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A business plan is a ritual thing necessary to attract external investors. However, do not be so harsh. Behind the formal and dry recommendations of various manuals for drawing up business plans, quite necessary things are hidden. The content of the business plan should warn investors against investing in teams that do not understand what they are going to do. However, a person who has conceived a business with his own money also needs to assess its prospects. Otherwise, he may soon discover in practice that the business has not yet worked out, and the money has already run out.

What's the idea behind the project? What products and services are you planning to bring to the market? Opening an IT outsourcing company is not an idea yet. There are many types of outsourcing. You need to think about what products and services you can offer. It's a good idea to create the first version of your service catalog - you will soon need it to communicate with your first customers.

Market opportunities? Is there a market for your services? Estimate the number of potential customers in the market. Better to use a bottom-up model. Will the potential income be able to support the development of the company? Do you have the first customers loyal to you personally? Think of friends, family, coworkers, and other acquaintances. The larger your social circle, the better your starting positions.

Competitors? The presence of competitors is an excellent indicator of a good market. If you are going to start a startup with an innovative product, then you may not have direct competitors. However, if you enter the market with the usual set of IT services and there are no other companies in your market, then it is worthwhile to re-evaluate the market opportunities. On the other hand, if there are dominant competitors in your potential segment, then it is worth considering whether you can squeeze such a company.

What is your go-to-market strategy? Where do you plan to start selling? What marketing tools are you planning to use?

Partners? Who will help you in the first step? Can you expand your offer with partners. At the initial stage, partnerships with vendors will add advantages to you.

Most of the newcomers to Russian entrepreneurship are turning their eyes to such a niche as the provision of information services. There are a lot of operators working in this area. However, experts assess this type of activity as promising enough for young companies to enter the market.

The first step towards organizing an information services project is drawing up a business plan for an IT company. This document is a business case for the organization of the company.

Who needs to prove the success of a new business development? First of all, the entrepreneur himself needs to assess both the financial and moral possibilities of bringing the undertaking to its logical conclusion - opening a company that is capable of generating profit in the long term.

In addition, at the stage of attracting an investor or a business partner, the only way for a startup to prove the viability of his project is to provide a ready-made business plan. What sections should this document consist of?

Business Planning: Sample Resume

A draft business plan should start with a summary - a brief display of the company's vision, its goals, the range of services provided and their uniqueness. It is also worth bringing in the strengths and weaknesses of the IT project, describing the competitive and consumer environment.

In the summary of business plans, the main calculated data should be indicated: the amount of funds required for the organization and the first year of the company's activity, the amount available, the need for additional or credit funds. The section should also contain the estimated value of the project's revenue and net profit.

Indicating the cost and income part also implies showing the period in which the full payback of the case comes and the receipt of financial return begins. Many newbies often make the same mistake - download ready-made free business plans and then edit them.

Such text is suitable only for students for an abstract. This project will not be launched on its basis. To get a ready-made business plan for free, you need to figure out how to write it yourself.

Production and marketing business plan

The head of the IT services company must first lay out on paper the essence of the organized activity, broken down by cost items by month: occupied space, including the cost of buying or renting, purchasing office equipment, furniture, stationery, etc.

A section about employees is required: who will be involved in the process, the level of staff salaries, the amount of tax and social contributions, the need to involve third-party specialists on the basis of outsourcing, etc.

In the 1990s, the world was ruled by television, in the 2021s - by computers and the Internet. Smartphones rule the world today. According to the Global Digital 2021 report, more than 4 billion people on the planet have access to the Internet. The main factor in the growth of the Internet audience is affordable smartphones. People prefer to access the Internet from mobile devices. Smartphones generate 52% of all web traffic in the world. That's more than all other devices put together.

Therefore, the mobile applications market is growing, and entrepreneurs are making money on it. A business plan for the development of mobile applications will help you to explore this market and select an actual niche for business development.

Mobile Application Development: Business Features

The mobile applications market is growing. The American analytical company App Annie has published the results of its research for 2021:

  • 194 billion mobile app installs, 35% more than in 2021;
  • US $ 101 billion was spent on purchases made on the Internet via smartphones ;
  • People born in the early 2021s pay 30% more attention to non-gaming applications.

These numbers clearly say: the mobile segment of the Internet is winning. The user does not need to turn on the computer to send a message or make a purchase on the Internet - everything is already in his smartphone.

Successful mobile app developers make hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are three types of mobile app monetization:

  • Advertising. The most popular destination. Each application has its own target audience - the people who use it. For example, business software is used by entrepreneurs, for study - by students and schoolchildren. Advertisers know which apps their target audience uses. They enter into a contract with the owner of the software and place their ads in his application.
  • Paid subscription. Not all mobile apps are free. There are games, instant messengers and music programs that you are willing to pay for. Their advantage is good content and no ads. The subscription can be monthly or perpetual - you bought the application and use it as long as you like.
  • Selling goods and services within the application. Most often used in online games. For example, a player wants to upgrade his character - to improve his stamina, strength, attack or armor. This service is paid. Gamers do not regret spending money on games, especially those that are in massive demand.

The Mobile App Business Advantage:

  • growing demand for the service;
  • development of the mobile segment of the market;
  • the ability to create an expensive application;
  • developers make good money;
  • there are free niches in which the competition is minimal;
  • quick payback with competent promotion.

  • hard to find a team of specialists;
  • dependence on advertising;
  • to create a quality product, you need a large budget;
  • the application may not reach payback.

List of Popular Applications

For a business to be profitable, you need to select applications that are especially popular.

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Features of business planning of an IT startup at the seed (initial) stage of attracting investments

Attracting investment in an IT startup

First, a small overview of interesting facts about attracting investment in IT startups at the seed stage:

1) To attract investment, on average, 58 contacts are made with potential investors.

2) Average length of presentations attracting investment - 19.2 slides.

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