowers, entrepreneurs are rightly tormented by doubts: how to open a flower shop without extra costs. In order to learn how to open a flower shop from scratch, use the example of a business plan for opening a flower shop with ready-made calculations.

Opening a flower shop: business challenges

March and September are the hottest times for flower shops. Looking at how briskly the flower trade is going at this time, some entrepreneurs are starting to seriously think about how to open a flower pavilion. But, counting solid profits in their dreams, businessmen sometimes do not even think about how filled this market is, and how difficult it is, especially in large cities, to open a flower business - a salon or a flower shop.

In some regions, the flower market is "held" by a couple of monopolists who do not let anyone else into this business. In such conditions, it is very difficult to open a pavilion or a tent with flowers. But even if you managed to carve your own niche by opening a flower shop and establishing relationships with suppliers, you should not think that all the problems are behind you. Opening a flower business is fraught with a huge number of problems that lie in wait for a businessman literally at every step.

Where to start a flower business and how much can this type of business bring in the future? This service facility sells potted, greenhouse and natural flowers, as well as planting and various seeds, fertilizing, peat mixtures, flower cultivation tools and interior decoration products at retail.

The next direction is the decoration of celebrations in cooperation with catering establishments, design studios, companies that organize weddings by Wedding Agencies, the implementation of orders for the formation and delivery of bouquets.

Educational projects are another component of the flower business. On the basis of the trade enterprise, qualified florists organize training courses on working with flowers.

Celebratory events touch upon the basics of the art of floristry and allow you to get rid of unrealized leftovers. Free classes provide an opportunity to show future buyers what types of floristry exist, to demonstrate how to care for purchased flowers.

An innovative direction of activity - the sale of professionally made flower analogues or flowers made of polymer clay. In the Russian Federation, this direction has not yet been fully mastered, the demonstration lessons with invited specialists will arouse genuine interest among buyers.

How to organize advertising correctly, if you open a flower shop, how to arrange its space and fill a flower catalog, it is written in a detailed review.

Space requirements

When writing a business plan, professionals advise several places to open a flower shop. This can be a space in a large shopping center, preferably where the maximum flow of people is - near the escalator, entrance, etc. It is good if there are shops with gifts and souvenirs nearby. You can also place small retail outlets near universities, concert halls, stops where they usually sell freshly cut flowers.

Another good solution can be open spaces in the halls of buildings with an individual entrance. Least of all funds will be needed for the installation of kiosks, where there is a place to demonstrate the works presented by florists, presentations, master classes. The space must be sufficiently illuminated to show the beauty and appeal of the product.

At the stage of preparing the outlet, you need to carefully check the quality of the wiring. The safe and high-quality operation of the refrigerator for storing flowers directly depends on this. The state of the sewerage system and water supply requires no less attention, since a lot of water is needed to keep flowers in a presentable state.

Point Equipment


The business plan of the flower business necessarily includes the solution of legal issues. An entrepreneur can register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. The first option is preferable when opening one outlet. If there are several of them, then it is better to choose LLC.

When registering, you will need to indicate OKVED codes. In the case of opening a flower shop, the main code will be 52. 8. 2 - "Retail trade in flowers and other plants, seeds and fertilizers."

It is imperative to decide on the taxation system. In case of opening a flower shop, you can choose one of the following forms:

  • ENVD ;
  • STS "Income";
  • STS "Income minus expenses".

Work with the population implies the need to install a cash register. It must first be registered with the tax office. Only then can the KKM be used. Additionally, you need to create a cash register. In addition, you will need other documents:

  • lease agreement;
  • SES conclusion;
  • book of complaints and suggestions;
  • invoices for all deliveries (form TORG-12 is used).

The entrepreneur will need to familiarize himself with the Customs Code, Rosselloznadzor regulations regarding flowers.


When choosing a point of sale for his store, an entrepreneur should evaluate the features associated with the format. The situation looks like this:

A ready-made business plan for a flower shop with calculations will save you from mistakes and losses when opening your own retail outlet, be it a salon in a shopping center or a small kiosk.

The flower business needs clear and detailed planning. A detailed business plan will allow an entrepreneur to reach a stable income from the sale of flowers after a few months of work.

Sample Flower Shop Business Plan

It can be taken as a sample when developing a business plan for your own store or salon.

Despite the high competition, it is a very profitable business, as it covers not only the retail of flowers, but also the sale of related products (soil for flowers, pots, fertilizers, plant care products), souvenirs, decoration different events.

What should be in the business plan

A business plan for opening a flower shop should include:

Project summary: its goals, main and related services to be provided, target audience (clients).

Analysis of the specifics of the floristic business.

Market and Competition Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Services and assortment of the store.

Organizational plan: business registration, search for a profitably located retail space, hiring personnel, purchasing equipment.

Marketing plan: promoting goods and services, creating a corporate identity, searching for suppliers of goods.

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