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The main thing about the dry cleaning business plan in the year

Organization of dry cleaning and the problem of choice

Dry cleaning services have not yet become widespread in our country, and therefore finding clients can become a serious problem for a businessman who has decided to invest in this market segment. The reason for the low demand is the high cost of these services. It is not profitable for people to carry inexpensive things to dry cleaning, since it is much easier in this case to buy something new.

Another reason why dry cleaning services are not in high demand is their poor quality. Complaints about not removed stains and things damaged as a result of cleaning are a sure way to bankruptcy. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use high-tech chemicals, the best dry-cleaning equipment equipped with adsorbers in the cleaning process, and only experienced specialists who are well versed in all the nuances of this process should do this work.

If you are confident in your abilities and have the necessary initial capital, you can try to open your own dry cleaning business, or, in case of a shortage of funds, limit yourself to creating a collection point, cooperating with large dry cleaning companies.

The organization of a small business in dry cleaning can go in two directions: an entrepreneur can create and develop a dry cleaning, as a separate enterprise, or open a collection point for dry cleaning. The pros and cons of both options are often discussed on the forums, but, as a rule, the final choice depends on the financial capabilities of the businessman. When opening his own dry cleaner, an entrepreneur should be prepared for significant initial costs - this is the rent of premises for dry cleaning, and the purchase of expensive equipment, high-quality cleaning products, staff salaries. In total, at least $ 100 thousand will be required for these purposes. In addition, in the process of organizing, a lot of problems may arise with obtaining permits for renting premises.

As the experience of opening dry cleaning points shows, it is much easier to do this. You can start such a business with only 2-3 thousand dollars in your pocket. The only difficulty is to be able to negotiate with a large network of dry cleaners. After that, all you have to do is rent a small room, which is not subject to strict requirements, and organize the acceptance of dirty things. The duties of the receptionist of clothes for dry cleaning are simple - take things, check their condition, describing them in detail in the receipt. Moreover, you can develop samples of receipts for accepting things for dry cleaning yourself or use ready-made ones, taking as a basis those used by the partner enterprise.

About how to open a dry cleaning and avoid mistakes, entrepreneurs ask on forums, look for the necessary information on the Internet. But all the useful information is collected in one place - a professional example of a business plan for opening a dry cleaner with ready-made calculations. Using it, a businessman will be able to competently organize work in dry cleaning, avoiding annoying blunders. A good dry cleaning plan is the best solution to any problem.

Where to open dry cleaning

The consumer services market is becoming more and more civilized in our country. New businesses are playing by new rules, trying to attract as many customers as possible. The quality of services is improving, and against this background, firms offering dry cleaning services are becoming more noticeable. In order to open his own dry cleaning from scratch, a businessman will need a rather large sum - from 100 to 200 thousand dollars. Moreover, the lion's share of the costs will be spent on the purchase of modern equipment.

If a few years ago, the revival in this market segment was observed only in large cities, now the regions are actively joining this process. The number of entrepreneurs who decide to open their own dry cleaning business, with various related services, is growing every day. The intensifying competition is adding to the headache for businessmen who have already invested in businesses like opening dry cleaning and is forcing start-up entrepreneurs to take action. Only those who stand firmly on their feet and know what measures need to be taken for the effective development of the company can count on profit in this industry.

Dry cleaning is a popular and profitable business with almost no competitors. Every year there are more and more users of dry cleaners - people appreciated the simplicity and ease of use of these establishments. Do you want to know how to open dry cleaning and laundry and how much you can earn from it? Check out our business plan!

Market research

At the moment, the dry cleaning market is almost completely free - such establishments operate only in large cities. At the same time, the growth in the number of potential users of dry cleaners is approximately 20-25% per year. People do not have enough time to do their own washing, drying and ironing, so they take their clothes to the laundries and pick up the ones that are ready to use.

