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The conference allows you to bring together people who are representatives of a specific group or community to discuss topics of interest, as well as to share experiences.

The work of organizing the conference is usually carried out by a dedicated person or agency, his tasks include professional organization of the conference, which must meet the necessary requirements and goals of the planned conference.

The format of such an event as a conference is not something new in today's modern world, such events were held long before our era. Previously, only city nobility, philosophers and scientists could take part in such events. Now anyone can take part in the conference as a spectator, as well as a speaker.

Preparing for the conference

After the topic of the conference is determined and the target audience is known, you need to approach the process of preparing the event. This process can take from several months to one year, depending on the scale of the event and the complexity of the topic. For example, if you plan to organize a scientific conference, then you need to understand that the speakers will need to prepare extensive scientific material, and perhaps even conduct some scientific research, the results of which they will report at the conference.

The professional organization of the conference requires the organizer to have experience and excellent knowledge of the industry of organizing this format of events, since any mistake can ruin the event, and it costs a lot. Indeed, many participants gather at such events and it is better not to disappoint such a number of people, since very quickly the reputation can be undermined by both the organizer of the event and the speakers.

So how do you organize your conference professionally?

Consider the stages of organizing the conference

Development of the conference program

The development of the conference program includes a detailed study of the program for each day of the conference, as well as the selection of the participants. In accordance with the theme of the conference, the composition of the speakers is determined, the way to establish communication with each of the participants is determined and the message to them about the conditions of participation in the conference is determined. Keep in mind that preparing for a conference for a presenter is a waste of time, so you need to think in advance how much the presenter will benefit from speaking at the conference. Benefit can be either material or of another kind. If your conference is a non-commercial format, then in this case you need to provide maximum information support for each speaker during preparation for the conference, as well as after the conference.

Today, many aspiring entrepreneurs turn their attention to the business related to organizing holidays. This is due to small investments, minimal risks and the ability to get good profits. Especially such a business is popular in large cities, where both individuals and large companies turn to such agencies. In this article, we present a detailed business plan for organizing the holidays, which will allow you to start a project correctly.

With the right approach, the business of organizing holidays will be a good way to invest. Despite the high competition, this project is highly profitable and can bring very serious income.

Organization of holidays: business plan

Pros and cons of a business idea

Having decided to open an agency for organizing and holding holidays, it is important to analyze the pros and cons of this project in order to correctly assess the risks and opportunities for business development.

  • High demand. Today there is a trend in the provision of such services and more and more people want to see the holiday bright and colorful. You cannot do without the appropriate equipment, decor, the work of leading and professional designers.
  • Regular customers. Despite fierce competition, creativity and quality will help build a loyal customer base.
  • High profitability. With a well-built marketing strategy and a professional staff of employees, you can quickly reach payback and good profitability.
  • Minimum investment. This will allow a person to enter the market with minimal savings. The biggest cost item in this business will be advertising services.

The main disadvantage of such a project is high competition, which is due to high demand.

In order to stand out from competitors, it is very important to correctly define your target audience, recruit a staff of professional creative people and instantly track all fashion trends in this direction.

List of agency services

This business is associated with the provision of services for the organization of various events, celebrations, theme parties.

Depending on the target group chosen, it is important to determine the direction of the agency's work.

- Why are they holding business events? - Why and how are different types of business events carried out? - How to organize seminars, exhibitions, forums, etc.?

Why are there business events?

Business events are professional events of various formats aimed at achieving the company's business goals. These include conferences, seminars, round tables, forums, exhibitions, etc.

They are held to exchange professional experience, train employees, broadcast the company's values, form the company's business image and attract new business partners. The location of events depends on their concept and format: as a rule, exhibition and conference halls, hotels, boarding houses, etc., serve as venues.

Business events and their specifics

There are 8 key types of business events in total. These include conferences, seminars, dealer events, business forums, round tables, professional and industry exhibitions, business receptions and training. Each of the types has its own goals, characteristics and specifics of the conduct.


Business conferences are a gathering of representatives of various companies to exchange experience and professional knowledge. Conferences are held to attract new business partners and clients, as well as to discuss and suggest strategies for solving key problems associated with the development of the industry.

Recently, audio and video conferences are gaining popularity, which can significantly reduce the budget for the event. When organizing a conference, it is important to pay attention to the development of the program and the selection of professional speakers.

Dealer Events

The article will consider the main points of organizing entrepreneurial activity in the field of entertainment and recreation using the example of a business plan for an exhibition business. Organization of exhibitions is a creative and interesting process that can bring significant profits to its owner. Naturally, you need to be ready for a large number of trips, since static exhibitions are not so profitable, and organizing trips to other cities and countries is a difficult and troublesome business.

In addition to being ready to show exhibitions in other cities, you need to constantly look for interesting topics to attract visitors, which involves cooperation with organizations and figures in all areas of classical and contemporary art. And finally, in order to implement the project, significant investments will be required in the design of the exhibition hall, to attract which the business plan will be used.

In a situation where the implementation of the project is delayed due to the lack of potential investors, a ready-made business plan for the exhibition will accelerate the implementation of the project and achieve the efficiency indicators set in it.

We use the business plan of the exhibition business as a method of creating a project

In addition to the creative component of the planned enterprise, there is also a commercial one, since the goal of any business projects is to make a profit. This requires a lot of effort - to collect information about the subject area, highlight interesting and popular areas of art, negotiate with partners and calculate all options for the development of the project's economy. And the business plan of the exhibition business will help in this.

It is used regardless of the industry and the scale of the enterprise, and it will equally effectively launch an investment project for an exhibition and a plant for the production of metal products. It also has everything you need for a structural and sequential presentation of all stages of implementation, including tools and results of ongoing market research and calculations of financial and economic indicators that assess business performance.

Example of an exhibition business plan


Table of Contents


Features of work in the field of art and recreation

As part of the business plan, it is planned to open a modern exhibition complex for the purpose of receiving and organizing exhibitions from various fields of art. Also, the project includes the possibility of showing their exhibitions in other cities.

The main target audience is connoisseurs of art and other interesting topics that can be realized in the format of an exhibition.

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