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How to open a paintball club and combine work and hobby? How to make a profit on the adrenaline of clients will suggest a detailed business plan for a paintball club and explain how to open a club in order to achieve this goal.

The fact is that a popular game can be the beginning of a profitable business. What needs to be done to launch an exciting game, and what funds need to be invested in this business?

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First, you need to find a place where you can locate a paintball club, correctly assess the level of competition. It is also necessary to analyze the number of possible active club visitors living in the area and the number of other clubs located nearby. The required population for one such paintball club should vary from 50 to 100 thousand people.

Don't trust the statistics, get to know your competitors yourself and estimate the demand in the sports center. There is no need to visit the club. To determine the number of visitors, you must sign up for the game on a non-working day. If there are free places, then there are clearly not enough clients. If everything is busy, and seats are offered only in the middle of the week - in this case, it is worth competing with the existing club, since there are still enough potential clients in this area

The location of the center and the surrounding infrastructure are of great importance. The paintball field has dimensions of 50x50m, but it is possible to organize mini playgrounds and several more for the simultaneous holding of several games.

Buying or renting such an area in urban development will be too expensive, and for a sports center they find an area in the suburbs so that there is a developed transport infrastructure nearby


After completing the analysis of the competitive level, determining the location of the club, you can start fulfilling your dream of opening a paintball club. The main snag is the bureaucratic component when registering a land plot for temporary lease.

To find out who owns the plot you like, you need to submit a request to the cadastral service, and after receiving an answer, communicate directly with the owner of the plot.

Before that, you need to register a company, and its form of functioning does not matter. It can be a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur. The documents received during registration will become the basis for the conclusion of transactions.

The list of documents must include a certificate of registration with the tax office, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. In addition to these documents, bank accounts, passports of the founders, to resolve the issue, you do not need to have anything else.

Wooden board game

Yearly Entertainment Business Plans How to Turn a Hobby into a Business?

Everyone wants to have fun, not only children, but also adults. You can make good money from your hobby: if you like board games and you understand the methods of creating them and their mechanics, then you can try to start creating scenarios and start developing games.

Computer games and “board games” differ in their mechanism of action: the main part of a computer game is a specially developed program. A board game is usually played according to a special scenario, according to a number of system rules and taking into account the peculiarities of a particular game world.

It is worth noting that a computer game can become a board game, and vice versa. So, the famous franchises Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40,000 / Fantasy, Mech Warrior, World of Darkness, Shadowrun and others include both board games and computer role-playing games, strategies, etc. developed based on them.

Also, many computer games have recently been striving to create their own desktop version. At the same time, the Kickstarter platform provides financial support to the developers of the future project with the help of players who are eager to see the novelty on store shelves.

Benefits of board games:

  • a wide scope for imagination: in a board game, you can come up with plot elements that cannot be realized in a computer game;
  • the whole family and a large one can participate number of players. The board game can be played even by those who are poor at using a computer or have difficulty learning the rules;
  • when playing live, at the table, interactivity of communication and reaction is preserved;
  • board games - an entire industry (you can additionally engage in the sale of components and accessories, give the opportunity to collectors to purchase hand-painted character figurines, develop and publish your own story modules, etc.);
  • board games are almost completely free from the opportunity to pay to receive bonuses in the game.

Intellectual recreation is a wide area in which you can earn money by developing scenarios for questrooms (reality quests), as well as scenarios for Internet quests.

You can also earn money on live action roleplaying - the so-called "polygons". In the open area, you can also organize the work of an airsoft or paintball club. In specially equipped rooms, they play laser tag.

Learning and having fun at the same time - this is what many want. Therefore, if you have a certain store of knowledge, you can conduct not only trainings and business webinars, but also increase the level of competence of your listeners, developing and implementing business strategies.

In the current economic situation, a serious business, such as the construction of an amusement center, or the organization of a trampoline park, will entail huge costs and the payback period for such a project can stretch for years, eventually bringing only losses and problems.

A business plan is a document in which all the characteristics of a future organization are given, possible problems and risks are studied, their methods by which they can be avoided. Everyone knows that any business creation starts with an idea, but writing a business plan serves as the basis.


It's good to come up with a business theme, but experts unanimously say that such ideas are often not viable. Ideas come up every minute, and the birth of new thriving companies is rare.

The main problem of enterprising individuals is that they cannot make their dreams come true. Few people know how to proceed further, how to correctly calculate the potential profitability of their business.