Experienced market participants name the following figures - a city with a population of 1 million people brings an entrepreneur about 130 thousand dollars a year, and a city with a population of 500 thousand - about 70 thousand.

What do you need to do to study the market? Find out if there are laundries / dry cleaners in your locality, what services they provide and how much they charge for their services. Think about who will become your regular customer and with whom you will be able to conclude contracts for ongoing service.

Please note: with the right approach, you will be able to work not only with the population, but also with commercial and municipal institutions. Dry cleaners are often involved in servicing kindergartens, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Production plan

After analyzing the market, it is necessary to draw up a production plan. The main question in it is where to locate your enterprise. The legislation puts forward serious requirements for placement:

  • It is prohibited to locate dry cleaning at a distance closer than 80 m to residential buildings.
  • The room should be located either in the basement or on the ground floor.
  • There should be no restaurants, cafes, food markets or shops near your establishment.
  • The size of the required premises is from 150 square meters, the height of the ceilings is more than 3 meters.
  • The presence of two exits in the room.
  • The room is decorated with glazed tiles and water-based paint.

The best way is to rent a building located on the outskirts of the city. Here you will not disturb anyone, and the rent will be inexpensive. To ensure convenience for customers, it will be possible to locate several collection / delivery points of linen in the city center - they can be opened anywhere. In this room, you will have to place a production room, a bathroom and a ventilation chamber.

Please note: we recommend that you carefully study the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, Rospotrebnadzor and Fire Inspection for such institutions, since they may change.

The production plan should include the renovation of the building (it is almost impossible to find a finished one) and a list of required equipment.

Such high popularity is largely due to rented apartments, the lack of their own washing machines, or unwillingness to devote their personal time to washing, while realizing that many establishments can easily cope with this problem.

Market and Competitor Analysis

The growth of the dry cleaning services market can be characterized as rapid - the annual growth is at least 25-30%.

Demand is also growing at the same rate, since excellent quality is observed against the background of reasonably affordable prices. The total time pressure has led to the fact that it is easier for the consumer to outsource things than to devote their own time to washing, drying and ironing.

If we are to believe the forecasts, after 2-3 years the number of such institutions will increase significantly, since the regular introduction of new technologies and the high demand from the social and domestic sectors inevitably lead to an increase in the volume of services.

Interesting and useful information about the opening of such a project is presented in the following video:

Production plan

The selection of a suitable area can be safely called the most difficult issue. So, the room should be at least 80 meters away from residential buildings and located only on the first or ground floor, in the basement or in a detached building. Do not locate dry cleaning near grocery stores or catering establishments. The optimal size of the area is at least 120 sq. m, and the height is more than 3 meters.

The room must be equipped with two emergency exits, since, in accordance with fire safety, dry cleaning belongs to category "B" facilities. The finishing of the building must also meet certain requirements, namely: the best covering for the walls is glazed tiles, for the floor - ceramic and reliable waterproofing, and the ceiling should be covered with water-based paint.

There should be enough space for:

  • a production room;
  • a ventilation chamber;
  • a sanitary unit.

Before searching, you need to carefully study the norms of Rospotrebnadzor, so that later various unpleasant moments do not arise. Renting a finished premises that fully meets all the above requirements is most often a utopia, so you need to immediately set yourself up for ongoing repairs.

The client will expect to find the following services in the price list:

Opening your own dry-cleaner will require a serious return and considerable investment from the future entrepreneur. However, with a competent business organization and good management, you will receive a worthy investment project that will bring great profit in the future. Dry cleaning services are becoming more and more popular among the population. If you are ready to put in the effort, make a smart dry cleaning business plan with calculations and follow it carefully. Recoil will not be long in coming. Below we will try to figure out what the main points are worth considering, as well as what you need to know in order to open your own dry cleaning.

