Example of a business plan confidentiality memorandum

Most important on the topic: "business plan privacy" from a professional point of view. We have collected, aggregated and presented in an accessible form all the information available on the topic and offer it for reading.

Privacy Memorandum

This business plan is presented on a confidential basis solely for making a decision on the possibility of financial support for the project and cannot be used for copying or any other purposes, and also cannot be transferred to third parties.

By accepting this business plan, the recipient assumes responsibility for compliance with the specified conditions.

All data, assessments, plans, proposals and conclusions provided in this document regarding costs, volumes of implementation, sources of financing and profitability of the project are relevant in the absence of force majeure and are based on the agreed opinions of the participants in the development of the business -plan.

Privacy Policy

The main provisions of the privacy policy for the Pilot Ideas for Business project can be formulated as follows:

  • I do not transfer your personal information to third parties.
  • I do not share your contact information (except when this is done at your request).

  • firstly, provided during registration (voluntarily)
  • secondly, it is automatically collected by the software of the Site during its visit.

Personal information comes to us in several ways:

The Memorandum of Confidentiality is drawn up in order to warn persons admitted to familiarize themselves with the business plan about the confidentiality of the information contained in it. Often, business plans are classified as secrets that limit the range of potential readers. This section also indicates the developers of the project and their qualifications.

EXAMPLE: “This business plan is submitted for consideration, on a confidential basis, solely for making a decision on the possibility of financial support for the project and cannot be used for copying or any other purposes, nor can it be transferred third parties.

By accepting this business plan for consideration, the recipient assumes responsibility for compliance with the specified conditions.

All data, estimates, plans, estimates, proposals and conclusions given in this document regarding the volume of implementation, sources of funding and profitability of the project are based on the agreed opinions of the participants in the development of the investment project.

Business plan developers:

financial manager of the company "……".

Resume Section

In this section, the purpose of the business plan and the goals of the enterprise should be formulated.

It represents an advertisement for the project and should be written in such a way as to arouse the interest of a potential investor or partner.

The following options are possible:

2. Cover page, table of contents, confidentiality memorandum, business plan summary

A business plan begins with a cover page, which usually includes:

3) authors of the project, name and address of the company, phone numbers;

4) names and addresses of founders;

5) the purpose of the business plan and its users.

The title page usually contains a confidentiality memorandum. It is compiled in order to prevent all persons from disclosing the information contained in the plan and using it solely in the interests of the company that submitted the project.

Also, the title page may contain a requirement to return the business plan to the author, if he does not arouse interest in investing in its implementation.

The title page is followed by a table of contents - the formulation of sections of the plan with an indication of the pages and highlighting the most important points in accordance with the specifics of a particular project.

The business plan may contain an annotation that briefly describes the purpose and main provisions of the business plan (0.5 - 2 pages). The abstract can be framed in the sequence indicated below.

4. Head of the enterprise.

Key users of the business plan

Some entrepreneurs do business intuitively. They dispense with a formalized business plan, keeping the information in their head or in the form of sketches in a notebook. This principle cannot be called effective. But if people like to touch in the dark, bumping into obstacles, why bother them?

Another thing is when a new company needs financial investments. No competent investor will give money without a detailed business plan. Writing on napkins confirming the startup's high profitability does not count.

You've been to Sri Lanka and tasted delicious tea there. I liked the drink so much that they decided to buy it, bring it to their hometown and sell it with a 50% markup. We issued an individual entrepreneur, made approximate profit calculations and went to the bank for a loan. And the bank says: "We don't know anything, show me a business plan drawn up according to our model."

Thus, the main users of the business plan are external investors. Their risks are high. Most of the new enterprises are closed in the very first years of operation. From whom then to demand money if the company goes bankrupt? Studying the business plan allows you to understand what the likelihood is that your investment will not return.

Business plan requirements

There are some general rules for drafting a document:

  • Issue individually for a specific investor or partner. It will not be possible to draw up a universal document and then send it to all addressees according to the principle “someone will agree”. Business plans for a bank and an investment fund will look different. Check the requirements in advance so that you do not redo it later.
  • Don't use clichés. “We are a dynamically developing company with a wealth of practical experience in the implementation of innovative projects. We use a client-oriented integrated approach in solving the assigned tasks. " We throw out all the verbal rubbish from here, and it turns out like this: "We are a company." Much has been written, but in fact nothing. You need to understand: investors are not idiots, they are not "fooled" with clever words.
  • If you don't know how to do it, trust those who know. It depends on the business plan whether you get the money or not. If the value of the opportunity is in six figures, it's best not to risk trying to save a few thousand rubles when choosing a freelance expert.
  • Adequately assess the situation. A small coffee shop will likely never be able to overtake Starbucks in revenue. The shawarma stall won't beat McDonald's. You need to really look at things. Professional agencies involve independent experts in the creation of business plans: marketers and financial analysts. An objective view from the outside allows you to draw up a document that matches the realities, and not the fantasies of the entrepreneur.
  • The size of the business plan is at least 40 pages.

International Business Planning Standards

To bring the structure of business plans to a single form, standards for their preparation were invented. There are 4 main standards:

Annotation: Why should a consulting company, which develops dozens of business plans a year and receives good money for this, share its competencies, knowledge and secrets, and even for free. This question often came up in my head when, in parallel, the idea of ​​writing this article arose in her.

And there were enough answers for you to read this material:

  • The distribution of the material is fully consistent with the mission of our company - the development and implementation of our competencies, which allow our clients and partners to significantly increase the efficiency of investment activities and become leaders in their niches and markets;
  • The material is useful and allows you to meet the demand;
  • Allows you to "pump" the financial, investment and marketing competence of the initiator of a project or business;
  • The material does not take away our bread, since our target medium and large business client. The material is interesting for small business or clients with a very limited budget;
  • The article will allow you to write a high-quality business plan, and your business will grow to the level where you can become our target client, and we will be interested in mutual cooperation ...

In this article you will find answers to questions:

  • How to draw up the necessary and high-quality business plan on your own and without a budget;
  • What is the procedure for developing a business plan and where to start;
  • What are the standards of business planning and which standard to choose;
  • What features need to be considered when preparing a business plan, depending on the type of business, the purpose of the business plan, the current state of affairs, the recipient and the user of the business plan.
  • What structure and sections of the business plan exists;
  • What to write in the sections of business plans and what are examples of sections of business plans, in order to be able to draw up your business plan for analogies;

Reading time - 15-20 minutes.


A business plan can be confidently called one of the most important tools for any person doing business. For novice businessmen and more experienced entrepreneurs, an investment project business plan provides an excellent opportunity to find investors or receive funding to start or develop their own business.

The creation of a business plan helps to understand the essence of the business at the stage of opening a company, find out the size of the necessary start-up investments, potential risks and get a whole array of other extremely important information. With its help, a future businessman will be able to fully prepare for starting his own business, avoid "unpleasant surprises", minimize costs and take a confident step towards success!

Business Planning Goals

Having chosen the area of ​​business where you really plan to realize yourself, you should decide how you will conduct the work of the future company. Accordingly, you need to plan and think carefully about the next steps.

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