How many amazing ideas have never been brought to life. The author of an interesting idea is completely unclear what needs to be done to start a business. He also usually does not have the funds and a competent assistant to put the topic on paper.

How to draw up a business plan yourself, detailed instructions

The idea of ​​creating a business, in order to achieve a result, must have a clear business plan of action. Simply put, if your ideas have serious future demands, you need to act according to a well-drawn up plan.

This publication will provide step-by-step instructions for writing an action plan for your small business. The article uses information received from people involved in drawing up business plans for money.

The main point of writing business plans is to get investments for business development and calculate the profitability of the plan. These include lending, receiving grants and project subsidies.

It is worth noting that for here the rules for individual entrepreneurs are described, and entrepreneurs who are going to open a large company should seek the help of paid specialists.

A business game is an imitation of a real production (managerial or economic) situation. The creation of a simplified model of the workflow allows each participant in real life, but within the framework of certain rules, to play a role, make a decision, perform actions.

Business Game Method

Business games (ID) are an effective method of hands-on learning and are widely used. They are used as a means of knowledge in management, economics, ecology, medicine and other fields.

MDs have been actively used in the world to study the science of management since the middle of the 20th century. A significant contribution to the development of gaming technologies was made by S. Rubinstein, K. Ushinsky, Z. Freud and other scientists.

This method allows you to model an object (organization) or simulate a process (decision making, management cycle). Industrial and economic situations are associated with subordination to higher levels, and organizational and managerial with the leadership of a department, group, employee.

Players can set different goals, to achieve which they use knowledge of the basics of sociology, economics, management methods. The results of the game will be related to the degree of achievement of goals and the quality of management.

Classification of business games

CIs can be classified in many ways.

Small (one task, small team of players)

High (large teams, many practical tasks, play in several stages)

Tough with a clear order of action, time frames

Free (no strict regulations)

The computer gaming industry develops every year and is rapidly gaining momentum. A business plan aimed at creating a game refers to promising types of modern entrepreneurial activity and includes organizational stages, requirements for the game and personnel, recommendations for a marketing campaign, and a financial analysis of the business project.

The specifics of the business of creating computer games

Business in the field of entertainment, one of the components of which is the development and promotion of computer games, is a specific type of entrepreneurial activity. This method of making a profit, in addition to the traditional stages of state registration, is characterized by relations in the field of copyright. This type of business does not imply the purchase and further processing of raw materials, although it provides the market with a product, not a service. The high level of competition in the field of computer game development often leaves no chances for success for a novice developer, however, with the proper approach to the concept and practical implementation of a computer game, the project brings large profits due to the constantly growing demand and demand of the industry.


The risks that start-up entrepreneurs face in the field of computer game development are piracy and copyright infringement of licensed developers. Developed and well-known development companies, taking into account the availability of experience and resources, manage to cope with piracy and minimize losses, while a novice developer has to defend their copyrights in court. Litigation related to intellectual property and copyright infringement is accompanied by complex expertise. In order not to find yourself in the position of a defendant in court, do not build your own game based on the copyright work of other companies.

Market Analysis: Competition in Computer Games

An acute problem for aspiring developers of the computer game industry is the high level of competition from well-known companies that dominate the market and have their own multi-million audience of fans.

The specifics of the issue of competition in the field of creating computer games is complicated by the lack of reference to the region where the company is located, in contrast to other types of entrepreneurial activity. The development of a computer game in one region of the country does not limit the list of competitors to companies engaged in the creation of computer games located in that region. Competitors for the aspiring entrepreneur will be video game development companies supplying the product to the same regions and countries as him. This list will also include popular brands in the gaming computer industry that have managed to conquer the top lines of the ratings. The level of competition is especially acute in the development of an online game, the audience of which is often not even limited to the continent.

A thorough analysis of the market, competing products, as well as a competent and thoughtful approach to the concept of a video game will contribute to successful development and effective profit making.

How to organize your business

Registration of a business entity

To carry out activities, it will be enough to register as an individual entrepreneur without forming a legal entity. Otherwise, if there is a need to register a legal entity, the best option is registration in the form of a limited liability company. Thus, it becomes available to work on a simplified taxation system: 6% of income or 15% of profit. Most developers are puzzled by the state registration process just before the release of the product, and until then they are exclusively engaged in the creation of a video game.

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