Farm products store startup business plan

Business Description

The essence of the business: a store with counters of fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and dairy products. The key success factor is the quality of the products.

Clients: residents of the nearest houses.

Reason to stop by: Major sales in the evenings when people get home from work.

Economy: average bill - 500 ₽. The business will pay off in 1.5 years. Further, the profit will be about 3.6 million rubles per year.

So that you have not an abstract, but a real picture, we have calculated prices for a launch in Moscow. We are Tinkoff Business and the SME Corporation, which supports small and medium-sized businesses from the state.

To start, you need to study the laws and understand the premises, employees and purchases.

Law and documents

Register an individual entrepreneur with the tax office. To do this, you need a passport, an application and 800 rubles to pay the state duty.

When registering, you must indicate OKVED 52. 2 "Retail trade in meat, poultry meat, products and canned meat and poultry meat." Using these codes, the state will understand what your business is doing.

In addition, you can specify other codes:

The business idea of ​​opening a grocery store can hardly be called original. Perhaps this is one of the most common projects chosen by novice businessmen. This popularity is due to the simplicity of the business scheme.

At the same time, this business is not devoid of risks and for its successful implementation you need to be well-versed in this area. How to draw up a business plan for a grocery store to take into account all the risks, weaknesses and reach profitability - we will talk in this article.

Business plan for opening a grocery store

Entrepreneurial activity in this direction is a very serious step, so you need to carefully analyze and plan everything in order to avoid financial losses. A detailed business plan for launching a grocery store will allow:

  • carry out a feasibility study;
  • analyze the market and the competitive environment in which the business will develop;
  • think over sources of funding;
  • distribution channels;
  • calculate the payback;
  • schedule the execution of tasks.

When opening a store, you need to calculate your own financial resources and opportunities for additional investment. It is also necessary to take into account the capacity and market conditions. Unlike other options for doing business, there will be a very wide target audience, but you still need to understand who the store will target.

It is important to understand the specifics of customer demand, how many customers the store can serve, you need to analyze their income and needs. This will help to correctly form the assortment of the store, determine the pricing policy and achieve profit in a short time.

Also, do not forget about the competitors who work in this category. The advantage of this activity is that direct competitors will be an object that is in close proximity, so it will not be difficult for you to analyze their offer, assortment, pricing policy, and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Business format

Speaking briefly about the format of this business, you must first analyze the market capacity and competitive offers in this region.

This will allow you to identify a niche in which to develop.

Store size

Of course, this parameter is largely determined by your capital. It is one thing to open a small grocery outlet in a residential area of ​​30-40 square meters, and quite another to open a large supermarket of 100-200 square meters in the city center.

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Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

If you decide to start a food sales business, you must understand that opening a profitable grocery store is not so easy, there are many nuances and peculiarities.

Opening a store should be taken seriously and responsibly. The main task is to please the buyer at his first visit. When a customer walks into a new store and doesn't like the value of the product or service, they are unlikely to return there again.

So you need to clearly think over all the organizational stages that the business plan of a small grocery store calculates. The success of a commercial enterprise depends on various factors: the range of goods presented, the location of the outlet and many other details.

Project Description

Almost all novice businessmen understand that trading in products is a stable business.

Because there will always be people.

When opening a store, you first need to decide on its type and form of trade.

The information that needs to be taken into account in a business plan depends on the characteristics of the assortment and the scale of the future enterprise.

Food business

Food is a staple commodity, so it's no surprise that trading in food is one of the most lucrative activities. Regardless of the economic situation in the country, the demand for such goods is stable and practically does not depend on the income level of the population.

The high demand for food products attracts many start-up entrepreneurs to this business. But before you open a truly profitable grocery store, there are a number of nuances to consider. A carefully crafted business plan for a small grocery store will help you with this. This document includes the stages of business planning, risk assessment and payback calculations.

Features of a business plan for opening a grocery store

So, opening a grocery store is a really profitable decision, since the demand for food is consistently high. Moreover, this business is not heavily dependent on seasonality.

A small shop, which has all the essential products, can bring its owner a really good income. On its shelves there should be vegetables, meat, bread, milk, household chemicals, etc. If you can keep prices at a competitive level, then you will be guaranteed a constant influx of visitors.

If a person can buy everything he needs in the immediate vicinity of his home, then why would he walk several blocks to the nearest supermarket? Therefore, a convenience store is a great type of small business.

As a rule, large purchases are made by residents of our country on Friday and weekends. To do this, they go to supermarkets. In small shops, those goods are purchased that people simply forgot to buy during a large purchase. As a rule, these are essential products.

Recently appeared mini markets, to a large extent, complicate the life of small grocery stores. Such establishments are opened as part of a network business, which allows their owners to purchase goods in large quantities and at wholesale prices. Accordingly, products in mini-markets are most often offered at a reduced cost, which small grocery stores cannot afford.

Before creating a business plan, decide on the following nuances:

  • range of products sold;
  • store format;
  • price level;
  • approximate income.

Opening a successful grocery store is a tricky business.

There are many nuances and subtleties in this area of ​​business. Therefore, a grocery store business plan should be drawn up with all these features in mind. For a productive store, you need to carefully consider each action even at the planning stage. An example is this: due to the high competition in this area, a new store has little chance of being liked by a customer. The decisive moment in the choice of a potential buyer to go to this store again or go to another is the first visit. If at the same time the seller answered the question rudely or did not serve the buyer poorly, then you can be sure that the next time the buyer will prefer this store to another.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs believe that one of the most stable and profitable is the grocery business. Of course, this category of goods is always in stable demand. Even despite factors such as the economic situation in the country, the crisis, low wages, etc. But this fact does not make the grocery business easy. If a novice businessman who is going to open a grocery store has an example of working in trade or in grocery retail, he will make fewer mistakes and the likelihood that the new store will become successful increases. It is possible to open a grocery store without having experience in a trade-related field. It will be much more difficult, but with a little perseverance and diligence, everything will work out.

When opening a food retail store, there are many questions to consider.

The second important component for the efficient operation of the store, after the correct location, is the selection of competent personnel. This must be taken very seriously. The seller should not just sit in the sales area and read women's novels, but greet each visitor with a smile and always be ready to answer any question and help in choosing a product. Finding good salespeople is hard. It is better not to save on the salaries of sellers and make them slightly higher than the average salary of competitors. It's good if wages are tied to revenue. Example: A certain percentage will be paid to the seller on each sale or proceeds. In this case, the seller himself will be interested in his productive work, he will serve customers well, so that next time they return to him in a particular store.

Building a pricing system

Trade specialists advise using the services of a merchandiser to increase sales at least temporarily. Correct placement of goods on the windows and shelves of a small store significantly increases revenue. The goods themselves and their prices must be clearly visible. Foods should be grouped. Example: Chocolate next to biscuits, milk next to yoghurt, beer next to spirits, etc. The merchandiser will be able to show sellers a sample of the correct display of goods on the showcase.

Selection of product suppliers

The finished grocery store business plan includes the financial part. You need to pay attention to it. It is necessary to clearly understand all the items of future expenses and the expected income. In it, you will need to calculate the number of potential buyers, the markup for the product, the average purchase receipt amount, the expected daily revenue, etc. It is quite difficult to draw up a competent business plan for a small grocery store. But the future productive work of the store will depend on its correct compilation.

Capital expenditures for starting a grocery business

Example of calculations for a medium-sized city:

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