Opening dry cleaning: market and competitor analysis

Despite the fact that such a business as dry cleaning has existed on the market for a long time - more than 35 years, the growth in the share of this business could be observed only in recent years. In the past few years, it has shown a rapid pace. The annual growth rate is about 25-30% every year. This is due to the high growth rates of demand for services, as well as the fact that excellent quality can be noted at the level of very affordable prices.

It's worth understanding why people generally prefer dry cleaners. It is easier for a modern consumer to hand over things to a third-party company than to devote personal time to washing, ironing, and laying out things. Human life moves at a fast pace. There is a desire to abandon routine processes and devote their time to business, hobby or family.

Another positive factor in the sphere is the emergence of new technologies, as well as a high demand for services from the social and domestic sectors. This becomes the reason for the increase in market supply. According to analysts, the market will be overcrowded in 2-3 years. The number of new establishments is increasing every year. Therefore, the best time to enter the market is now.

Implementation options

Opening dry cleaning allows a businessman to realize several goals at once:

  • to provide the population with new vacancies in the labor market;
  • to meet the needs of individuals and organizations in dry cleaning services at an objective price and within an adequate time frame;
  • create a profitable business.

Does the opening of dry cleaning have significant drawbacks? First, it is worth noting immediately the rapidly growing level of competition that you will have to face. A particularly high level of competition is observed in large cities, however, in settlements with a population of up to one million people, this factor can be affected. In small towns, entrepreneurs are trying to monopolize this segment.

Of course, you can fight with competitors. First of all, you will need to study their offers on the market, as well as think about your competitive advantages. This can be the use of modern equipment and advanced technologies, high quality of service, more affordable prices, high speed of implementation of services, exclusive services. For example, few companies undertake dry cleaning of carpets or fur products. It is worth trying to capture those directions that are not popular.

Another negative factor that the owner of a dry cleaner may face is a decrease in the income of the population. At the time of the decline in the quality and standard of living, a person prefers to refuse goods and services that are not vital. Unfortunately, dry cleaning services fall into this category. Thanks to high-quality service, customer focus, flexible pricing policy, as well as cooperation with legal entities, you can solve this problem.

Dry Cleaning Marketing Business Plan

A lot of state-owned dry cleaners went bankrupt in the 90s because they could not keep their competitive positions in the market. Outdated equipment scared off all potential customers. In the modern world, the demand for the services of such establishments has not disappeared anywhere. This was not even influenced by the unstable economic situation in the country. On the contrary, some people find it much easier to restore their old clothes by using chemical treatment than buying something new. Because of this, a dry cleaning business plan can be a very promising project.

Market Analysis

Drawing up a dry cleaning business plan for garments is necessary to begin market analysis. A detailed study of supply and demand in a particular region, as well as the level of competition, will help determine whether the chosen field of activity will be promising and profitable.

In Russia, the business of dry cleaners has recently begun to actively develop. This is due to the fact that there is a good demand for such services. Here you can find your clients, both among legal entities and individuals.

Among legal entities, the following structures can form a customer base:

  • organizations that work in the service sector (hotels, beauty salons, hostels, etc.) .);
  • companies that sell or rent clothes made from natural fabrics;
  • companies that sell and rent branded clothing.

Clients for dry cleaning can be found in different directions, so there should be no problems with demand.

An advantage for opening such an organization can also be the availability of modern technology that helps to increase the productivity and quality of the services provided.

The level of competition in the market for such services is quite high. Here, along with the growth in demand, the number of offers also develops. Both in small and large cities, due to the high level of competition, problems may arise with the opening and promotion of their own dry cleaning. This market is characterized by monopolization in small towns.

Before opening a dry cleaning, it is necessary to think in detail about its concept, form of implementation and the possibility of introducing some features that will distinguish it from other similar organizations. To do this, you need to study the offer of existing customers and their promotion concept, so as not to repeat themselves.

Possible implementation methods

The next stage of the dry cleaning business plan will be the selection of possible options for the implementation of this project. There are only three common forms:

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